Full Interview: Trump responds to Russian asset allegations, border crisis

Full Interview: Trump responds to Russian asset allegations, border crisis


  1. Yes, waisted of time…. President Trump is right. President done lot of things that no president did…..
    Lot of things wasted of time. Put down President Trump of …….
    Those waste of time yes…. Good luck to President Trump. WALL we need safety.

  2. Most illegals enter the country legally and stay after their visas has expired. No wall will stop this. The number of refugees arriving at the southern border is down to the low it was at in the 1970's. The shutdown is the bigger problem.

  3. To get money to build a wall the President cuts off wages to government employees, telling us he will pay them again when he gets what he wants. This looks like hostage taking.

  4. You guys sound silly sad you want to talk about the Democrats you are president shut the government down and he said he was going to own it do you guys remember that he lies on a daily basis I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall he said it over and over again do you guys have amnesia don't want my taxes to go up and for FYI Mexico is going to pay for the wall lol.

  5. Fox News and all other Trump supporters need to decide whether they want to continue being on the side of Putin or get on the side of the USA. Trump said he would own this shutdown. Putin is loving every minute of this because it's hurting Americans. Trump and McConnell need to be impeached and removed from office.

  6. The dems aren’t working. All they do is complain and disagree to disagree while the president has accomplished many things.

  7. my liberal minded friends tried telling me the drugs and illegals don't come in and just cross the border, they fly themselves over or the drugs!? idk how they figure that

  8. When asked do you work for Russia Trump gave it to minute response and at no point did he ever say the word no… That man is going to prison for a long time

  9. If President trump shot the Pope in the face in the middle of Madison Avenue, FOX and their talking heads would say that he deserved to die.

  10. trump claimed the shutdown on tape. He said he wouldn't blame democrats but now he is. trump's idea of a deal is my way or the highway. Its WALL or nothing with him. Fact is, border security as it is right now has walls incorporated in it where it makes sense. trump is not negotiating.

  11. So happy our president and our badass judge got together and spoke in this interview. This is great! Enjoyed this interveiw.

  12. Fox News is raving batshit grandpa's worst enemy and they know it. They just let him hang himself among real conservatives while still providing red meat to the pinhead cult45.
    Well played fox, well played.



  15. These migrant don't want a better life in US!! They hate América, they have been brainwashed by Soros organizations. Accusing the US for all theirs problems! America need a wall !!

  16. White people just need to come out and say it. White peoples do not want people of color coming into the country, legally or not. White people want to keep America white. What is so difficult about admitting that?

  17. its time for a deadline: democrats show up, make a deal, pass the bill. or monday use the emergency power. don't make federal workers sit idley by.

  18. By the end of the day, there will be NO wall. This shutdown is the dumbest thing. Also, if Mexico is paying for the wall, why is there a government shutdown? The president once said that if he is going to run for president , he is going to run as a Republican because they are the dumbest set of people and they will believe everything he say.

  19. Mr president, keep the great work, real Americans stand strong with you. Democrats need a lot tissues for 2020 elections 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻


  21. Yes we do need security, I don’t want drugs coming across our border plus gangs,and what is with the Governor saying we are all a Santuary State plus they
    said we have to be Covered Ca. Health Insurance! I have had my own Health Insurance and don’t want to leave it ! It’s not fair!

  22. …waiting for the Democrats 'till the cows come home' …
    Probably the cows will get home faster, even if they are blind!
    Democratic ignorance and arrogance has no limits!

  23. If there is such a thing as Reincarnation, then perhaps it is Abraham Lincoln returning in the garb of President Trump in USA's Hour of Need.

  24. He shouldn't be giving the Dems a chance. Im sure he will realize soon that the left hates America and are the enemy of the country

  25. Now stupid Rudy Juliani admits that trumps campaign team may have committed collusion, but trump didnt know……How sick are these people…

  26. 8:20 Judge asked are you working for the Russians. Trumps says it's the most insulting thing I ever had written. So he wrote that article about himself?

