1. Shift isn't there but he was sure there when the dems took there first break for there press conference that he spoke at what a sissy I bet his wife has a big strap on that she bangs in out with shift looks like a Peter puffer

  2. Democrats have lost their way. There is no impeachable offence, no evidence, and no coercion. This is a stunt that they pulled before the election to swing public opinion. We see through it all; if Trump has committed impeachable offence, il stand with you, but the only corruption I see is with Hunter Biden.

  3. Trump would eat Elizabeth Warren alive. Look at how she reacts to opposition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CeRiG9jdF0&t=160s

  4. It's a bullshit three-ring circus sideshow of freaks.

    Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call L.A.
    The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
    Any fucking time. Any fucking day.
    Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay.

    Some say a comet will fall from the sky.
    Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves.
    Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still.
    Followed by millions of dumbfounded dip shits.

    And some say the end is near.
    Some say we'll see Armageddon soon.
    Certainly hope we will
    I sure could use a vacation from this stupid shit, silly shit, stupid shit

  5. Dems and MSM are all full of BS. Pelosi is a "judas goat". Look it up. President Trump has a clear mandate to ask for investigations. There is a treaty signed by Bill Clinton from late nineties. See links. https://www.congress.gov/treaty-document/106th-congress/16 https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2019/09/29/treaty-with-ukraine-on-mutual-legal-assistance-in-criminal-matters/
    https://www.westernjournal.com/little-known-clinton-approved-treaty-ukraine-help-us-investigate-criminal-cases/ I have a question for YOU, C-SPAN. Why haven't you informed the American people fully about this Treaty in your broadcasting? IT'S YOUR JOB TO KEEP US INFORMED. OUR TAXES PAY FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION. YOU ARE AS CORRUPT AS MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

  6. Oh poor baby Jim Jordan!! boy everytime we see you; same thing falling out of your mouth. Why don't you listen, look at the evidence instead of acting like a rabid dog!

  7. Trump should use the military to go in and arrest everyone of the members that are in clear treason of the president. Military should arrest and hold them all under the patriot act.

  8. 3:46:40 “President Trump too rejected any linkage to the hold on the aid or investigations, because he made the same statement in two separate private calls, with 2 US officials 10 days apart. There is no reason why the President would be anything but candid in these 2 private conversations. On August 31st President Trump spoke by phone with Senator Johnson, who was traveling to Ukraine in the coming days. And sought the presidents permission to tell President Zelensky that the security assistance would be forthcoming. President Trump said he wasn’t ready to do that because of burden sharing and corruption. When Senator Johnson raised the potential linkage between security aid and investigations denied any connection (reference timeline below for Trumps knowledge of events and why he would deny any connection) saying: No way, I would never do that, who told you that? In closing he said were reviewing it now and you’ll probably like my final decision. This statement strongly suggests that President Trump was strongly leaning toward lifting the aid (again another assumption)
    “Separately on Sept 9th President Trump spoke to Sondland (3 weeks after whistler blower complaint filed, same day it was publicly announced) Sondland asked the President what he wanted from Ukraine, Trump responded he wanted nothing, I want no quid pro quo I want Zelensky to do what he ran on.” (Using the word quid pro quo strongly suggests the President was well aware of the fact that the whistleblower complaint was about the President asking for a favor from Ukraine and that it was an abuse of power which is an impeachable offense and would therefor give Trump the reason to strongly and adamantly deny (per castors words) doing it to cover up his wrongdoing.

    Castor also makes reference to previous testimony by EU Ambassador Sondland who in his opening statement said he was clear of the quid pro quo that it meant holding aid, investigations into the Biden’s and that the Ukraine would only need to publicly state they would be investigating. Sondland under questioning would later say it was his presumption and that the President never directly said it had to be done this way and therefor it should be understood that Sondland could of made a false assumption. However when asked about the Trump/Johnson call and saying that Trump made the statement “were reviewing everything now but I think your going to like what I decided” (also doesn’t directly say Trump is going to release the aid) but when asked if Sondland understand that’s what Trump meant he said “it sounds like it” So In one instance counsel makes the claim that Sondland made a mistake assuming Trump meant a quid pro quo but then is asked to make another assumption about the Johnson call because again Trump doesn’t directly say he’s going to release the aid. How can Sondland’s ability to make a obvious educated assumption in one instance be wrong but in another instance be right? Counsel imply’s Sondland can’t put 2 and 2 together regarding aid and investigations but can put 2 and 2 together when referring to the releasing of aid. Counsel claims Sondland made a mistake with his assumption even though he talked directly to the president but that he could accurately assume what the president mean during the call to Johnson which he didn’t hear directly and didn’t even know about to counsel told him. Doesn’t it seem more likely that a person could draw an accurate conclusion to a request when the person asking for it says it directly to you?

