FDA Bans Most Flavored E-Cigarette Cartridges | NBC Nightly News

FDA Bans Most Flavored E-Cigarette Cartridges | NBC Nightly News


  1. I always find it so funny that people know for 100% beyond any doubt that smoking is bad for you yet believe that somehow vaping is better. Smoking is smoking and it's all bad for you.

  2. What ever happen to personal responsibility?? Should we ban flavored alcohol too, or flavored sodas??
    I drive semis cross country, I smoked 2 packs a day, I switched to vaping, now I dont smoke anything at all. Just my personal story

  3. At a time when America is legalizing pot and all kinds of drugs. Its so hypocritical to ban something as simple as vape flavors…another example of SOCIALISM at its best

  4. I just love how people in government think they have a higher claim to your life, liberty, and property than you do.

  5. Good call by the FDA. I

    was actually looking forward to the next generation growing up to lead a better society. Hooking them all on nicotine wasn't going to help with that.

    And no, if you are planning on teenagers making wise personal responsibility choices, you will be sorely disappointed.

  6. So, Because Irresponsible Parents purchase FLAVORED vape Juice – Or they purchase BOOTLEG Flavored Juice(Which as i understand it has been causing this illness) it has been BANNED on a national level for everyone? leaving Normal Tobacco and Menthol flavors alone? and you think this is going to solve anything? BULL** The only think this accomplishes is turn youth back to cigarettes and helps the cigarette companies, by getting rid of a competitor, Punishing hardworking responsible adults, this won't solve anything, These kids are STILL going to get vape juice, or worse they will try to make their own, they are still going to get sick and peopel are still going to die (probbably more!) this is going to have Dire Ramifications.

  7. THOUSANDS of deaths by cigs every single year and no ban. Less than 10 deaths and immediate ban. I wonder where the money is.

  8. imagine making something illegal because kids are illegally obtaining it and seeing that new law as a success. man politicians are idiotic waste of money and time.

  9. Good Job America make more things illegal because if there is one lesson we've learned its that prohibition always works

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