Hope Hicks Transcript Provides Window On 2016 Dual Trump Tape Crises | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Hope Hicks Transcript Provides Window On 2016 Dual Trump Tape Crises | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. At least you could have tryed, if I was on your side, I am now.I would have been out of my head, gone back to the evil facebook and went on a non-stop tirade, asking for Marches, raids, on House Dems offices. In short, use all the enemies. I figured the House was over by the time I started to realy fight. Constant Defeat should not have stopped them.

  2. Rachel said something that Incubated in my brain, McConnel followed up on it. Part of my Rage against that specific group came back.I asked some questions Did some Reaserch.Bham! It hit me. 1) Start the Impeachment, if any Democrat does not come around, they are gone and will be told so 2)Rachel-What if we did it, so we can have leverage

  3. 2)Leverage to get the Documentation and force testimony, my oppsing argument was weak and irrelevant. If an Impeachment ( not an Inquiry which will give Trump more time to try anf pull power moves, More time for anything to break momentum) can not get The Taxes, Bank Records, Bank Docs( only Stealing them will work as long as people are willing

  4. To go dig in the law books to find if there is Severe Consequences they can apply.Does it say in 1926 that 15 years can be applied and give the Absolute Most Severe Consequnce immediatel with no bargaining, no talk No 2 nd Chance, if you dont comply because the SC attempts to block it. They will have to attempt to block it after you are in jail

  5. He will do something Horrendous, Subc. guilt He did it, Consc. Rage, I am cleared by Mueller( Nope, you arent).How dare they, I will destroy them all one by one. Give me that Executive order pad , Lawyers- here, you take it.

  6. If what was described in the tape never happened (and trump should know if it did), why are they trying to get hold of the tape. If someone said there was a tape of me doing X,Y or Z and I had never done those things, I would not hunt for the evidence that I had. Therefore there must be some basis in fact for the rumour.

  7. The one thing they need to do once Trump is removed from office is to get everyone that had anything to do with interfering and blocking subpoenas because there is damaging information this is so out of order and you got the department of Justice attorney defending a person that doesn't even work for the justice department there's a lot of corruption went on behind thishe needs to get cleaned up and people need to be made example out of so this will never happen again United States presidents selling everything he can to foreign countries come on now.

  8. This administration just mocks our laws! It's sickening! A unindicted criminal for president and I guess it shouldn't surprise me but it STILL DOES!!

  9. The Tramp's absurd proclamations that he's "Done Nothing Wrong" and "Nahh Kolutshun" , are among the most transparently false statements ever made in Human History! It seems pretty obvious to me that a significant day of reckoning is slowly approaching for this seemingly conscienceless perpetrator. The staggeringly high percentage of employees as well as mere voters who are totally convinced that he is totally incapable of corruption as well as ignoring more laws than must lawyers defend against in an entire career. It is self evident that simply accepting any job, often w/o Any relevant education nor experience, is seen by a high proportion of his acquaintances as a pardon on their long and frustrating commitment to complying with which ever half dozen laws that have frustrated them the the most. Every one of those Ten Commandments seem to exasperate more people he shakes hands with than anyone most could name within living memory..

  10. Watching this I start to wonder what Russian hookers can do that a Slovenian swim suit model can’t…….Boy oh boy, politics is so complicated!

  11. Who Is enforcing the Employee Do’s and Don’ts, can’t be a Law enforcer if your not acting them out yourself Local State and Federal EEO, Don’t be a hypocrite to Corporations Good Faith Statues

  12. Trump, Barr and others are profiting from privatization and Hope knows it!  It seems it is not illegal to have a portfolio that includes financial products that have dividends associated with privatization (as they can claim they have no control over the portfolio management or the individual financial products that make up that portfolio).  It is so lucrative now with Trump that all his followers are adopting the same financial portfolios and programs because they are performing well (example; at 700 + per person per day for an ICE contract, with a true cost of 25 bucks per person per day – which is what they are spending – they make about 700 bucks a day per person!).  Their position is that they do not really look that deep into these portfolios to see where the money is coming from – this is what they say to me when I bring it up…and are relatively open about recommending these portfolios…so…let me be clear, they do it, everyone in government contracting knows it, and its is widely accepted as business as usual.