    This is not true about the president being anything but candid. The whistleblower complaint was already filed and well know of what it contained. By the time the President made the call to Johnson, and specifically mentioned the opposite of what the complain was about which would imply a cover up. It was sent thru the proper channels and was not handled properly after being received by Maguire the Acting DNI. The fact that both long serving DNI Coats and Gordon resigns (within 11 days of each other) shows something is wrong. Why would these two just suddenly resign? Both sides have argued their were leaks in the white house. If all of this info was being put together at some point the idea was made that this complaint might come out before it was actually filed. We know the whistleblower spoke to many officials prior to the filing so it is not a stretch to think the DNI and his top official knew what was about to happen and resigned to avoid any further involvement.

    Series of events prior to calls:

    July 28th Dan Coats-Long serving Director of National intelligence resigns.

    Aug 8th Sue Gordon-Top Deputy to Coats and expected replacement of Coats also resigns.

    Aug 12th. The whistleblower complaint was filed. Although we can not say for sure it is possible the President knew this was happening.

    Aug. 15th-Former director of National Counter Terrorism Center is sworn in as Acting DNI.

    By law, Atkinson was given 14 days to review the whistleblower complaint and make a determination on whether it was credible and of "urgent concern." Apparently finding both to be true, Atkinson forwarded the complaint to Maguire, who had one week to deliver a report on the whistleblower claim to Congress.

    August 26: The whistle blower complaint was forwarded to Maguire, Acting Director of National Security. (Coats replacement)

    Sept. 2 passed, and Maguire declined to issue a report on the whistleblower claim to members of the House and Senate Intelligence committees, which Democrats have since said was a violation of the law.

    Sept. 9: Atkinson alerts Congress. Taking matters into his own hands, the inspector general penned a note to lawmakers including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, alerting them to the existence of the whistleblower complaint and accusing Maguire of failing to issue a report to Congress.

  9. 2:55:20 the congress person mentioned free and fair elections. As long as we have the electoral college, I'm not sure how fair they really are. Free yes…fair…not so much.

  10. So far this hearing has been so one sided with no Republicans aloud to speak in comparison to the ongoing democrats spinning everything to there own narrative. It's so biased.

  11. Reading all the comments, while watching 10 hours video, this is a true state of America, the American People the so-called country representatives and chaired by the most intelligent congressman in the U.S. if this happen to other country, people will be outside the congress rallying but in the U.S. ???? Oh yeah Democrats should be the leading political party to lead America !!!

  12. If America can not defend it's constitution, then what use is the constitution, If a world power can not solve it's problems then the world is at risk. After hearing and watching the Impeachment hearings, it was a pity to hear how the Republicans defended their own instead of the constitution, this will only weaking America and it will make the world at large to see America as a joke and all other countries doing wrong will never see it as wrong. If America be the ones trying to correct them. America is gradually becoming the people they killed, like the Gadafi, sadam and others, But who then kills America when they become the people they killed? Russia. Your present Government is only helping Russia Win and Russia will be the New World Power and the world will be at risk again and democracy will be throw under the bench with no rescue. I urge the Republican today to support the Impeachment of Trump, so that history will write their names in Gold. Republican will still win the next election with a different candidate. Get rid of the Russian Puppet.

  13. Is Steve castor really arguing that congress should drag its feet in doing its job? No wonder the government is so incompetent. His basis is literally, "it's taken a long time in the past."

  14. "George Bush did not earn impeachment when he lied us into an illegal, unprovoked, and unconstitutional war with Iraq, leaving minimum 200,000 civilians dead. Trump did by making a phone call to get dirt on a political opponent."
    -Nancy Pelosi
    …. Fucking what???

