FBI official allegedly altered document in Russia probe: Report

FBI official allegedly altered document in Russia probe: Report


  1. The democrats think you become immune to investigation because you're running for president? That certainly didnt apply to Trump!

  2. I love this Country, it’s mine. These criminals have used my tax $ to change it & it’s time to prosecute. I have faith in Barr & I stand w/President Trump??

  3. KerPlunk, and the house of cards falls down. Charge them all, so coup attempts dont happen in the future. Shifty Schiff is a part of it, get his communications MR President!!!! Where is the FBI to look into this never ending coup attempt.

  4. This has to be the most disgusting, Sick, corrupt period in the history of our country. I knew the Clintons were poison when neither one of them could win their own state..
    But never dreamed how evil and poisonous they were.
    This world will be better off when they are both gone permanently from this earth.

  5. The money "Congress" keeps giving other countries is from MY pay packet. OF COURSE I want corruption of Ukraine to be investigated – and the Bidens. Why not???

  6. We need to bring the Media CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC since 2016 allegations against our Commander and Chief. We need to bring all the media to a military Tribunal and respond to the ac accusations and surveillance and FISA and charge our president for treason , foreign nations to our nation and the american people and the president elected President Trump.

  7. Who's the agent, and what is he doing tampering with Russian documents…
    This is absolutely crazy…
    Poor President Trump, may God be with you and protect you in a den of venomous ?

  8. Congressman Mr. Darrell Issa's, Inspector General Horowitz are like Mr. Giuliani. Fair is as far as it goes. On the job 24/7.

  9. If your not awake, or alive, you'd know the Left ,the media, and their enforcement arm, the Doj, and fbi, are exempt from any and all laws.

  10. Why don't the Republicans release the original transcript kept in the Whitehouse high security server?
    Why doesn't Trump, Guiliani, Mulvaney, Pompeii, etc testify at the impeachment hearing?
    Don't they want the truth to come out?
    Is something being hidden? Are people afraid to perjure themselves? Or are they afraid that they too will also be impeached?
    Why the distraction of Biden? Is Hunter Biden any more guilty of nepotism than Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr and Eric?

  11. They say the alterations would not have changed the outcome of the Fisa warrant being approved. I'm not so sure about that. They tried and failed to get the warrant approved earlier. I would be interested in whether or not the alterations were in answer to the previous attempt.

  12. My gosh! There is a mountain of evidence that points out an attempt by the democrats to overthrow the election and the presidency. In my opinion mass amounts of criminal indictments is about to explode.

  13. FOX…..COME ON….WE ALREADY KNOW THE BIDENS ARE GUILTY…..you are just FAKE news too……Biden clearly states in meeting with CFR members that he had payments withheld from Ukraine until they FIRE the prosecutor that was investigating Hunter YEARS AGO….

    You are as MUCH owned by the DEEP STATE as any other MSM is…….such a joke and EVIL…

    EXPOSE IT day and night……YOU ALL ARE GUILTY of hiding the TRUTH TOO

  14. Fiona Hill is more likely a British agent who with the Rothschild land management program wants the U.S. to get lost and pay her salary.

  15. Jumping ahead now that a date was given by Horowitz of releasing info. This is the lowest hanging fruit so to speak that will result in no criminal charges of this sole act . Although there was quite a bit of speculation years ago..all those allegations are now showing truth, but , it is the tall tree that has to be chopped down.

  16. Who told him to do it, then who told that guy to have it done? This goes all the way to the top, Democrats have a big hand in this, not only Clinton but those close to her and fellow democrats angry about losing election. Trump is shutting down their illegal money grab, and this is all about revenge. Too late Americans see through the lies and we see the corruption and treason.

  17. didn't take long for leaking the document to the press. Is this deliberate or are Democrats trying to distract the public again?

  18. The wedge is the first person to go down. The wedge stands alone, knowing their fellows are going free. Knowing the wedge's children will be left in the cold. Knowing that just a word from them will remove the sword from their neck. Very hard to "take one for the team."


  20. FFS people, you should know by now the FBI & CIA serve the ' company', not the nation, not the populace, not justice, they serve the selected ones in power & the entities that command them.

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  22. Goofy CNN. Nice attempt to try to ease the blow of what's to come.. Come on folks…They are masters of mind manipulation and committing political crimes in plain sight. Please wake up everybody. No more falling of the okie doke.

