Fox News TRIGGERS Trump By Saying THIS

Fox News TRIGGERS Trump By Saying THIS

>>If you’re host of Fox and Friends, you
know that at any given moment, it is guaranteed that Donald Trump is watching you and that
makes it dangerous. On the rare chance when you actually acknowledge
reality, as you’ll see.>>Head to head with the president. He beats President Trump by 10 points, Sanders
beats him by 6. Warren and Harris basically flat footed tie.>>Early, early, early barely by it doesn’t
matter.>>Okay, so there you saw that Biden and Sanders
winning by significant amounts over Donald Trump who was indeed watching and immediately
tweeted this, which is a lot of fun. Fox News is at it again. So different from what they used to be during
the 2016 primaries and before, proud warriors. Now, new Fox polls which have always been
terrible to me, they had me losing big to crooked Hillary, have me down to sleepy Joe
even considering the fact that I’ve gone through a three year vicious witch hunt perpetrated
by the lamestream media in collusion with crooked and the Democrat party. He’s gotta fix his caps lock key cuz it just
keeps going off.>>With the greatest economy in US history,
that I can be losing to the Sleepy One. Keep America Great.>>So they just reported on what a poll said,
and he implied that they are colluding with the candidate for the Democratic party for
the presidency from 2016.>>Well I actually know why, and so that’ll
be fun.>>I mean, I think I can explain why.>>Okay, so we’ll get there in a second. But I just love that he thinks inanimate objects
are crooked and are part of a witch hunt. It’s a poll, it’s not a person, right? It’s like saying math has always been terrible
to me.>>Which is kind of true, right? He’s like two plus two equaling four has been
terrible to me. I don’t want it to equal four but nonetheless,
it does. Okay, so the polls are not people, it is a
collection of data. So they ask people and that’s what they, nobody
at Fox fixed the poll, and that’s your answer. He’s projecting, cuz in his experience, he
is corrupt about everything. So he projects that corruption on to them. So he doesn’t think that the polls are corrupt,
he just thinks that Fox News obviously rigs every poll. If I was running a poll, I’d rig it, he thinks. So why are they rigging it against me? His set base assumption is corruption. So that’s why he says Fox is being terrible
to me. It never occurs to him for a second that someone
wouldn’t rig a poll.>>Yeah.>>Right, he can’t imagine anything being
truly legit.>>That’s right.>>Even if in this case, this is Fox News’
poll. This wasn’t Daily Kos or something. This was his guy’s poll, and it’s consistent
with a pattern that we’ve seen. So it’s not like there bad polls sometimes
like we take issue with the methodology, certain polls, but we don’t just look at the results
of the poll and say, I don’t like that. We don’t just read a write up of the poll
and say, I don’t like that we look at the actual breakdown of who they talked to. In this case. It’s Fox News, and it’s consistent with what
we’ve seen. Let’s bring up just a random screenshot from
Real Clear Politics. To the most recent ones at the top, that’s
the plus 10 Biden for Fox News, but Biden’s been beating him, going back literally months
at this point to go to the next one, you’re going to see that the same thing is true of
Bernie Sanders. So the most recent one is a plus six. Aside from one Rasmussen poll, weird that
that’s the outlier from back in March to April, Sanders has always been beating Donald Trump. So to assert that Fox News is corrupt and
biased in simply confirming an ongoing pattern that we’ve all accepted at this point is insane. But it does have a purpose. It’s partially that he looks at it, I think,
from a corrupt point of view but also, he wants to exert pressure on them. Not necessarily to falsify a poll, but to
just not report on polls that don’t reflect well on him. They did that earlier this week. Fox News did a poll where they asked were
his comments about the squad and sending them home, were they racist. And this shocked me, but two thirds of the
Fox news audience said yeah, that’s racist. And then they didn’t report it on their shows. Tucker Carlson wasn’t reporting on that or
anything because of the pressures there.>>Yeah.>>That’s his propaganda arm. He tunes in every morning for the affirmations
that generally come with watching his propaganda arms. We know that he has portfolios prepared daily
that have clippings that are favorable to Trump. I mean, his insular world within the White
House is filled with that kind of thing. So when he tunes into his propaganda arm he’s
expecting the kind of rah rah propaganda that he’s used to getting. So this was a little bit of a surprise, to
say the least. And then as John says he throws them a brush
back pitch and essentially, I’m gonna call you guys out, unless you fall in line.>>And John’s also right about how all unsophisticated
it is. I mean, you could do a analysis of wait, you
polled likely voters but it could have been unlikely voters, anything to hang your hat
on. Or, by the way sometimes that is true. The data set that they are looking at is not
necessarily representative of the voters. But of course, Trump doesn’t know any of that,
cuz he’s a child. And so that leads to my last point, so Julie
Banderas, one of the Fox News hosts calmly tried to explain to him online the way polls
work. It’s not a poll of Fox News hosts, it’s a
poll of the population. So we asked them a question, here’s what the
question was, here’s what the results were. Really he doesn’t care and nor could he possibly
understand that with his tiny, tiny, pea size brain. And look at what he says to the point of being
a child. The polls was unfair to me. Because everything is unfair to him because
he’s always the victim. He’s always a child throwing a temper tantrum. Polls unfair, math unfair, everybody unfair. Strong by the way.>>But I love when Cenk does his Trump impression. But fact is, he knows he gets that out there,
whatever crap he was serving up that day, like the poll’s unfair to me, and there is
a segment of his supporters who are going to run with that, and they take that as fact.>>And by the way, they said science was unfair
to him, that 99% of the worlds scientists were wrong about climate change, and it worked. Their idiot followers are like It’s true,
science is unfair.


