How China became a superpower: 40 years of economic reform | DW News

How China became a superpower: 40 years of economic reform | DW News

40 Years ago China
opened up its economy to the rest of the world. A move, that ultimately turned China into
a global economic powerhouse, second in GDP only to the US. In his speech at the Great Hall of the People
in the Chinese capital Beijing Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to press ahead with economic
reforms. But he also made clear that Beijing will not
deviate from its one-party system or take orders from any other country. His comments come as the United States demands
more transparency in trade relations with Bejing. China’s economy has grown faster than that
of any other major country. Once poor and underdeveloped, the Asian giant
has now grown into one of the most important export markets for manufacturers from all
over the world — a true heavyweight in international trade. The architect who laid the foundation stones
for its economic miracle: Deng Xiaoping. He became the country’s leader in December
of 1978, and subsequently left a lasting mark on the communist country’s economy. Under him, private companies were allowed
into China, along with foreign investment. Deng also created special economic zones. In the four decades since, China has changed
in dramatic ways. Millions of rural workers have streamed into
the country’s megacities. The gap between rich and poor has grown…along
with overall prosperity. Many more people there now earn enough money
to spend on more than just simple survival. I hope that China will continue to insist
on opening-up because clearly the opening that we have seen in the last 40 years has
been very beneficial for the Chinese people and for the Chinese economy. But hopes that a market economy would usher
in more democracy and freedom have remained largely illusory. Foreign companies complain that the state
still has too much influence over trade, or that its oversight is even on the rise. And the country has also paid a high price
for the last 40 years of rapid growth….it was purchased in many parts of the country at the cost of the environment.


  1. I believe in the UN as an International Community, based on Eqality, Human Right, the fight against militarisation, against the climate change!

  2. I looked at the release time five months ago, but I haven’t encountered smog in China for two years. I don’t know English, but I know that you are smearing China again.

  3. Looking at China vs USA it is easy to see which one is going forward and which ones is going backwards fast. And this myth about US democracy – as if ordinary US Americans have any real say in US politics. 700 million Chinese brought out of poverty, – how many million US Americans sent into poverty?

  4. Unlike US, China is not a country driven by selfish individualistic profit, rather it is motivated by national progress and greatness, which can only be accomplished with the total contribution and participation of every Chinese individual. This is why China became a superpower by economic means, not by aggression and war and the historical contingency of WW2 which US waited to enter in order not to fight.

  5. China doesn't want to be superpower, and China is not superpower. China is a developing country, which trying hard to improve the living standards of its citizens. 不要捧杀我们啊?

  6. Why does a country has to listen to another if she thinks her way to move forward is correct ? Do not bow to foreign pressures to given your own dinigty and independence.

  7. China is still a very poor country with many, many big problems.
    The government may be rich, but most people are very poor.

  8. You can not deny that China grows up by peace while the America became the police of the world through wars and invasion.

  9. When world economy was led by Asian countries- primarily India and China, remember that we had a much better, more peaceful, more equal and environmental friendly world than what we have created today. Remember that! The western economic and political thought is still coloured by Mercantilist beliefs and approach. Just remember that. Nevertheless it has made them very competitive and successful.

  10. China’s a country that can heavily fund its military, but it struggles to lift its 300 million people out of poverty. That’s ironic, isn’t it? China also has a very low GDP per capita. Currently, China’s ranked 87th on the Transparency Global Corruption Index. No country wants to follow a corrupt government!

  11. Superpower of what ?— in terms of a super large sack of  super suppressed population ( is it 1.5 billion or 15 billion ) ?

  12. In 30 years (1986 – present), China increased the annual income of every single Chinese person by 1000%. This proves that they are doing somethings right! Not just in business but, in politics, as well.
    30年来,中国将每个中国人的年收入提高了1000%。 这证明他们是对的! 在商业中。 在政治方面。

  13. Both China and India are on the ascension path to reclaim their lost glories as the world's largest trading nations until 300 years ago. It's inevitable that both nations shall overtake us beyond any doubt. However, it's going to be India which is going to replace China at the Summit. Mark my words!?

