Government shutdown could last for years, says Trump

Government shutdown could last for years, says Trump

We just completed a lengthy
and sometimes contentious conversation with
the president. We agreed that we will
continue our conversations but we all recogn … We recognise on the
Democratic side that we really cannot resolve this
until we open up government and we made that very
clear to the president. So we told the president
we needed the government open. He resisted. In fact, he said he’d keep
the government closed for a very long period of time:
months or even years. The discussion then … We discussed a bunch of issues,
as the leader said, that were somewhat
contentious and we’ll continue discussing,
of course, but it’s very hard to see how progress will be made
unless they up the open government. – This is him quoting you,
I just want to check, – that the shutdown could
go on for months or even a year – or longer. Did you say that? I did. I did. – Is that your assessment
of where we are? I did say that.
Absolutely, I said that. I don’t think it will
but I am prepared and I think I can speak
for Republicans in the House and Republicans in the Senate,
they feel very strongly about having a safe country,
having a border that makes sense. Without borders, I’ve said it many
times, we don’t have a country. – Have you considered using
emergency powers – to grant yourself authorities
to build this wall – without Congressional approval
and second on Mexico … Yes, I have. – You have? Yes, I have and I can
do it if I want. – So, you don’t need Congressional
approval to build the wall? No, we can use a …
Absolutely, we can call a national emergency because
of the security of our country. Absolutely.
No, we can do it. I haven’t done it.
I may do it. I may do it
but we can call a national emergency
and build it very quickly and it’s another way
of doing it but, if we can do it through
a negotiated process, we’re giving that a shot. – So is that a threat
hanging over the Democrats? I never threaten anybody
but I am allowed to do that, yes. – Second question … It’s called a national emergency.


  1. Subhana Allah connect me l no work you) I making work before B4 good work along history you are government pay money 0000 me no have chances new yea

  2. Democrats have in 50 years meet needs of border security so they must not want air and want to fix it but it has to be as people now want in stealing from Americans the ethics of Democrats are not for people but for their party The wall must be built

  3. Everything for everyone is joke but USA is not a joke and we will make right better thant other President in the pass ?

  4. Lol the uk was in charge for 2000 years usa 100 mabey lol national emergence lol that ending is hilarious yes I can I do it if I want lol brilliant. What an embarrassing president joker lol.

  5. What are you going to do in the meantime while border patrol agents are quiting because they are forced to work for free??? Whos watching the border now??? Trump is a joke!!!!!

  6. Omfg, my mom is about to be allowed to go back to the U.S by the government AND OUTTA NOWHERE "SHUTDOWN" you guys wanna know why I'm mad?
    Because my mom's the key to putting my in my Jr high I used to go in August 2018, ever since I left it or forced to leave I've been depressed, and I wanna be Happy and put my depression to an end.

  7. If he cares so much about having a wall, because he cares so much about the American people… Why doesn't he use some of his own money? Contribute from his own pocket, show the people he is willing to sacrifice his own money too, to ensure the safety of the American people?

  8. Can that lisp get any worse Nancy???? please work with TRUMP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT IT! WE NEED A STEEL WALL! We need protection.!!!! PUT AMERICA FIRST

  9. If Chucky concedes  to the wall he keeps his job 

    If Nancy  concedes  to the wall she looses her job

    If the Don concedes  to the wall he looses his job

    If Chucky maintains  his stance he looses his job 

    If Nancy maintains her stance   she also  looses her job 

    If the DON maintain his stance he wins reelection 

    Nancys / Chucky's  job is in the balance – all or nothing 

    The DON has backed  the DIMs  into a corner  and the longer this goes on  it resonates  with the public  against the Dims ? The DON has many alternatives   while Chucky and Nancy have none , they are out of ammunition except for more created  lies with no Camera  ? The DON has backed them into a corner  and their political life  is in the  balance ??

  10. The government isint going to shut down, obviously. And certainly not for any lengthy period. If you think they will let us figure out a way to make it without them, you're straight up crazy. They will just kick off WW3. There will be much less of us then.

  11. For years Hhhhhmmmm remember when 44 was in office for his one shut down he said loud and clear the President is in fault!! It's all on him and it's his responsibility for the shut down. Blame him. So now since he's President who's the blame for this world wide history he's making? Yes He is the blame.

