For most of history, religion has been a central focus of human concerns. But now in large parts of the developed world, it’s become a side show or even an irrelevance. Because its been declared untrue by the most powerful force of our age: Science But debating whether religion is true or not may not in the end be the most important move we can make. Its also key to understand what needs have traditionally driven people to religion. So we can go on recognizing and answering these needs, even outside a supernatural structure. 4000 BC, Arnhem land, Australia An aboriginal Australian paints an image of a serpent on a rock. The so-called Yingarna Serpent is a key part of aboriginal religion. This creature and a few other associated
divine serpents are worshiped for having done everything: [They] created the sky, the lagoons the
mountains, they colored the birds, they decreed laws relating to marriage, food
distribution and death ceremonies. The serpents also generate rain and storms when anyone breaks the rules of the tribes. The belief structure of the early
Australians is almost identical to that found in primitive religions pretty much
everywhere around our planet. Religion has its origins in a desire to
explain a very confusing world. It is a wild projection onto the natural
realm of all kinds of human concerns. It becomes the focus of rituals to appease
the possibly angry gods. Offerings are made in return one hopes for favors and kindness. Always there is the terror of death and the hope that the worst of it
can be handled by an alliance with the gods. One comes away from the study of
primitive religions full of compassion for the terrors and confusion that were
responsible for generating these beliefs. And for the frightening ignorance in
which our for-bearers were fated to live. But one also comes away with respect for
our own psychological ingenuity, For our cleverness in telling ourselves stories to calm ourselves down, hold the community together and deal
with the unknown. 400 BC, Kushinagar, India A kind philosophical Indian prince, Siddhārtha Gautama meets his end, his other title Buddha means awakened or enlightened one. He teaches his followers of whom they
will soon be millions, to expect constant suffering in life but also to strive to detach themselves from their immediate circumstances and the anxious spasms of what Buddhists call the “monkey mind” through reflection and meditation. In Buddhism we see a characteristic attempt of religion to calm the minds of
followers in relation to anxiety, poverty, illness and death. The task of religion is to keep us hopeful, to stop our minds caving in to terror and to hold our
hands through the worst last days of our lives. 1025 AD, Song Dynasty, China A sculptor produces this representation of a beautiful kindly female Buddhist deity
called Guanyin. Guanyin is the Buddhist counterpart of the Virgin Mary. And she fulfills a similar role as this lady: that of hearing us in our distress,
meeting us with tenderness and strengthening us to face the tasks of
life. The centrality of these maternal figures
in both Buddhism and Christianity suggest that mature adult lives share moments of terrible and lacerating
self-doubt which breed longings to recover some of the security and
coziness of childhood. Being reasonable and adult doesn’t always work. In our worst crisis we regress, we want to be held and understood and forgiving like we were five years old. All this religion knows, honors and does
not mock us for. 1133, Winchester, England The poorest people in the parish of Winchester in Southern England take up residence in hospitals
?? and the almshouse of noble poverty. This is the oldest charitable
institution in the United Kingdom, founded by the Bishop of Winchester who
has read the Gospels thoroughly and taken inspiration from Jesus command to
treat the poorest with special dignity. They’re destined for the poorest, the
almshouses are built on the scale of an Oxford or Cambridge College with the
most beautiful noble architecture of the day. The almshouses are typical example
of a theme found in all world religions: that of charity and of the duty of the
rich towards the poor. That there may be a regressive aspect of this, religions can be praised for moderating egoistic impulses and urging the powerful to
think of the defenseless. It can be tempting to think of the poor
as evil and responsible for their fate but religions ask the powerful to
imagine them always as unfortunate and worthy of a special place in the divine
scheme. 1543, Nuremberg, Germany Nicolaus Copernicus publishes “On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres”. This post a heliocentric view of the
universe rather than geocentric version widely accepted at the time and based on
the book of Joshua. In 1616 the Catholic Church moves to declare this heliocentric theory nonsense and angrily bands Copernicus’s
work. However, Copernicus’s revolution will not
