Hong Kong protests: Leader Carrie Lam defiant on extradition plan – BBC News

Hong Kong protests: Leader Carrie Lam defiant on extradition plan – BBC News

People are afraid, people are also angry about this extradition treaty. So everyone is coming out, not just Hongkongers but also expats who are staying in Hong Kong and calling Hong Kong home for now. The Chinese government is trying to exert control over Hong Kong, and also trying to make Hong Kong people keep silent, and just follow orders. The judicial system in the mainland is not very trustworthy so that creates some unnecessary panic for some Hongkongers. This is very unfair for us. It would totally destroy the freedoms we’ve always had and the rule of law we are so proud of.


  1. The foolish country, the leader of a country, will be appointed by the Americans. Is Britain a democratic country? How funny! Will a free and democratic country in Britain be ruled by Americans and colonized by Americans?

  2. The foolish country, the leader of a country, will be appointed by the Americans. Is Britain a democratic country? How funny! Will a free and democratic country in Britain be ruled by Americans and colonized by Americans?

  3. 終於可以有機會肅清了,最好來個戰地風雲:香港,早就看這幫香港賤人不爽了,死了的才是好的👌

  4. HK people choose to live with outlaws in their very neighborhood rather than trust the justice system. i doubt whether they truly understand the consequence of the bill. don't be fooled by some people with vicious intentions, and stay calm please!

  5. British government needs to revoke the citizenship and freeze the assets of Carrie Lam's family. Clearly, they are the enemies to our modern democracy.

  6. These children know nothing about the laws and like a group of young exciting fools,just shouting freedom make themself sounded like ”hero“,do you know how many Corrupt officials fled Hong Kong,because of HK laws protect them!the law wants to send Severe criminals ,not you guys criticism on communist party,ordinary students,LOL,you really think you are important..

  7. South korea supports Hongkong republic🇰🇷🇭🇰🇰🇷🇭🇰🇰🇷🇭🇰💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  8. lol protest to keep murderers jail free somehow is linked to "freedom" in bbc view, do people commet here even know what these idiots are on about?

  9. вообще то в Казахстане тоже митинги! почему не показываете????

  10. These protestors don't even know the details of the new law, they just judge things by hating China. They are leading HK to chaos and say freedom is narrowed by China, but they forget when ruled by England they didn't even have right to protest and the governor has always been assigned by Queen of England. So we finally know how horrible the brain washing is, especially by western media.

  11. I'm Japanese but I hope Hong Kong people are safe and your beautiful country are peaceful forever. 加油!

  12. they should have a vote to remain as a part of china or go independent. in 2019 you cant trade people or hand them over like assets. the association with china was so historic it bears no modern relevance. in the same way its no longer a british colony. so perhaps it should be just a small independent country on its own right called….hong kong ?

  13. China (or "People's (yeah right) Republic of China). STOP treating the humble, decent, open minded citizens of Hong Kong like prisoners as you have done to your own people for so long. Fuck your firewall! Long live the people who were MURDERED in Tiananmen Square and FREE TIBET. You have gone TOO FAR. Oh shit. I suppose I am gonna get into trouble now because some pre-historic communist grandad doesn't like it. Well fuck you! You are an absolute HINDERANCE (look that one up in a dictionary) on the potential of your people of your "nation".

  14. China must unite as ONE, please kick all the Protestor out of Hong Kong because 1 million protestor out of 8 million people living in Hong Kong is not exactly the majority. Here’s a hint do not break law and you will never be extradite to anywhere. 🤦‍♂️

  15. To all those who are stupid the bill to extradite started when a young man who is a Hong Kong resident went to Taiwan and murdered his girlfriend dismembered her body and now he is back in Hong Kong and can not be extradite back to Taiwan for punishment. As I say you do not have any plan to break the law it will never apply to you. 😂

  16. After the US failed to kill Huawei/China through trade and technology war, it picks up its old dirty huma-right tactic again to attack China. The US orchestrated this Hong Kong riot. If this roit happens in the human-right filled US, these violent rioters would have been guned down by government force.

