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This land is the most auspicious site in the world. I’m going to America by Airplane tomorrow.
The United States of America is called a white tiger. America is a desolate land from our country.
But they are the police officers of the world. So we can’t ignore what the U.S. says. I met with Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Affairs Committee among the senators. I meet Trump at the end of March or April. America’s land is desolate because it has only plains. In Korea, energy from the West will split the East in two. The West and Japan enter the East. Europeans and Americans are coming to Korea to invade China. They broke Taiwan and Hong Kong in two. So they took Hong Kong. The mainland was given to China. Among the lands they broke in two, one still remains in Asia. It is our land. Korean Peninsula. Western forces split South and North Korea in two. The negative cathode cuts the positive cathode in half.
The negative cathode was female, and The positive cathode is male.
But she came and broke the man in two. This is the time. At that time, the negative cathode came and broke the positive cathode in half,
which is our Korean Peninsula. . If they try to unite the divided peninsula, The Third World War, the battle of Armageddon, will break out.
It is the Armageddon that the Western and the Asian fight each other. Christians and Buddhists also fight. This is a religious war.
It could also be a Jewish and Christian fight. It could also be a fight between Judaism and Buddhism. The Jews are already plotting a war on our peninsula. The Jews have taken over the United States. Those Jews are now preparing for a war between our country and the West.
So if we hit North Korea, China will not sit still. Russia will not sit still either. The United States says it has received permission from China and Russia. In fact, if the U.S. were to attack, a huge Chinese army would go to the border and defend itself. China has a strategy to use its enemies to eat North Korea. You don’t know, and neither do our media. That Dulu River is 3,000 miles long. There’s a million Chinese troops moving to that 3,000 miles. If North Korea attacks first, U.S. troops will fly to the site of the devastation. The U.S. military will strike all facilities. Then our infantry will not be there. If the infantry of our country goes in, we will have war with China and us. Because of the war with Russia, U.S. troops will not be allowed to go in and will only fire. Who can get in? Chinese troops come in to keep the U.S. from coming. It is the United States that destroys nuclear facilities and China that is profitable. Russia, however, is not sitting still either. Russia will also come in. The Russia will eat Gyeongnam North Korea,
Sinuiju will be occupied by China. . So our country map can be changed.
We have found a document in which China is plotting to divide and rule North Korea by the powers. Don’t you think? The United States does not care about these dangers.
The U.S. thinks that all it needs is that Kim Jong-un’s disappearance. They think this and are now negotiating.
I made it up to negotiate. What They’re trying to do right now is blocked because I’m gon na tell you At the Westsin Hotel in the U.S., I met a senator under Trump at night. Then he said he would strike sometime in March. So I called him back. And I opened the lid of Kim Jong-un’s head, I also opened Trump’s head lid and put in energy into his head. So I made sure the war was off.
There’s no war … They don’t know that I can have human cells at my disposal. They don’t know. I predicted that Park Geun-hye’s secretary would die on a certain date five years later. If they find out this fact, they’ll be afraid of me later. It would be best if I said it. That’s why I suddenly returned to the hotel and called out two living souls. I can do the work at Baekgung(white heaven). I sit in a hotel and climb up 120 light years sky. I go up and let their brains change at Baekgung(white heaven). The brain can get there. I’ve modified it. That’s why the U.S. doesn’t want North Korea to fire its own country with nuclear missiles. They say they will pay for it at all costs. What is it? The withdrawal of the American troops. The U.S. suggest a peace treaty by the withdrawal of the American troops. Write a memorandum not to blow the icbm.
Then we know what the underlying contract is in there. We know that the security of the United States is guaranteed by the United States. However, the United States does not want to guarantee the security of the Korean Peninsula. Trump believes that the American people should be safe first. The United States will continue to tighten its grip on Korea in order to export trade by making Korea nervous. So the U.S. thinks of Korea as a ‘ country that needs a little bit of a threat. ‘ My country is where many former presidents are arrested. The United States says it has never seen such a corrupt government before.
In the United States, U.S. doesn’t want this corrupt government. So the U.S. will only make the U.S. safe by negotiating with North Korea whether South Koreans are dead or not. They say only 2.3 million American family members in South Korea need to be safe. If the Korean Peninsula fails to intervene in the peace agreement between the U.S. and North Korea, It can be dangerous.
I am the person who controls those things comprehensively. As such, I will meet Trump in the U.S.
So you don’t have to worry too much. And then I will meet Trump. There’s a lot of talk in America about Huh Kyung-young. I already am known at the White House.
