1. Who takes any notice of these polls.They are never right.I take more notice of Trump's massive rallies. Today 21,000 in stadium, 25,000 standing outside stadium and 100,000 wanting to go but couldn't get in .Now that is far more significant. This tells me Trump is going to crush anyone running against him.

  2. There is an impeachment maybe? Corruption? One for sure thing happening, Black Conservative Republicans. They will invade and take the Republican Party so severe that the republicans should be scared sh$#@&%tless. It’s this next generation answer to Majority in WH congress. Black young want to be in place in all party’s.I was upset, but later realized how they will be a force on both parties. Think it’s smart, they want the true African American party back is what I’m reading. Umm, well that’s their business. Good luck.

  3. we gotta be really careful here though… WE know how a president impeachment or even death can have dramatic reprocussions…. like when licoin was killed, the slaves lost all their rights to the land he had granted them…. Or all the shit that happened when JFK was killed…. I still think rerocussions on anything trump has instated wouldnt be terrible if it was repealed,,,

  4. Love trump. Entire family voting for him again. Everyone employed.
    Fake news cratoring. Generation offended must be shut down permanently. Most are indian nationals. Gtfo of the us now.

  5. REALITY CHECK: Trump still not only sells out every venue, but there are thousands listening outside. In fact he has broken many attendance records in many venues. Trump has a 90% approval rating among Republicans, the highest of any President in US history. Trump 2020, watch it happen through the tears in your leftist eyes.

  6. You guys believe this garbage!? I feel sorry for some of my more less informed American brethren.

    To understand Trump supporters, all you have to do is read, and believe, The Constitution!

    Fuck your favorite news Network! If you really believe in the Constitution. Shit like this would make you laugh! Laugh like me, every day! CNN only reports on their narrative.

    Obama, the worst President in my lifetime. Including Billy Clinton, was heralded. Obama shit on and divided our country!

    Maybe the media did? Silver tongue devil's, are still devil's.

    Wake the fuck up, Study the Constitution! There is a reason why we are the greatest! It's not because of more government intrusion!

  7. My grandfather used to say, hope in one hand and shit in the other. See which one fills up first!

    Fuck you CNN! This doesn't mean shit! Keep hoping Comrades!

  8. I've seen a few fox reporters mention the that poll so that's a lie. And when you have Democrats doing a one sided inquiry behind closed door leaks tiny bits of info out of context of course it looks bad but that poll will change when all the information comes out instead just what Democrats want you to hear


  10. Don L. you were wrong for letting Blossom, the lady who hi-jacked that presidential event, and you allowed her to be viewed as "another crazed african american women" shouting and yelling because she is angry at everyone else because she thinks she got a raw deal. You said it yourself that you were on a time constraint and yet you still let this random angry black woman rant and rave in front of America because why? do you think America needs to see another upset african american women on the news so we can finally be exposed to it or something? well, we see it everyday, dont need to see it anymore, especially not on prime time tv in front of millions of people.

  11. “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.” – Ronald Reagan

  12. It should be more than 51%. It should be much more at this point. The fact that Trump is involved in defying the Constitution and making a naked grab for dictatorial powers should have every American up in arms. The 49% who are okay with this are very worrisome.

  13. Wow! I have a good thing to say about President Trump!

    He has triggered the retirement of dozens of long standing Republicans!
    Trump has been more effective than term limits may have been…

  14. I don't agree with the assertion that Drudge appears to "turn against" Trump. Same for FoxNews. This is what "fairness" is about; being fair means having standards — not being supportive with someone no matter what they do. Smart people have boundaries and limits as regards the conduct, behavior, and decisions that other people engage in. No matter who they are. Trump long ago earned the impeachment option. It's past due. He lacks the honor to step down and resign. So he must be removed. Nixon now appears stellar. As does Clinton. They both got persecuted for far less than the shit Trump is about.

  15. Save time, money, grievances, and women and 13 year old girls from being raped. IMPEACH, INDICT, REMOVE AND REJECT THE MOTHERFUCKER!
    CASTRATION IS A MUST. Feed the. Hugeeeeeee, tiny orange mushroom to the lions.

  16. Possessed by ideological demons
    The hate that you stow

    Your reasons dubious like Texas seasons

    You reap what you sow

    You believe the mogul’s lies

    Your misguided vision

    This–your partisan divides

    It’s nefarious derision

    Your ideal benefactor for the people

    Tis’ a machination and legerdemain

    A utopia for the minds of the feeble

    Liberty and freedom are what you disdain

    Avarice is the root of all evil sayeth the thief

    Limitless power is what you truly desire

    Your corruption is insufferable and beyond belief

    You stoke the flames of the patriots’ ire

  17. CNN rating keep dropping. Just in summer over 100 emploee accepted buy outs? Its PRAVDA MOSKOW more then western journalism.

  18. Yeah Trump's doing so poorly that's why 90% of Americans want him again for 2020 you idiots are not going to quit lying donkey's ass

  19. President Trump has been completely successful at stirring up the enemies of America in America! We were called conspiracy theorist's for years for knowing of the deep state and the enemy democrats…who's laughing now?

  20. I'm more interested in the poll's from Kentucky.

    If the poll's poll the same way as these Fox poll's do there, that will sway Mitch Mcconnel's constituency and Mitch himself, seeing he's up for reelection in 2020 and he's being contested strongly.

