Fmr. Trump campaign Adviser Carter Page Wants More Investigation Into Russia Probe’s Origins | MSNBC

Fmr. Trump campaign Adviser Carter Page Wants More Investigation Into Russia Probe’s Origins | MSNBC


  1. This dude looks psychotic. Go interview the crazy lady who lives under the 5th St. bridge. She'll give a more credible account of events.

  2. The damage control is on starting at CNN and other media outlets like MSNBC. The nexy couple of days or months media and politicians word spinning and byword is "conspiracy theory". Hard facts and evidence will be slapped in front of them which is hard to swallow for major networks rating to plummet further.

  3. Has anybody else noticed that 90% of Trump’s minnions look like deranged funny cartoon characters? ? I mean, look at this guy, or Giulianni, Miller, Ross, Mnuchin, DaVos, Conway (especially), Kennedy (ugh), McConnell, Nunes, and the rest of the list of swamp creatures who are trying to defend this fake, traitor president.

  4. Trump is the only president we know who got elected with the help of Russia! Now Trump, GOP and Russia tries to blame Ukraine!

  5. Carter "I'm an advisor to the Kremlin" Page, got busted attempting to commit nefarious dealings with Russians, which was why the Feds paid him a visit. I could care less if he was working with the government. Dont recall him testifying against Manafort, Flynn, or Stone!

  6. How much is it costing the American taxpayers for the republicans to investigate the investigators to try and prove Trumps phony conspiracy theories which Trumps own IG just concluded that there was no bias so now they opened another investigation to again investigate the investigators maybe us taxpayers should stop funding their investigations and stop paying taxes until they stop with all these investigations

  7. So are they saying they found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Carter Page… or are they saying that the warrants were so botched they can't use what they found to get a conviction?
    EDIT: After reading this article –> I've answered my own question (spoiler alert, it's the second one)

  8. Carter ought to be thankful that hes not in prison with the rest of them. He should shut up and disappear from the public view.

  9. Why didn't you ask him to be more specific about what malfeasance or bias he meant? And then, what evidence he had of that?
    What he gave is just more of the Trump gang's obfuscation….


  11. understand some yrs ago page went to fbi and said he was being approached by russians, wore wire and they were busted!!!!!!!! did more than all of you demmy trolls

  12. If there is a robbery and it just so happens that you are associated with the criminal activity by reason of your belonging to the group, then there is also reason to see you as a potential person of interest in the scope of the investigation. Carter Page knowingly and without duress acted on behalf of the alleged criminals, regardless of whether his conduct was in and of itself criminal.

  13. Why would Trump add a political consultant to his team that had deep roots in Russia? Why didn't Trump get someone with ties to Venezuela? Trump hired Rex Tillerson former CEO of Exxon. If Trump needed an experienced oil man, Rex was the man.  What did Trump need with Carter Page?   Trump got exactly what he wanted in Page… A connection to Russia.

  14. I hate to mention the elephant in the room but what about the egregious actions by Trump and the cover up by obstruction?!?

  15. Horowitz had limited powers. Durham doesn't. This was a horrendous day for the Democrats, fakenews CNN and MSNBC and the FBI. Wait til Durham throws some in jail. Comey, McCabe, Orr. Brennan and Clapper will probably walk but shouldn't. Cheers from Toronto

  16. Carter Page is still the total flake that had had two previous FISA warrants (in 2013 and 2014)) that proved he was a verified Russian Asset. Page was the sort of asset, it was more productive to observe than prosecute because Page never knew anything of real national security value.

  17. Horowtiz Debunks you hare ari – he cannot make a determination for th ecause of these errors and cant rule bias out –

  18. The Dossier trump only accuses where it touches him but he never mentioned Christopher being in love with Ivanka and that's how information was collected right under their noses.

  19. Everyone I know is talking about Trump being impeached and Carter Page going to prison. Millions of billions of Americans can talk about nothing else.

  20. Perhaps there were errors in seeking warrant orders.
    But Carter Paige was associating with Russian spies as proved in taped conversations.
    Admittedly the Russian spies were incompetent and Carter Paige turned out to be a ‘wannabe’.