  1. Maybe one day we can live in a real democracy. Electoral college worked back when a large number of people were illiterate, uneducated and did not have all the facts and information about the presidential candidates. This is no longer the case…. at least when it comes to the information about the candidates. Unfortunately…..many are still illiterate and uneducated. Whoever gets the most people to vote for them should win right ?? Majority should win plain and simple.

  2. Did they ever catch the host on fox and fools that stole money in crooked real estate deal or is he still running from the law?

  3. Well he's annoyed that they mentioned the polls isn't he? He's all about image and he doesn't want to be portrayed as losing because if people think he's unpopular he'll lose votes.
    Don't get me wrong he's despicable, but I don't think it's just about denying reality at this point.. More about being annoyed because they bring it up.

  4. It needs to be remembered that a given percentage of trump supporters lie to pollsters due to shame or perversity.

  5. In America, what is the difference between healthcare as a right, stronger unions, universal suffrage, and human rights the highest priority, pro-ERA expanded to include LGBTQ people, job training, UBI, negotiated drug prices, and Leftism? Seems Americans know nothing of Left (How much does Nancy Pelosi remind you of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Trotsky, Mao, Stalin, millions they starved to death on purpose?) The job of the Dems, since they refuse to fight for what's right for the vast majority of people, is now just to keep talking and making the big tent, that not only will accept the Fighters of The Squad, but the old-timey recapitulators to tax cuts for the rich, like Pelosi and Schumer, because they have more than enough money with so many years in politics for their descendants to invest well and never go hungry. Wait…doesn't that make them more like Republicans (the party of white wealthy male privilege) than Democrats (the party of working people and allies everywhere, very big tent, but very little courage to fight for the rights of ourselves and our children). The stakes are dire. It is possible that if NP doesn't act, her grandchildren will find themselves in a dystopian climate change Republican-run nightmare, where most of the US population is in camps at the southern border after northern conditions turned ice age and people had to form caravans from Boston, New York, Philadelphia and DC and come south to Mexico and nearer the Equator to survive what America has wrought.

  6. I can't wait to have a real president again. An intelligent, articulate, diplomatic, mature, unifying, non-narcissistic, non-corrupt, dignified, honest president. One that can spell and read and doesn't have a shattering orgasm every time a brutal dictator says nice things about him. Once he's out of office, the indictment process must begin. Trump isn't worthy of running anything, especially this country.