    He's currently at a 31% low and it's looking like Kentucky is ready to break up with him.

  21. CNN CORRUPT NEWS! Hey "STINK FINGERS" what did the polls show before the 2016 election? Fat Ana the "SOW", still can't speak English very well, That fat ass hates Trump as much as Stink Fingers & Fredo. You political activist at CNN CORRUPT NEWS would have called Trump a war monger if he went to war in Syria, & call him a coward if he leaves, he's damned if he does, & damned if he doesn't. Yes, Fat ass Ana we stand with our president & we'll vote for him again. VOTE…..T…R…U…M…P……2020

  22. Hahaha…you're still an idiot, lemon. And CNN is still FAKE NEWS. Not watching this but in case you DIDN'T MENTION IT, the Fox poll was BIASED and SKEWED. Most of the participants were democrats. Of course it would read 51%. And since pedos would side with the impeachment of President Trump, and since Disney bought Fox, of course the poll would show those results. Duh.

  23. I am so very sad about our allies the Kurds and if this is his way of getting back harder at those who oppose him and I am also sad about the children in cages that are cold and mistreated by ice; ripped from their parents arms. They do the work no one wants to do. This animal has no empathy whatsoever. I don't blame Melonoma for not sleeping with him.

  24. Oh noooo more people want to peach Trump oh no, well I'll bet he lands back in the oval office in 2020, yessir another White Lashing and Ukraine helped him do it and North Korea helped him and China hehehe, I think you Liberals are dreaming again, by the way can that lady get in to see a speech therapist ?

  25. Raise the taxes in America, Create unemployment, make America a caos nation, allow Latin america to take over the USA … if you want all this vote Democrats

  26. Hah! 2016 was your "poll", and Don Trump won. 2020 is your next "poll" and you can shut your worthless hole until then. I hear your noise…. too much!

  27. Attn: Promises kept, Boo Boo! Don Trump is still your president. You are still a bunch of three year old… LOSERS. Have a nice day ? but go fuck yourselves!?TRUMP/PENCE 2020 ??

  28. Shhh..give him a fake code just to see if he'll get desperate enough to go for it. Then make him walk the road to Damascus. Shoeless.

  29. Wonder if these polls are the same ones that said Hillary was going to win by a landslide? I don't see President Clinton in office right now.

  30. John Padesta is a child trafficker child molesting murderer. You people are comprised infernal tyrannical specimens. Wicked fools that think you will get away with this lying hypocrite fraud show. With God you will get away with nothing. May Our Holy Mother crush your infernal master Satan.

  31. Haha I like seeing you libs act like libs.
    I'm voting for Trump in 2020 and I promise to keep helping libtards # walk Away!

  32. Thanks for free loving American patriots for voting Red and electing the amazing President Trump ??. As European we are lead by self-serving bureaucrats and politicians. EU(Europe) our voices and different cultures are constantly under attack. EU have turned into autocratic with the commission who isn’t even elected by the people. Cheers from Denmark ?? CNN is the Democrats public media.

  33. More fake news to fool us slaves with. Drudge just post fake news by fake media for clicks. That’s all. Most of the time you cannot even read the fake stories because of the thousands of adds throughout the propaganda they write. The six corporations that control all of the media sure have people fooled.

  34. if you assholes impeach Trump then I better get my thousand dollars a month because that is the only thing that will make up for making fools of yourselves for the past 4 years Dems…

  35. I just listened to Obama's speech in Illinois today. Our country needed that speech. Reminding us of integrity and common ground. Reminding us of the integral common role we all have of protecting our constitutional democracy. How proud he is of the good in our country and reminding us how we work well together in our lives and in our days. I havent heard a positive uplifting speech for the unity of our country since he left office. I am tired of the current administration and radical news and radical politicians tearing that away from us. Thank you Obama. I miss you

  36. Braun Research discovered oversampling of Democrats. When adjusted it s 51 to 44 against impeachment. Hillary in a landslide round two……

  37. Half the population has a lower than averages IQ. That is how IQ is calculated. The Low IQ people watch CNN. The lowest IQ morons actually believe this garbage. CNN make America look like complete morons to the rest of the world, when indeed there are actually many intelligent people. Just not watching CNN. Fake and Corrupt News. Lies Lies Lies

  38. CNN is very jealous that it keeps dropping in popularity and has become more like a reality tv similar to Jerry Springer. CNN is totally Anti-Trump like Hillary would have done better. The National Debt mentioned almost doubled under Obama's watch. Start putting real news out there. I heard CNN is watched by those who are dying to make them look forward to it.

  39. Drudge was a fervent obsequious supporter of Trump, now he admits he is wrong and is supporting impeachment. Too late, idiot. The credibility of conservatism is shot to shit.

  40. Speaker needs to take vote ! Get this show on road !! Get with it speaker ! Genius there is a Treaty to investigate get facts straight! Your doing very poor job !! Your misinformed and misguided !! Turkey is NATO !!! Get it !!

  41. watch> TRUMP @ WAR Full Movie Explicit Version ….on your friendly YT …first watch Project Veritas """ & remember ..Larry King even said " they don't report the news anymore "    Tucker Carlson ..opinions yes but hard hitting facts …CNN is run by Jeff Zucker

  42. The powers that be need to keep some part of the population ignorant, there easy to manipulate. Wealthy in power have been buying their power in government for decade's to control the masses.

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