be quelled. Galileo Galilei will defend the system in “The Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems” published in 1632. Again the papacy is furious. It curses Copernicus once more and put Galileo under house arrest. It’s tempting to laugh at the catholic
church but the church is trying to hold on to something rather lovely that had
served humankind well: the idea of our cosmic significance. The idea that we matter, that someone out
there cares. Copernicus and Galileo’s theories are like
the very painful end of the childhood of man kind. Their discoveries that we are
but a tiny forgotten meaningless blue dodge in the randomness of space is akin to a child discovering that his or her parents are in truth really unimportant
in the scheme of things. A new existential terror will echo down the
ages from these scientific discoveries. We are still dealing with it. July 1830, London, England Charles Lyell publishes the first of
three volumes of his geological masterpiece: Principles of Geology. The book uses new geological methods to show that the earth is far older than was
ever previously believed. The Bible had said it was 6000 years old. Lyle says the fossil record proves it
must be at least 240 million years old, based on this observation of marine
fossils. Modern science now puts it at 4.5 billion years. In response to Lyle’s discoveries the British social critic and essayist John Ruskin abandons belief. He says his faith has been beaten to the
thinness of a gold leaf by such rockbound evidence. If only the geologists would
leave me alone he writes I could do very well but those dreadful hammers I hear the clink of them at the end of
every cadence of the bible verses. Science now makes it almost impossible
for any intelligent person to believe in the Bible is literally true. 1835 Tübingen, Germany 27 year old David Friedrich Strauss publishes the first edition of
the first volume of an epochal work: “The Life of Jesus, Critically Examined”. Strauss advances the view that it doesn’t matter whether or not Christ
really was the son of God or worked miracles or came back from the dead
after being crucified because what’s important about him is the moral example
he gives: his generosity, his immense tenderness to the week, his commitment to forgiveness: “You must forgive your brother seven times seventy” he notes. His humility: he lived as a carpenter had a simple life lived amongst the poor. Strauss initiates a new way of looking at religion: It isn’t a true description of how the
world actually is. It something humans have invented to
comfort themselves in highly valuable and important ways that deserve are
selective reverence. 1885, Amsterdam, Netherlands A new national museum, the
Rijks Museum officially opens. The architect Pierre Kuiper has spent his career designing and restoring churches and it shows. The building is quickly dubbed a
new cathedral devoted to art with it’s stained glass and ecclesiastical
solemnity. The museum is one of many to open the
second part of the 19th century. It’s the result of a widespread panic as
to what can replace religion now that belief is in decline. One leading answer is that Culture can replace Scripture. The argument is that art can achieve for us many of the things that religion once did: It can be a guide, a source of consolation, a teacher of wisdom and
compassion, a reminder of our better nature and something that can
imperfectly but still to a real extent reconcile us to our mortality. 2006, Oxford, England An English biologist Richard Dawkins publishes “The God Delusion”. Dawkins argues that religion is
intellectually wrong and delusional and therefore should be removed entirely
from public culture. There Dawkins has just about stops from saying
that people should be prevented by law from being religious in private but only
just. Dawkins’s mocking view of religion
coincides with deep disquiet about militant Islam in the West. The murderous
ways of fringe Muslim groups seems to be Dawkins is real target. Religion just
comes to seem like something a bunch of mad people could ever be interested in. Dawkins insists that reasonable people
can find all the consolation they need in science and medicine. The doctor can replace the priest, the welfare state can replace charity, and the laboratory can
replace rituals and ceremonies. For the rest we have television and the news. The needs that religions answered were real and important and despite
science and TV and theme parks and cancer treatment centers we still have
many of these needs. We still have to die, we still need to be
comforted, we still need to be reminded in conditions of aggressive capitalism
of our duties to the community and to the poor, and we still need somewhere to
take are disappointed ambitions, frustrations and sorrows. Religion may
well have been a deep illusion but it was an important illusion that we need
to understand with sincere depth and compassion in order to know how to
create functioning secular societies in our own time.


