Fraud Of Donald Trump’s Self-Made Persona Exposed In Father’s Financials | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Fraud Of Donald Trump’s Self-Made Persona Exposed In Father’s Financials | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Rachel congrats on completing ten years of newscasting. You and your team are wondrous. You continue to surprise us with big scoops.

  2. Dear Rachel Maddow. Too bad you wont see the 11th anniversary. Go Trump! 2020
    You and hollywood are no longer a voice.

  3. Who cares what daddy did for him….he wasn't a VP like Biden's corruption was….hey here is some actual news to share with your audience, real news but a another corruption Dem so you don't mention it..Atlantic City’s Democratic mayor pleaded guilty Thursday, to stealing $87,000 from a youth basketball team and resigned from office Thursday, becoming the latest in a line of corrupt city officials so long that it spawned a hit HBO TV series.

    Gilliam could face 20 years in prison when he is sentenced Jan. 7. He also agreed to make restitution for the fraud.

    As recently as 2007, four of the city’s last eight mayors had been arrested on corruption charges and one-third of the nine-member City Council was either in prison or under house arrest.

  4. How many times has Trump gone to jail Rachael….???? Isn't that the bottom line that indicates anything you are saying is actually true?

  5. Is your audience aware that he is the only President who does not take a salary but gives it to charities??? Trump 2020 to drain the swamp……..

  6. Rachel Mad cow! enough with your lies! and biased so-called journalism! you are nothing but a propaganda machine made to look like a network!

  7. Rachel, you could pick any gender from the over 50 genders the delusionals have come up and you would still be ugly! THAT…is a fact.

  8. Trump is innocent of all crimes. Trump is literally above the law. I support Trump. I will vote Trump no matter what the fake news says about Him.

  9. This Woma give me diarrhea wen I c this news can MSNBC change this ugly lady we need some that really care about the public not her stupid fiasco she bring to the news platform why we care about a great POTUS cuz y’all still but hurt cuz y’all will lose the election in2020 😂😹😹 loser left yooo lest all get out and vote for our great POTUS Trump 2020 ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Everything this orange POS says is lies! He is a self made man child, a self made narcicistic MF that was bailed out by his daddy! A con man, a fraud and a cheat!

  11. Desperate Maddow, you're Russian collusion hoax dried up, and you're trying the same crap with Ukraine. Anyone with any Common Sense can see that the dams have nothing except for this raw attempt to take him down. Not going to happen

  12. So Rachel, how exactly does Trump or anyone else creating, owning, or whatever billions or even trillions of dollars effect me? It doesn't, so Rachel gets her panties wet blabbering for hours about petty jealousy.

  13. What is really sad today is…this all has continued and this by so many beloved President is changing this democratic government always deciding by law and the constitution into a totalitarian country. I love America so much and i am sad to see what's happening

  14. How could someone become president of America with all these act and the F.B.I nor C.I.A. couldn't come forth with? Guess Trump is the greatest salesman or conman.

  15. This is why many wealthy parents don’t do this. They have created a child who does not know how to take care of himself and their need for money is a bottomless pit because they continue to look to their parents for their success. One thing his father could not give him and that was his fathers good business sense. It’s simply something you cannot transfer from one person to another if that person if that person is not capable of grasping the concept.

  16. after tthree  years we have less people on food stamps and more  minorities working along with women and a better standing with North Korea  and  China like no other President  would challenge A stronger economy and stock market Yup I can see why you want to get ride of him for party not country and this is why I am no longer A Democrat   Mr Trump this theif has done more for the American People  but weight a minute you don't have to be honest about it just keep telling the lie and they will at some point agree

  17. Haven't you got anything to do or report on rather than attacking our great President continuously? Your are disgusting!

  18. Sickening. People aren’t stupid. So what if he was instantly rich. He did build a empire and helped many with no drinking and drugs. Get over it. Filing for bankruptcy is not a crime. Many people deal when you got wealth. Just stop it.

  19. At what point will the cultists and sychophants acknowledge that the joke is over and we have a f*ckwit as president?

