How China Is Taking Over Europe’s Ports | CCP Trade, Economy, and Politics

How China Is Taking Over Europe’s Ports | CCP Trade, Economy, and Politics

Europe’s shipping ports are a big part of the region’s economy. And guess who’s been buying them up? China! Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. No one loves money and business more than the Chinese Communist Party. For the past decade, they’ve been on a global investment spree. In 2013, Chinese leader Xi Jinping officially wrapped China’s state-sponsored investments into what he called the Belt and Road Initiative. Or, as it was initially known, One Belt, One Road to Bring Them All, and in the Darkness Bind Them. Xi Jinping is a big Lord of the Rings fan. Hilarious. Except that the taking over the world thing, is not actually a joke. “The Chinese are spending billions of dollars to build the basic infrastructure of a world they think they’re going to dominate. They say it clearly. 2030-2050 we will be the dominant force, so get ready for that.” Get ready for that, because it’s already
underway. In Europe, Chinese companies have bought stakes in 13
ports— all within the past decade. And as of 2019, Chinese state-controlled companies are handling 10 percent of Europe’s shipping container
traffic. Why isn’t this big news? Because—let’s be honest, you haven’t even heard of some of these
port cities. Like Le Havre— which I think is type of cheese? Or Bilbao, which is definitely Spanish for Bilbo Baggins, and Marsaxlokk?! That can’t be a real place, can it? Look, these cities aren’t exactly making headline news every night. And honestly, that’s kind of the point. Chinese investment in European ports has been a slow, quiet creep. Like Slender Man. But instead of abducting your children, he’s abducting Europe’s infrastructure. But what’s happening here is still im-port-ant. I’ll give an example. The port of Zeebrugge, in Bruges, Belgium. Not super exciting, I know. And that’s why very few people were paying attention when— in January 2018— a Chinese state-owned shipping company bought an 85% stake in Zeebrugge. I’m talking about COSCO— China Ocean Shipping Company. Not to be confused with COSTCO— where you go for groceries but end up buying 5 dozen pairs of Kirkland Signature underpants… that were probably delivered from China on a COSCO ship. Anyway, COSCO’s Chief Executive says the company has “big plans for Zeebrugge,” adding that “with this and other ports like
Piraeus, we want to build a bridge to Europe.” Yes, a bridge. Using ports. But there’s a problem with all that bridge
building: It’s making EU leaders a little nervous. In a 2017 state of the union speech, European Commission President Jean-Claude
Juncker expressed his concern about foreign takeovers. Just a year and a half later— that’s fast in European Union time— the EU council approved a new set of rules to screen foreign investments. Including new investments from China. But there are plenty of problems with the
investments Chinese companies have already made. Like how the Chinese regime is using Europe’s
ports to expand its political control. The author of “China’s Offensive in Europe” Philippe Le Corre said in a congressional
testimony that China’s Belt and Road Initiative “is primarily a Chinese project that will
help China expand its influence in the Eurasian region
and beyond.” I mean, if a foreign authoritarian regime controls your ability to import and export
goods, it has enormous power over you. Philippe Le Corre also noted that as China’s investments in European infrastructure have grown over the past few years, “China has demonstrated its ability to divide
Europeans.” For example, in 2016, a struggling Greece accepted 300 million dollars— in exchange for giving China’s state-owned
COSCO a majority stake in its Piraeus port. Piraeus is now the Chinese regime’s most important port in Europe. Less than a year later, the EU wanted to pass a statement condemning the Chinese regime’s crackdown on dissidents. And Greece was like, “Haha, what? China is so nice! We’re gonna veto that statement.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Chinese Communist Party has created a special group called 16+1. That is, 16 countries in Central and Eastern
Europe plus China. These are the countries that are…ok, what’s a nice way to say this… not top travel destinations. The countries that you’re not really sure where they are on a map. Like Serbia, which we did a whole episode on a couple weeks
ago. After I looked up where it was. Anyway, the 16+1 group holds summits and promotes business with China. But according to the Financial Times, EU leaders in *Western* Europe— the travel destination countries— they’re worried about 16+1. Mostly about the +1 part. The monthly journal Europe Now reports that “16+1 could become a Trojan
horse for China to shatter the bloc’s unity in sensitive areas ranging from the single
market to foreign investment vetting.” The worry is China controls so many of Europe’s
ports— as well as other stuff— that it could use that as leverage to play EU member countries against each other… to change European laws it doesn’t like. In fact, that’s already happened. Remember how I said the EU approved a framework to screen foreign direct investments? Well guess what? That framework doesn’t actually have an enforcement mechanism. After the screening process, each country still gets to completely decide
on its own if it wants to let Chinese investment in. Which is a bit like having a police officer ordering a suspect to “Stop, or I’ll say stop again!” Works every time. And that weakness in the framework is largely thanks to Chinese pressure. According to the Financial Times, “China’s lobbying has already proved effective in diluting the proposed review process.” And in a policy briefing last year, the European Parliament Research Service noted
that “China has made major inroads into the EU by acquiring minority stakes in port infrastructure of strategic relevance for China. Hence, China is increasingly able to shape
outcomes in its interest from within the EU.” Last year, French President Emmanuel Macron said, “China won’t respect a continent, a power, when some member states let their doors freely
open.” And like momma always said, “Don’t ever be with a man who doesn’t
respect you.” So what do you think about the Chinese regime buying up strategic ports and building a bridge
to Europe? Leave your comments below. And if you’d like to learn more about what happens after the Chinese regime takes over your ports, check out the episode we did on Greece and
Piraeus. I’ll put a link to that episode in the description
below. And before we go, it’s time to answer a question from a fan who supports China Uncensored through the crowdfunding website Patreon. David Michael White asks: “Chris, which film of the Back to the Future
trilogy is your favorite?” Well, David, it’s obviously the one where they travel to the past: October 21, 2015. “You mean we’re in the future?” It’s the past future I always imagined we wouldn’t have. Flying cars. Jackets that dry themselves. Nausea-inducing fashion trends. Well, we do have that one. But anyway, Back to the Future Part II is definitely the best of the trilogy. In fact, back in 2015, my producer Matt and I actually did a video
about 10 things Back to the Future Part II got right and posted it on our channel. I know, you’re wondering what it had to
do with China. And the answer is…absolutely nothing. But we really, really wanted to do that video for some reason. And it got more views than this video ever
will. I’ll put that link in the description below,
too. I wonder which one people will watch: An episode about Greek debt or Back to the
Future. Hmmm. Thanks for your question, David. And thank you to the more than 2,000 of you who support China Uncensored through the crowdfunding website Patreon. Most of our revenue comes through your direct contributions. So thank you for helping us pay our staff and keep the lights on. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.