  13. Trump and his flunkies are going to do what he wants them to do when he wants them to do it Congress won't do anything so American needs to get used to it

  14. I seriously laugh every time when I see someone in the comments who's crazy enough to still support and defend The Orange One. Especially at this point! Even as a joke. 😂😂You need a bloody spreadsheet to track all of the investigations into trump's actions.😂😂😂 The guy is literally going down in front of our eyes and some poor souls STILL act like he's some sort of a hero. No, I don't think Dems will try to impeach him. But…….I absolutely do believe that the FBI will take him in as soon as he leaves the White House. When he becomes an "ordinary citizen" they will arrest him. Make no mistake. That's a given at this point. And that's not me saying it. That's actual lawyers saying it. Look it up. And then don't forget to continue screaming "Fake News". 😂😂

  15. With all these " Sexual assaults , immoral sexual acts " of such predator immoral person — Republicans … You are all sleeping in the same boat …. Wake Up , America !!!

  16. What is it like to be Hope Hicks today she know far more than she telling as a women this have to affect her because she could be or is Trump's victim!

  17. tRUMP'S seemingly ridiculous behavior is actually learned through practicing occultist memetics. There are some strange things to know. An author, who was obviously clairvoyant, wrote a few books in the 1890s. Ingersoll lockwood, his name was, wrote one book, in particular, about occultism. This book is "the laconics of cult" He also wrote another book called, "The last president" in which there is a tRUMP castle on 5th avenue and angry protesters who are protesting the newly elected president in year 1900 march the streets of new york and threaten to burn tRUMP castle down. He also wrote a series of childrens books, similar to the wizard of oz, about a young aristocratic world traveller, a boy named… get this, barron tRUMP. In one of these childrens books there is a drawing of the 10 year old flambouyant character barron tRUMP and the RESEMBLANCE to the barron tRUMP who is of the same age now in the first family is wicked EVIL. The look on his face is exactly the same, the face, the hair……everything spookily, eerilie, very closely resembles the little tRUMP in the white house. The barron tRUMP character, in the books, is the same tyrant that you would expect in a young tRUMP himself. Rude and nasty, he visits RUSSIA often, with many connections there. There is a pence mentioned in the last president book and in that book, the UNION IS DISSOLVED. That was THE LAST PRESIDENT. EVER. NO MORE UNION. NO MORE COUNTRY. "This work is dedicated to memetic occultism"  is a line found in the forward of this book. Memetics are the sharing of information and ideas transferred through memes from person to person in a society. Memetics are similar to genetics in that information is being transferred, here culturally, and in that, the organisms future, and even reality itself, is being shaped in the process. The idea is that reality is subjective and therefore can be manipulated. Occultism is the study of the hidden, the unknown. Utiliize memetics by using short, simple, powerful sentences like they're gonna TAKE YOUR HEALTH CARE AND YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY,  SAY IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THATS HOW YOU WIN.

  18. Lock her up and never let her out. She is covering for her evil orange overlord. Anyone who is that blindly loyal to such an evil being as TrumPutin needs to be removed from society.

  19. All foreign dirt dug and Democratic low life dwarfs Trump misdemeanors in Campaign and depth of Clinton's
    plain evil trafficking friends now being black mailed by Epstein has Nation in shame and you are beating a dead
    horse Maddow. TRump is no choir boy and a l compulsive liar but an order of magnitude better guy than
    Clinton or Obama. I am a TR progressive and Muckrakers in 1908 never saw muck like the Muck we she
    today. A state department info source is legitamate target for cyber attack but Clinton mixed with pay
    to play and god knows what , You are playing pot calls kettle black but pot is far blacker and the USA
    know it and best keep Epstein in jail or he will be a d.ead man, Panneta is not a Polish name kiddo.
    Tony lobbied for Putin. Money talks patriotism walks. Your f—ling dumb Isaac Two Bears PhD
    Lakota Sioux Whitemen speak with forked tongue since Carter. God bless him

  20. Great Spirit Controls Weather warm weather bring hurricane July get our your rosary minoura or just
    hit your knees with me for warmongering too long for bad reasons and false reasons like oil.