  7. President Trump is the only President in American history that prayed and kissed the Jewish Holy Wall and he mowed US Embassy to Jerusalem
    President Trump is the only President in American history that set foot in DMZ NORTH KOREA
    TRUMP / PENCE 2020

  8. When I picture Trump at home, I always see him as the demagogue in V For Vendetta when he's in the shower, surrounded by TV screens replaying his own hate-spew and grunting in unison with great satisfaction.

  9. Rasmussen Reports Phone surveys by the company are conducted via the use of automated public opinion polling involving pre-recorded telephone inquiries. The company generates revenue by selling advertising and subscriptions to its polling survey data. Yup Trump + 3.

  10. Every time I see clips of fox and friends, the parody fox and friends theme song from My Cartoon President gets stuck in my head. ?“Three white people on a couch, it’s fox and frieeennnds”?

  11. One of the main issues I've seen is even the despondency of the public which is also a 1:1 ratio with the silly b.s in the msm and Hollywood these days it's been like that for a long time actually and of course the shills are apparently in the gradual psychological takedown maneuvers (haha, oh please!)

  12. Why does one ignorant bitch come to mind when I see her. Anyways they bring it up!!! It's like it just screams I'm a petulantly vindicated child !!

  13. Yah yah my mama this, that and the other that must be all this is and the usual dumbass dude tirades there's a place for ad homs but all THIS??? And not long before I made one simple comment about weather issues AND THEY JUST BLEW A GASKET LOFL!!!!!!!

  14. Look at how uncomfortable and awkward Ainsley looks on the couch she looks at the camera like Donald Trump is standing off set

  15. "Reality has a liberal bias " …. The whole calling everything you don't like fake news thing looks even more stupid when you start raging against Fox

  16. Fox has lost favor with trump because his new channel hes touting as only real news is one America news network run by and anchors paid by Russia and pal Putin . HANITY MUST BE FEELING BETRAYED BY TRUMP WITH NO MORE NIGHTY NIGHT CALLS..

  17. Trump’s maturity level at 73 years old is quite disturbing. Seriously, think about it, think critically for once.

  18. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad is a corrupt homophobe just like the Poral Rico Gov. While he was Governor of Iowa he harassed and fired a gay state worker had a lawsuit filed against him and he just lost the lawsuit in Iowa court a couple of weeks ago and has cost the tax payers of Iowa millions of dollars in his attorney fees and settlement cost to the victim. Yet he remains a Ambassador to China appointed by Donald Trump .He lied in court and by losing the lawsuit it now proven Branstad is unfit to represent our nation. He is unfit.  Please help get this story out. The mainstream media does not want to talk about it

  19. polls really are too early to matter at this point.

    the polls are mostly for the candidates to inform them about needed changes or campaigning

  20. Crooked Hillary Clinton is the ONLY thing Trump ever got right. Apart from that he's a disgusting person.

  21. that's what math-illiterate individuals do – get angry at facts. 'NO ! 2 + 2 does NOT equal 4 !! math is relative…'

  22. has the Electoral College informed Trump that they are on his side? so far, only Johnn Kasich and William Weld are running against Trump for the 2020 Republican Candidacy.

  23. President Trump is the only President in American history that Prayed and kissed the Jewish Holy Wall
    Moved US Embassy to Jerusalem
    President Trump is the only President in American history that set foot in DMZ NORTH KOREA
    TRUMP / PENCE 2020

  24. Well actually see … you have to ask yourself "Whats the source of the problem?" And if you follow the numbers you will find that 1+1=2. Which is terrible. Right? So what do we do about this? Well, first you have understand that we dont have a problem with the quality of quantities. No. Thats NOT the problem. The problem is how we arrive there. The end doesnt justify the means. Look at it like this. You have ONE person who is producing 100 products an hour. Put him next to another ONE person who is producing 100 products an hour. Soooo, we have TWO people. Right? WRONG! You see by me standing here typing about one person and ANOTHER person i am implying seperation from them. Not just from one another but also from me. You see? I am talking about THEM thus making objects of them thus imply seperation from them thus creating 3. Now, if thats not complicated enough, WE — actually im not explaining this part. I will let YOU juggle this one. Think about it…….. WE…… YOU and I. See? So how many do i have now hUh? 4, right? Right! I am explaining this to YOU. Again, implying seperation from you. So, if we have four, which WE do, how many products are we producing?