  1. What do you think the risks for Europe and the EU are if China buys its ports? And can the European Union do anything to stop it?

  2. how about US having more than 800 overseas military bases across the world?
    China just got few ports.

  3. SO..Mu boi manny the franc is worried about Chinese infiltration. Why? I thought he and Angie liked the Chinese way of doing things.
    Nahhhh! He's just jealous we thought of it first. After all ..China can build as much infrastructure as they like. After they get done, we 'll just nationalise them all.For..national security reasons or something .
    Trust me if the Chinese think they can out commie the Europeans, they have another thing coming. We invented the motherfucking system . We are still the best at using it when we have to.

  4. Chinese companies this week in Serbia start to build two companies. One big company of tyres in Zrenjanin Ling Long and one automotive company in Loznica.

  5. I am from Italy, the facts are:

    fact1: Chinese are very poor, because according to our experts in China, average Chinese can't even afford to bring cash with them;

    fact2: China is not safe, we can tell that because 90% of nowadays Chinese don't bring more than 10 bucks cash with them;

    Fact3: Chinese government are so evil, they forbid Tibetan nobles continue make religious Instruments from human bone. It used to be a FREEDOM for Tibetan to skin live human to make their instruments.

    Fact4: Chinese tourists poop everywhere! if you go onto the street of New York, you can see all those gums, dirt, poop and pees on the street, it must be those Chinese tourist did it!

    Fact5: We European and American lost our job all because Chinese taken them! it has nothing to do with ourselves. Lets hang China on a cross and burn them, like we used to do during witch hunt, or like how we did to black hair high nose people back in 1935-1949 in the hometown of BMW.