  1. Wow, you just banished Christianity like it is nothing. You do realize that Christianity is not about poor or rich or how to behave, but how can one leave in harmony and live forever.
    There are millions of evidence proving that the Bible true, especially nowadays when Christianity is growing. Science isn't always right, and evolution is certainly not true(macro part).
    I do believe in evolution(microevolution), that we can adapt to certain environments and change some characteristics, but I do not believe that we came from monkeys or mosquitoes, that is nonsense and that isn't science, its fiction.

    Because I have no time to write why it is true and their evidence here are a bunch of videos and books about it:
    The Case For Christ – Lee Strobel
    The Case For Real Jesus – Lee Strobel
    The Case For Creator – Lee Strobel
    The Jesus I Never Knew – Philip Yancey
    The Lost World of The Flood – John H. Walton and Tremper Longman III

    Patterns of Evidence: Exodus
    Evolution, The Fossils Say No! – Duane T. Gish
    Creation's Tiny Mystery – Robert V. Gentry
    and many more…

  2. This is the stupidest video I have ever seen on youtube so far, and that includes lots of feminist cringe and SJW compilations !

    Disproving the value of religion is not for science to do, because science is not metaphysics and any scientific truth holds only as long as the contrary evidence is not proven. It's noting universal, or absolute, it cannot create or prescribe values. It is reasonable and useful, sure, but is not the only form of rationality we have. On the contrary, this video makes the case for this latter point, which is deeply untrue.

    What religion provides us with is the belief that the universe is rational (Genesis: "in the beginning God said"…Gospel of John: "In the beginning it was the logos"…). Once you remove this assumption, everything else collapses immediately, first and foremost reason, which simply becomes the reflection of a particular time, or of our drive for power, social status, anxiety for death as many postmodernists currently state. Of course, this is not true, but this video makes no effort to explain that religion and science are different and no scientific theory can ever disprove a system of beliefs. On the contrary, it takes historical facts that were controversial even at the time (other than the phases of Venus, Galileo had no proof of the heliocentric system) and makes them contentious.

    Sad video, really really sad.

  3. First Idea of religion told humans to respect and care for their parents. Parents were Heavenly father, Earth mother. Now its Heavenly Father only and it's not respect and care but absolute obedience. This is why colonies were settled all over the world and in the name of protecting colony lands were conquered and then conquered people converted so they won't revolt later. Guilty pray in the name of Jesus for forgiveness and God forgave them. They move to another land do the same thing again. Now anyone who has negative things to say about Christianity gets ganged up become bad guy.

  4. Humanity has destoyed itself for love of itself. Faith is the vector for a disease. Belief is belief. It is not reality. An honest person would admit this and not look through a belief at the world for they will always distort reality to fit their belief. Belief is not reality. It only changed how the believer see reality. Distortion of spirit. Humanity and its pride that somehow the beliefs now are fact. Humans drunk on pride believe histories which are exactly that. His stories…see through a mans distorted perceptions. Religion is the elitist creation His Story told to his people to create pride. Pride separate people. Pride is not good at all. It is not evil though. Good does not destroy evil. Another story of men distorting reality. His desperate need to be in charge. Im sorry but humans are less bot more then the ancients. Petty and separated from their humanity by beliefs they tout as truth. Unable to even consider it is wrong. This is man’s error and his me too of envy. The sins are the powers of night that men are unable to use. The truth is these light the seven of light are within us all. But dark like woman is more powerful and dangerous. Only a strong woman can use the seven. These are the nature of the seven.