  14. China rose without making any war on any weak country not even Taiwan and look the suckers are smearing China. LOl.

  15. As an Indian I've lots of misgivings with Chinese Govt (aka CCP). But, overall China as a civilization is better than the so called 'developed' Western Civilization. Their recent rise was a very inspiring story for all other countries in the region.

  16. Communist policy are better than America democracy system, without the communist party there won't be a China today Chinese are bless without American chaotic democracy freedom and human right system

  17. I don't know why western countries are jealous of China,Chinese rise is because of their Hardwork Dedication.
    We appreciate Chinese rise.
    Respect from India ????

  18. How dare you call America's unreasonable demands on China its appeal for transparent trading with China. This is the typical Western arrogance. The various repressions imposed by the United States on China today are merely an attempt to recreate the results of the sanctions imposed on Japan that year.

  19. China does not have a market economy, that is the falsehood. The central govt sets GDP goals, and the local governments borrow and build, in response to no market demands at all. It is a very bizarre, sort of Keyenes on steroids form of govt.

  20. Behind every great fortune is a great crime, China purged 40 million of its own people. many millions more died from socialist mismanagement. Then they finally admitted the ideological failure and said lets try a little capitalism in the factories, it worked. People began asking if capitalism works, why not try freedom democracy, thats when the crackdown on Tiananmen square happened.

  21. Western hypocrisy at its finest. Leave the Chinese alone. We had slavery to benefit from , we looted other countries during colonialism and some of us almost exterminated natives. China didn't have thus advantages. China should use any means necessary. Leave them alone. Which country in the world started as a democratic country? We all evolved. When their ( Chinese) time comes, they would be democratic. Until then, leave them the "f" alone.

  22. President and chairman Deng Xiao Ping was one of the greatest leaders of all time! That's a fact!

  23. china has pulled 700million people out of poverty.. i repeat 700million people….. never attacked a sovereign country..has not supported countries like saudi arabia,india and israel in their murder of innocent civilians.. nothing to hate… love from pakistan

  24. "Political change in China" where is the political change in the US. At least the lives of Chinese are changing for the better for most citizens but that can't be said for the US.

  25. How to drfine superpower ? Only economic scale?Military strength?Without soft power : Democracy, universal suffrage, press freedom, rule of law etc., you are nothing。

  26. Do not mention how much China uprising ! The Chinese people only want better living ! Yes ! That's all ! Nothing ! China do not wants to threaten anyone, especially USA,but of course Japan !


  28. It have nothing to do with China it has to go with God who want to make change on earth, China supposed te replace USA , it done already .

  29. Why is the west insisting kn democracy and from the phils. Where there is too much freedom and democracy.why we remain poor.look at the US where there is also too much freedom killings and chaos are everywhere.obviously communism and gov't oversight is working for China.let's respect that

  30. democracy is overrated. i'd rather live in a country that has rapid economic growth and territorial expansion than a simple "democratic country"

  31. No it is not.US has the superpower in their hand.That won't go anytime soon.Don't be fooled by medias.They mock Asia and African countries behind door.

  32. Hmm. China. I like elegance of growing, expanding and empowerment of this country. It's fascinating enterance to new era rich on historical events. I cannot wait for it ???

  33. Unconditional love high resprect from living god's precious child soul in the creation not planet Earth resprected loved china president Xi jinping sir you are loved always always always always always always always always always

  34. Oh my goodness makes me China and citizens souls livingly peacefully fearlessly happily until their all births makes me resprected loved china president Xi jinping sir and families souls livingly peacefully fearlessly happily until all the ages I will remembering you I will pray for you Almighty Athority living God

  35. Chines will sinking to bottom and xijin ping is pig he cheater around the world and American people! ! ! Ending xijin ping will sinking to bottoms down . Chines will death from nuclear weapons. Xijin ping is pig! ! !