  6. China smarter than USA…so?…USA will has no more power in future…bye USA…we love China and Russia…

  7. The whole premise here implies that the EU is something sovereign, which it isn't, and that its own interests of hegemonic domination over eastern European countries should be prioritised by those very eastern European countries, even if they are not members of the EU! Oh, it's just so saucy. Serbia has profited well from Chinese investment, and even though being somebody's cheap labour is not a good idea, you must start to regain your confidence somewhere. The west has given Serbia nothing but ultimatums and insults, demanding the surrender of territory and oh you would never guess it, to be their cheap labour, for FIAT and VOLKSWAGEN. Unlike the EU which surrounds Serbia, China has no way to enforce anything on Serbian territory in case they wanted to get unreasonable, which they have shown no signs of doing, they've built bridges and factories and have supported Serbia in the UN on numerous issues.

  8. Who cares Australia bitch. They are all criminals. I can't understand why Chinese government buys good from Australia. We should buy from Brazil or Africa. Let this garbage country go to the hell.

  9. Next thing we know, the Chinese military will be occupying these countries, while at the moment, the US is mostly staring at the south border with their thumbs up their asses, not noticing the threat until the last minute

  10. our chinese just come here and make a little money,we take over nowhere,I think the peaceful islam is gradually help europeans to lean the words of Allah,that‘s great

  11. Is this Really China..? Or the Globalist or Global MafiaS are hiding behind all these..?
    China’s Space Travel n ICBM n Missile Technology was helped by NASA..
    Who really owns n runs all the Hi-Tech mobile phones corporations..? Check it out.. this also the reason Why China won’t allowed FB, YouTube, WhatsApp to use in China becoz of information control.. so as WeChat only allowed 16 seconds of video n lots of HD CCTV camera installed in major cities for quick search of a person in just 5 minutes..
    Also automobile manufacturers all are owns by the same person.. almost all huge n big corporations are owned by The Rothschild..
    That’s why many people said He owns n rules our world..


  13. What do I think …? I think that if humanity wants to be sheep, then we deserve to be ravaged by the wolfs called the CCP and PLA.

  14. China plays with the great vulnerability of the 21 st century: a world deeply indebted, therefore very weak and in desperate need of MONEY, Aka "foreign investment". China has not only the money, but the market (best population of consumers, people eager to buy products)… Needed to take away the companies, and corporations from countries with weakened economies… and for the rest of their deplorable "chinese style" market practices… like always… China is using them as tools for their world domination project.

    Is there anything we can do to stop China??? For the moment the answer is a solid NO!!!

  15. I could not agree more

    Vladimir Stanescu

    "Buying" the ports is worse than bombing them, invade the countries and killing millions of innocent people in the process ? Not sure about that. You ask how can we stop China ? I ask how can we stop the zionist controlled murderous American and Israeli regimes US and Israel are the real terrorist states and greatest threat to world peace. But regardless of your shameless propaganda, the sheep are starting to wake up.

  16. Stupid and impulsed joke; poor random and blocking concrete by sinking old and cement carrying, water fortified, ships into the harbors (see waters) of these newly established Chinese harbors and most likely nothing might work in that harbor anymore, remember this is just a super joke🧞‍♂️ I’m not responsible for further actions of stupid people doing stupid stuff🤔🎯🥁 make sure to repeat this procedure and build another and new harbor next to and on top of newly poured concrete, and enjoy the new income originating from the newly built harbor🎯🥁🤔 And these Chinese build harbors should charge Chinese operations for not generating any earnings during no operation days and multiply this event by all harbors by insisting on immediate payments of harbor operations and blocking any type of Chinese operations through insisting on self fixing of these accidentally happening by the countries by themselves, which should take forever!🤔🎯🥁 And bleed China investments overseas: remember, this is all a joke!🥁

  17. Why do people waste their Patreon question asking something meaningless instead of covering an important topic and furthering discussion. I'll never understand

  18. Hey you European punks get ready for communist Chinese take over of all your ports.except are mother country great Britain. Germany an France don't exist anymore .sad

  19. Seems as if China has organized a plan, implemented their strategies and executing successfully. Maybe the US should do a little less complaining and start taking more notes

  20. Beside of yor ports those chinaman fishing catching underside fish at whalf&polluted da sea. Shameful things they not listen & they don't give a fuck & disrespect to local peoples.

  21. Talk about keeping the lights on,China is keeping the lights on in South Africa,May the force be with us when pay back time arrives,they are firmly rooted here,May clear the living areas of dogs/cats, wildlife.

