Filling the Swamp | The Daily Show

Filling the Swamp | The Daily Show

– From Comedy Central’s
World News Headquarters in New York, “The Daily Show
With Trevor Noah” presents… [quirky music] ♪ ♪ [eerie music] ♪ ♪ – Recently everyone has been
talking about Scott Pruitt. He’s the head of the
Environmental Protection Agency and the love child
of George W. Bush and a baked potato. Because, you see,
he’s taken cabinet scandals to a whole new level. – President Trump
is standing by EPA administrator Scott Pruitt
amid growing ethics scandals. – Let me put up a list of all the other things
that have come up. There’s the condo that he
rented from energy lobbyists. He approved raises,
apparently, for two aides’ salaries after the White House
had declined the request. He asked security to use
sirens to cut through traffic. He reassigned staffers
after they raised concerns about his spending. He requested
a 24/7 security detail on personal trips that racked up tens
of thousands of dollars. – Okay, okay. Hold up. Hold up. Am I the only person
who was shocked when they went to page two? [laughs] Like, when your scandal résumé
goes to the second page, ya done [bleep] up. Like, that’s so much scandal. Even Shonda Rhimes
would be like, “Okay, this is unrealistic.
Come on, now. How much scandal
for one person?” I mean, this list is so long
that the CNN anchor literally has to pause
to catch her breath. – He spent $120,000
on a trip to the Vatican. He hired 12 more agents,
costing at least $2 million per year
for their salaries. [inhales] He has all these
flights in first class, totaling more than $100,000 in the first year
of the administration. He has spent
approximately $25,000 for a highly secure
soundproof booth for Pruitt. He considered buying a $70,000
bulletproof desk replacement. You’re okay with all that? – Uh, no, I am not okay
with that. And neither should
anyone else, right? The head of the EPA
is spending taxpayer money like he just woke up
in Chris Brown’s body. Like, what is he doing? I mean, let’s–like, let’s just
look at some of the things that he did, all right? He spent $120,000 to go
high-five the pope, right? He also said that he was afraid that people were listening
to his phone conversations, so he spent $43,000
building a soundproof booth. Yeah, $43,000
on a soundproof booth. [bleep] never heard
of whispering? [laughter] And–[laughs]
And I’m sorry– [cheers and applause] And I’m sorry. Listen–
just listen to this one. Listen to this one. Scott Pruitt wanted
to spend $75,000 on a bulletproof desk, which I don’t even understand. What’s the point
of a bulletproof desk? It only works if your assassin doesn’t know
how to walk around stuff. He’s like, “Die! “Oh, where’d he go?
Where’d he go? Oh, man, this always happens.” And also, why does
the head of the EPA need this level
of security anyway? Like, who’s coming after him? A polar bear coming
for revenge? Like–just like, “Hey, Pruitt,
you drowned my wife!” Oh, and surprise, surprise. Scott Pruitt only flies
first class, but the reason he gave
is pretty great. – Pruitt says he needs
first class because of unpleasant interactions
with passengers. – What might be an example
of that? According to the security
office, an individual who approached Pruitt
at an airport, yelling, “Scott Pruitt, you’re
effing up the environment.” – [laughs] Uh, you’re fixing up
the environment? What did that mean? First of all, whoever said that
to him in the airport is a hero, okay? And, uh–
Yeah, he is. [applause] And secondly–secondly,
flying first class doesn’t help you
avoid angry passengers, right? Because now everyone on
the plane is walking past you. Yeah, there’s just gonna be,
like, a line of people just being like, “You’re
effing up the environment.” “You’re effing up
the environment.” “You drowned my wife!” “Aah! He’s back! “Why did I check my desk in? I should’ve kept it!” And here’s the thing.
It’s not just overspending. Everything Pruitt touches
turns to shady, so shady–so shady, in fact, that even Fox News
called him out. – President Trump said
he would drain the swamp. – I don’t–
Look, I– – Is draining the swamp
renting an apartment from the wife
of a Washington lobbyist? – I don’t think that
that’s even remotely fair to ask that question. – Why did you go around the
president and the White House to give pay raises
to two staffers here? – I did not.
My staff did. And I found out about that
yesterday, and I changed it. – So is somebody being fired
for that? – That should not
have been done. – So who did it?
– And it may be– There will be some
accountability on that. – A career person
or a political person? – I’ll have to f–I don’t know.
I don’t know who’s– – You don’t know?
You run the agency. You don’t know who did this? – I think this is something
that needs to be corrected. – And do you take
responsibility? – It was a mistake by my team.
– By your team. So do you take responsibility
as boss? – I’m fixing it.