  12. The government shutdown is a plot to keep us distract from The ghost of past,present,and future..we ain't seen hard times in our lifetime,but they are coming..and this is not a black or white issue..this is a us issue..and if you blinded by Foodstamps being taken away and everything shutdown then keep tuning in..all colors,and background s going to fill this stop all this racist talk about these poor people living off the government..not working ,having all those kids on and believe honey we all going to be humbling down and getting in those free food lines..

  13. Glad Trump supporters are standing by him? As their bills pile up, light turn off, Trump keeping his word! As they sit in the cold, dark, hungry, for close house? Amen!

  14. NOTHING HAPPENS when the government is open. NOBODY WORKS. Nothing happens when the government is closed. What's the difference. The criminals are all still getting payed.

  15. Be mad at all the politicians there the ones who are put in place to pass laws and agreements yet this is a common issue of not working together and if your relying on the government to support you , you already lost , not like ebt or food stamps were there to begin with when I went through poverty

  16. Thats what happen when you got people voting for they own personal reasons presidents suppose to be focused on the country not they financial reasons.

  17. Look like the democrats are avoiding to approve the wall budget, because they hate Trump and don't give a dam about all of you guys in the USA.

  18. 2:00 Did he just admit to allowing himself to threaten people? Wow, he just broke the law right there. Shows the pathetically low amount of maturity this clown has, because this Dumpster Trump is really scaring us…

  19. The Government shutdown can last while Trump is in the presidency, that why we need to vote against Trump in the 2020 election to end the government shutdown.

  20. Before Trump was president his life was Drug Sex and Rock and roll what role he leap to,to be President with history of manipulating U.S tax revenue laws in always filing bankruptcy of his legacy. He really isn't educational qualified for this position or drug tested. Can't forget racist and that agenda too.

  21. Well at least the big banks got their bailouts and the wall obviously wasn't in the infrastructure budget for this highway robbery.

  22. FDEMOCRAPS LOVE TO do RIOTS as always. It is not Mr. Trump's FAULT you were born in this world! Don't blame Our Pres. Trump! He is trying to work with you guys, but you don't want to work n make America worse than before.

  23. If building this wall is going to help America and all it's people then allow the wall to be built but if its not please cut the games

  24. Negotiating is with two parties discuss terms of agreement before the opening or start of something so how can you open the government if nothing came to Agreement

    Keep the government close until in agreement in writing ✍️

  25. Wait does trump actually think a wall will stop people from getting across the border? I swear he thinks he is in the middle ages

  26. I wish you two would allow you to see the dislikes on people’s comments as much as you can see how many likes they have especially towards these blind Trump supporters comments in the replies to other people comments


  28. That's it, impeach him!

    This proves he wants no government to rule, he is willing to close it even for years.

    Isn't closing the government indefinitely by the government some sort of resignation?

    I mean, he refuses to fully work by having a partial open government and abusing the Federal associates ( workers), by denying payment while they work.

  29. This is literally exactly like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum, except he's not just annoying people he's making them homeless and without ways to sustain themselves, you got what you wanted Republicans I hope you're happy.

  30. So the people will suffer for an idiot office who is essentially having a fit because he won't get his wall that will put us in higher debt than we already are,got you,perfect.

  31. Lmao government worker voted for him so immigrants can’t come in the country and steal their job but they there are working for free

  32. I no longer respect or care for presidents day, and I no longer consider myself American I'm a person of the earth at 25 yrs old I've seen some good but more bad in America and it's bound to get worse.

  33. TRUMP the dumbfuck was ordered by boss pelosi to sign the bill NOT getting 5 billion for a wall , NOT being allowed to call it a wall ?TRUMP fails also being ordered to not shut down the government . trump is humiliated ! ????????????


  35. you are animals, pretending to be normal. pelosi appears intoxicated whenever she speaks, maybe too much booze that she buys with our money. you are pretending to care for Americans, you snakes, and that may be closer to the truth than many think. you're all repulsive – – – all of you, on both sides. we would be better off without a government, you are leading us into hell, you bloated, white, wrinkly, ugly, non human forms of slim.

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