  22. Rothschild owns Hong Kong.
    His cousins Sassoon & Kadoorie own hundreds of billions worth of infrastructure throughout mainland China…. Poltiburo are all high level Masons (Kabbalism, Gematria, rebuilding Satanic Third Temple of Solomon)

  23. They (China) will dominate world in the future,They had the most powerful “Things” which human needed.

  24. You have 5 seconds 1…2…3…4…

    But yeah it’s said but we are a great travel destination

  25. Soon many places Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, The Americas and so on will be in debt to China as well.

  26. They got their ass kicked an island the size of California the same island we dropped two nuclear bombs on Michigan electoral property we go over there and fuck them up like the Japanese did they can't hit any of our cities with nukes and if they sink one of our aircraft carriers we turn Beijing into a radioactive Golf Course

  27. I'm speak texting I said next time they steal our intellectual property go fuck them up like Japan did

  28. I will be watching your video in Greek debt, as I am Greek. The problem to Greek debt is very simple but politicians do not want to touch it. It's the customer relations that the people have with their politicians. Ill scratch your back youll scratch mine. If thatll stop then most problems will stop.

  29. Hahahaha 😂 what a trash channel xD.

    To only thing takenover is your hairline dude, wow your getting bald irl.

  30. idk if i should learn things about geopolitics from a guy who doesn't know geography…i'm just saying

  31. And now Italy is taking out eye wateringly big loans from China to prop up a struggling building industry. Disaster waiting to happen. Thank fuck the UK is leaving the EU.

  32. That's how china is doing it internally as double faces working behind curtain wall to dominate the whole world.

  33. That's cute. Chinese people are the richest bastards in the Philippines. They casually own every business here. They literaly own the counrtry now. Please make a vid about this.

  34. What do you think that America taking over the world technologys with their big noses and mouths! Tell us about it chris

  35. The US Department of Defense initially informed Congress that it would insist on a special security agreement, or blind trust, to perform the security work on LTV programs, an arrangement at first opposed by Thomson-CSF but ultimately accepted. Later, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), an interagency government committee that reviews the national security implications of foreign investments, rejected the proposed acquisition when Thomson and the Pentagon failed to agree on how to protect sensitive US technology.This article was written in 2012 so, why didn't we see this coming?

  36. America is great terrorist in the world.
    You want to defame China. Great country In the world.
    Love from India

  37. Then what European leaders doing there? Are they still polishing their brains? Are still sleeping ?

  38. Excellent commentary this is a massive concern I've been to 104 countries and every time I turn around the Chinese are there, building infrastructure's sporting arenas and access to natural resources.

  39. The borrower is the slave to the lender or beware of Greeks (China) bearing gifts. Will China ever use military force to claim their investments- ask a Tibetan.

  40. China is like the parasitic growth on a tree with the tree representing the World. They not only have those ports in Europe they also control both ends of the Panama Camel thanks to the second worse President in the 19th and 20th Century, Jimmy Carter.

    I hope that President Trump continues to put those tariffs on China whereby American companies, from which I do not buy products like Apple, will move out of China imploding in time their economy.


  42. 5:30 Another spanish law changed by China:

