G20 countries gov’t debt surpasses US$ 57 trillion

G20 countries gov’t debt surpasses US$ 57 trillion

Massive spending by governments since the
global financial crisis has resulted in a huge increase in government debt among countries
in the G20. Korea in particular has seen the figure rise
by more than two thirds in the past half decade. Kim Hyesung reports. According to data from the Bank for International
Settlements on Monday, the government debt of G20 member countries has risen to over
three times the size of the entire U.S. economy. As of last June, the figure had risen to over
fifty-seven trillion U.S. dollars… compared to U.S. GDP in 2015 of about 18 trillion. The U.S. government had the most debt at 18.9
trillion dollars, accounting for a third of the figure for G20 countries, followed by
the governments of Japan, the UK, Italy and France. The eurozone, made up of 19 countries, tallied
over 12-and-a-half trilllion dollars — smaller than the U.S. but more than Japan. The debt’s been piling up rapidly over the
past five years… at a rate of 16 percent for the G20 members. Korea’s jumped by 67 percent, much higher
than the United States’ 22 percent and the eurozone’s 13 percent. In the first half of 2016 alone, the G20 countries’
debt increased by over five trillion dollars, or nine percent. Experts attribute that to the countries’ expansionary
fiscal policies in recent years. –
“The U.S. cut its key interest rates and used quantitative easing to create more jobs and
boost growth. Eurozone countries, cannot use monetary policies
or manipulate their exchange rates due to regulations, so they resorted to expansionary
fiscal policies, which only increased their government debt. As for Korea, a low economic growth and a
rising number of senior citizens led to an increase in government spending, especially
on welfare.” With the incoming Trump administration expected
to inject more money into the U.S. economy through government infrastructure investment…
and the eurozone and Japan to continue their expansionary fiscal policies this year, government
debt in the G20 is all but certain to keep rising. Kim Hyesung, Arirang News.


  1. It is certain that all capitalist nations are facing failure of their economies and pending collapse. We see that they are already playing with the option of WWIII to reset their misfortunes.

  2. Mismanagement, corruption, frugality, overspending, is everyday action in capitalist society. Do not forget slavery, oppression, and killing million to sustain this bad habit.

  3. Unsustainable ponzi scheme. Setting us up for the Fall of Western Civilization. Only good thing is we'll take China with us.

  4. People do not know economics. Example Japan has huge debt but it is mostly to japanese people. Japanese people have millions with no loans. So Japan debt not important. Also Japan has huge investments abroad and that is why they are great donors.

  5. It seems that it's the done thing these days to talk about billions and trillions and mention the apparently dire, "newsworthy", sensationalism of mentioning these figures without any analysis of the consequences for the continued pursuit of these "debts". If it is a "newsworthy" issue, what's being done about it? Why isn't anything done about it? What are the consequences? Do we have to wait until the shit hits the fan before we find out (all of a sudden) what a mess we're in?

    Who's asking these questions and others that matter?

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  7. Thats the internal debt. There is still the foreign debt which isnt part of the internal debt.

    U.S. Becomes World's No. 1 Debtor Nation
    By Stuart Auerbach
    June 25, 1986

    The United States leapfrogged Brazil and Mexico last year to become the world's largest debtor nation, with foreign interests owning $107.4 billion more in the United States than Americans own overseas, the government reported yesterday.
    "Fundamentally, what we are doing is importing goods and exporting bonds, or IOUs, if you will," said Chimerine.

    The problem could worsen if the overseas investors decided to sell their holdings and the United States had to repay capital, as Mexico and Brazil are being asked to do in paying off their loans, instead of meeting only interest and dividend requirements.

    Chimerine added that there won't be a turnaround until the United States curbs its merchandise trade deficts, which have set records for four straight years and reached $158.5 billion in 1985.

  8. The internal debt is the debt between the govt and its people. For purchasing goods and services that the people provide. This debt is arbitrary since it still shows a nation is self sufficient in procuring goods and services for itself, and from itself. The foreign debt is when a nation purchases goods and services from foreign nation in exchange for debt. This debt shows a nation isnt self sufficient since it depends on foreign nations for goods and services.

  9. rename it -G20 ?,

    3rd world countries will rule the future balance youth pop + balance growth. dont owe trillions

  10. Who owns the world debt the person who burdened it. If they want it they can have it the suffering and stress associated with all this stress people burn themselves alive jump off rooftops jump in front of trains for their loses and debts and who has it in the palm of his hands God.

  11. But not in the sense that your thinking but the keyword is burden. I see people takin it about God bless America they want God to bless them and he has when he was away and while here. Everything the people you trusted God actually did what they were supposed to do, but instead of showing appreciation and being grateful you people praised the leaders you put in power who were doing you like a rag being used to clean filthy toilet.

  12. Instead you demonstrated your hate your feminine envy jealousy and so on and so forth you showed how not so brave you were you showed me exactly how strife you were and all the things that shouldn’t of happen.

  13. Y’all don’t appreciate nothing while the people you entrust with your lives did nothing condoned played along with all the evil. Instead you chose to be grateful in secret to “praise” and hide for fear of my enemies

  14. I going to convert this debt transform it into a judgement form use the law of karma and since they want to own the debt well I’m giving it to them

  15. Very very very swiftly this karmic debt will start engulfing the individuals who now really have to own up to this debt they will carry to the day the stand before the judges and court of the dead while the devourer of souls look them straight in their eyes.

  16. You know how they say god won’t give you something you can’t handle but this is not the case you will not be able to handle it at all.

  17. From every direction this debt will start pouring into the individuals who know have to own up to it. The energy will ensure that your predecessors own up it as well your children children changing names won’t make a difference.

    A second judgement will be poured out the same type of energy but with more. The heartbreaks sufferings disappointments that countless of deceived people felt will start engulfing those who used Yeshua, Gods names his teachings his words to get get ahead to enslave to crab-down dumb people out.
    Y’all who used God his son and family are going to inherit what your deceptions greed and lies have caused billions over the many many years. The devoured will regurgitate this suffering it will engulf the largest of the institutions who used God first then seek out the rest. Names like Israel Yahweh even “Jesus” Mary Amen you name it there will be great signs spiritual signs everywhere as these judgements are unleashed

  18. It’s not just for America it’s for the world the very Hippocrates who talk ? about me benefit from the interventions most of these hypocrites are so called religious of all faiths here they are spewing ? out their tongues they aren’t what they say they are.

  19. It’s God who cleans up the messes your idols are getting you into here you are praising your forsakers smh

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