    Pride – the love of self, of human beliefs, accomplishments, history
    Greed – the love of wealth
    Envy – the love of material possessions/status/attention
    Wrath – the love of violence and fighting
    Gluttony – the love of food and drink, drugs
    Lust – the Love of power over flesh
    Sloth – the Love of comfort and entertainments

    They are not sins or evil unless you are taught by a church to be ashamed of them or if you let them rule you. To deny any of them is the worse thing you can do, such as the men in the church who deny their natural lust in their forced Chasity. Deny either light or dark since both can blind a person you plant the seed of that which you denied in your hearts heart and it will grown twisted by and perverted unnatural. Denial is the father of all lies and the mother of all demons. Only humans become possessed. The church has taught such distortions of truth to the people that now it is ingrained in most to think of thisnepic battle between light and dark. For one this is not a reality of opposites but complements. Like man and woman who together in marriage or friendship are better then either can be alone. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and to destroy one is to destroy the other. Same as light and dark, good and evil. For if good destroys evil, it is no longer good. Good doesn’t fight anything nor is it some stab it through the heart in a hug. As we all have seen. Dragon should have took her out but humans are hopelessly corrupt by the dark they have all denied and this become possessed by. Those seven are natural and good but they are dark. The powers of night and of destruction. Just as a blackhole will rio apart stars and light itself cant escape they also provide balance to the rest of the universe in small numbers. Humans are drunk in pride which is the worse of all for she seems good. To teach the darkness is something men can master is foolish. No man can wield lust or wrath. As history shows. Only a wise woman can do so balanced by a virtuous man who loves her. Not marriage for that is a foolish ignorant lie. Love true love is beyond lust. It is the live of a best friend. The live of a child. The live of a dog which is what they are teaching us. All animals and plants contain a spark of life just like you human. That your too blinded by pride to see that is your folly and your sparks death. They are ascended sparks. Who have learned what you failed to so many times. Because of the church and videos such as this. Good intentions lead to the worse results especially in a system
    Which forces you to embrace greed and call it something good. Economy. The dark, is mysterious and thrilling just like woman herself but it always will destroy and again just like woman if it is denied like every man knows hell hath no fury. Woman is the strength of the family, the community and the people. Mother is the authority and men can not stand this. They have rages against nature itself and destroyed so much in their attempts to remain dominant. They have destroyed you all. None of you will listen for prides kiss stains your souls and you only listen to your self. Im sorry. You are so sick now there is only one option left. I told you to learn love. Real love, not love of pride. You wouldn’t have turned the world into this place of greed and the seven you deny and have made evil. Old yeller fellas and you made your woman and child sick too. Im so so sorry.

  5. Most of the people all around the world are still kids. We still rather being lied to that we are the most important things in the whole universe and that angels and devils and god(or gods)are watching and monitoring our every move! Most of us still lack the guts to face the harsh realities of our insignificance and lack of importance so we start apologizing for everything that we know is now wrong and cry and beg that our beliefs are still helping us and that we would be nothing and like animals without them…

  6. If you want to see what's the world like without god, read "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley– you'll see a godless, hedonistic society full of empty and ignorant people; society which has replaced god with science and medicine in order to acquire freedom and happiness but only ends up in an antithesis of freedom: them being slaves of desire and pleasure

  7. I am an Indian but I am definitely sure that Siddhartha Gautam aka "Buddha" was born in our small neighbor – *Nepal*. Not India. We don't want to claim something that was not ours. We have a lot more of ourselves that we can claim with pride.

  8. Haha "it was"? Religion is definitely not the answer but to eradicate religion is to eradicate humanity. The world may have been going around for far much longer but humans "the evolved ones" in modern terms is not so old my friends. The human soul is not only a matter or chemistry is it? And if it was what a machine! And if this so extraordinary incredible unbelievable machine came with "religion" I would think twice before trying to eradicate it? There is a chance the machine will never work again. Unlike modern production humanity does not have a lot of replacement parts being manufactured. Now I myself do not believe in organize religion much but in the truth! Truth wins every single time. Face truth and science and you will have the match of the ages.

  9. Bible is made and changed by people with their own bias trough centuries. My opinion is that it is pure stupidity to go only by single book or two. Those writings can be used as source among others during search of meaningful life, but surely not as the only one as here stated.. To find balance in life when confusing and erratic things might happen around you is not easy. You surely have not find that balance yet. And people supposed to listen and live according to your statements? You sound like a religious fundamentalist. Looks like you have found more than few simple explanations which has then turned you to angry and bitter man….
    Should I be worried?

