How Morals Influence If You’re Liberal Or Conservative

How Morals Influence If You’re Liberal Or Conservative

So I was trained as an experimental social
psychologist. I do work on human judgment decision-making particularly
the errors and biases that people show when they make judgments and really what
changed my research was in this hyper partisan political environment and just
looking at that and saying well what’s going on there and what a great example
of how people’s emotions are affecting their judgment. How is it that our sort
of moral feelings and our moral visions change the way that we view the world The theory that we work with its called moral
foundation theory. The basic ideas are five things that people care about. About
harming other people particularly weak people. About fairness. About loyalty to
family and things like that. Authority and tradition the way things
used to have been done and purity, so this notion that there’s certain states
of being that are pure and these five concerns across the world you see these
in all sorts of different cultures but different groups differ in how much they
weigh each of those different kinds of factors. Liberals essentially care about
two things, harm and fairness. If it doesn’t harm
somebody or if it isn’t unfair it is morally ok but political conservatives
tend to weight all five of these things as important so that they care about
harm and fairness but they also care about group loyalty, about authority and
tradition and about purity. If you look at libertarians they’re low on everything.
So their world view isn’t a deeply moral world view it’s more of a
pragmatic utilitarian world view and if you apply that to different political topics
you can see where these differences come from. one of the things that my research group
has been interested in is in the psychology of libertarianism as that’s
kind of grown into prominence. A chief concern is government leaves people
alone. It sort of accepts lifes winners and losers in an economic game. We created a website where people could
go and fill out psychological scales but we had this huge sample of people who
claim to be libertarians. Libertarians are psychologically different. So classic
situation is your kid goes off to school realizes they didn’t bring their homework. The
libertarian version thinks they will learn a lesson and never forget their
homework again because they’ll be very upset and if you
look at their psychology, it kind of fits really nicely with that they tend to be
kind of self oriented. They’re lower in empathy than both liberals and
conservatives or they just don’t feel other people’s pain in the same way. You may be better able to accept life’s
losers the less you suffer vicariously with them and it’s easier to
adopt that philosophy and so your moral vision tells you what would your ideology should be and
what the facts are and that’s exactly what we find across all these differences and
we’re able to compare them on twenty or thirty different personality types
liberals conservatives and libertarians. Which morals are most important to you?
do you think they shape how you vote? let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to Figure 1.


  1. Liberals are ruining the world. Get offended at everything yet say the most horrible things in your defense ? That's bullshit. Blame trump for being a slut blame trump for not having a bad job cause you don't work for anything? TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT AND THEIRS NOTHING YOU HORRIBLE PEOPLE HORRIBLE SNOWFALKES CAN DO ABOUT IT HAHAAH DONALD 2020 still waiting for someone to tell me how he's racist? And if you come at me with some dick comment I'll make you feel low. THANKS 🙂

  2. I see myself as conservative, but I hate the extremist. Same goes with liberals, I think they are good people but there are too many extremist.

  3. I think liberals are loyal and respectful of authority, but they’ve made a developmental shift and concede their devotion to IDEAS and ARGUMENTS over the status of people—which loyalty and authority demand. And this is what I’d expect from an egalitarian. Libs are status blind (oriented anyway) and fiercely loyal to principles. There’s plenty of honor to be had in putting principles over rank. Right? That also sounds more pure too doesn’t it? So…not sure how purity was measured, but I’ve always taken umbrage to the idea that it’s somehow a deficit to put my loyalty toward my particular standards and toward the truth over an alliance. Should we obey any other master than the truth? If we’re measuring purity, I’m not sure how one puts authority figures over the truth. Ever seen the Milgram studies? I really have to wonder about the source of this material. Kinda feels like Prager U

  4. No need to listen to the video he said at start this is based on a theory. Never trust anything that comes out of libifornia. California is ground zero for Marxist BS.

  5. I'm a liberals and this is how I like to think.
    The Left: "We must help the poor."

    The Poor: "Help us."

    The Left: "I didn't mean me. Other people should help you. Now get off my lawn."

  6. Liberals and conservatives can be described by saying liberals think the metric system is better than the American system of weights and measurements. And conservatives are wrong for using it. The conservatives can us the meteric and the American weight and meserment system with equal efficiency and they don't care what the liberals think.

  7. Republicans are the moral party…I've known that since I was in 6th grade and debated abortion with my feminazi teacher

  8. Did you ever think Libertarians "don't care about the 5 pillars of morality" because they're morally humble? They don't go around telling other people what's what. Most understand that everyone has different values and a different view of the world. This is why they take a "pragmatic" approach to things. Maybe if everyone could be a little more "pragmatic" we wouldn't have the rising tribalism of the left and right.