  27. Once the shutdown goes past 30day, all the non-essential workers and anti-Trumpers can be laid off permanently. The trap is well advanced and ready to be sprung!

  28. Thank God is out blacks are more racist then white people thank God trumps is in power 💖💞💝💘💗💌💕💓

  29. Mr president trump Israel has a💞💖💝💘💗💓💕🦁🐑🕊🌹🍿 wall Mexico need a wall mr president trump hondurenas here in Tijuana practice prostitution in a street call caguila you can see it in you tuve not very profedional reporter can you out mire smart reporters

  30. Mr president trump God put 8 more years in power come to rule💞💝💗💘💖💕💓 Mexico and build a wall with Guatemala because here the hondurenos come to dance drink and use their children to nit work

  31. The wall is to stop an invasion. a war. 16 year plan. By !$!$ and others. JB blackmailed OB and no name. Build the wall now.

  32. We Russiann Americans need to leave Usa.Guys that produced Google.Amazon and Microsoft.
    US support for AntiAmerican Comunist EU and vicious hate towards Russia cant be fixed

  33. Trump is a narcissist he has no emotion for others . He is evil and a puppet to Putin ..Their is no doubt the truth will prevail.His corrupt base will crumble down and Republicans will be embarrassed for not protecting the people who voted them in.All his minions Fox news and this woman judge Jeanny pure liar and wicked. Justice will prevail!Fox fake News😁

  34. What emergency’s funds? Is he talking national disaster funds for Florida, Texas, and North Carolina? Anyone know?

  35. He had 2 yrs while the Republicans had control of Congress to keep his word to build the wall. But he thought people where going to forget it and thought Republicans where going to win the house again but things didn't go his way the people began to turn and now he's stuck.

  36. Watching any news is not going to do anything. That's what the second amendment is for, tyrannical government. What the president is hinting at.

  37. Wasn’t sure if I should’ve voted UP vs DOWN. I loved the word salad that Trump is always good for in an interview. The more he speaks the more I say “keep incriminating yourself” and showing your unprecedented ignorance on every subject. What a fool😳

  38. Trump won because of the manipulation and cheating by russian mafia … trump certainly DIDNT win by 41%. Of the inbred hillbilly racist vote

  39. Stop whinning the USA will brown out … your white population is dwindling to extinction!!! Trump focus on your own grandpappy , who ran out of white Germany to open whore houses and opium dens in the USA!!! So Don’t blame mexico!!!

  40. Dems are welcomed in PR.., trump is a liar!!! Government employees are outraged at him… trump answer the question !!! You traitor !!!

  41. You guy's do realize that president Donald Trump is only building the wall to protect what's on the inside which is us the American people right?

  42. Mr.President & Judge , There's one thing neither of you mentioned that's getting wasted and that's the taxpayers money. The american people sure do wish the FBI were using all that time, effort and money to get the real crooks off the street. If they aren't aware of any REAL criminal high profile politicans they need to be, could be & should be going after, the american people will gladly give them a very interesting list to start with. Maybe it would remind the FBI, DOJ and the CIA of the good old days of what real work feels like. That feeling of gradification you get when you know you got a real bad guy off the street, making your country and in some cases the whole world a little safer for everyone. And maybe even regain some of the trust and respect the american people once had for them too many yrs ago. They are not just dividing this country, they're breaking the people's heart and bank account's.

  43. The transexual Jeanine Pirro needs to get back on to her medication. Her manliness is showing. She's a dude with breasts. No bathroom for you dear. Only 2 genders on Fox News thanks!

  44. Yes reinforce the security in our land these illegal transactions and dealing has been going on for a long time and following there were illegal people, and before we know it, Decca, birthing right, and sanctuary cities were created through all these illegal transactions. What about the security of America and Americans? WHAT ABOUT US? Yes the democrats put all kind of people in our government before they fix the problem, that itself will not fix the problem.

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