  10. You have such a positive view on religion… Every religion uses destructive mind control and often turns people into monsters.

  11. I mean… this is filmed with , very atheist point of view…but I guess it makes sense,it's just that you're leaving a lot of important things out

  12. I just spent 8 hours studying religion as fast as I could and this is what I've found so far:
    There are 3 main roots in religion: Animism, Shamanism and Totemism. Animism is the idea that beings or objects, besides humans, have a distinctive essence (that is "will" or "life"). Shamanism is the idea that human beings have some degree of power to influence the way things are (to change destiny or a current state). Totemism is the idea that beings or objects descend from a common ancestor and retain their identity somehow.
    Now, those are like the 3 "oldest" religious ideas that exist. And my general impression is that, in the dawn of humankind people didn't have something like unified beliefs, but most people had those same 3 ideas in different ways, because they are rather intuitive: for example, animism, we can all see that animals behave in particular ways and have some degree of intelligence, so is easy to think they have some kind of spirit, and then is easy to extrapolate and think that maybe the sea and the forests also have a spirit. Shamanism: it is clear that we can see that, by random chance, we discover propierties of things. It is easy to go too far on that thought and believe that somehow we can also find out ways to "manipulate" things like destiny, health or emotions. And Totemism, the idea that we are what we are because we descend from some kind of ancestor or ancestors, and that we inherited who they were (our parents, foundational fathers, cultural figures, and so on).
    Now, usually the next thing that happens is that people start to realize that in nature not all beings and things have equal power or lifetime. So they start to create hierarchies among beings and objects, the most powerful and eternal ones are to be called God. I guess that's why most supreme God's in politheism are always related to things like Storm, Sky, Thunder, Sea, Sun, Wind.
    Then I guess what happens is that people realize that even so there are hierarchies, do they make sense tho? I mean…How come a being that is immortal or eternal never shows up in person, kills their ancestors? And how come some gods have the power to create the world, but there are other gods with more power than them, being that they created those same gods? So…You need to solve that nonsense. Either you abandon the search the True Divinity and focus more in contemplating existence itself through spiritual learning, philosophical investigation and doing indagations in virtue, or you try to make that whole divinity thing make some sense.
    So you can either become an Atheist, and just abandon the idea that there is a being that created things and that has personal control over us, and focus on studying what experience and facts can say. Or you can become Transtheistic and not reject neither accept the idea of God, but still believing in the existence of a trascendent soul. Or you can become monotheistic, and reduce that bung of gods that make no sense to just 1 god almighty that is the creator, at the same time has control over your destiny and is your the father of all fathers.
    And that is when things get funky. The issue with Monotheism is, OK, now makes sense that one god has all the power, is my father and gave me a soul and created everything, but how do you explain the terrible things happening to us then? Well, seems like there is not just one solution. The traditional solution is "because we behaved wrong" and God's mad. But then there are some things that are kind of hard to attribute to God, like war, thievery, rape, genocide and stuff like that. So you become a Dualist, and you create another being that creates the evil in the world and doesn't allow God to intervene, that is, the Devil. And the Devil can be a) as powerful as God, so God is basically, neutralized. More powerful than God, in which case, the explanation is that we live in hell and God can't help us here, but somehow we can discover the true religion and find the exit from hell, or he can be powerful, but not more than God, so God can send prophets, and sacred people and give you sacred wter and stuff to defend yourself against the evil of Satan.
    Now, and this is the big thing, is that…. OK. If you want to believe in God, FINE. Kind of could be possible, right? But the problem is that you inherited a book written mostly based on what a folk said that a folk said that a folk said, and then copied and rewritten, the originals got lost, and an illiterate dude had to copy it again from the last copy and maybe he couldn't read well some parts, and also some parts are just like WHAT? completely unbeliavable if someone came to you in the street and told you those things. Like those Sacred books of your monotheistic religion say things like a dude walked over water or some dude heard an angel or that a virgin gave birth and…unbelievable. I think most people in normal conditions would at least doubt it a little, but the Bible and faith make it sound like totally real. So…Yeah. Maybe the idea of God can make sense, but the book…is just so outdated. Like…we better try to modernize it or something.
    So then you start studying Philosophy from a standpoint based on the existence of God, maybe Theology or who knows? History of religion? You know…to have a more convincing story and just not feel like it's all blind faith.
    But then people will say "you have no faith" and Monotheistic religions are very strict about "faith" and stuff, so….you are left alone, people hates you for wanting to think and doubt a little, and…basically you try to make it look like you are so religious that you are just studying religion a lot to gain others people approval.
    And then there's Scientology. Basically, aliens created you. The end.

