Federalist Paper #51 Explained: American Government Review

Federalist Paper #51 Explained: American Government Review


  1. "What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary." Context. Makes me wonder what exactly is meant by human nature. In my opinion this is the basis in understanding how everything else comes together.

  2. But no protection from big business…. I wonder where we go from here to remove the chains. Seems easy to see, very hard to do.

  3. Keith, you're great! Thank you so much for the help. I read the essay before watching this video and it may have well been in another language that I don't know. Thanks for clearing stuff up for me–you're a big help. 

  4. You, Keith… are just a savior. I have my midterm for American National Government tomorrow and you've helped me understand the Federalist Papers so clearly, thanks man…

  5. Can you do one about the quote "ambition must be able to counteract ambition" I have a paper due and I don't quite understand it.

  6. doing a bachelors degree in political sciences, this has helped me so much!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! you are awesome! your vids are awesome! greetings from Puerto Rico!! 

  7. The only teacher that doesn't put me to sleep, if anything I am more alert during your teaching. So therefore thank you very much sir.

  8. I had to learn about the Fed. Paper for my Gov class this coming year, so thank you the writting style really confused me.

  9. you are a fuckin visionary thank you so much for your incredible skills that keep me interested in stuff that I wouldn't normally be interested in

  10. Thank you so much for these videos! They sure help me in my Political Science university class!By the way, I love your shirt of Pink Floyd!

  11. Ah, your videos have been helping me since my high school days, and now that I'm majoring in Political Science in college, I still go back to your videos as refreshers before exams/papers and they're always super helpful. Thank you thank you thank you!

  12. I'm taking Political Science in college and let me tell you, I can never full understand the book assigned but you my friend, help me fully and thoroughly understand concepts. Never realized how hard political aspects can be!

  13. I have a question, what would you say is the common purpose of the interior and exterior structure of the government?

  14. Your amazing for making these videos for us college folks. Thank you! They are broken down and easy to understand! Saved me a lot of frustration as I read the federalist papers.

  15. Your videos on Fed 10 and 51 did a better job explaining these concepts than my Poli Sci 1101 teacher ever did. You rock, man.

  16. this is so gonna help me for my federal government quiz today! thanks for the summary. https://youtu.be/RcSGkXIwP5c

  17. What takes you six minutes, takes my college professor 2 hours. This is so helpful and I enjoy the pace, thank you!

  18. Our US Government teacher assigned half of our whole curriculum to your videos instead of a text book, Thank You for the awesome content!!!

  19. You sold me on this one video. Subscribed and will definitely come back later to watch more for my american gov class!

  20. in my last semester of college writing my final paper thanks once again currently comparing this federalist paper to J.S. Mill

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  22. Thanks Hip! Helpful info. I read through the Fed papers myself and the writing style is a true pain. It feels like college student wrote 500/1,000 words on their essay, and instead of expanding on their essay, they just use swap out their own words for bigger words, and add in as much bullsh*t as possible to reach the 1,000 word count.

  23. I have a summer assignment test tomorrow and these videos are so helpful because I’m really struggling to interpret the papers. Thank you!

  24. I’m a sophomore taking AP and this helps so much cause sometimes I read the papers or the constitution and get a little confused on what I even just read

  25. I’m a sophomore taking AP and this helps so much cause sometimes I read the papers or the constitution and get a little confused on what I even just read

  26. Along with your federalist 10 video, you just helped me a ton with my college gov class. Thank you, and I wish my professor exhibited your energy and passion

  27. My college profess gave us a copy of Federal Paper No. 51 and I was okay reading it to a certain point. Thank you for your excellent explanation and summarization of no. 51. I used you in my earlier Political Science 1 course and almost forgot about you for this American History course.

  28. You kinda misinterpret the document. It on both ways… poor from rich and rich from poor ???‍♂️. The 1% is a minority as the ultra poor are too.

  29. I’m in early high school and am having to study this for an Alumni homework assignment for a class. This was very helpful thank you so much!

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