1. consider this…. at one point in time it qas offensive to have black folks in certain places….this offensive culture needs to stop.

  2. This same guy gave a 20 minute rant on the roast of alec Baldwin about anne Coulter being a racist lol. He is no better than the students.

  3. People forget what happened to Juicy Smullea on that night in Chicago. In all seriousness the leftist “media” sure did.

  4. Hes more known for the women hes dated. Hes not a credible enough comdeian to be saying anything. Hes just like one of us average people who the ladies got suckered for

  5. Just an FYI to Pete. . . When you came to UConn you weren't funny and were complaining about being tired the entire show. . . . ?

  6. Maybe my college is different, but most of the people I talk to don't like ID politics. Im also studying sciences and not lib arts

  7. Isn't Davidson an SNL cast member? What a complete moron. Does he not realize that SNL has become a major incubator of the politically motivated humorless culture? He's actually on a show that is causing this problem.

  8. Pete Davidson is a disgusting degenerate. Looks like walking guano, sounds like ice skating on a concrete floor. He's destroying SNL and he's not the only one. What an absolute loser. Evil rat.

  9. I don't get it. Pete is really creepy and not at all funny. Why does he matter? Who cares??? He looks really sick and abnormal.

  10. Pete is like the new kid in school. He looks slightly downsy and gets the sympathetic vote. Se seens to always be apologizing and explaining his actions with a smirk and light hearted humor. He is harmless. But if he was talking about supporting Trump he would be annihilated by the press. He is Timmy on South Park.

  11. Only in USA liberals are not liberals at all!! How can a liberal Be cancel culture? They are not liberals They are leftists, very different.

  12. This is why college should only be for STEM. You don't need a degree to be historically astute. Pottery doesn't require education. Psychology is not science.

  13. Actually, I would say conservative created the cancel culture to some extent. Whether because we learned the folly of our ways or it just didn’t work, we stopped. The left has taken up the cause and put it on steroids.

  14. What they’re not telling you about Pete Davidson is the way he mocked the students at UcF this year during his “stand-up.” That man is not funny, logical, or stable. If y’all would have heard what he said to us UCF students I’m pretty sure nobody would want him coming around??‍♂️.

  15. Just like cigarettes, comedians and entertainers will need a Government lable….WARNING : may cause meltdowns, seek safety zones if offended, no refunds.

  16. Arrrrghghgh the voice of that speady talker i just cant listen …. so pretty and smart … but that speedy chipmunk voice i cant take it

  17. Funny how Fox News was so outraged when Pete Davidson joked about Dan Crenshaw only to turn around and say that he is playing into outrage culture.

  18. Because college is 6 figure laughable debt.
    100k degrees with 0 in trade skills.
    Get a business degree 4 years with no clue how to run a business or sell a business.
    Teachers at the college level should have some experience in the field they teach.

  19. I couldn’t care less people are offended. I am a manager I get people complain to me about my employees I say I am sorry to hear that very sorry to hear it. They are too stupid to realize what I am telling them.

  20. Why should anyone play a college campus?
    It’s a bunch of whining children at a free show.
    Until Gutfield does a tour of free shows at college campuses…I don’t see how he has any room to talk.

  21. Not everyone knows how to cope with things they don't like in a neutral or positive way.
    These people cause the most social dysfunction & are a prime example of how not to be.

  22. When they said he should go to college campuses, well knowing what might happen is not seeing the full picture. They can say anything in a safe Studio but comedians have to go into a room with fifty to a hundred plus people that might throw something or at the best of a worse situation have to sit there for 30 minutes to an hour as people boo/heckle them.

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