  23. Okay the FISA report comes out soon, will Trump act on it or not. I would say time is running out on this indictment tribunal thing!!!

  24. I'm certain Bill barr already has a few Democrats who are afraid of prison, especially any prison near the fbi and Clinton but they are already singing. It was the dems who started this entire process and here we are less than a year before an election in Pelosi and Schiff timetable. They didn't expect this.

  25. The fact is we the people elected this President. The fact is the President has created jobs and pay hikes like nothing in the last 60 years. Take him from us in an investigation , in stead of an election, see what happens.

  26. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are above the law. They both need to take the stand to tell where their charges are coming from.

  27. Don't get your hopes up, they have already lied lots, and been caught, and nothing has happened…. there should already be , at least, a handful of Federal Agents in prison right now from just the past 3 years alone…. they don't even use a ruler when they smack their hands.

  28. No one is above the law, except democrat, obama, clinton, pelosi, frankeinstain, joe biden, adam schiff, schumer and cnn, abc, cbs, nbc, msnbc, etc…they have power to control this country USA!

  29. Still a cover up. One person being scrutinized instead of the ones we already know: Strok, his GF, Comey, McCabe, etc. Also, the premise of the FISA was accurate…right! The IG is in coverup mode, letting one person fall, while whitewashing the FISA group off the hook. We will see how that plays out with Durham. It’ll be interesting if his facts differ from the IG. The IG is part of the swamp in the FBI and the fix is still in…

  30. Russia did not hack our elections!
    Russia is not attacking other countries all around the world like we are!
    And in many ways they have become freer than we are. They pay far less taxes for example. United States loved the Communist Soviet Union but can't stand a non communist.
    Wake up, America wake up!

  31. The public isn’t going to let some no name patsies take the fall for all of this bullshite. You can take that to the bank.

  32. Fiona Hill is friends with Christopher Steel and is a Soros person. She arrogant and narrow minded. She needs to be fired in the most hostile way possible.

  33. so another FBI offical proven to be corrupted beyond a doubt ! we need a special jail for them = and a wall to stand against so they can face a firing squad !

  34. If nothing is done about these traitorous criminals starting with Hillary Clinton then it proves there is no Justice only corruption and they will continue to suck America and Americans dry. Now at this point in time there needs to be set an example. Charged prosecuted and jailed these criminals NOW!

  35. They go on about how corrupt Ukraine is, but our own FBI works with other groups at getting the President they want in/out of Office……… that's called a coup.

    "A coup d'état, also known by its German name putsch, or simply as a coup, is the overthrow of an existing government by non-democratic means; typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a dictator, the military, or a political faction."

  36. Someone needs to look into the wrong-doing of those who are investigating the president. That's a nest of vipers. This mustn't happen again; these creeps and loonies should be prosecuted. What I see is a bunch of corrupt people who just see everything through poop-colored lenses. "Oh, it wasn't anything Trump said, it was what I HEARD because that's what people always mean…. He meant he wanted the Ukrainian president to pay and to pay dearly…. tit for tat… of course he wasn't just going to give the aid without something in return…". Now, I see that was MY assumption…. (Yes, I've been in this corrupt "Deep State" soup for so long, it's the norm here… I've been SOAKING IN IT). And as the little maggot who was in the military and now, retired, dons his Lt. Col. uniform…. said, "But in the military, I take what my superior says as an order!" (How else can I escape all responsibility? "I HAVE to follow ORDERS, see…"? (So my total lack of ethics is never a problem!)

  37. There were three attempts before the FISA court to get an order for surveillance. The first two didn’t succeed. Obviously they altered the request and submitted it again. Otherwise it would be ridiculous to submit the exact same request.

  38. The document altering maybe "juicy." But let's not get too excited, Foxers: Misconduct by a third person would have no bearing on Trump's impeachment or his subsequent criminal prosecution. One crime does not cancel out another.

  39. Some facts, simplified for the intellectually challenged.
    1. Trump is cleaning out the swamp
    2. The residents of swamp (career swamp creatures) are unwilling to give up all of the swamp money, so are not going quietly.
    3. It took time to get here and will take time to remedy, but the drainage will continue.

  40. Back up! Horowitz referred McCabe for criminal prosecution? I didn't know this! Ok then! Why hasn't he been arrested or has the deep state media covered this up as well?

  41. The DNC is dying because it's a scam factory and people are finally learning. Then the DNC blames everyone else for it's own faults. derp

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