  9. Face it- media plays on both sides of the coin to stir emotions and to add divisions
    When you realize we are all duped -you wake up!
    Wake up people-
    Common sense is thrown out the window these days

  10. I was wondering what group the Bible believers in England would be after they fought for 20 years to abolish slavery, would they be defined as Christians or just deceived.
    What about Darwin who was feted by the Aristocrat's with the answer that killing was Natural selection and therefore slavery was ok. Darwin credits Malthus who was chief Admin for the slaving Brit. Est. Ind. company…. And would those stories of treachery to blacks just be fake news today?…. The Darwin believers considered themselves liberated of the false morals of the Bible… Hitler said "I am come to free mankind of the false morality of the Jew" and considered the Germans as more highly evolved… Someone educated here to help me, please..!

  11. Is that proof that Liberals and Libertarians are deficient in the core values of humanity? That's what it looks like to me. Fascinating…

  12. Ouch, Libertarians lacking in empathy? I'd argue it's precisely because of my strong sense of empathy that I want to see everybody have access to the same open playing field (instead of the government arbitrarily picking losers and winners). It's also why as someone who has made plenty of mistakes and has had some truly unlucky and awful crap happen; I realize it's nobody's responsibility but your own to make the most out of your life no matter what gets in your way. Government is supposed to protect each indivigual's right to liberty (like stopping my neighbor from robbing me), is supposed to address any market failures (like stopping a business from dumping their sewage in the local water supply), and is supposed to help us organize as a collective to do the things we can't on our own or even in groups (like stopping a foreign nation from invading our country). Maybe even provide the occasional safety net as well (like not just let some guy die on the street because he loses his limbs and is unable to work anymore). A small efficient government leads to a truly "fair" and "prosperous" society; and that's just a fact.

  13. Liberals behave based upon how they Wish society existed.

    Everybody else behaves according to the reality of our society.

  14. This should be updated. Conservatives are becoming yesterday's liberals. Those who purport to be liberal are actually "progressive."
    The time we live in.

  15. the moral foundation theory is an idealist construct at best. This Morality must contain emotions of pure empathy. A society of humans built solely upon empathy ultimately results in a society that is far worse than the one when the ideas emerge. ie Socialism. Ultimately becoming a society where 5% controls the wealth of the country to less than 1% of the gov elite. And then corruption ensues. Happens every time. It is human tendencies, our desire to be well, be loved and sometimes aids others BUT self (family)preservation does rule.

  16. something that popped up for me was when he says liberals are ok with things unless they hurt someone else… but abortion?

  17. Morality is 'what you need to do to attain a positive afterlife' – which requires a belief in a god. ISIS and radical islam have a much higher sense of morality that we have. That is why they are conquering the world. You cannot fight them. You cannot defeat them. Because they have the moral high ground. When political correctness killed God, it replaced Christianity as a state religion. The liberal left is the clergy that controls the church of political correctness. Do not agree with them, they label you as a sexist, supremist, anti-gay, etc – you shut up and hide from them. Make no mistake – no one on the left should ever talk about morality. They are not qualified.

  18. Don't listen to this socialist
    Univ of California is a fake college. Can't trust anyone from the left coast!

  19. guy finally got to the point at about 00:43, "harming" people.
    Answer was self evident before even starting this video. You murder babies? Well, then you're a m-u-r-d-e-r-e-r, and libtards just LOVE abortion.
    Oh, and lets not even get into antifa beating people just because they don't like what someone else says.

  20. I don't think the title fits the narrative. I was hoping to learn a little bit about the thought process & lack of logic of the left.

  21. Liberals are people deprived of any morals of any kind. They pray to God when they want to, and He is required to listen to their demands. But get mad if anything is done to praise or in honor of God. They accuse people of crimes regardless of whether there is evidence or not. They talk about how the world might end soon and how we must work hard to stop it but fly on private planes on tax dollar. How can you say someone who has a self serving bias is moral.

  22. This is about "ethics" not morals… Morals are from Gods laws and dont waver. Ethics are mans philosophical interpretation of morals which follow cultural influences.

  23. Liberals care about not harming others ??? Wtf abortion certainly harms the unborn by killing them violently. Liberals are the most immoral MFers on earth. Suck it Liberals and STFU with your lies and propaganda.

  24. I am a libertarian. Let me explain my morals because I would wager that the people you've been interviewing aren't libertarians, or if they think they are they might actually be better described as anarchists and sollipsists.

    I believe in Natural Law. At the core of the natural law philosophy is the tenet that is at the core of every major religion, although normally reserved only for the "in group", along with nearly every tribe or group of people, and is most often associated with the Buddhist principles of "do no harm" and that is the Golden Rule.

    Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

    Why should we do this? Well first of all, you should recognize that you are sovereign, and before anyone jumps to conclusions here no I'm not talking about the political sovereignty of nation states, I'm talking about the sovereignty you hold over your physical body.

    Your brain physically connects to your body. It controls your body. This is true in humans and animals. My brain does not control YOUR body. It doesnt control an animals body, it doesn't control anyone elses body but my own. I can threaten violence, coerce, or force someone to do something, sure, but ultimately I cannot force anyone to do anything they do not ultimately decided to do. Physically, I can't make my brain control your arm. I can use force to move your arm in a certain way but that's not your choice, your muscles and body will still resist so long as you choose to resist.

    So, recognizing this trait about myself, that I am the only one who can control my body I recognize that I and I alone am sovereign over my own body.

    Now, there are two paths you can go from this fact. Either you are a sollipsist and believe yourself to be a brain in a vat so to speak, or you accept that others also have this same control and sovereignty over themselves.

    If you recognize the sovereignty others hold over themselves morality becomes a matter of property rights. Your body is yours. The fruits of your labor is yours. Taken to the extreme this applies to all animals capable of autonomy, personally I prescribe it specifically for humans as I'm selfish and imperfect.

    As a matter of practicality we exist in a world where morals do not matter, an animal state if you will where might makes right. The lion doesn't care what the antelope feels, only that her cubs are fed. This is not conducive to freedom or building strong societies capable of weathering disaster.

    So along the way we organized into nomadic tribes then settlers then nations were born and so on. That conflict, by necessity, is still there, but its reserved for those in the "other" group, of course now we have rules of war and so on but the fact remains we are still in an animalistic sense of being on the international scale.

    We are born into the social contract of whatever tribe we belong to that requires us to abide by some form of morality, even if it's not perfectly moral, or else be treated as if we were an animal.

    Through this lense of morality laws and punishments are created and adopted by the society.

    I believe in personal sovereignty, against compelling anyone to do something they dont want to do. I believe in limiting the ability of the government to compel anyone to do anything. I don't like taxes but I frankly dont know a better system to implement right now, at the same time I dont think it would be the governments job to take care of people financially if they weren't enacting corrupt crony-capitalist policies that make it difficult or impossible for a poor man to make money from their talent.

    I think, for instance that reparations to slaves should be a thing, but not by and large from the government, but from the specific individuals and their estates (not heirs) who exploited their labor and not some ridiculous amount either, but the actual value of their labor that was stolen at a minimum. This will probably mean a majority of African Americans will receive a nominal amount of money, but once that debt is repayed its done.

    If a corporation refuses to pay their employees for the work done, they're punished and forced to pay their employees. Repaying debts to former slavesand their families like that is not unreasonable.

    I think the current system is garbage. The government literally claims to own everything, fine if that's what they want to do, but if we're going to enact socialism like that we can't stop at literally the worst part of it.

    If the government regulates and licenses an industry like medicine, that industry has a responsibility to care for people who can't afford the outrageous costs. I could start a business tomorrow treating and diagnosing many of the most common ailments the poorest go to the ER for and charge maybe $5-10 instead of the $6,000 an ER charges, but I'd be thrown in prison despite the fact that I've been in medical programs and I understand anatomy and most of the common diseases that afflict people and I have the capacity to learn if something novel presents itself.

    Why do they have this responsibility? Because they've deprived me of my right to exercise my knowledge and deprived the public of its rights to engage in a business transaction with someone which has been a huge driving factor in the cost of medicine. They created a monopoly through the use of force they have a responsibility, a duty, to care for those whom they've robbed.

    I don't think it's fair to sit there and claim that I'm immoral simply because I dont buy into this bullshit culture of victimhood that liberals perpetuate. I dont think someone else being homeless is my responsibility, I don't believe the government should force me to help people, but I can guarantee that I've helped more homeless people than most liberals or conservatives not because I feel obliged to, but because I wanted to, because I've been there myself and I understand what the struggle is like.

    To say libertarians lack empathy is a lie, I feel horrible for those who are subjected to the shitty situations the system has in place, but I dont think the solution is to strengthen the very system that has continuously perpetuated these rights violations. Maybe I'm an outlier, but from my own anecdotal experience that is not the case.

  25. The ONLY reason why my Mother in Law parades around as a democrat is solely due to her being an attorney in California. She knows that she won't make any money as a republican since most of California is on the left. Fake your values for money, what kind of morals are those?

