Harvey Weinstein And Accusers Reach Tentative $25M Settlement | NBC Nightly News

Harvey Weinstein And Accusers Reach Tentative $25M Settlement | NBC Nightly News


  1. Trump will hobble into court with a walker just like this one day whenever the more than 20 women he's assaulted have their day in court.

  2. – Walking cane. No too minimal
    – Crutches. Better, but no wow factor.
    – Wheelchair. Maybe just too much
    – Walking Frame…nailed it, just the right level of frail.

    Ah what it is to have untethered access to an entire props department ??

  3. Its always so pathetic to see a man going into a courtroom using a walker or other device. Do they really think the judge and jury will have sympathy on such a disgraceful man?

    I bet Trump will try the same thing when its his turn to enter a courtroom!

  4. ? Bill Cosby, legally blind old fragile,in prison, Weinstein's time to go to jail,&all
    these other Super
    Predator's they've been easy on.
    Afro americans,get a prison sentence's
    Wyte americans get
    a pass.?

  5. Actresses? Conflict of interest? Gambling for what? There are "unwritten cultures +/-rules" at other occupations which are "unethical".

  6. So, what the women are saying is that money is more important than justice. Makes you wonder about the validity of their accusations

  7. You only pay $25million settlement if you are guilty, because why pay if you are innocent. If I were to be accused of stealing in a shop & I know I am innocent, I would defend myself fully & wouldn't pay a single dime just to exonerate myself from prosecution for a crime I didn't commit.

  8. American women and kid$$$$$$ love sell their butts for money. They don't have CREDIBILITY. NO MORE CIVIL SETTLEMENTS BEFORE A CRIMINAL TRIAL.

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