Government Shutdown 2019 – Trump Wall Funding Reactions

Government Shutdown 2019 – Trump Wall Funding Reactions

Hi everybody, so we’re going to San Francisco my friend Abbi and I Yeah, she’s gonna be my camera person we’re gonna interview some people at the wharf and ask them questions about the the wall The wall the Trump wall the travel ban all that juicy stuff I hope I don’t get punched in the face because I think that’s a very likely scenario. We’ll see what happens We’re gonna have some shawarma proper Shore more like real Syrian shawarma from one of those immigrants those terrible awful immigrants that make delicious and Sometimes Polish. Anyway, we’ll see in a bit Okay, so we’re here this is beer was at pier 39 Yeah, this pier 39 in San Francisco. We are looking for a good spot where this plenty of people passing by and Do not answer your question for you The southern border It’s gonna So I know I’m going to some team but I think American perspectives that significant regulate immigration but not necessarily go so far as to ban everyone absolutely I will open the border Yes. Yeah, I just want a million What do you think about well, what’s going on shutting down the government to Bo the wall know for sure that it’s not Do you think it’s a good thing to have a lot of people coming in from foreign countries and Kind of change the demographics of your country You’re not changing you’re not going okay. Well, I appreciate your opinion You


  1. I kept this video short and simple since my channel is new and this is the first video of this kind. Let me know if you’d like to see more videos like this. The original Dose Refugees series is still happening. I’ll be airing the next episode next week but let me know what you think of this pilot here.

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