  26. Idk but both these fag, religious whiny asses piss me off 😂 they’re like little children fighting for their little toys

  27. I think there is a small misconception: Pragmatism is NOT a libertarian's priority over morality. Our ultimate priority is the non-aggression principle, which means that it's not okay to violently coerce someone's body or property. This includes taxing people, so we hold that any of these "morals" that you listed, are not moral if it means forcing someone to comply to it via taxation, police, military, etc.. Often, that is the case. But I'll take the compliment, because freedom is pragmatic too! (:

  28. The left-wing liberals are delusional retards and have NO morals! Libertarians, on the other hand, likely have strong moral fibre, considering they prefer to be more independent, self-sustaining and do NOT need or rely on big government to provide for them! Right-wing, for the most part, does not exist, but rather are concerned citizens, who believe in their constitution, self reliance and independence and hence are ostracized by the communist left retards!

  29. Morals have nothing to do with it. If you are a dependent minded person you are Liberal and you crave someone else to take responsibility over the tough issues in life. Liberals are like children. Conservatives are independent minded, its my responsibility type people who know the personal sacrifice they paid for what they have in life, so they don't give pearls to pigs.
    Liberals are all for nurturing little babies and want the authoritarian parent figure guarding over their lives. Conservatives are its all on you buddy, its your life, your problem.

  30. I’m tired of liberals and I’m tired of conservatives arguing and making this country worse especially right now this country is dividing more and more because of liberals and conservatives no matter who starts what or blame who ever people need to grow up people need to find there place and understand themselves before they do anything or say anything what person are you how is it gonna help you the people around you the future

  31. im from australia so pls excuse me. when i wanted a laugh i would watch animals humans comedy ect. for a laugh . now i just search liberals 😂😂😂. in the words of the joker. " everyone just looses their mind. 😂😂😂🙏

  32. Back in the day, you either were Republican or Democrat and frankly, no one really cared too much about what your political identity was. It seems that the media has set these labels and really polarized society into choosing a side.

  33. I have a better explanation for leftism. Egocentrism. A limitation in ontological assumptions about the world. A failure to recognize that other people are independent agents with their own interests, motivations, perspectives and experience. And that for any identified relation between the subject in question and other people, an inverse is also possible. E.g., if the subject finds out that he was correct about something that the other person didn't want to acknowledge, than it is also possible that the subject is wrong about something that he doesn't want to acknowledge.
    In my experience, there's also always an underlying personality or cognitive flaw. It's very difficult to remain egocentric to your adulthood. Sooner or later you come in conflict with somebody and become aware of an external perspective on your own actions. A person needs to have some flaw for these situations to not result in learning. They may have a tendency to always blame the other side in any conflict, they may fail to connect the causes and effects of their actions, they may believe that going into open conflict automatically makes the other side wrong, they may always run away from such conflicts without any attempts to resolve them… Something is always there.

  34. Very informative video and one that verifies once again why my being a Conservative is the right choice…Thank you!

  35. Both sides over- exaggerate their impressions of the other. Especially extremists, which seems to be what most of the commenters on YouTube are. I believe that 'liberals' have swung more towards the center, politically, lately. Especially since the last election with Hillary and Trump, pulling tricks. And supporting Trump's securing of the Mexican border. (Just enforcing immigration policies). I've become Independent, myself. I've always been more socialist, as in social democracies, like in Europe, combining both economies. I realized that there may be realities like having to compromise on air quality, in order to build more factories at home, to replace dwindling imports from abroad, due to a return to tariffs. Hopefully new factories will be cleaner, and that's what I believe both liberals and the right would want. You see- I know that the right really doesn't want air pollution. But if they were given an option to replace long-lost jobs with cost-effective factories that don't pollute, or have clean, alternative energy that would be phased in, rather than just a sudden switch, throwing people into the dark, they might go for it. That would be win-win. If it could be done.

  36. I’m a Moderate and I’ll admit. If you want a perfect world then everyone needs to be a libertarian. Think about it. If everyone was a libertarian then the world would be perfect.

  37. Unfortunately this democratic system is screwing up this U.S country. Now we are getting into violence to prove that democratic ways are the better way. Unfortunately the democratic way is killing this country. I deal with Democrats on a daily basis and their philosophy seems fucked up.

  38. You're the Left if you know no history.
    You're the Right if you know history.
    You're a Republican if you're over 80 years old and still shop at Kmart.
    You're a Conservative if you're under 80
    You're a Libertarian if you realize it does no good to make Sodomites live under a law that keeps them from being so disgusting from the rest of us. Also weed is not as bad as alcohol, if you want weed to be illegal you are either a moron or a hypocrite to leave alcohol legal.. It makes no sense. I don't believe Government should ever enforce religious values, (yeah that means sharia law has no place in a free society) Christianity doesn't need any type of government to thrive,.. Judaism only needs 1 place in the world the size of New Jersey.

  39. The left has no morals but expects other people to have them. So they can steal their productivity to support themselves.

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