Eric and Lara Trump on Barr’s bombshell, exciting family news

Eric and Lara Trump on Barr’s bombshell, exciting family news


  1. Trump says that there are spies among us.
    Of course he does…
    What crazy rich criminals now call spying, normal people just used to call a criminal investigation.
    The POTUS is the Commander in Chief.
    He is not like anyone else in the Country.
    A POTUS with substantial foreign financial engagements presents a potential for a conflict of interest, and the possibility of compromise by foreign State actors.
    It is the responsibility of the Congress to serve as balance to the Executive Branch, and as a check upon the Presidents actions and conduct.
    The right of the Congress to investigate the POTUS for abuses is not only lawful, and a necessity for them to be able to comply with their Congressional responsibilities, it is also your basic no brainer for anyone with one.

  2. The left is wrong
    The right is wrong
    The left is right
    The right is right.

    The childish bantering of FOX trying to discredit CNN, and CNN trying to discredit FOX perspectively creates a running joke about politics and FOX, CNN, and MSNBC are suppose to be some of the MOST authentic news sources out there. I know teenagers that act more maturely than half the anchors on major news networks.

  3. The Democrats are exposed for what they truly are. Hypocrites, liars, hate filled racists and corrupt to their core. They are going to get smoked in 2020.

  4. After President Trumps 2020 reelection, after he takes down the democrats & Rino's deep-state, i'd vote to add President Trumps face to MT. Rushmore! It's right where he belongs, in the history of saving America!πŸ‘

  5. Oh my gosh – politicising a baby.
    And politics in America is reduced to lying & making fun by some.
    Do you realise how childish the open political trashing makes you look.
    Everybody has the right to be treated as a decent human
    Yet you have elected someone who shows no regard nor understanding for your political process..
    America is not the only country in the world
    And we would not trade our health care for all no matter what – it is a BASIC human right
    Why isn’t it yours? Don’t you want to bring your children into the best possible world – not just for the wealthy
    Please think for yourselves
    Politicians here are playing games to get your votes – look what happened with TAXES – everyone else in the world knows that the rich should get HIGHER tax rates – of course the lower income groups are worse off – they tell you lies – if it sounds too good to be true – it is

  6. Lara, is so right about young people. My soon to be 18 year old is more vocal about her political views than I am and I'm vocal. She has asked questions for 2 yrs. I never told her what she had to think. I gave her my views but insisted she research things herself. She works and bought her first Trump 2020 shirt. It is her banner of truth.

  7. "Spying" and "surveillance" are SYNONYMS. Judging by their collective illiteracy, these Dem-O-Crooks must have gone to their OWN schools.

  8. Who would have ever believed we would have to ACTIVELY pursuade American citizens that a capital democracy is superior to a communist socialist government. Thumbs up if federalized schools are the in part responsible.

  9. I think now that the Russia nonsense is over (of course there will be stalwarts that will cling to anything anti-Trump while getting no meaningful work done for the American people), a focus should be enforcing voter laws that prevent fraud and illegal voting from occurring. This is essential for the next election because we know the dems will lie, cheat, and steal to get their way…they have already proved it.


  11. I love how their showing the faces of the people and hardly focusing on the guests. They all get it, they're all informed, and they are fed up. This is America, liberals. And we're going to vote.

  12. A good gene . Take care your good gene. Do not give a way your daughter to a bad gene. Eric I love you for born of a good gene.

  13. Wasn't a Trump charitable organization shut down in December because the Trump family was using the funds for their own personal spending?

  14. Patriots come out. Donald J. Trump is a true patriot. He left his comfort zone and sacrifice all his and face reality of a leading Nation on planet Earth. He is my hero.