I’m fixing it. – [blubbering] “That–that’s all, folks.” I bet Pruitt didn’t expect
those questions from that network. Like, he was probably like,
“My dude, we’re on Fox. “What the hell are you doing? “Come on, you ask me
how big Trump’s dick is, “I say enormous, “and then we throw to
a reverse mortgage commercial. Come on, buddy.
What’s wrong with you?” Now, before you get excited–
before you get excited, thinking Pruitt is going to be
Trump’s next weekly firing, remember one thing. Pruitt may be an overentitled,
self-dealing cabinet member, but he’s really good at
being bad for the environment. – Pruitt’s saving grace
may be that he’s seen by the president and other
White House officials as Mr. Trump’s most effective
cabinet secretary. He’s started rolling back
more than two dozen Obama-era
environmental regulations, including Mr. Obama’s
signature vehicle emissions standards
and Clean Power Plan. He also successfully advocated
for the president to pull out
of the Paris climate accord. – You know, it’s amazing
how the only thing you need for Trump to consider you
effective is to just hit Delete
on anything Obama did. Like, I wouldn’t be shocked
if the next cabinet official is just a heavy pebble
on a keyboard. That’s all it’s gonna be. Basically, with this whole
scandal, Trump is like, “Folks, I know Scott Pruitt
is super dirty, “but thanks to his hard work
unprotecting the environment, soon we’ll all be every bit
as dirty as he is.” – Dr. Ben Carson, secretary of Housing
and Urban Development and real-life “Zootopia” sloth. When he took over at HUD,
he had no relevant experience and one big goal:
saving taxpayer money. – There is a tremendous amount of–of waste that’s going on. Uh, we’re finding that waste. – And if you think,
“Oh, he’s just saving money “inside the department
so he can spend more of it on the needy people
that HUD serves,” no. Frugality is a way of life
for Ben Carson. Everyone’s got to tighten
their belts. – Earlier this month,
Carson said public housing should not be “too comfortable
because it will make people say, ‘I’ll just stay here.
They will take care of me.'” – That is extreme. He wants to help people, but he still wants to keep them
a little miserable. Yeah, just so they stay sharp. I wonder if he applied
this philosophy to his brain surgery career. He’s like, “I only removed
part of your tumor. “I want to keep your brain
on its toes. Also, I put some toes
in there.” Now, you may disagree
with Ben Carson’s view, but you have to admire a man
who’s so consistently committed to saving money. Like, you have to admire that. Unless it’s all bullshit. – A whistleblower
at the Department of Housing and Urban Development
is sounding off. An ex-staffer says she was
demoted after refusing to spend more than the legal
$5,000 limit to redecorate Secretary
Ben Carson’s new office. – She says her supervisor
told her, “$5,000 will not even
buy a decent chair.” – Seriously, you can’t get
a good chair for less than $5,000, really? You realize you can get
a sex chair off of Amazon that will literally
sodomize you and it’s $49.99
with free shipping? That’s real.
You can go buy it. You can go buy it right now. [cheers and applause] And now, yesterday morning
when this news broke, Carson’s people denied
that he was out there buying gold-plated chairs, and that was cool
for a few hours, until this came out. – “The New York Times” reports
HUD spent $31,000 on a new dining set for
Secretary Ben Carson’s office as cuts were being planned
for programs to the homeless
and elderly and poor. Ben Carson says he didn’t know
the table was purchased but does not intend
to return it. – [laughs] You know, there are times when I doubt
Ben Carson’s blackness, but then something
like this happens, and I’m like,
“Yeah, that’s my dude.” No, ’cause that’s how black
people handle shit, right? You get something
you’re not supposed to, but you have it now. Like, the guy from Verizon
will call up like, “I’m sorry about this,
but you paid for an iPhone 6 and we sent you a X
by mistake.” You’ll be like, “Uh,
sounds like you [bleep] up. Bye-bye.” So it turns out,
Mr. Saving Money Over Here wanted a chair for over $5,000 and then bought a dining set
for $30,000. And now “The Guardian” reported
that his department just spent over $160,000
on lounge furniture, yeah. You realize, for that amount
of money, he could have built a poor person
a decent house, yeah, or three uncomfortable houses, whichever way you want to go. Like, Ben Carson
is clearly doing some shady shit
at his department, and it might also involve
his wife and his son. I don’t know. I do think this is probably
why the secretary was so evasive last year
when Congress was questioning him
about his budgets. – Sir, you have indicated
that there will be substantial cuts to the budget
that HUD has. How much from housing vouchers,
Mr. Carson? – Uh, rather than go through
a quiz on all the numbers, uh– – It’s not a quiz, Mr. Carson. I have the time to ask you
questions about things that you should have
some knowledge of. Why would the secretary of HUD
not give the number, the amount that you’re cutting from housing vouchers,
Mr. Carson? How much, Mr. Carson?
