Gutfeld on Adams Schiff’s lies

Gutfeld on Adams Schiff’s lies


  1. Is this the video blog for the delusional. Can someone tell me what he is lying about. You got Trump's own people outing him now and more truth to come. Gutfeld gets paid to lead the stupid. Strategy…question everything that sounds reasonable and believable and spin it to mislead the people who need to hear what they are selling. Juan Williams gets paid to offer soft push back. Put somebody aggressive in there and they all get their asses handed to them with facts. Jeanie, the 1.5 billion has been debunked. Stop it with the lies

  2. Isn't Adam Liddle Kidz Massage Foundation Schitt friends with that Buck guy who murders homeless black men with drug OD's?
    That sicko who somehow is NOT incarcerated? 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Sorry but as soon as I hear whistleblower and CIA in the same sentence…my immediate reaction is this story is bullshit….I do think there are good CIA agents but it would not be many.

  4. Right on Geraldo!! You nailed it this time !!
    You guys are all "spot-on" on your Adam Sch!tt commentary.
    You know…you could always offer to teach the other News agencies how to cover the actual news rather than stuff their lies down liberal throats.
    Just becsuse they are stupid, diesn't mean you should feed them Schiff !

  5. Trump over 13000 documented lies or false statements now. Has Mr Gutfeld ever complained about them? And Schiff didn’t lie. He said he was going to give the essence of Trumps phone call. Not it’s literal words but it’s essence. And he did that. The essence of the call was extortion, a naked demand of dirt on Biden for military assistance.



    TRUMP IN 2020 !!!! MAGA !!!! KAGAlways !!!!

  7. Thank you President Trump for taking on this fight ! both sides are deep in the swamp and then there is the media.
    Sir, I salute you for taking on this battle !

  8. Gutfeld is a smuglican of the worst level…Smerker and wannabe twerker. He must have gotten punched out a lot as a child. The hate that spews from his mouth is so visible.

  9. Woe to you Lawyers!!? WOE!!!!!!? Not my opinion, the Word 🦋
    ….. of God to provide warning to His people…GB everyone 🇺🇸
    His love✝️trumps our baby love💕……Give ☮️ a chance…… Let go & let God ll Timothy 3:16 🐦

  10. Trump withheld aid to Ukraine for a quid pro quo…Trump goes to Jail, Fox reports he’s gone to play golf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Most of these Fox presenters are comedians…..they say such ludicrous things as if they are serious about issues….goodness I’m shocked by their shallowness.

  12. The Democrats at this point have zero business trying to impeach anyone. The Trump-Russia collusion narrative that they've been pumping since before Trump took office was concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign. There are multiple sources of evidence that show this. We also know that the Hillary Clinton campaign conspired with the Ukrainian government to smear then presidential candidate Trump in order to swing the outcome of the 2016 election in Clinton's favor. If I know this, you can be sure that senior Democrats know this and have known it for some time. But this hasn't stopped them from using this entirely fictitious conspiracy theory as the basis for trying to overturn the outcome of the 2016 election. This makes the Democrats guilty of doing exactly what it is they've been accusing Trump of having done.

  13. so what? what are you going to do about it Republicans? I'll yell you….'nothing'! That's what. Until the Republicans and decent members of US society demand action and actual consequences then the idiots on the left will continue and just keep going and going until they have what they want….you all need to get out on the streets and fight fire with fire…DEMAND action, DEMAND the removal of these lying traitors and DEMAND prison for all of them

  14. No way any of the FAKE Journalists at FAKE News should be calling anyone out over lies when Pinocchio himself resides in the White House

  15. In reference to 7:00 Dana was right. "Gin up (or ginned up) means enliven, excite or enthuse. Its probable derivation is from the 1800's British slang term "ginger up," which referred to the practice of putting ginger up a horse's butt to make him spirited and prance with a high tail, for purposes of show"

  16. Just saw this on Fox News (sic). Who is this ranting prat Gutfield?
    Whoa! Just saw the the low lives Fox News (sic) have on the same program. Total IQ must be very low by listening to their vocabulary.
    Are they paid for their performances?

  17. Well, our congress did vote for a secret package deal just so they could see what was in the secret package deal… How stupid is that?

  18. Maybe not necessary to reveal the identity of the… whistle-blower???

    I have a feeling, …it is not very wise to use a non-existing whistle-blower as a witness for the purpose of removing a legitimately elected president! …somebody could end up behind bars for a very long time for that! LOL
    Sure, he "should have been more clear", …or maybe he should had been just shut up, shouldn't have open his mouth the first place! That would have been a really wise choice.

  19. "When someone INFORMED him" – Shifty BUG-EYE Pencil Neck ERASER-Head Schiff's face is next to the search to define "LIAR".

  20. Also Dana was correct and "getting ginned up" actually means "To create or generate especially artificially, or by dubious means".
    You go girl!!! Show them you are the smartest one on "The Five".

  21. I honestly don't understand how Adam Schiff can just lie like he does. For over two YEARS he lied about having evidence that President Trump was working with the Russians…and then nothing? All fake and lies? How does he get away with this while being the HEAD of the Intelligence Committee?!?! This is such an embarrassment for our nation that these people can act this way.

  22. Just when you think the Dems couldn’t sink any further.
    The swamp seems to be bottomless.
    We’re gonna need a bigger pump.

  23. OUT THAT WHISTLE-BLOWER – Once the Blower's name is out the secrecy issue and his connection to Schiff is out too

  24. For all those woke people out there the entity know as Q made reference to the Hunters become the Hunted in October of 2018 or there abouts …. Yes people in the TRUMP upstream are up to a year ahead on all of this mess… So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show… Its called. " The Complete Destruction of the Democrat Party" – ( using their own words and actions)…

  25. “The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings”
    ― President John F. Kennedy

  26. It's SO WONDERFUL to watch with THIS panel!!! Juan ruins everything with his mere presence, because even though he's cute and lovable enough in rare moments, his hateful ignorance and propensity to spew the 24/7 LIES OF THE LEFT, (ya ya, SOMEONE has to "represent" to prove no-bias on your panels) makes him UGLY as hell and I turn off the second he speaks=Lies. I don't want to get ANGRY daily just for watching your show every time he comes on to totally waste my time and energy. I Can't listen to him.

  27. "From HUNTER .. to HUNTED." – GG. Corruption in our FACE! QUID PRO QUO JOE and Son under OBAMA'S WATCH and VP pick!
    Mike Huckabee: "The MOST DANGEROUS person in the room, is the one who DOESN'T KNOW what they .. DON'T know."

  28. Do it okay ti disect Trump phone call and create a false conclusion and the ignore Joe Bidden bragging about the same thing?

  29. Don't fret. The deplorable Christians will be at the 2020 polls to eliminate the 3rd class, low class, and no class corrupt Democratic politicians.

  30. The impression of Adam Shifty Schiff is too funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. I almost forgot Schiff-ty exists. Thank you for that. Do you know, by any chance, if he has a Stand-up Parody Channel somewhere, perhaps on YouTube, Cable, Red Box, or Hulu? Just wondering.

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