  25. You gotta admit though, that the majority of Americans are profoundly ignorant about some pretty damn basic scientific concepts, let alone the extraordinary complexity of climate science (statistics, climate modelling, solar output analysis, geological deep time, etc.). I mean, the US is one of the few places on Earth where a sizable part of the population actually believes that the Earth is less than 6,000 years old…

  26. Well he's relying on cheating so he don't care about poles, and he don't want you to care either. He got a legion of Russians working around the clock to destroy America

  27. Trump is actually a Democrat. Cenk is actually a buffalo. Im actually a libertarian. Vermin Supreme is actually leading the polls. Ana is actually better than you. Much better. ????

  28. I think the funniest thing is how Trump goes after Fox News for the tiniest 'transgression' from its propaganda role and they deserve it. As everyone who has ever known or worked for Trump, he has ZERO loyalty to anyone. You could save his life today and he would turn on you tomorrow if you said anything negative.

    All those morons – including Fox – who support Trump and work for him should know that he will throw them under the bus in an heartbeat if it suits him – even his kids – except for Ivanka for the absolute worst possible reasons (yuk!).

  29. If Faux Nooz doesn’t occasionally tell the truth, they would lose even more credibility except among their most fanatical cult followers,

  30. Everybody. repeat after me, " Ah, that's just his illness speaking". Shake your head, sigh, make a mournful face. Playing by his rules is like extinguishing a fire with gasoline.

  31. He is a bully who deflects others’ observations by claiming HE is the one being bullied.

    Bullies usually have enough talent to get their victims to throw a punch and be standing still whe authorities are watching… but he never really learned that skill.

  32. Did cenk and the team at TYT not learn over the past 3 years sitting around dissecting trump's tweets isnt news??? Tyt soo easily triggered it's funny to watch what propaganda they spin.

  33. Cenks outrage over trump is just delicious he gets soo worked up. "Pea sized brain, baby blah blah. Name calling and bias hmmm sounds like someone TYT always talk about…..oh ya trump! Hypocrites lmao! Trump plays you for fools and you oblige him at every tweet he baits you with.

  34. That sound ya'll continue to hear over & over again and that refuses to go away is the sweet..sweet.. sound of The Great President Trump laughing his ASS OFF at you Fool's !
    LOL !

  35. Donald Trump is very thin skinned and easily gets offended and triggered. Trump only likes individuals who shower him with compliments and cheap flattery. Bill Maher was right when he said that 'Trump is the world's cheapest date.'

  36. Come on TYT, I know it's unusual for Trump to actually be somewhat advanced in his use of language, but it's obvious that he's using "Crooked" as shorthand for "Crooked Hilary".

  37. TYT is a shite ? channel for shite ? minds. You have to be retarded to watch this ?. You have to be Pants-On-The-Head-Retarded to believe this ?.

  38. Where is the conservative word to republicans. This is a propaganda video. I know who this guy is. They also play the fear factor. Just like the liberal left. When your upset with one side. You move to the other. Another indoctrination. And they are the voice of reason. They hold the truth. Than you see them how they sell out. The American people for Trump. They side with Russia. Our government system is all corrupt. Except the one that is leading them to abyss. Taking the Republican Party way to the right fringe. They know they are not stupid. They all have their own agenda. Money or power or both. Just like the left. They all act like they are the perfection to a main course. It's all bullshit. You do your own thinking. You don't need no one explaining to you,what is and what is not. Some Americans are tired of all this divisive rhetoric. Who benefits from discord? Ask yourself? It's never ending,and they are making a living out of playing us for fools.

  39. George Bush signed a bill that allowed prosecution of FBI agents for fighting against al Qaeda. Still, trump somehow manages to be the shitties person in the world.. how?

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