Hannity: Democrats will ignore Biden’s atrocious record

Hannity: Democrats will ignore Biden’s atrocious record


  1. Your top calls Fox n Fakes and rambles incessantly. Sometimes he sounds like he just snorted a gram of blow other times he sounds like an Alzheimers sufferer.

  2. Rather you want to accept it we now live in a double standard in our laws, one for the democrats and one for republican, What? stop this now, equal justice by law for all. Trump 2020

  3. Joe Biden is the Jim Bouton of presidential candidates. His fastball is gone and he can't consistently throw a knuckleball. Bouton at least still had all of his marbles, and wrote a pretty good book (Ball Four) when he left MLB. At this point, Biden should be spending his days in anticipation of the 4:30 PM early bird specials at his local La Casa Fajita, not trying cap off his mediocre political career by running for President of the United States.

  4. Trump has at least 32 cases of sexual misconduct against him over his career.
    Question to you ready this, how many do you have?
    How many does your father have, or your brother, husband, uncle?
    Add up all the sexual misconduct law suits in your entire family and see if they add up to 32.

  5. Joe Biden is just an Useful Idiot (with impressive implants paid for by Burisma :). Meanwhile his son Hunter still collects $50,000 a month from Burisma Holdings.

  6. Media took the bait. When GOP came out in support of Sanders, I knew it was ploy. They dont want Sanders, he will mop up Trump. They want Biden. They have what they want on him. They want to use Ukraine to sow doubt and continue the conspiracies like they did Hillary. Cant believe Media didnt see that..

  7. Just remember why the Democrats pulled the rug out from under Bernie Sanders and are rigging the primaries for Biden, the Democrat Party will maintain its relevancy in Washington DC by having Biden go down in flames against President Trump.

  8. The republicans are usually wrong and stubborn, but the democrats are usually corrupt and two-faced….soooo if we all know this, why does it persist?

  9. while hanniity bashing biden is fine but to say bernie was praising castro he sounds like MSNBC now; if you were paying attention he said castro was a dictator but he did something good for his country when it came to their literary rate. stop with the propaganda!!!!!!

  10. In the Vietnam war about 58000 americans got killed.
    In 2019 over 60000 americans got killed because you guys would not give them healtcare.

  11. Showing this video, from years ago, of Bozo Bidden leaves me wondering.. HOW THE HELL DID THIS MORON MAKE IT IN POLITICS this long??? Then become a VICE PRESIDENT at the end and is NOW RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES??? Then add his comments that have been on YouTube for all this current campaigning…like his "very long white hairs, on his very hairy legs and when they are wet, he lets the children run their hands up and down his hairy legs to make the hairs stand up??" These DEMONRATS in our governing body are not only CORRUPT, they are totally SICK, DISGUSTING, and at this point TOTALLY LOSING IT

  12. Why are they lining up for Biden…COME ON GUYS…REALLY??? STOP THIS PLEASE! The DEMONRATS are using him because this moron IS ALL THEY HAVE LEFT!!! IF (big IF), which is really being kind, he wins this upcoming election, he will leave soon after, either…under arrest, medical condition comes up, or for complete senility..bonkers!! This will make way for HIS pick of VP to take over as President and HER PICK for new VP….another person named "Michael"….

  13. Hannity just SHUT UP 🤐 because the black community is not going to fall for the Putin and Trump connection

  14. Putin and Trump is into DIRTY POLITICS.please American people do not fall for this DIRTY POLITICS this is what they did in 2016 and stoled the election from Hillary Clinton

  15. He sure doesn't get better with age…..God does not a like proud haughty spirit,
    Bigot Biden has got it in spades……………..poor fool.

  16. Obama chose Biden as VP as an insurance policy. Nobody would dare impeach him knowing Biden would take control.

  17. You know Sean Hannity people can change because Joe Biden seems so different than the tapes you are playing on air,but Trump will never change because Trump is evil 👿 to the core.

  18. The majority of the black community do not want another four more years of that evil,racist Trump in office he has to go.