  36. Why don't the Americans OPEN UP?
    China is ready to do business with everybody at the drop of a hat. MAGA is closing its borders with WALLS! This is double speak. China is cleaning up its mess and leading the whole world in clean energy, whereas MAGA denies global warming switching to coal.
    China is not a bully and wants to share trade with all… BRI. MAGA is blocking Europe from receiving natural gas.
    It is easy to bash China.

  37. Westerns are good liars, they came up with the phrase of selling an ice-maker to eskimos, that's how intelligent they believe they are compared to the rest of the world and a lot of the world has brought it. No More! They believe that if you say it enough times, they'll believe it.

  38. China did that by not invading or going to war with rest of the countries in the World. US global democratic tour together has cos America more than 17 Trillion tax payers money.

  39. There are so many people in the West who think China is a poverty stricken country, very polluted and with a uneducated population.

    The Chinese know how old their nation really is. It's the oldest civilisation has the world, and the country now produces more cars and vehicles than the USA and Japan combined! The number of millionaires and billionaires in US dollars in China is the biggest than in any country except for the USA, the Chinese military is the probably the second strongest after the USA..

    China could very well be the strongest country (in political, military, economic and scientific advancement terms.. and even in international sporting events such as the Olympics).. within a decade or so.

    But the most important thing that western people need to know is that the Chinese don't think that they are an up and coming country, which suddenly got lucky.. the nation of China was the most advanced and the most important country for 80-90% of its 3,000++ year old history.

    The Chinese think that they are simply regaining their original status of being a superpower.

    Throughout the history of the world, the country of China has nearly always been a superpower (long before the rest of the world's most important and powerful countries).

  40. The figures are almost unbelievable, back in 1978, the Chinese GDP was $150 billion, by 1997 it was over $1 trillion, by 2017 the Chinese GDP was over $12 trillion!

    1978 – $150 billion.
    1997 – $1 trillion+.
    2017 – $12 trillion+.

    This is a country with the second biggest population (after India), bigger in land area than the whole of Europe, bigger than the USA and bigger than the rest of Asia combined!!

  41. Since every countries treat Chinese badly in history, Chinese rise their country on their own method. The Western world feel uncomfortable for this, and Hong Kong people also feel uncomfortable for this.

  42. Don't purchase Chinese product because they are not using other countries product such as Google Facebook Microsoft so please don't use Chinese product and use your own country products as much as possible thanks and reply if you agree

  43. USA declare sanction againts Venezuela. mudora sold many things to Chinese. Same thing happened in Iran as well USA declared sanction Iran had 400b usd investment fm china. So at the end china getting place. Fast and smart and big fish is china now. Till 2030 china will banned oil, petroleum consumption on their road all will be electrical whicles. they can do that because no election there. chinsese gov do whatever good for country ofc people get hard time but next generation of the china is very very lucky thats why lucky word is one of the most used word in china not coincidencely

  44. China buys ports, island, companies, land and gold etc but one day they will buy NATO, UN and IMF somehow

  45. I am excited at the growth of China.Really,really excited. May you grow more and more to help my country Sierra Leone.

  46. if you learned some of the history, it's would not be a suprising matter
    china( this means not china of PRC but china itself as having been eastern giant tower) has been super power since before B.C.
    this is because china had and invented many items the outside world wanted and envied like examples Silk , Ceramic and Tea
    it's time china would restore their own positon as it had been used to be

  47. Change from Tiongkok become Tiongkok comunisim . Praying God ok , but not too always , working hard better . Praying God always making your nation weak , no defention weapon power . Proofing all the world have weak nation , managing religion nations .

  48. The Chinese are liars, cheats and thieves. They’re also racists. China should have sanctions for decades of criminal and illegal activities. China is a huge threat to global security and stability.

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