  13. All religions are trying to explain our origin and purpose on this earth, and that requires faith because their theories cannot be proven what was a few thousand years ago.

    The scientific religion also does the same with the difference that they believe that their theory of the origin of the world millions of years old they can't prove. They are just their theories in wise books but in fact they have no evidence and so it still remains a faith in some form of religion.

    World is full of religions with many Gods but is only one God who shows up up to Abraham, Moses, David, and prophets and finally as Jesus he became one of as to solve our problem with sin. All religions gave you rules but Jeseus gives you relationship. And it can be proven I tried it and now I know that Jesus is real God.

  14. When they mentioned ‘religions’ what they really meant is christianity…

  15. Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

    30 Al-Anbiya'

    “And certainly did We create man from an extract of clay. Then We placed him as a sperm-drop in a firm lodging. Then We made the sperm-drop into a clinging clot, and We made the clot into a lump [of flesh], and We made [from] the lump, bones, and We covered the bones with flesh; then We developed him into another creation. So blessed is Allah , the best of creators. Then indeed, after that you are to die. Then indeed you, on the Day of Resurrection, will be resurrected.” Quran (Surah Mumenoon, 12 -16)

    Does man not consider that We created him from a [mere] sperm-drop – then at once he is a clear adversary?

    Verse (36:77)

    Few verses of the Nobel Quran which has been reviled on the prophet Muhammad more than1400 years ago in the Arabian desert.

  16. Religion isn't necessarily a bad thing. For example, Catholicism actually allowed scientific advancement to some extent

  17. Please do a video on different religious believes in relationships whether parent-child or romantic

  18. This is among the most disgusting and incomplete bullshit I HAVE EVER SEEN. I have a degree in religious studies (a minor, my major was ChemE), and I have to say that this is just disgusting.

    How fucking disgusting can you be oh my god. Have you forgotten everything??? The enlightenment era is not the fucking beginning of the world you retard.

    God this makes me sad for the west, and for the east as well I guess. Your rationalism spreads like a cancer, burning away the theology that had guided people for centuries. Like there will absolutely be consequences for this down the line (and no, I’m not talking about some random Gods revenge or some BS like that). The social and political consequences of treating religion like this will be far beyond what we can even imagine right now. I pray, ironically, that people one day forget all this nonsense.

  19. Religion gives me a way out of my miserable existence. A belief in a high power makes suffering more tolerable.

  20. I understand that the creators rely on researchers and you’re just reading the texts they produce, but when the only example of an atheist you give is Richard Dawkins and you rely entirely on a creationist strawmanning of his positions on various themes you totally destroy your credibility. I was subscribed to your channel but now that you render a cartoon version of Dawkins work, attribute a special hatred of Islam to him (gee, I wonder what faith your researcher of atheism believes in) which is entirely untrue and your researcher was probably reading critical comments from Muslims on a Sam Harris YouTube video because he never read either author, I just have to say your channel is like cliff notes for morons too lazy to read topics on their own, and unsubscribe from this nutritionless pap.

  21. As an lgbt individual coming from a religious background, I can’t reconcile with what religion (the abrahamic variety mainly) stands for. For as many people as it’s helped, it has destroyed. I’m not going to pretend it’s benefitted me, but I can understand how it’s benefited “normal” people… the only sort of people religion apparently understands and represents. And that’s my problem. Where are the ideologies which truly understand the human element, as opposed to conceptualising an idealised unrealistic expectation of what human kind “should” be, often at the expense of those who are different or perceive otherwise?