  19. What is going on? Even Democrat voters know the Green Deal is too expensive to afford and Bernie put very high price tags on bills he would sign. They won't say it but the exact same thing will happen when Joe gets in. He will still align with the extremely expensive Green Deal. Republicans we still need to show up and vote in November. Don't underestimate the turnout from Democrats.

  20. If there was ever a "MORAL CAUSE" to get rid of the FAKE,FALSE and Ingnoramuses at FALSE FIVE FOX NEWS!They should lose their licenses on purely ethical issues! and beginning with that PHONY ,'SHAME INSANITY(sean hannity). He knows it and that lying-nologist, trump, who he likes to prop up and enable his wickedness and teachery in politics knows it….that trump began lying the moment he came from his mother's womb, which means either both or one of his parents must have been the" wretched tornadoes of the worst parents alive at that time" ! If that is not so …then we must be dealing with an evil and gutless alien from out of space, or he was some horrendously failed humanoid and cyborg experiment of political and artificial science! This hannity guy and that putrid trump sitting besides him are the 'EVI DUO" OF wretched lies and made-up news of all trime! How on earth do they think someone with at least a teaspoon of sense will believe what they are making up on Joe Biden!! Now, they have plenty of twisted evangelicals and other depolorables just itching for something daminging on Biden or any other democrats. Just because most of the republican politicians are professional con men and women…they often try and find others much worst than themselves! But it is like defying the law of gravity…unless you have a VALID law to counter an existing law you have no such law at all…the power of lift became that counter to gravity, without disqualifying it at all….those borned into lying families …they were meant to be the only valid liars existing on planet earth…all of those affiliated with false five news and beyond!! Like Insaid someone needs to find a legal passage to disband this phony source of nothing but pure and divisive republican garbage for news!!

  21. So let's see, the democratic candidate in the last election was a lying, delusional, criminal. The democratic candidate in this upcoming election is also a criminal, only with dementia. Coincidence, or is this a prerequisite for the Democratic leadership?

  22. As a dyed in the wool leftie, must say I'm really enjoying Hannity and Tucker's attacks on Biden, especially Tucker's! Seems msnbc has all the howling at the moon conspiracy theory nut jobs now!

  23. A not too far out prediction… contested Democratic convention in Milwaukee. Hilary is drafted for President candidate and Elizabeth Warren for Vice President. Trying to be "super cool" again. Look what happened with Obama. Cool can't keep America working.

  24. Lol…fox new is left with nothing…they cant pick on the democratic people now,because everyone id tortured by the idea of the virus….still picking on poor ole alsymic joe,making millions doing it..shame shame shame on hennity and fox news,lowest as humanity can crawl…..Low humanity hannity…sad

  25. Longer-lasting storms
    Research suggests that global warming is weakening the atmospheric currents that keep weather systems like hurricanes moving, resulting in storms that linger longer. Sluggish storms can prove disastrous—even without catastrophic winds—since they can heap tremendous amounts of rain on a region over a longer period of time. The stalling of Hurricane Harvey over Texas in 2017, as well as the slow pace of Hurricane Florence, helped make them the storms with the greatest amount of rainfall in 70 years.

  26. Lol…fox new is left with nothing…they cant pick on the democratic people now,because everyone id tortured by the idea of the virus….still picking on poor ole alysheimic joe,making millions doing it..shame shame shame on hennity and fox news,lowest as humanity can crawl…..Low humanity hannity…sad

  27. Trump should by an island 🌴 and him and all his racist followers should move there and you should go with them Sean Hannity and so should Tucker and Laura Ingraham

  28. Low Humanity Hannity…..can’t you think about throwing A little love toward. Joe,Hunter ,Nancy,the Democratic party ,Hannity…you could try it while praying on sundays…dont be scared..think about it

  29. Fox News doing it's very best to ignore the shitty job the GOP and Trump are doing to stop the corona virus.Since Trump says it's a hoax I hope he has a very up close and personal encounter with the hoax soon.

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