  15. God be with Barr to keep him safe and HEALTHY. As we all know about DNC BODY COUNT! Justice for Seth Rich!!! And hitlerus cook

  16. President Trump's opponent at the 2020 election will be Pete Buttigieg.
    He's been prepped and programmed and will be launched by the media in due course,

  17. So grateful for this family who brings class to our WhiteHouse!
    You can’t reason with Dems control mongers!

  18. they are really gorgeous… Congrats on the baby – guess it will be aryan as can be.
    And thank you for your service <3

  19. Are you kidding….. you are seeking the opinion of the Frump family of liars on politics…. really? He is worst presidents ever…no morals, value and spiteful. That may be your leader but Frump is certainly not what I call leaders. Release the Meuller report unredeacted, and then lets get their reaction!

  20. President Trump is single-handedly destroying the Democrat Party and their allies in the fake news media. I'm going to enjoy the next 6 years of the Trump Presidency.

  21. I can live without beef, but what about cheese, yogurt, ice cream dairy products? How many farmers would be impacted by this mean new deal!

  22. How absolute inappropriate to announce a pregnancy on Fox TV. The Republicans have no plan on Health Care, so what is there to talk about? Just release the Muller Report unredacted if possible, release Trump's Taxes, and his School transcripts. And then we can more on. What is he hiding?

    TRUMP 2020

  24. What Pelosi was saying is, "I want to work with him, but only if he does what I want him to do." Or in normal (non-DemonRat speak) I'm not going to compromise on anything; and he's a bad guy for not caving in to everything I want. How do we know this: simple, take what she said, invert it 180 degress. And that's what she really means.

  25. Hey Donald Trump – let's see you're damned taxes, let's see the damned Mueller Report. It's obvious that you are HIDING things from the American people. Stop dragging this out and come clean now, we WILL eventually find out what you don't want people to know.

  26. Prohibit drug companies from advertising on TV, print and Internet. . . Will save how much?
    Promote stress reduction techniques
    Farmacy not Pharmacy . . . Soil health not GMOs
    Real food not chemically processed

  27. As a father i can say your kids are a reflection of your values. The left has yet to convince me that Trump is a deranged, racist homophobe, xenophobe, and sexist. His kids look pretty normal and talented to me!…on top of that they seem to love&support their dad!!!

  28. Lara Trump, the women on a phone recording offering Omarosa a $180000 a year do nothing job on the 2020 Trump campaign using small donor money in return for her silence. Just another Trump family grifter. Lol Barr the flunky will release a heavily redacted report the day before a holiday and Trump's team have said they have already written a 140 page rebuttal report attacking the Mueller report even though they claim not to have read it. But according to Trump who claims not to have seen the report it completely exonerates him in which case you would think he would want the full report issued urgently. What a complete load of BS. Subpoena Mueller and get the truth.

  29. How in the world can Fox have great shows and hosts like these folks, Ingram, Hannity & Tucker Carlson; but also have turds like Shep Smith? Paul (the Ultimate RINO) Ryan on the Board now? And Donna Brasille hired too?

    Thank God for the Alt News Channels on YouTube. The guys on it and the good anchors mentioned above are the only folks telling Americans the truth!

  30. Definition of Fox, Friends, and Trump supporters, republicans, Lindsey Graham, Hannity, Carlson, PIrro:::::::
    PARASITE, SYCOPHANT, TOADY, LEECH, SPONGE mean a usually obsequious flatterer or self-seeker. PARASITE applies to one who clings to a person of wealth, power, or influence or is useless to society. a jet-setter with an entourage of PARASITES SYCOPHANT adds to this a strong suggestion of fawning, flattery, or adulation. a powerful prince surrounded by sycophants TOADY emphasizes the servility and snobbery of the self-seeker. cultivated leaders of society and became their toady LEECH stresses persistence in clinging to or bleeding another for one's own advantage. a leech living off his family and friends SPONGE stresses the parasitic laziness, dependence, and opportunism of the cadger. a shiftless sponge, always looking for a handout

  31. This is so amazing…GOD BLESS happy this is happening..and TRUMP hates losing..more to come..GREAT FAMILY!!!
    TRUMP 2020!

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