  43. Germany fucked Greece over and then it started crying about China buy the country off instead of themselves

  44. Europe has been betrayed for years by those "3% of Elites", WHO are the creater and owner of the Finacial sector. They has told them about the eternal economy growing, for the benefit of all. They did not notice that the Financial sector has become the actual Power again! Countries are saving Banks with the Money of the people, their taxes, WHO would be needed to solve the needs of the people, to pay Common civil Services instead. A society WHO helps the poor, the old or disadvantaged ones, to become fair salaries and interest Rates for savings.Now we has to work longer, and many are poor, despite of long year working and playing all Taxes Not so the Rich! They get richer in fast Times, while the working people has 0% interest rate on savings, which they save to have money when they are old or for their children education.Like in Asia the populists and Nationalists are spreading hate and lies, Fake promises AS lies against the most disadvantaged ones. Nazi-groupes are growing again and has killed already, politicians WHO are Standing for tolerance as respect in times, where refugees has to leave their Home, because of war's or the climate change. Thats why, some European are trusting the Chinese to build harbors, to buy companies or old winegrapeland with old castles. They build bridges, and invest in traditional companies, the money is tempting to accept where it is missing, without thinking First. They has spend years in silence, when big Money has been payed to bankers as Managers, The outsourcing of companies to China to save Money. They has been silent when the most wealthy ones has hide their Money in tax havens, large corporations are able paying no taxes. But continuing to rely on the open market, on stock exchanges and growth. One participated in incompetent trade agreements and destroyed the economy of poor countries like in Africa.Until today Apple AS other companies are producing in China, even Haute Couture is sewn in China. You can save money and save jobs! And now comes the bill! I do not feel comfortable if China will become the new world power! It is the same as the Neoliberalism of the US, just more inhuman and totalitarian! Both destroys nature, steal resources, and disregard the culture of the several countries, as well as the people and animals. Both threaten with war, both have " elites" that have become so rich in recent years, that they even destroy democracies! And both ignored a contribution to avoid the C02 since decades! They make both wars for water, oil and minerals to produce things, that we do not really need, but destroy our earth! Money makes humans stupid and blind! I prefer to have no smart phone, rather than to have No more Nature or to destroy our earth. We are critisizing Others, thebclimate Change, politicians AS other countries, but we do elect the wrong politicians, who die not l stand for the people and betray democracy! We are buying clothes and Thing of those Rich. We are critisizing but are flying with cheap Airlines arround the world! We hatte Others First, than to Look to our behaviors! We have lost Times with Entertainment and fun, instead of changing worse Thing, that we all knew since years! But ITS easier to Look away….I don't think of the Change no more, not in Europe, Amerika, Asian, Australia

  45. First they came for the Uyghurs and the Tibetans, I did not care because I am Han. Then they came for my people in Beijing in 6/4, I did not care because I did not live in Beijing. Now they came for Hong Kong and pretty soon the world. When I want to do something, it might be too late. Reminds me of Nazi.

  46. The sad thing is the real victims are people, citizens who barely know about all this china thing and how our governments are selling us out. I hope china economy crashes before anything happen. But fuck government, all of them are corrupt. China can't fight against all europe. Our governments won't want us to fight but we will like HK. Let's fight together.

  47. The scariest thing is that nobody is gonna save us this time. How you can see europe is desperate and they will sell us out to china. The only one who can stop this is US but I'm not sure if they want to. Big corporations are making richer thanks to china so there are too much money and power in risk if they fight against china. It's gonna be money/power or ego to lose its 1° place

  48. Honestly China scares me a communist country that’s smart when spending its money not praising them they’re obviously very immoral look at the shit in honk Kong but they’re smart and immoral shits scary

  49. What's the big deal? The US literally has over 600+ military bases in the world. Nobody says shit about them. A NEW PLAYER IS IN TOWN. DEAL WITH IT.

  50. Europe only has to say no more.
    Each country only has to take care of there own citizens.
    There own citizens come first, that's it.

  51. Everyone in the world complains about how to get earn money and jobs right now????

    Why? First, because we always buy imported products made in China …

    How come? Second, Most entrepreneurs/CEO all over the world are interesting to invest and setting up factories in china …

    look at almost all modern and traditional market always selling products made in China.

    That means all money "runs" and spins only in China


    *I understand why Trump had to trade war agains China

  52. China know that money can buy everything even a human soul. They get everything by buying a political head of the targeted countries. Any human being can hardly resist.

  53. Its legal, and its good business. But theres also the fact that at literally any time a country could just seize it by eminent domaine or some other related mechanism and than China would have nothing. The ball is still in Europes court on this one. But theres a lot of people in Europe and elsewhere that want communism and they could be a problem if theres a big kerfuffle.

  54. China wants to dominate the world…starting with Europe and the West is going to end up being like Hong Kong stuck in the middle with no way out.

  55. So dramatic 🙂 and you think we Europeans are so stupid or what…. the ports that u mention are really not important except Piraeus in Greece and that port (like probably other ones that u mention ) was LEASED to China for 50 years and not sold.

  56. You’re absolutely right!
    I live in Hamburg/Germany,and i have seen China engaging
    in ports since mid 90ties!
    As you know China plans years,sometimes decades ahead.
    But in Europe they have been blinded by the money,lots of so-called
    public private partnerships arose.
    But in reality those have exact the same goal: earning money.
    It took an incredible amount of taxpayers money until our
    politicians figured it out: these partnerships decreased our wealth
    and increased their GNP

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