  17. Just think of it, Britain handed over 10s of millions of free born human beings into slavery. China will in time make slaves of all these poor people. Thanks U.K.! Your a pillar of Humanity!

  18. BBC you are aware there’s been protests just across the channel? Our neighbours have been protesting for months now yet you fail to cover it! Wonder why that is? Suppose been the establishments mouth piece you don’t want the plebs of this country getting any good ideas eh? Support our French friends that are fighting against the EU dictatorship and the false climate change fresh air tax

  19. Hong Kong is much better place in every aspect than Mainland China! I hope they will save the democracy in place surrounded by communist. Praying for HK safety.

  20. Hong Kong people should tell government what the disadvantage not only parade.hongkong absolutely cannot do any help for the trade of China and US. Do like this, only add more fire. So Stupid

  21. China💓n.korea💓s.korea president moon

    But many korean support hong kong protests.

  22. https://youtu.be/-zlglF8pNpQ

    I do not do this often but then this is too important. I made a tribute video for the brave protestors in Hong Kong. if you want, go watch it and share~

    i love you HK

  23. Many Hong Kong people have never read this law at all, and they follow everyone to protest the march. You can ask Hong Kong people what the law says.

  24. If you do any kind of business in China, sometime you need/have to gave some "advantage"(or bribe) to the government official. If you don't, you can't do any kind business in China, or worse there are going to have some make up charges against you!!!Or if you are a reporter writing news article for government corruption or speak the truth somethings happen in China. Or a bookseller selling books critiquing the Chinese government. So if the extradition law pass, the HK Police can arrest you make up or alleged crime(s) you allegedly committed and send you back to China for trial(no visitation right, no transparency trial, or cross-examining witnesses,etc ). Even though they don't have any substantial evidence from the Chinese government, they can still issue arrest warrant and take you back to China!!!!

  25. I have so many questions.
    1) is hong kong part of china or not?
    2) what does extradition law have to do any other political consequences,
    3) wouldn’t it be injustice if the guilty if set free?

    If anyone care to explain, it would be a big help. I’m in confusion. Lol

  26. 홍콩 민주주의 지키고.도와즐 수 있는 방법을 찾아야 합니다.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍

  27. They live in the cage and Salary Man become Min Wages. Nobody married and have sex anymore in HK. just to expensive. then, they are disturbed by China and their Ruling Rich Elites. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. How could some of the British feel no shame to support these locals to fight against their government. Is HongKong government really treat locals badly? Is Chinese government really treat HongKong badly? Have you forgotten that you British invaded China and killed so many Chinese in the past?

  29. The way China denies and hides its own atrocities against humanity is appalling.

    Chinese never properly learn about the Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen massacre, Tibetan massacre, Uyghur massacre etc and on-going atrocities such as Uyghur internment camps, Human trafficking of NKorean girls as sex slavery in China. etc. China has been acting like Nazi for 80 years since they invaded Tibet. We need to end the CCP.
    Hong Kongers, stay strong!!

  30. 香港金钟一带发生的情况不是和平集会,而是公然地、有组织地发动暴动 支持香港特区政府依法处置】今日,外交部发言人耿爽就香港特别行政区修例事件最新局势回应表示:“香港特区的行政长官以及有关的负责官员已经就最新的事态发表了谈话,指出香港金钟一带发生的情况不是和平集会,而是公然地、有组织地发动暴动。我想任何损害香港繁荣稳定的行为,都是香港主流民意所反对的。任何文明法治的社会都不会容忍破坏和平安宁,罔顾法纪的违法行为。中国中央政府强烈谴责各类暴力行为,我们支持香港特区政府依法予以处置。”

  31. Support and fighting from Vietnam and Overseas Vietnam for the hope to provide freedom and continue to power through authoritarian governments.