  21. Mr Page I suspect you won’t sue Dept Of Justice nor the FBI.. I however wish you would sue the individual actors who maliciously slandered your loyalty to this country.

  22. Techno Fog's Giant List Of MSM Hacks Who Swore FBI Didn't Rely On Steele Dossier

    The more I think about IG report, the more I conclude how much damage Trump's critics have done. The Steele dossier, the collusion allegation, and congressional probes undermined national unity. The allegations were false, yet MSM went in on it all. Where's the accountability?

  23. The traitor Carter Page wants us to ignore the fact that the Mueller report was justified, and found crimes, just because of minor procedural issues…
    All we have at the moment is Barr's illegally redacted version…

  24. No Page, its Obstruction of justice by tRump that the larger conspiracy wasn't proven…
    That's what the Mulleur report concluded without directly charging the President, again because that was/is the policy of the DOJ …but that he could after out of office be charged…

  25. Hey Carter ya little dweeb! you got a free pass and are trying to push it! Go ahead! look deeper and you will see all of Carter's decisions to collude with a foreign adversary. Go live in Russia where you belong.

  26. MSNBC and CNN should lay off more employees because you guys are about to be SUED by Page and Nunes for spreading fake news. John Durham is bringing the HAMMER with his report.

  27. Trump was working with the Russians, that is in a proven fact by the Republican house Intel committee. Like after 911 we must adapt to our enemies, if they’re not gonna play by the rules we have to use their own tactics against them. All these things that Trump is doing, he’s president you can’t expect people underneath him not to lead from his example. No one is above the law if he can do it so can every American

  28. He and the other GOP traitors want to deflect and paint a narrative that pins the provable foreign interference on someone other than Russia. This gives Putin some of what he wants and it distracts from the mounting evidence that this GOP worked with Russia to interfere with our nations elections.

  29. We see Americans consorting with russian spys and we watch them. It’s counter intelligence. That’s how we catch Americas working for foreign countries. What’s difficult to understand?
    You can’t sue cause you get caught. That’s not how any of this works.

  30. page witch hunt really? trump called out to russia on national television for help in 2016 and is calling out to Ukraine for 2020. trump started all this, you apparently are a double agent page.

  31. More investigations? Sounds cool to me. Let's get a broader look in to the finances and tax filings of each and every one of these schmucks.

  32. ya, so, is this guy's neck gonna withstand the noose or is his bald head flying off in some direction when he drops from the gallows? I would be willing to bet some bitcoin on the head coming off. Any takers?

  33. Former Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Bromwich discusses Attorney General Bill Barr’s media campaign to question the findings of the DOJ IG report on the launch Russia investigation. Aired on 12/10/19.——BARR TRYING TO PREPARE AMERICA ON HE'S NEW PROSPECTS WIT TRUMP! TO THE NEW DICTATORSHIP THEY ARE PLANING! WERE REGULAR PEOPLE HAVE TO HUMILIATE THEMSELVES ! TO ::AUTHORITARIAN"" REGIME AS NORTH COREA! OR RUSSIA! WERE THE POLICE AND DICTATOR! ALWAYS ARE """WRITE""!! ON THEIR ""AUTHORITY"""???? AUTHORITARIAN PROSPECTS????!!—-trump puppet ! MR. BARR! a. G. HE DOES WHATEVER TRUMP CRAZY MIND IS PROJECTING NO MATER HOW CRAZY OR :|""" CRIMINAL""" OR OUTLAW""" IT'S!!!–Former DOJ IG On Attorney General Barr: ‘There’s Never Been Anything Like This’—Former Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Bromwich discusses Attorney General Bill Barr’s media campaign to question the findings of the DOJ IG report on the launch Russia investigation. Aired on 12/10/19.–Frank Figliuzzi: Atty. General Barr Is Lying To America About Ukraine Frank Figliuzzi: Atty. General Barr Is Lying To America About Ukraine {BARR LYING TO AMERICA ABOUT UKRAINE! PROTECTING! CRIMINALLY TRUMP!!

