Full Panel: War In Syria As U.S. Pulls Back Troops | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Panel: War In Syria As U.S. Pulls Back Troops | Meet The Press | NBC News


  1. Military men will always give you a military solution. Not surprising that Gen. Mattis does not agree with the President. The American people agree with the President!

  2. plz Read

    Sorry for bad English

    As a Syrian from Allepo, I saw the real he ll

    the US, Qatar, Turkey, and Iran are using my country to solve political problems between each other. 99% of people here are brainwashed and your media use you as a toy.

    Iran killed more than a half-million and millions of refugees since 2012 but no one is saying anything here, I think foreigners don't know that Iran actually invading us. Now wherever I go, I hear Persians language in my city because of their soldiers and they brought Iranians to work so they make my country an Iranian state ( Demographic change ).

    Turkey and Qatar, on the other hand, are supporting IS IS and terrorist so they can gain control of Northen Syria. In 2013-2014 when ISIS was conquering my city I always see Turkey and Qatari written on guns and military ration packs with terrorists.
    spread this instead of spreading fake media

  3. Inez Qtaish dreamed I was going to college to be a psychologist and I'm sure thats my profession, there are many people who need my help, I can help lots of people who are mentally unstable .

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