  15. It is truly unsettling how Democrats and Republicans are looking at the same situation, the same information, and coming up with conclusions that are oceans apart. There's no shortage of bias or anger on either side. It all seems to just boil down to their opinions: do you or do you not like the president.

  16. Dear GOP… read up on a point of order. Point of order. … In parliamentary procedure, a point of order occurs when someone draws attention to a rules violation in a meeting of a deliberative assembly…

  17. I don’t know why but I feel bad for Steve castor. He makes me feel the same feelings i get when I look at a puppy in the middle of the road a mix of sadness, pity and willingness to help him. Whyyyy??!! Maybe he needs that job to pay health bills of a family member or his kids’s college. ?

    Anyway, Mr Goldman is a snack “? him and mr Holmes were the eye candy i needed to get through these hearings lmao

  18. I don’t know what I can’t stand worse….The FACT that Trump consistently even 2 this very day continues lying, robbing us the American tax payers & corruption. The FACT that the Republicans blatantly want 2 remain blind & purposefully refuse ALL THE FACTS, not paying attention & laughing during all the hearings or the FACT they have NO defense but instead try 2 be stand up comics trying 2 become a meme??‍♀️! Nunes should’ve been forced 2 step down recusing himself immediately while he’s being sanctioned or investigated! Nails on a chalk board, turn a blind eye 2 repeated child sexual Abruse Jim Jones needs 2 go bk 2 coaching….in JAIL! Trump & ALL his illiterate kids, spouses even the damn dogs needs 2 be brought up on RICO charges immediately….AND whenever they’re arrested plz televise 4 all the world 2 c!

  19. It is the President that decides national security policy, not the House, the Senate or non elected bureaucrats… The House and the Senate only controls the purse strings. Doesn't any one read the laws?

  20. Republicans are a joke at this point. They would've been much more convincing and relatable if they'd argued against the substance of the evidence, rather than attacking the process of the proceedings. Embarrassing to see Republicans support that.

  21. It’s hilarious how the older Republican Representatives clearly do not understand the concept of how the phone numbers were matched up. Hahahah almost as hilarious as the mysterious ‘DNC server’.

  22. 7:00:00 Rep. Jim Jordan tries to take the “heresay” defense right after Rep. Hank Johnson plays VIDEO OF TRUMP as evidence.

  23. Vote Trump = No wars, good economy, live in peace.

    Vote anyone else = More wars, more crime, more poverty, live in stress

    And I’m an Iranian British national living in London.

  24. Demming… You mental midget… Look at the top left hand corner of the Washington Post piece…
    It says: "The Post's View * Opinion"
    noun: opinion; plural noun: opinions

    A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
    "I'm writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance"

    Similar words:
    belief, judgment, thought(s), school of thought, thinking, way of thinking, mind, point of view, view, viewpoint, outlook, angle, slant, side, attitude, stance, perspective, position, standpoint, theory, tenet, conclusion, verdict, estimation, thesis, hypothesis, feeling, sentiment, impression, reflections, idea, notion, assumption, speculation, conception, conviction, contention, persuasion, creed, dogma

    They need English professors not law professors to teach them reading and English comprehension.
    And actually a math, economics and history professors wouldn't hurt either…

    Quid pro quo, bribery, extortion, intimidation, abuse of power…
    What will the "new spin word" be this week?
    He farted and it bounced off the wrong side of his ass?
    We are impeaching him because he is getting things done and making us look bad?
    We are impeaching him because he is unimpeachable??
    What is it going to be now?

    I think, I heard, I presume, isn't facts and evidence.

    None will hold up In a court of law… Because I could say, I "think" you robbed a bank and I "heard" someone confirm it, so I "presumed" you did it. And you would go to jail… Use your brain… Also in an impeachment ALL three branches are supposed to be involved.

    Why didn't Trump want to be involved? Because your team aren't following the rules… Read them… Oh I forgot, you are clueless on the English language… You don't understand what OPINION means…

    Not to mention I'm tired of hearing the Russians will take over the Ukraine. The Russians could care less about the rest of the Ukraine… Otherwise when Obama sent them blankets they would have taken the whole country. Those sections ASKED for help, they are majority Russian speaking sections and the Ukrainian government passed a law for Russian to be the second language and they were tired of the rampant Ukrainian corruption. And they had anti Ukrainian protesters there stirring up trouble, like we have CNN's heroes… ANTIFA here. And BLM which got started due to Obama jumping the shark on who was guilty.