  22. Everyone is satisfied watching the video. Very well said. I came here for education because I always want to know the differences of each religion.
    And I noticed that all religion must do good to get good back, that everything has a consequence like ‘karma’. Christianity believes that, too, but with a supporting twist.
    [Disclaimer: I admit that I’m a little biased but I’m just adding another information for education, no pushing intended. You can add another information too.]
    Christianity believes in change of identity (from Adam to Jesus) by accepting Jesus as their perfect lamb (like the practice done by the people, way before the time of Jesus) and therefore doing good is a by-product of having a righteous identity. Adam was tempted to define good and evil for themselves, which is the root cause of religion. Sin is a by-product of having a sinful nature. So descendants of Adam boasted to God that they can save themselves by doing what is right. But none can save themselves because everyone needs to be ‘cleansed’ (by sacrificing/changing identities with a spotless, clean, perfect lamb/or other acceptable animals) every after sin. Animal sacrifice can only cover your sins so you will look good on the outside, like a sugar-coat. But Jesus’ offer is God himself so we may be cleansed from the inside to out. Having faith that He has unconditional love as He loves us first from the eternal past so we may love Him back (due to our conditional love).
    It’s not that you should love God so he can love you. But it is the love of God that drives you into loving Him.
    Nothing you can do can make Him love you less and nothing you can do can make Him love you more.

  23. Absolutely 0 info about the Muslim world achievements even though it's almost half of our modern world Science smh

  24. I like it how you don't say "religion is bad and everyone shall be an atheist" but rather share objective facts.

    I still believe in God. Though the perceptions of the ancient people, the Bible myths, are still a mythology as any other, created by human beings who seek comfort. The Old Testament for example features a God who kills, has favourites and is more mighty than kind – just like most ancient gods. Then Jesus appears – a kind and humble God, who loves the people so much that he becomes one of them and sacrifices for them.

    I like christianity (the New Testament in particular) as a philosophy of self-sacrifice, universal love, humilty, that every person is born equal before God, that what's in your heart is what matters, forgiveness and redemption, the power of faith. It's unique in that account – I think there was nothing like that before.

    But of course, we people were stil children, as the video said. The crusades, inquisitions, the big control of the church,… people forgot to stop and think that what Jesus did was refuse the control and power he had. And stopping the progress was immensely stupid. Science is what moves us forward. What helps us understand the world, reach our full potential and become the people we were meant to be. Kinda like the Renaissance ideas.

  25. A bit tough on Richard Dawkins. I get that he is an evangelical atheist but I have never come across anything in his writing that suggest that it should be made illegal. Most of his arguments are structured, reasoned and based on empirical knowledge.

  26. Bullshit.
    Science proves God, but supposed Scientist can get it to say anything, just quote a really big number. And gave a captive audience, brainwashed by bullshit like this.

  27. We already have functioning secular societies.
    Religion is a reflection of human morality not something innately separate to us as a species yet there to guide the otherwise morally ignorant. Trouble is that religion is highly rigid, like an imprint from the times in which it was formed and from which it is inherently heretical to question. Charity would not cease in the absence of religion, we would not commit murder at whim or somehow fall into ,as a species, some chasm of dysfunction without religion.
    The many hundreds of gods humanity has created have been as good and as bad as the people and societies inventing them and a reflection of the ignorances and challenges of their times. They are then administered over their lifetimes by good and bad people with both good and bad intentions. To ascribe religions as being our informers of otherwise absent fundamental moralities is unsupported and, in fact, opposite to reality. The sooner we lose them the sooner we can grow as a species.

  28. I wonder whether the emerging Cro Magnons vilified Neanderthals with their religion. It seems that while all these positive vibes are true enough, religion has forever been the means of hating the other and the heretic.

