‘He is not welcome’: Some politicians aren’t happy with Trump’s plans to visit El Paso and Dayton

‘He is not welcome’: Some politicians aren’t happy with Trump’s plans to visit El Paso and Dayton

-The First Lady and I
join all Americans in praying and grieving
for the victims, their families,
and the survivors. We will stand by their side
forever. We will never forget. -From my perspective,
he is not welcome here. He should not come here
while we are in mourning. I would encourage the
President’s staff members to have him do
a little self-reflection. I would encourage them
to show him his own words and his actions
at the rallies. -His rhetoric has produced
the kinds of hate crimes that we saw
in El Paso yesterday, but we’ve seeing
across this country have been on the rise each one
of the last three years. So we cannot act as though this was just some kind
of natural disaster. -He’s made this bed.
He’s got to lie in it, you know? He hasn’t, you know — His rhetoric has been painful
for many in our community. And I think the people
should stand up and say they’re not happy
if they’re not happy that he’s coming. -And I want to clarify
for the political spin that this is the Office
of the Mayor of El Paso, in an official capacity, welcoming the Office of the
President of the United States, which I consider
is my formal duty. -What I see as disasters
is the local politicians and Escobar
and O’Rourke and Moody that are making this a political
event for their benefit. That’s disastrous. -Well, let’s be frank here.


  1. Politicians as a whole caused this to happen I have proof does not matter America keeps voting them in even when the politicians are the ones for thirty years they have pushed the hate rhetoric and border crisis narrative I have proof you can look it up yourselves do what the forefathers said take it back only way to fix it

  2. Then do not ask for any help from Americans. El Paso is not Americans, but they are Mexicans and illegals. Too many others have taken over too many American cities and states. MY OPINION. America is gone. America has been taken away from Americans.

  3. That is not showing unity for the nation and you're wondering why these shootings are occurring you Democrats deny everything !

  4. I agree trump shouldn’t go to El Paso he has cause enough pain and suffering for all, so far the listed of reason to be impeach: racism against women in government and people who ancestors didn’t come from USA , the rally that end up did more hurting than fixing and don’t even forget about how trump is ordering ICE and take people from there home that been in there more than a year just wrong. I’ll never forget how children and adult detention with no sink no proper food or water if that’s the USA I’m disappointed!

  5. Democrats keep on spitting out hate, and yet, President Trump and his supporters are the hateful ones huh? WP backs democrats on their decision, liberal hack journalists!

  6. Let the people speak not the hate mongers democrats. This so dumb. The democrats love this so much just like they want the economy to crash. There is a clear choice and it's not democrats. They hate Trump and his supporters so much that they are acting so irrational. Same with the impeachment crap. It's not going to happen but they are so insane that they are looking more and more like fools. Calling Americans Nazis and things like that will not gain one vote from his supporters. If you look at the shooters background you will see that sone are right leaning nuts and some are left leaning nuts. Putting this on just the right is not telling the truth. Besides that, no one has mind control over what a psychopath does. Get real!

  7. WP isn’t telling you, democrats said contribute to their campaigns to stop violence. So after mass shootings, democrats want money from you, interesting. Trump 2020

  8. We're already united that we don't like things like this happening in our country.
    Can you please condemn these acts of violence and tell the domestic terrorists that they will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law?
    That's more along the lines of what most people want to hear.

  9. Trump is the son of Jesus! CNN and MSNBC just reported! 30 million illegals will be deported starting today! Ha ha 😂 ✔️💀 💀😂😂 ✔️ ha ha!

  10. Washington Post – Whole Foods – Amazon and many other companies are owned by ZIONIST JEFF BAZOS 🔯 ARE COMMUNISTS

  11. Even know the Dayton killer was a crazy Leftist, no elected Republicans have used the victims to politically attack Democrats like the Democrats are attacking Trump and the Republicans.

  12. I want a make trump win again hat

    Thank u Democrats for discriminating someone who u don't like, I thought you were about love,oh well i guess that was a lie

  13. Not like the shooter in Dayton was a massive supporter of the democrats and their "everyone not like me is a nazi, socialism is great" rhetoric is it? Oh yeah, he was. They have some nerve

  14. Trump is well known for his racism. Now his speeches and rallys have caused this mayhem and we're supposed to believe he has turned over a new leaf. It's going to take more than these visits to convince Americans he's changed.