  34. Politics v Reality in the 21st century. "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" it's a website. 2016 was the LOWEST it's been in 20 years and Republicans lost by just under 3 Million, 2018 set new Mid-term records. The HIGHEST Mid-term turn-out number in history, the highest Mid-term turn-out % in over 100 years, US Census Bureau site, 54.3%. 114 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted and Republicans LOST by over 10 Million, they lost in 2019. Congress: The House of Representatives is 2 year terms of service, the Senate is 6. 2018, Democrats focused on the House, the result? They took back the House, the Senate? 9 Republicans and 24 Democrats were up for re-election and only 3 seats flipped from Democrat to Republican, that flips in 2020. Moscow Mitch + 22 more Republicans are up for re-election, only 12 Democrats. When a person is innocent, they do anything and everything they can to prove it, when they are guilty, they do anything and everything they can to shut it down, it's pretty obvious with what's currently happening in DC, he screwed-up, BIG time.

  35. Carter why do you need more investigation? Just tell everyone what you actually did, then someone can explain the Law to you, hence why the Probe commenced.

  36. Carter Page was on the US Intel Community’s radar, long before the 2016 Elections & the Steele Dossier.

    No later than 2012, Page’s name surfaced, in monitored conversations of Russian diplomats, who were already under surveillance, by the FBI. When Federal Agents cautioned Page, that the Russians were targeting him as an “asset” for “cultivation”/ Kompromat, Page disregarded their warning & continued meeting with these same Russians, prompting the US intel Community to deem him “An Unwitting Agent” of a Foreign Adversary.

    These Russians would later be arrested in an FBI Sting, of a nyc spy ring, with at least 2 being arrested, on espionage related charges (one Russian being deported, the other sent to prison).

    Soon there after, Page began touting himself, professionally, as “AN INFORMAL ADVISOR TO THE KREMLIN” (circa ~2013, at least 2 yrs prior to Donald Trump announcing his campaign, for the Presidency).

    It would be interesting to find out if Page attended Trump’s 2013 Miss Universe Pageant, in Moscow; It would also be curious to find out if there had already been talk, in Moscow circles, about Trump running for POTUS, prior to his official announcement ?

    Then again, Carter Page has changed his story so many times (about meetings with the Russian Ambassador, the Deputy Prime Minister, company officials with Gazprom, Rosneft, and Luc oil, etc) that MANY DO NOT FIND PAGE CREDIBLE!

    And with all of the reports about Trump Administration officials (such as Ricky Perry), and other Trump cronies (such as Rudy, not to mention his 2 INDICTED FORMER-SOVIET associates), who are now known to have been involved in gas deals, and steering contracts to their cronies, it’s not at all surprising, that Page’s name is coming back into the news. (Didn’t Trump also describe George Papadopoulus as “an oil & gas guy”, when he announced both Page & Papodop, as official foreign advisers, to the Trump Campaign ?

    And what of JD GORDAN & that last minute policy change (Re: Ukraine & assistance to thwart Russian intrusion into Crimea) that was made, during the 2016 REPUBLICAN CONVENTION, IN CLEVELAND? That policy plank (re: Ukraine Assistance) was reportedly made to the GOP’s official platform, specifically (according to GOP Staffers) under the direction (& insistence of) the then presumed Republican Nominee,,Donald Trump. (This is the exact same thing Trump is now being impeached for, and not only can’t it be a coincidence, THIS ALSO DEMONSTRATES THAT TRUMP’s WITHHOLDING OF ASSISTANCE TO UKRAINE HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CLEANING UP CORRUPTION, in that country.

  37. just think.. we need to investigate the investigators … but … they Never Followed the Money…. they never investigated the finances… yes, the FBI/DOJ botched the investigation, but not for the reasons stated

  38. Page has a Russian dourak look all over his face.

    He’s a Russian asset, willing or unwilling. He makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

  39. Carter needs to be careful what he ask for, any more digging and investigation he may possibly be living next to Paul Manafort.

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