– Let’s hear your number. – Mr. Carson, you’re
the witness testifying today. And if you want a moment
to ask someone behind you, you would gladly accord you
that moment. – I-I don’t–I don’t want
to open the book and look at the numbers. – What? Why does he sound like a kid who’s too scared
to look under the bed? “I don’t want to look
under the bed and see the monsters.” [spooky music] You probably remember
Ronny Jackson. He’s the White House physician
who came out in January and said that Trump
has the strength of a hippo and the body to match. You remember that? Right. Well, he said that Trump
was incredibly healthy, which shocked everybody. Like, even God was in the
front row like, “The [bleep]?” Well, anyway, we didn’t know
much about him back then, and we didn’t need to, but once Trump nominated
Jackson for a cabinet position, people started digging
into his past like he was dating
Taylor Swift. – The White House physician
nominated to lead the Department
of Veterans Affairs provided a large supply
of Percocet, a prescription opioid, to a White House
military office staff member. A nurse on his staff
said Dr. Jackson had written himself
prescriptions. – The word is, is that on
overseas trips in particular that the admiral would go down
the aisleway of the airplane and say, “All right,
who wants to go to sleep?” and hand out the prescription
drugs like they were candy. – Like an Ambien-type drug.
– Yeah, that’s exactly right. He hands out prescriptions
like candy. In fact, in the White House,
they call him “the candy man.” – Now, look–now, look, to be fair–to be fair, giving sleeping pills
to staff on overseas flights is apparently kind of
standard practice in many administrations. But distributing drugs
like he was the Stringer Bell
of “Air Force One” is just the beginning
of Ronny Jackson’s story. – Sources telling CNN
the White House doctor allegedly became intoxicated during multiple overseas trips
on duty, including one in 2015, where sources say he banged
on the hotel room door of a female employee
in the middle of the night. – According to this memo, at a Secret Service
going-away party, Jackson got drunk and wrecked
a government vehicle. – Okay, this is just shocking. No, I can’t believe that
between Trump’s two doctors, Ronny Jackson is the one who
might have a drinking problem. – Brett Kavanaugh,
Supreme Court nominee and renowned
dad jeans collector. His confirmation hearings were already controversial
and contentious, but this weekend,
they reached a whole new level. – The Supreme Court nomination
of Judge Brett Kavanaugh could be in jeopardy, a woman going public saying he sexually assaulted her
when they were in high school. Christine Blasey Ford, a college professor
in California, tells “The Washington Post” Kavanaugh and a friend
were stumbling drunk at a party in the 1980s and allegedly forced her
into a bedroom, pinned her to a bed,
and groped her. She says, “He was trying
to attack me and remove my clothing.” She told “The Post”
when she tried to scream, he put his hand
over her mouth. Kavanaugh has categorically
denied the accusation, saying in a statement,
“I did not do this back in high school
or at any time.” – Kavanaugh denies all
of these allegations adamantly. He says he didn’t
sexually assault anyone. He says he doesn’t remember
that party. In fact, he says
he was never even 17. He just went 15, 16, 18, just to be safe,
just to be safe. – This confirmation process
has become a national disgrace. You have replaced
advice and consent with search and destroy. The behavior of several
of the Democratic members of this committee
at my hearing a few weeks ago was an embarrassment. Last-minute smears
designed to scare me. I wanted a hearing
as soon as possible to clear my name. I demanded a hearing. – “That’s right,
I demanded a hearing.” [audience booing]
“You didn’t give it to me. “I demanded it! “Anyway, if you’ll put me
on the court now, “I’m prepared
to put my emotions aside “and rule fairly and soberly. “Yeah, I think we can all agree I know how to handle
my emotions, yes, yes.” I’m not gonna lie.
The contrast was striking, because where Dr. Ford
was more open to being questioned
about her experience, this dude was behaving
like the whole thing was just wasting his time. – It’s an outrage that
I was not allowed to come and immediately
defend my name and say I didn’t do this and give you
all this evidence. I’m not even–I’m not even
in D.C. on the weekends in the summer of 1982. – So you’re saying
there’s never been a case where you drank so much
that you didn’t remember what happened the night before
or part of what happened? – That’s–you’re asking about,
yeah, blackout. I don’t know.
Have you? – Could you answer
the question, Judge? It just–
So you– That’s not happened.
