Glenn Beck walks off interview after ‘Blaze’ layoffs question

Glenn Beck walks off interview after ‘Blaze’ layoffs question


  1. Glenn Beck is a joke. People have seemed to have forgot, but this guy didn't deserve this platform in the first place. He has poisoned the minds of many, many people. His self-righteous indignation toward CNN is hilarious. CNN sucks for a lot of reasons, but Glenn Beck is so much worse. Shame on him.

  2. Brian Stelter… I don't see how in the world you got a job as a journalist because you are so unprofessional… Oh wait YOU work at CNN FAKE NEWS!!! NOW I understand!!!

  3. This is why the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK is in the shitter and just got outed by Project Veritas for their lunacy they shove down peoples throats daily!!

    They need to rid themselves of these crazy motherfuckers and get back to just (REPORTING THE GODDAMN NEWS) instead of trying to twist or take shots.. What a bunch of Douchebags!

  4. Brian is a piece of crap. Him saying, We cover Trump, every day cause he lies every day.
    Who believes the Daily Beast anyway? Oh, that's right…CNN.

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