    And the Russian hacking the server was a joke by President Trump, you twits… Because your darling little criminal Hillary had already deleted the 30,000 emails after being subpoenaed for them. Where was her obstruction of investigation or of Congress… Oh I forgot Hillary and Biden are above the law… But Trump isn't… And you say you are ex law enforcement… I would suggest you go back to law school and take a refresher course… But not from the 3 "wizards" that testified last week. And due to your thinking and English comprehension maybe we should revisit the cases you were involved in.

    And speaking of the wizards… Karlan… She has issues… Anyone who hates someone enough to cross the street instead of walking in front of A BUILDING owned by that person, has some serious mental issues…

    Plus if the President of the Ukraine couldn't say it was quid pro quo, due to repercussions of President Trump… That doesn't hold water… Because the President of the Ukraine, knows President Trump is being investigated… and can tell the truth without any repercussions. Because all eyes are on both countries. So why didn't he contact the Congress to testify or just say it when he was interviewed 3 weeks ago?

  25. All witnesses for the Dems were donors to the Democratic Party, and Republicans were not allowed to cross examine. In the end, Ukraine got the aide and Biden was not investigated. Witch hunt

  26. 5:07:19 (R) Collins speaking to Goldman
    “We’re use to people taking gratuitous shots at people they don’t like and earlier today in your testimony you made a comment that really goes to an issue thing when you were giving your testimony you made a very snide comment and your facial expression showed, that Ambassador Sondland was a million dollar donor to the President. The implication being that he either got his position because he bought it or because he was loyal to the president and didn’t say anything about it. Be very careful about dollars that you throw around because you and Mr. Burke are very heavy donors to the Democratic party and I’m not going to say what your motives or position is today but we need to make sure this thing today is already blown out of proportion and were already not answering questions and your here without a pen because your chairman will not testify. that says all we need to hear. He’s not willing to stand behind his own report and he sends you, I hope it works out for you.”

    This statement like many statements the Republicans make is another deflection of the matter at hand. Many people donate to political parties that they support. A republican made the same remark to one of the scholars who testified last week. Saying something to the effect of “You donated to the democrats and Hillary didn’t you?” The hypocrisy is so prevalent. I think this statement was a jab. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the topic at hand unless a particular witness appears to be buying his way into his position and not really qualified to do so. I’m sure it’s something used in one way or another to make the witness appear to be loyal to one party. However in both instances when Goldman said it to Sondland and Collins said it to Goldman it was to show alliance. I don’t agree with that tactic. You can support one party or another and still uphold the constitution even if that means going against your own party. Whenever this statement has been made it was to highlight someone’s affiliation and could only be used to make someone out to be so loyal “based on the amount contributed” that they would lie under oath to protect their alliance. I don’t think that statement is fair from either side. Sonland has a history of this specifically he was a bundler. These people’s job is to get donations from many different sources to contribute a donation as a whole. It was stated he made a million dollar donation but it doesn’t state whether that donation was from him alone or a combo of donors that he made in his name. People in that position get recognized for the amount of contributions they can get so I don’t think that really had anything to do with anything. I believe Collins just wanted to make him look bad which was affective lol

    Goldman responds “Are you trying to say, what are you trying to say? What is the implication here? What is the question? Because I didn’t donate anything near a million dollars remotely”

    The Republican who has interrupted before jumps in and says “what we’re implicating is that we want Schiff in that chair and not you, the implication is the person who wrote the report should be there to present it and instead he sends you. You weren’t elected by anybody and your hear giving this testimony in place of the chairman. I hope that clears up the implication.”

    This is another show the republicans are putting on to criticize the process. If Goldman wasn’t supposed to be there he wouldn’t be. These guys are sore losers.

  27. …while Rep. Gaetz was carrying on and distracting….complaingin that the Democrats were rushing out to a press conference, rather hilariously, Minority Chair Collins apparently had his track shoes on and beat EVERYONE to form his own press conference. lmao hacks. @2:49–2:50

  28. As all of this is going on, the GOP are busy blocking bills to prevent Russia from meddling in our 2020 elections:
    Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) on Tuesday blocked an attempt by Democrats to pass legislation meant to prevent Russia and other countries from interfering in elections.
    BEWARE……the republicans work for the Russians ?