  21. This is just designed to buy the Orange Moron time to try to get re-elected before any of this gets answered. I would have asked her if she used the bathroom during her time in the White House? And did she have to bring her own paper and soap? Did you ever hear anything? Did you ever speak? Do you like Gladiator movies?

  22. Why is it that the American people look past the obvious why would you look for something that does not exist for the world took to not understand what I am saying let me spell it out to you if you did not have a unicorn in your bedroom while I look for one


  24. There was never any "hope" with her…she is trumped..A crew of utter deplorable…HRC was 100 % correct…The USA got the worst potus in history….that's no lie.

  25. Why would the Trump team hunt down a tape regarding Trump, russian hookers and urine when the situation (according to Trump) didn't happen?

  26. Lot of cover ups by Hicks,sounds like liars all in bed togeather,as a lot of liars are now in goal,as she Hicks states she likes to be on top of everything,about Trump and the Russian taps,

  27. Maddow – I hope trump sends you some more tax returns so you can cry in your little bowl of tears for 5 more years.

  28. Germaphobe? Need it be pointed out that urine is sterile? to the extent that it is able to be used to flush out wounds in extreme circumstances (as I recall from my first aid training)?

  29. Gee, I thought the Phresident was a good Christian! Wouldn't he know about not holding things under a barrel, away from the light? Hmm, VERY unChristian…. as if he ever read the Bible, much less retained any of what he read.

  30. This is aginst the law! A witnesses! They are infering with investigation. Thank you for information let's get to bottom of this.

  31. Dear HOPE when did you get your Presidential knee pads and How much did the first lady pay you to take her place in front of the STABLE GENIUS!

  32. Apparently had knowledge of the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal pay off and cover up of extra marital affairs of Trump while married.

  33. Their last HOPE lmao more FAKE B/S From our Russian hunter Rachel ,collusion collusion ,the Sky is falling lol

  34. @ This reporting by MSNBC i s false propaganda to brain wash the public, but not the majority citizens within the U.S.

  35. The attorneys are corrupt along with the entire administration. Trump is placing his puppets everywhere. He is the antichrist.

  36. I gather from this video that there's pretty much a fire drill every day at the White House except it's a real f**** fire, several times a day!

  37. Hope Hicks is not government employee, so DO NOT take the cost of those 5 lawyers cost from taxpayers money.
    Can anyone make sure, I doesn't happen ?

  38. As a former employee, why is she being represented by anyone other than who she can hire for herself?

  39. Why doesn't anyone ask if there's something going on between Trump and Hicks? She's his type and he hasn't lived with his wife in a long time. Just sayin'.

  40. Trumps cullutions , obtrucsions plain sight!!! His sit in W H were many others in prison…!!Trumps a bigger of criminals organized crime gang's mafia crooks..again the Country…bad human parasite in the history….over two-year's Trumps puppet running USA in so much chaotic bazaars disfunsinal..Trumps will damages more and bankruptcy the Country…Putin's Russia clapping hands laughed drinking vodkas pulling Trumps puppet running USA and count victory for them..Trumps a worst parasite ever walked on this planet psychopath sociopath nassassisic madman delusional hateful means spirit ,traitors power hungry ,immoral lies chits bullying . Trumps puffom importers Water Mitty..evils man sold his souls to Devil's .nothing good about Trumps all of his life ..Impeach Trumps now makes Americans peace ful healthy again…

  41. Rachel, I think you should pay more attention. IT'S OVER! 3 years of blah blah and NOTHING!! Can't wait to see you spin the forthcoming bad news for you and CNN..hehe.

  42. Rachel, don't you know the Steele Dossier is UNVERIFIED!. COMEY will plead the fifth way over 155 times. Just wait..hehe.

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