  32. Those protesters is on the wrong side here obviously,, The thing is that: Initially they should have a proper explanation why they think the extradition plans is wrong, If is for democracy, HK is still in democracy until 2047,,,They should have waited until 2047, + It was HK government who have made these extradition plans not China, Those protesters should respect the rule of laws of HK, Seems like they r not very good at understanding how the system works n most of them r school kids or school leavers,,,

  33. Watch the video and listen to the presentation of this gentlemen as a "reporter", with a lot of biased and specious argument, saying that the "Extradition Law" of Hong Kong is not trustable but hurts human rights, it is using a Pseudo-proposition to deny the social justice of human being over the rule of law and ignored the basic facts of social justice in order to make the groundless accusation, aiming to set Hong Kong Government against Hong Kong citizens and accusing it to infringe on the freedom of speech and human rights. In fact, the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Government over the Hong Kong Basic Law – Extradition Case depends on legal evidence. The proposed revised Extradition Law has indisputable reason over the situation of a killer case happened in Taiwan, backed by upholding the rule of law not to harbor criminals, in the traditional sense which applied to the context of justice.
    In the press presentation, the "reporter" dressed in the garb of the reporter to take obfuscation for a reason and made a false statement to undermine and smear the Hong Kong Government. He is not only beneath the principle of media standpoint, even more so beneath the sensible level to discuss the situation of Hong Kong. It is a factual reality that Hong Kong is an independent special administration region of China. The most important interpretation for the Basic Law of Hong Kong is who defines the independent judiciary system with the utmost concern of Hong Kong people.
    When people shift their eyes to the Assange extradition case and the case in Canada relates to Huawei's Ms. Meng, these extraditions are the most disgraceful events in the 21st century.
    The Hong Kong Government stressed that the current Fugitive Offenders Ordinance needs to be updated in light of the ongoing case of Chan Tong-kai, a resident of Hong Kong. Due to a loophole in the law, Hong Kong is unable to extradite Chan, who is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend in Taipei, Taiwan last year and returned to Hong Kong afterward. Taiwan is blatantly against the proposed revision of the Hong Kong Fugitive Offenders Ordinance as the legality of the Ordinance also applies to Taiwan region, which is part of China. The Taiwan Government claimed that the proposed revision would infringe on the so-called "sovereignty" of Taiwan.
    It’s a proposal, or a set of proposals, which would not and could not strike a terrible blow against the rule of law, against Hong Kong’s stability and security, against Hong Kong’s position as a great international trading hub. The intention of the proposal is only to plug the existing legal loophole.
    While the Hong Kong Government have raised the threshold of the proposed revised Ordinance to serious crime offenders only, who committed a crime anywhere and return to Hong Kong, with a sentence of a minimum of 7 years' imprisonment, under this circumstances the Extradition Law will apply. The proposed revised Ordinance also exclude nine specific economic offenses and there is no issue on suppressing freedom of speech whatsoever. A person who offends the law in Hong Kong would not be extradited to Mainland China. There is no indication that the proposed revision will infringe on human rights and freedom as this is the only cooperation of mutual legal assistance.
    We could not help to suspect that most so-called "Western democracies" oppose the revision of the Extradition Law so as to justify the riot in Hong Kong. Did foreign forces orchestrate the peaceful mass protest and the unexpected eruption of violence after the peaceful marching? Did they also instigate the blocking of streets by youngsters around the Legislative Council which began even before the Extradition Law was due to be debated? Obviously, the riot was meticulously planned and staged, as you can see from all the news videos which show the rioters' weapons, helmets, goggles, snacks, drinking water, and prepared bricks. These are the evidence pointing to a conspiracy.
    Most Hong Kong people are Chinese who are disinterested in the debate of the proposed revised Extradition Law which would not infringe on human rights and freedom.
    When we consider the number of Hong Kong people who are in possession of the "Enter Mainland of China Permit" which exceeds six million, this is a solid fact that Hong Kong people have put their trust and faith in the Chinese Government in terms of its rule of law and the legal system.
    Obviously, it is only on a demonized level to say that the Chinese Government will take advantage of the proposed revised "Extradition Law" to damage the human rights and freedom of Hong Kong people. In fact, it is only a Pseudo-proposition and coupled with ignorance among Hong Kong people, especially youngsters who completely ignored the truth and the context of the proposed revision, the riot occurred as planned.
    As such, I recommend those so-called freedom fighters who want to undermine and dismantle the rule of law in Hong Kong should know the principle and issues of rule of law.