  29. 5:20:00 Republican Counsel Ashley Called to Republican Counsel Steve Castor “There has been a lot allegations that that President Zelensky has not been candid about not feeling pressure from President Trump and isn’t it true he stated publicly that he felt no pressure.” Castor replies yes and mentions some of the dates.

    If I was in the position that President Zelensky is currently and at the time all of this happened, I would definitely not tell anyone in the media that I felt like The President of the United States was pressuring me to investigate a political opponent. If I’m dependent on your money and alliance hell no I wouldn’t say a damn thing bad about you. That being said, it is also obvious that the President didn’t even care if they did an investigation, he just wanted Zelenskys public statement that he would investigate to make Joe Biden look bad in the media and to the American people. The beginning of a smear campaign which Trump does for a living! Anytime he is up against anyone he takes low blows and jabs whenever he has the chance. He even does it to people in Hollywood. To Alec Baldwin for his impersonations to Meryl Streep. This is his go to move! He did the same to Ambassador Yovanovitch. It’s like a daily ritual Trump doesn’t go a day without insulting someone from his stupid nicknames to the flat out lies. He tries to make everyone look bad that doesn’t support him 100% It’s so obvious to even think that the Ukraine President would say anything bad….look at what Trump did to the Ukrainian Ambassador Yovanovitch, he not only tweeted about her he did it as she was testifying. Totally intimidation! And she told everyone how those comments made her feel! Would u risk getting ur name, character or reputation smeared in the media? Or moreover possibly compromise your chance of receiving aid and the most powerful country in the worlds alliance? Shit no!

  30. Russia wasn’t stealing Kiev, Kiev voted to be part of Russia, the people of Kiev spoke but you Democrat’s have never heard them even NOW! The same way you’ve never heard or accepted that Americans voted for Trump to be our president and not vote for a child trafficker and killer that was running as a Democrat that you Democrat’s wanted to be president, still again you got it wrong!

  31. 9:11:35 – Goldman stutters, deflects and thinks of being disbarred.9:12:47 Do you know the identity of the whistle blower? (That's a yes or no question). Answer: I'm not going to talk to you about the identity of the whistle blower. Yes or no doesn't reveal the identity. He couldn't answer without either lying to Congress or opening the door knocking out Schiff.

  32. holy shit, how much longer do i have to listen to this retard berke, everything that he just said, was already proven to be false, and assumptions. but yet this fucktard keeps repeating the same shit over and over as if it makes it true…

  33. you're right, he did ask for the emails to be found, i dont blame him. our own intel covered up so much shit for HRC that i dont think that i will nor alot of people will ever trust our own damn govt again. it you fucktards that have made it that way.

  34. The Georgia speaker Wass being really mean and kinda rude towards the democratic speaker like the democratic counsel was actually being fair and acting mature

  35. ….for anyone with half a working brain, it seems that the Republicans' "bitching and moaning" about, aside from Sonderland, no direct witnesses is not part of a "winning" strategy: it EXPOSES the fact that Trump is preventing about a dozen former and current WHITE HOUSE staff…and thousands of pages of documents. I don't believe that either Chariman Schiff nor Nadler denied witnesses who offered information on the Trump/Ukraine "shenanigans"…aside from those seeking to go on about BURESMA and the BIDENS…which, even IF true….will be opened in the Senate. The 2019 impeachment is about Trump….HIS unconstitutional behavior….including contempt of Congress. (sigh)

  36. Oh man i just want to punch Doug Collins' face when he keeps grilling Goldman about who ordered matching of Nunes' number and others. WHY THE FUCK DOES THAT matter at this point for anyone other than trying to distract this whole process? Isn't it wonderful that they actually found a match which happens to be a member of the intelligence committee??? This is one of the worst one-sided hearing of any case I've ever seen in my life. If you think it's the Republicans, you have issues.

  37. I call for a non-partisan Government reset. They can't even vote across party lines for a break without getting the stink eye. As for Joe Biden 2020? No thank you! No more freaking crooked politicians please!