  29. Science does not declare religion to be untrue! Science doesn't give a fig about religion. Religion is outside the realm of science, in the same way that any fantasy is. It is not just people who have been trained in science who try fruitlessly to bring some sense of logic and analysis to religion that leads them to conclude religion cannot be true. Religion is an invention of humans that serves many people well in coping in a difficult world, but for those who come to see religion for what it really is, they could best serve humanity by working to moderate religious indoctrination of the naive.

  30. Whenever I hear religion, I always think about Plato’s Republic where in the beginning they’re hosting all all night ceremony.

    Religion to me is like a repetitive action but in a vector. Some weird repetitive constant comes to mind.

    Going to work everyday

    That sort of stuff.

    Def a different perspective on religion than most ppl

  31. All that shit talk and the gist is feelings matter over facts. And nothing can be further from the truth than that.

  32. Yes. Exactly. Now that I am old. If only you were around when I was young. Much modern discussion is with someone who is angry. No one likes anger or hate. The truth of your words shows because you are at peace with yourself and the world. There is no hate or anger in your voice. Keep up the good work.

  33. From my viewpoiint, modern European disbelief is the natural result of colonizing Christianity, imposing European expectations on an Asiatic book. Numbers, such as the age of the Earth, were understood by the original culture to be symbolic, and indeed Jewish scholars spent their lives studying number symbolism; numerical accuracy was for merchants and makers, not theologians. The message was never about literalism. I have no problem believing in both science and religion.

  34. Why was Hinduism not mentioned when in fact it seems to have the answers to the most questions being most scientifically enlightened religion which is looked at with awe by scientists and philosophers of the west.. Is Christianity afraid of it?

  35. Actually theism is what has been replaced in developed countries. It has been replaced by political cults and doctrines, another form of religion.

  36. even the foundation of science knowing the beginning of the universe was a result of frustrated unresolved study if where and how the universe begin, the dark matter and the big bang theory is a scape reason just to solve the problem, that's an idea of a religious man, a catholic priest. you're funny

  37. I watched an interview with a well known physicist recently who said that the newest things we are discovering about the universe in physics actually support the existence of god rather than negate it as a hypothesis. That is how the video should have ended. I also agree with someone elses' earlier comment that your characterization of buddhism is completely off.

  38. manners can't determined even if you saw a lady naked in front of you.. and you still treat her as a human being and not as a sexual object.. if humans have telepathy.. you will know already that the lady in front of you lets you caress her breasts because she likes you very much.. and knows anything about you..

  39. Zuri, I’m with you one hundred percent, but me thinks that some other important issues are envolved such as: ignorance and the the fear of dying. i’m 76 and soon my cock will run out and I will no longer be, It’s been a great ride and I’m thankful for the effort made by my spermatozoid, but I know that I’m just like any other organism with a finite life and thus condemned to death as part of my life’s contract.
    Death, does not scare me one bit and I’m certainly not a brave man, I’m simply horribly rational, able to read and educate myself.
    Have few regrets, made some mistakes and paid for them dearly.
    I’m now even with the board so the lights can now be turned off.
    Carpe Diem!

  40. The geocentric world was never based on the book of Joshua, it is a Ptolemaic model that was held up by an inability to observe, accurately, the heavenly bodies. While the church's response to the Copernican model cited Joshua, the Church's viewpoint was informed by the science that had been established up to that point in time which was Aristotelian in nature.

  41. I am yet to see a human stop a hurricane, but when I've asked the Lord thy God to stop it, every time unless a large group is pushing true evil in an area like pedophiles of Louisiana before Hurricane Katrina, the Lord has stopped them.

  42. The problem with religion is that the biggest religious organizations cause more hatred, death and destruction than any other human institution or endeavor. The evils of Judaism and Catholicism are far greater than any good that these organizations will do or have ever done. They are criminal organizations that are only interested in the wealth they can cheat people out of. Real Christians (Protestants) seem to be a little better.

  43. So if there is no god then who created the world so perfectly? Don't you guys think? He only talk about idols and polytheist worshippers.but theres only one true god that can't be seen before the end of this world.

  44. lol this video is granting no favors to anyone by ignoring hinduism, the oldest religion in the world. Where the heck was it mentioned?

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