  15. If illegals are here illegally
    There breaking the law. Period!
    Since when as AMERICAN can
    We choose to pick and choose
    Which laws are to be obeyed?
    I dont like that law so iam
    Going to break it.
    Yeah go ahead! Do the crime.
    Do the time.

  16. Do you know what you America deserves this.God takes revenge for the death of more than 50,000 people in hiroshima and nagasuki.I am not sad at all for the mass shooting rather domestic terrorist attack

  17. Who the hell are these nobodies to tell the president of the United States what the hell he can and cannot do? Again, these nobody's whose very relevance depends on President Trump? Pathetic, Lowdown conniving Talking Heads


  19. How you going to tell The PRESIDENT he's not welcomed?
    He's the PRESIDENT! Period!
    All your doing is race-baiting!
    Devideing AMERICA .
    And by doing so? Your rhetoric
    Is partly to blame for what's
    Happening here in AMERICA.

  20. Our politicians should be an example by shoving aside their politics to mourn the death. Be a human being for once!

  21. I'm a American citizen I grew up in Brooklyn N.Y. I think all this negative people who hates the president of United States are a danger to this country and should be put in jail. This the problem in this country to much freedom is going to destroy this country. The whole world is making fun of 🇺🇸 we must change God bless this country

  22. The President blames violent video games for recent massacres. If you look at history before video games, massacres were committed by Armies, united by hate from a leader, like Hitler. The Preident started his campaign in 2016 by telling you who to fear and who to hate.

    History is repeating itself but instead of armies, we're living with lone wolves.

  23. Make your address from the one of your (too) many MAGA rallies Donald … You're only POTUS to 35% of the population anyway, and that's the way you wanted it!!

  24. Wait a moment. I will tell you comic as ex-president Barack Obama helped Ukraine in the fight for Freedom.

    All of you probably already know that the United States handed over two Island type patrol boats to Ukraine. But you probably don’t know that these boats were written off for metal, and you had to pay for their disposal.
    But Obama donated these boats to Ukraine and the Ukrainian side paid $ 10 million for repairs. Here is such help in the struggle for the freedom of the country.

    When I, as a politician, suggested Obama to name these boats Barack and Hillary by the name of the people who provide assistance.
    Obama refused because he felt ashamed.

    Dear senators and congressmen, please tell me what kind of help is this in the struggle for freedom, which is embarrassing to put your name on?

  25. This is why the wall should have been built a long time ago when Obama was in office when Clinton was in office when drugs were rampid everywhere and they let it go on

  26. A properly functioning news media would have exposed the shooters as leftist inspired kooks, especially the Dayton shooter, who was an ardent Elizabeth Warren supporter.

  27. President Trump is not responsible for the actions of the El Paso gunman!
    Nobody is directly responsible for a shooting except the shooter…
    People make bad choices—those choices are his alone.

  28. Shoot the MOON down …the racist git …..he's too scared to come ……watch another big thing will happen …..hope not …

  29. I don’t remember the same level of outrage over these mass killers? I wonder why.

    Seung-Hui Cho, 49 victims
    Nidal Hassan. 45 victims
    Syed Farook 37 victims
    Lee Boyd Malvo 27 victims
    John Allen Muhammad
    Colin Ferguson 25 victims
    Eliot Rodger 20 victims
    Jiverly Voong 17 victims
    Chris Harper-Mercer
    16 victims
    Aaron Alexis 15 victims
    Jeff Weise 14 victims
    One L. Goh 11 victims
    Eduard Sencion 11 victims
    Omar Thornton 10 victims
    Chai Vang 8 victims
    Chris Dorner 8 victims
    Abdulazeez 7 victims
    Brian Uyesugi 7 victims
    John Zawahiri 7 victims
    Gang Lu 6 victims

  30. He s the mind of the stupid white people doing stupid mass shootings in America with his political campaign how so ever and then blame other people. He s the stupidest president ever for people of different color of this great nation. Bless America

  31. Trump can’t stop crazy shooter anymore than you and I can ! Crazy people will find a way to hurt people if they want to if not a gun it would be something else!

  32. Dems love to cast the stone. Break out the videos of their own hateful words and calls for violence. None of it is acceptable and the tent on this circus must come down.
    As far as presidential visits after a tragedy I have never agreed with that because it disrupts the grieving process.

  33. Well Escobar is Definitely Not Welcome …She has NO Right telling the POTUS where he is Welcomed in HIS Country.

  34. Democrats The shooting in El Paso is Your Fault..Democrats Are pushing True Americans to Uphold the Constitution Right to PROTECT OUR BORDERS and County from Invaders.a Job the Military is Suppose to be Doing.