  34. I live in Hong Kong and….. earlier in school we just tell our feelings about Carrie Lam . Our teachers were gonna protest after school so we just made boards . End game style
    And we shouted "Kill Carrie Lam !" And "Stop Carrie Lam!" Probably we got punished by the principle bcuz we were noisy . We did it at recess and…hold up signs of hate to Carrie Lam in the playground.

  35. We are going to celebrate what you have done today whit every body. We will be always whit you. From Tokyo.

  36. I am wondering why HongKong people never did this to UK when HongKong was colonized by UK. UK ever gave HongKong people right to vote? They are not being reasonable. This is just for them to get their emotion out. There is no difference between this and what happened In Baltimore. Always double standards when it comes to any China related issues.

  37. The title itself is retarded, Carrie Lam is the leader of Hong Kong, those low life protesting thugs in the streets are defying Hong Kong law. BBC is abbreviation of Bunch of Bull Crap.

  38. 500s years on the white people set sail constantly brings us the cruel world on the expenses of our children, the entire family and occupied our motherland through this day continues committed the demonic massacre, genocide, rape, poisoning, thief, robbing and slavery us all. And they forcefully the world to believe is demon-cracy, human rights, and freedom sure on your mama, women and children expenses and the entire nation turn a living hell on earth. And they call themselves Christian.

    The kongers traitors is lying to themselves and prostitute to gweilo to get sympathy. As we have family migrant from hk to Asia all of them hate the disgraceful HK cage and coffin as home cover up by the formal occupiers British slavery Kongers and used as prostitute as we seen the traitors funded by CIA AND NGO. And only 5% of HK richest those are the British slave used to control its own longer dogs. One China should be one China system. If the traitors is in the West they all charges with treason of flamed even killed. China should used the western strategy on the HK traitors. That how to control this HK dogs. And is the way they obey.

    CPC govt should use the same formal occupiers tactic and arrested the leader one by one in the public and charge them treason. And the only way they understand democracy, human rights and freedom in slavery for over 160s years. What a joke.

    The USA Bombing List: The Democracy World Tour


    Where is democracy freedom of speaks?the longer blocking my command?

    This are the traitors anti-China its own Fatherland and protect the murders killing a Chinese woman and Prostitute to the CIA to betray China. Just like the Indian protest to protect the rapist gueu.CCP Govt is to slow to respond of this poison is growing. The west will sort them out and in place with no time terrorists.

    The true images of the HK traitors is an Gweilo dogs prostitute their own women and children away. And betray China its own motherland saves them from the occupiers and slaves and prostitute HK 160s years. This Kongers traitors dont represent Chinese and they all should be charge with treason.
    And here a command from Gweilo. Even Gweilo.can see all this kongers is a traitors. That's because democracy now, for all its showboating and faux leftism is part of the liberal media. Nobody is talking about the fact that Taiwan and China are both wanting this extradition law… particularly Taiwan, who wants to prosecute the dude who murdered his girlfriend… not just murdered her… tok her to Taipei, suffocated her… dumped her in a suitcase and went straight back to HK. But nobody cares about that because the liberal media is pushing the narrative that China wants to prosecute political descent even though the extradition bill strictly forbids political persecution.

    American Go, ’t, NGOs Fuel and Fund Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Protests https://www.mintpressnews.com/hong-kong-protests/259202/?fbclid=IwAR1IWuCTTOEyhxlhDI5kFafxupIz7BstDvPPry0ZEKq2g18jrPpCPnhsuVc#.XQb6tJfuhpM.twitter

  39. Hong Kong is a blessed place, the most free place,

    People are free to enter and exit,

    Funds are free to enter and exit,

    Business can be freely traded,

    Renminbi, foreign currency can be freely circulated,

    What financial products are available, all can be freely traded, and what financial products are spurred by the enthusiasm of the dream is developed, the double exhibition is small, and the financial thugs are tempting.

    Hong Kong is a spy paradise, which is the great value of Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong's wealth is a financing center.

    Hong Kong is an interest group (black and white), and property hegemony has plundered huge wealth.

    Hong Kong's surplus value, who loves, Hong Kong's status, rock-solid, worthless, what are you worried about? ?

    Nowadays, there is wine now drunk!

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