Cia has better information power than you. There is such a great person in Korea, and that’s Huh Kyung-young. The United States should catch him. He is the Korean Hojimyung. But now our country(South Korea) is facing a dangerous situation. Security in the United States is guaranteed,
but South Korea’s security is not guaranteed. South Korean security can be sacrificed to U.S. security. The United States will ‘ abandon the police force of the world. Why should we protect Korea and Vietnam? ‘ The United States thought, ‘ Working as a police officer in the world, America broke down. America is now on the road to pragmatism. ‘
It turns like this. . The U.S. has to give up its role as a police officer in the world and live on its own. This is what Trump thinks. It’s a businessman’s idea. So how do we do that? The United States will choose pragmatism. They no longer do justification. “The U.S. military will not suffer.” If about 30,000 U.S. troops do business in the United States, the economy would go up tremendously. But the U.S. soldiers seem to be playing in South Korea. Then it is not in the interests of the United States. So the U.S. says they will not do this anymore.
Other Americans are asking for war. Because America sells weapons only when it goes to war. Therefore, there are forces that continue to promote war. So they will not destroy North Korea. If North Korea continues to threaten, U.S. arms will be sold. So we didn’t bomb North Korea, so we can sell weapons.
There is also such American influence. These various forces exist in the United States. We must be aware of the existence of such forces. So we should take advantage of those forces. However, since there is Huh Kyung-young in Korea, the battle of Armageddon is prevented. .. There is a Jew in front of the whole war. The conflict between Jews and Koreans will take place at the end of the 20th century.
That is when the time is right. Huh Kyung-young appears in the era of right generation(new age). As you say, there will be paradise on earth. .. God comes when the negative breaks the positive in two.
I was born during Korean War. I arrived on the Korean Peninsula on January 1, 1950. So then North Korea invaded. So I come when the Korean Peninsula when it’s broke in two. I came to earth to solve these problems and unify the world. If Corey Gardner, U.S. Senator, hasn’t called me this time, Now, North Korea must have been hit by a bombing attack on South Korea. That’s why I have to go and listen to him in a hurry to get it settled. The American cia is very quick on the information. They all know. They made a full inquiry into my identity as I boarded the plane. They did an identity inquiry for people riding the plane with Ivanka Trump together during month. They have identified the people who are taking the flight with Ivanka for a month. Bookers and famous U.S. presidential jet pilots also boarded there. Also, the best martial artists were on board. It’s no accident that I joined up there.
I went to see them and I went up to the hotel to fix two lives. You should know that I am not lying to fix people. What other person can use eye energy to fix someone else? Is there anyone like that?
The Bible says that Jesus has that ability. Here is the savior of the last era for the Jews, written in the Bible.
It’s me. But they are targeting their descendants. They’re targeting me again. They killed Jesus and they tried to kill me again. What will I do if the Jews attack the Korean Peninsula? They are planning to bomb the Korean Peninsula where I am in. I won’t take it as it is. Once upon a time, when Jesus came, there was no Internet, so only twelve of his disciples knew his existence. At that time, Jesus died while being informed.
I am already known to America. That’s why I came to Earth in the age of the Internet. This is the age of judgment. In the age of judgment, judges come. When I come, the era of covenant from 2000 years ago dies.
Because I’m here. But people don’t recognize me. Ha ha ha ha. Our country is in Asia. Our country is not a continental force. Okay? Our country has come down from the continent, but in order for our country to live, we have to go to the sea. We have to go to the ocean. Marine influence Who is the maritime power? We need to work with Japan and the United States to get along well. Russia is stuck on land. The Continent orbit is always hungry.
The maritime orbit is Oceania and America. The maritime orbit is South America, Japan and Hong Kong.
Indonesia is also included. The ocean’s people are rich.
Continental forces have many beggars. Is that right? There are no fish or meat there. Then what power is there? Kim Jong-un studied in Switzerland. So he thinks, ‘ We should stick to the maritime orbit. ‘ They think we can live only if we join hands with Japan and the United States.
China is nothing useful but oil.’ Kim Jong Un must have thought that continental forces are hungry. He thinks the maritime power is full.
That’s why Kim Jong-un makes eyes at the United States. I’m in a relationship with this woman and that’s where other man is going to steal her. North Korea is trying to take away our(S.Korean) lover, the United States. Do you understand?
So we are faced with a serious crisis. South Korean presidents have been arrested one after another. South Korea doesn’t have the ability to manage its country. South Korea is thieves whenever he becomes president. Rob hundreds They take trillions of won for their resource diplomacy. Those are things the prosecutors can’t reveal.
But a cia in America knows it all. The president is somewhere. They all know that. So, Americans will think that Korean people have no hope. We can be betrayed by the United States if we like money too much. So, you need to wake up and change Korea and the world. Do you get it?

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