  38. Concerning the current impeachment proceedings and LEADERSHIP within the House of Representatives, BOTH Schiff AND Nadler have DUAL citizenship from the same foreign country. Are you aware of that???? Do you think that matters? Do you think THAT is a COINCIDENCE? Call your Congressman and ask why do we have dual citizens in Congress and why is the impeachment leadership EXCLUSIVELY dual citizens from the same foreign country. DO IT, call (202.224.3121) and ask. Get answers. The media won't. Why not?


  39. GOP, keep pleading that this is a sham, pointing at process, pointing at whether a president is liked or not. Facts are he and guiliani attempted character assasination and investigation of a political rival. No buts about it. He 'asked for a favor', Guliani edited President Zelensky's press statement to include Burisma. Attempts at bribery, extortion and investigating are just as illegal. Fact is people in the administration, rightly so, raised questions about what was going on. They got caught and only THEN did Trump say "no quid pro quo" . So you're attempts to distract vs defend look really really sad and childish. If I wasn't already subsidizing the lives of billionaires I'd call my tax dollars going to the GOP the biggest waste.

    NO one in the administration can find evidence that ANY corruption investigations were being done in UKRAINE… except the ONE on BURISMA… it's clear, that's all Trump cared about. That's a straight personal benefit to HIM. Trump before Country, Trump before Constitution…. sad and illegal.

  40. When can we read the Barr/Durham report? And, will both of these gentlemen appear in this Senate hearing? All I've seen or heard has come from the news stations.

  41. Mr Collins, just because you start over you still have nothing to say. Flapping your gums along with Biggs and others is to slow down the proceedings because they do have a ton to say that actually means something. The republicans give a new meaning to talking out of your "ass."

  42. At this point in the argument where we have 11,156 for likes, and 4430 for dislikes, it would seem that more people are against Trump in-fact 60.3%. Trump lost a few points but remember this is nothing but a snap shot in time. I will check it again later.

  43. Let me ask you this then Steve; if what you say is true about the Biden's. Why then did it take Trump so long to act on these terrible, terrible things that Biden's son did.

  44. I remember watching the British Parliament, (I don't know if I am identifying it correctly), but it amazed me how direct the chair was. Telling people to be "good boys" and children behaved better than they were.

    I can image if that guy was sitting on the chair how many comebacks that guy would have for their point-of-orders.

  45. From a completely objective point of view, what happens if dirt is found on the Bidens in Ukraine? The reason for the impeachment would still be there but on the other hand would be guilty Dems… Hmm… Who would win?

  46. As an independent voter, this is absolutely crazy! Democrats got me upset when they tried to destroy a man like Kavanaugh. Then they said Trump was a Russian spy. Then they said Gabbard was a Russian asset, a democrat that served in our military. Now they go after Trump with Ukraine when it is obvious that Biden is the one that needs to be investigated. He bragged about it in front of cameras. While I disagree with some of Trump's thoughts, there is no way he deserves impeachment. Democrats are wasting money and time of our representatives. Get to work!!! Most independents in Wisconsin agree this is a sham. This is so frustrating!! Get those democrats out of office!! My suggestion: vote independent rather than democrat! That democrats wouldn't allow republicans to bring forward witnesses like democrats shows who is right. Bring all the facts and the truth will come out.

  47. The DNC and the fools running it just don't get it. The American people run America, not the DNC. They are going to find out the hard way that their abuse of the Presidency and the People is going to drag them down to destruction. America is stronger then the corrupt DNC. Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler with all pay a heavy price in the annuls of history as traitorous souls. Their vengeance will dig their own political graves.

  48. Debbie Lesko’s questioning round in the first judiciary committee hearing was “the phone call favor is NOT about Biden!!”, then in this hearing she outright says Trump asks Zelensky to look into the Biden’s and that’s fine.

  49. America is a terrorist state. Your political bullshit kills people, just with your bullshit arguments. Fuck you Americans you are shit people.

  50. It looks the Senate will vote politically. It is not really a
    trial; their verdict has been reached before starting. The Republicans need
    desperately to hold the power of the Executive, and the Senate. They forgot
    about the oaths they took when they arrive to the Senate. They just don t care!
    They are just a bunch of losers against Trump in the Primaries 2016. However,
    they support him. Why? Because they feel defeated and need the dictator s
    support to continue holding their office to profit from it.

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