  20. Keep bashing Trump and U keep losing, He’s the best President in history! Keep believing the lies, they’re frying your brain😔 walk away to the love of we the people and a President that loves America and all Americans! Twisting the lies in the past doesn’t accomplish anything! God Bless😇

  21. Many of us out here have realized a long time ago that Trump has always been a disgusting conman and his fanboys don’t have a clue what they are supporting. That will be what most probably will destroy this country and it’s highly unappreciated freedom.
    On a lighter note …. Even back then, Donald Trump never ever looked like Robert Redford. That is laughingly weird. He looked like an aging frat boy who was a glory hound and full of himself. He is even worse now, probably.

  22. Where is Elliot Ness?Trump is the AL Capone of the 20th century,he should be in prison for tax evasion and receive the same amount of time like AL Capone and rotten in there

  23. Also! what people forget! trump was in bed with the itialian mafia! they said the only reason they did not wack him is because he was making them money! google it! now he is in bed with another gangster! his love bucket putin! when trumps usefulness runs out! putin will turn on him!

  24. This gender confused so called reporter is going to cry again in 2020, how do you let this go on BSNBC ? misleading people

  25. Has anyone looked at his real estate deals when other Daddy, Giuliani, was running NYC? many deals through the city coffers being compromised on taxes. Look into this…

  26. President Admiral General Air Marshal Lord of the Jungle and Master of all he Surveys Trump is making a mockery of US law and makes Federal agencies look like fools if these agencies CAN NOT charge this clown with anything over this now long period of time! I hate to say this but Trump seems to be smarter than all these agencies that can't nail him !!!! OMG I just threw up in my mouth saying Trump is smart……….

  27. LADY U are a wack Job! You spouted so many conspiracies during the Bogus Mueller Witch hunt! You need to be banned from all media as the crap u spew makes people who watch you less intelligent then before they started watching you. GOD u are Ridiculous!

  28. Jealous looks bad on you . Chelsea Clinton hmmm wondering how mommy and daddy have bank rolled her . oh and Congress , how do they become millionaires on a set salary. ?

  29. Rachel’s math is off by $15,000. She also never cared about Flint until the water crisis even though Flint was one of the poorest cities before the water crisis.

  30. Seriously a 30 yr old story about his DAD !!! IMPEACH HIM you morons Mr Trump will be in Whitehouse 2020 and you'll be unemployed Maddock thank God !!!!!

  31. Hey can we put a big O on Rachel's neck dead center? That way we can call her the Polk-a-Roo …. is she trying to become a Giraffe or a TURTLE TURTLE…? Im starting to think every time she lies her TURTLE TURTLENECK grows just like her Puppet Master Made Her That Way

  32. And as president has been sucking $$$ from the U.S. treasury to his properties. Put him in the coldest, starkest prison cell. Melania sue now to get what you can for you & Barron. And let's erase him from history. If he doesn't go to jail he'll run to Russia and live large.

  33. Why would you criticize this man? This is the American way of life. You must have history on the type of people that arrived to the North American continent and invaded the lands of others in order to take advantage of the land of opportunity. ???????

  34. The only thing worse than little Donny lying about his self-made millionaire status is the media that peddled that myth. A myth created by a conman. A myth that many people still believe to this day in part because they see themselves in him or, better put, the hope that they too could be a millionaire. It's the reason why may people also are only too willing to vote against their own interests.

  35. Hello Rachel,
    I recommend presenting a more concise and extensive report on the NYT's article. Many thinking and busy people want a concise report rather than repetitious commentary. I hope this is not taken offensively, but as constructive criticism. Thank you.

  36. That new York reporter who got ousted is why Trump hates the media. Paid him off and still brought his crimes to light

  37. Why did everyone love Trump unroll he became president. He exposes the democrats front man media who pass on Democrat lies as truth. Mad cow don't know or can't speak the truth it would cost her company business model at giving you suckers your own truth weather it truth or not.

  38. Impeach that treasonous Putin's puppet immediately! Just sickening and disgusting! Despicable even! Enough of this foolish lawlessness! Impeach that traitor! Impeach! Impeach! Impeach Period!

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