Is that your answer? – Yeah, and I’m curious
if you have. – This guy was such an asshole,
it looked like he was auditioning
for a Snickers commercial. He was like, “How dare you
accuse me of sexual assault? Mmm, I did it, yeah.” One frustration
many people have is that we could get
to the bottom of Ford’s allegations
much more easily if the FBI
was allowed to investigate this whole thing, right? But we’re not learning
anything from this. And after watching
this exchange, I don’t know
if finding out the truth is on Kavanaugh’s calendar. – Judge Kavanaugh,
turn to Don McGahn and to this committee
and say, “For the sake of my reputation,
my family name, “and to get to the bottom
of the truth of this, I am not going
to be an obstacle to an FBI investigation.” – I-I welcome whatever
the committee wants to do, ’cause I’m telling the truth. – I want to know
what you want to do. – I-I’m telling the truth. – I want to know
what you want to do, Judge. – I’m innocent. I’m innocent of this charge. – Why would you resist
that kind of investigation? – Sir, I-I welcome– I wanted the hearing
last week. – Judge Kavanaugh,
will you support an FBI investigation
right now? – I-I will do whatever
the committee wants to– – Personally, do you think that’s the best thing
for us to do? [audience jeering] – It was at that moment that
Brett knew he had [bleep] up. [laughter and applause] Now, Kavanaugh’s
confirmation process was a bitter partisan mess, and many people were wondering
whether a confirmed Kavanaugh would make an impartial judge. Fortunately the new justice believes bygones
should be bygones. – My focus now is to be
the best justice I can be. I take this office
with gratitude and no bitterness. Every American can be assured
that I will be an independent
and impartial justice devoted to equal justice
under law. – Ooh, Democrats,
you going to jail. No, because something tells me that this is a guy
who doesn’t forget, okay? Yeah.
I mean, except for when it comes to his drinking.
Then he forgets everything. But I’m saying, other things,
he does not forget. – Everyone has been blaming
President Trump for this week’s border crisis,
but it wasn’t his idea alone. We can also thank
Trump’s senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller. – President Trump’s senior
policy adviser, Stephen Miller, has reportedly played
a big role in the shaping of this administration’s
immigration policy. – Stephen Miller has been one
of the main drivers, pushing the president into enforcing
the separation policy. – For more on this, we turn
to senior political analyst Michael Kosta, everybody. [cheers and applause] – Thank you very much.
Thank you. – Michael, um, Stephen Miller is reportedly
behind many of Donald Trump’s most heartless
immigration policies: the travel ban,
canceling DACA, and now separating kids
from their parents. How can he support
causing so much pain? – Mm. [mockingly]
“How can he support causing so much pain?” Calm down, you snowflakes,
okay? What you got to understand is, riling up liberals
is Stephen Miller’s thing. Don’t forget,
this is a guy who ran for student government
in high school on a platform to make
the janitors work harder. He once jumped into the middle
of a women’s track meet to prove that men
are better athletes. Now, did he do that because
nobody would have sex with him? No, he did it
to trigger the libs. And he had a lot of time
to plan it, because nobody
would have sex with him. – Wait, wait, wait. So–so you’re saying
that getting a reaction, an angry reaction,
is what Stephen Miller wants? – Yeah, it’s not only
what he wants. It’s what he thrives on. It’s what gets him out
of his casket in the morning. So don’t even try, liberals. Calling Stephen Miller
a light bulb covered in skin or what–what happens
when enough cousins [bleep] only nourishes him. And–and pointing out that he could rent
his forehead on Airbnb would be falling
right into his trap. – Wow, that–that’s really
upsetting, Michael. – Yeah.
– But on the other hand, wouldn’t calling him
something like a preregistered
sex offender or– or Satan’s life coach at least
make people feel a bit better? – I mean–I mean, maybe,
but it won’t help. You’re talking about a guy
who puts his whole mouth on a public water fountain. You can’t get to him.
[audience groans] I mean–I mean, sure,
you could– you could Photoshop his face
to look like a herpes sore or–
[audience groans] Or slap it on a couple
of bull testicles or just turn that mouth
into a urinal. You could do all of that. But he’s just going
to make that his profile pic on Tinder. – So–so if I understand
what you’re saying, it’s really best not to engage
at all with this guy who looks like
how tuna smells. – Yeah, I-I…
I’m afraid so. In fact, I brought a chart
to help explain, okay? So now, look, here are people who think they can shame
Stephen Miller into changing his mind,
and here are people who think they can insult Stephen Miller
into changing his mind. But what they don’t get
is that Stephen Miller, as my chart explains, he’s actually above it all,
okay? See what I mean? [laughter] [cheers and applause] – He… he looks like
a huge dickhead. – What did I just–
what did I just say, man? – I’m–I’m still learning.
Michael Kosta, everyone.


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