  35. Trump haters burn in hell–may you suffer misfortune & tragedy along with your families first–for inciting hatred for our president and dividing our nation. Dem media guilty for inciting hatred–very bad people.

  36. Washington Post is nothing but a liberal cesspool of garbage smear campaigns. Hilarious to see more downvotes then upvotes.

  37. El paso has been invaded by dumb people. Trump is our president and can go where he wishes. Plus Texas loves Trump.

  38. We prefer all this violence on Obama's presidency but deplore it on Trumps, we prefer lies, fixed primaries over straight talk, we live on the negative but why? Maybe because it lifts our spirits to see others suffer, we lack self respect but worst of all, we spend our time hating Trump and no time for families victims. Do we really care?

  39. If your country is led by a narcissistic orange clown aka Russian mole, don't be surprised his vote catle looks like a circus of fools.

  40. Trump is the great divider. He spews fear and hate at his rallies and these shootings are all about those tensions in America created by what he says and tweets. The majority of Americans have had enough of Trump and the do nothing republicans in the senate. VOTE THEM ALL OUT and you'll see some changes that will save lives. Otherwise the republicans will offer better background checks. I'm pretty sure a lot of people can easily pass a background check even if they have bad intentions. How about making mental health a priority? Oh sure, we can test everyone to see which of us are crazy, right?  As long as weapons like the AR15 can be purchased by civilians there is going to be a lot more deaths. You know it's true. Nobody is saying they are going to take all your guns away. That is such a stupid argument. But weapons of war, those which can take so many lives in just seconds… Nobody should be wanting those weapons to be on our streets. How do you feel about going to any big event now where there will be a lot of people? Or even letting your kids go to the mall? If you aren't just a little worried, you're just stupid.

  41. Let's talk about "Televised-Hatred". Guess which Party I am talking about? Wearing a hat or t-shirt you will be spat on, if your old with a bumper sticker, then you will be dragged from your car of course you deserved it. "Televised-Hatred". you will be shouted down at restaurant, and of course you are called a Racist. "Televised-Hatred".  University/College, if you talk about anything that's not (left thinking) You are Racist and need to be ran off the campus. "Televised-Hatred". If you are an Asian reporter unwilling to fight back, then masked cowards are brave enough to beat this person up, 8-masked cowards on-1. "Televised-Hatred". Call for all ICE agents to be disbanded and arrested. "Televised-Hatred". Boarder Agents are running Concentration Camps. "Televised-Hatred". Woman drinking from toilet. "Televised-Hatred".CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times, negative coverage 24/7. "Televised-Hatred". For two years the Muller Report pounded into your head 24/7.   "Televised-Hatred".  Kavanaugh trial for gang rape lies and accusation. "Televised-Hatred".  Manufactured Crisis on the boarder, everyone was called a Racist, then we get bum-ed rushed and then they say hey we have a crisis! "Televised-Hatred". Police disrespected with buckets of water. "Televised-Hatred". I don't have the space to go on. The facts are recorded and right on your screen. President Trump's tweet are to blame, Really?

  42. Dayton mayor…your going to need help from the president and this is your blame game approach. Really? Not too smart are you? Wow 😮 Bashing The President is typical leftist rhetoric from un democratic politicians calling themselves Democrats…NOT!

  43. Trump and ALL of of his supporters should feel ashamed of themselves but they have none. They are a bunch of IGNORAMUS.

  44. He is the President of the United States, he can go anywhere he pleases. A trillion people know him and only 2 people know you! Imagine that!

  45. IF your going to put someone on the news, perhaps it's best not to have someone named Escobar. Imagine if the person was named Bin Laden.

  46. He’s the president he doesn’t need your permission to go anywhere. Don’t blame him for the stupidity of other people. Instead of attacking the president like they always do those stupid Democrats concentrate on working together for this tragic. Start putting the example and stop the hate comments towards our president Democrats

  47. It's unfortunate some politicians in El Paso and Dayton care more about their partisanship than America. He's the president and it's his historical and cultural duty to visit at places like this.

  48. It seems that if Acosta and CNN don't stop violence to President Trump, shootings can increase.
    CNN/Acosta and Democrats are triggering civil war

  49. I bet if President Trump was an illegal, rapist, drug trafficker, murderer these Democrats would welcome him with open arms.

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