Doug Collins: Adam Schiff is the first person who needs to testify

Doug Collins: Adam Schiff is the first person who needs to testify


  1. Chris Wallace, is a Demonic Rat ! Should not be on Fox News ! Biden told on himself ! And he should be in trouble for it ! Chris Wallace is a baiter ! Always hoping with his questions, he can oust someone !

  2. Chris Wallace is a beast. Republicans want documents but wont give up what they have. Gtfof. Lock them all up. Impeach trump

  3. Adam Shiff”(👁👁)”, “(🐧🐧)”Nadler🐧penguin IMPEACHMEN🎪Shows dropping
    like ton of 🧱s !
    ⚓️ 🔥💨
    Dumpster 🗑Fire🗑🗑✅ !!

  4. All republicans should stop going on this goofballs show…he claims he’s unbiased but we know that’s BS…then Wallace would have nobody but him fellow libs and rinos….

  5. President Trump is very very very Passionate & Love his Country, Family & People & the Flag. Now we know WHY THE BIBLE IS PRINTED IN AMERICA & CHRISTIANITY WAS FOUNDED, that’s why America & Americans will always be blessed BY GOD & not SATAN OR EVIL just have a look at the EVIDENCE. The BIBLE IS DONE all PROPHECIES are TRUE God Bless ❤️👍👌🏿😎

  6. It is amazing that Chris Wallace shows those clips without the clips that demonstrate that everyone was acting on hearsay and presumptions. Every single one of them. Before Auditioning for the MSM, ask Meg Kelly how that worked out.

  7. Someone MUST has some really vile "stuff" on Wallace.
    No one is that much of a Schiffbird without some perverse leverage.
    P.S. See all the comments below for the "Dump Wallace" campaign. It's unanimous!

  8. I truly wish Chris Wallace would go look for Shepard Smith, they should go off together somewhere, keeping their voices, and faces, hidden from public view. Their both jerks

  9. I suggest all EU countries dig up dirt on all G. aslighting O.P. members and their families, the Republicans are now on record that it is allowed.

  10. Horowitz is a fraud who vetted him
    He let all the criminals go in fast and furious. Horowitz needs to testify . He is a prejudice biased democrat. Horowitz owes we the people lots of money for his fake report

  11. If these rouges had done their homework and investigate The Biden twosome the President would not have to look into the corruption himself

  12. So Biden can't be investigated since he's running for President? Weren't Hillary and Trump investigated when they were running?

  13. It’s not just the Biden’s . The whole Obama administration was a criminal enterprise. Obama PROSECUTED 5 Whistleblowers. Actually charged a journalist with with holding evidence for not naming sources, weaponized the DOJ and IRS against political rivals not to mention he also putting agents in positions within the Whitehouse before he left.

  14. Is Chris been instructed by Fox to be this ridiculous, for the sake of impartiality? like if he hasn't seen the whole circus yet!

  15. Collins is another one of Lucifer’s Minions. Trump just like Lucifer aka Satan aka the Devil 😈 is a Narcissistic Psychopathic, pathological liar. Lucifer was able to convince 1/3 of the Angels to rebel against God. Trump has been able to deceive 1/3 of Congress and the public. Just like Lucifer, Trump think he’s above the law. Trump doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. The man is irredeemable. Trump is Collins Messiah, Savior and Redeemer sent by God to rescue America from the Dems, Deep State and liberal media. Trump walks on water, forgives sins, turns water into wine, heals the sick, makes the blind see. Trumps says Climate Change is a Hoax. Jesus Christ talked about Climate Change. The Role of Government is to pursue and carry out the God’s Will. Government officials are suppose to represent God’s values. They are his Earthly Ambassadors. Lying, cheating, stealing isn’t God’s Character. Collins will follow Trump to Hell.

  16. The democrats were orchestrating this coup before Trump got elected. It was as the whistle blowers own attorney that announced the coup had started and what Peter Strzok meant by they had a insurance policy in the event Trump ever did get elected by the smelly Walmart voters.

  17. Chrissy is a "token"…..Who has difficulty understanding the basics
    Of the judiciary process.
    He's an emotional Obama leg dripper.
    Old white guy he is…. Who's not accepted by the "crowd" he wants in office. Funny token.

  18. These goof balls have no problem continuously investigating their political opponent and involving foreignors. Looking for the truth is good and a service to voters.

  19. Schiff, "whistleblower," Joe @ Hunter Biden must be held to account. This will only happen with a full Senate trial. It will be interesting to see if Dems want to risk the 'blowback" from a Senate trial or simply chicken out with a finger wagging BS censure.

  20. This guy talks like foolish farmer from the South. Does he look intelligent to you? Probably he went to a lowly-graged law school! disgusting! The guy is not worthy to be people representative!

  21. Why WOULDN’T Donald Trump ask that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden be investigated? President Trump knows what Chris Wallace also knows, that Hunter Biden was paid hundreds of thousands (millions?) of dollars for expertise in the field he knows nothing about in a part of the world he knows nothing about.

    If I was president I would want them to investigate that, too. It’s on its face, corrupt. Mike Wallace is just another leftist “journalist“.

  22. Chris Wallace is such a hack. He is trying to put Collins in a bad position but rep Collins is so much smarter that Chris looks like a fool!!

  23. Ok One More Time…..Joe Biden and Hunter Biden Were Both Under Investigation In 2015 – 2016 In The Ukraine….Trump Hasn't Been Elected Yet….Trump is asking the Ukraine's are the Bidens and the Kerry's and How Many other Americans Are Under Investigation For What …..?????…..Before We Hand Over More Money To A Corrupt Ukraine…..Now Adam Schiff has Ties To Burisma Holdings …..It's Obvious Biden's Kerry's Schiff ….all have A Tremendous Amount to Cover Up and Hide …..Everyone Knows There's No Quid Pro Quo by Trump only Joe Biden when He Had obama hold to Aid to the Ukraine until the Prosecutor Was Fired or Removed From His Son's Investigation……

  24. President Trump was and is not in any way concerned that Sleepy Joe would ever be elect as President or even get the nomination. No reason to investigate him other than to expose his corruption and make him accountable for potential criminal activity.

  25. Why should Schiff testify – it's not like he went with Nunes to the Ukraine to influence and put pressure on them. Seriously Collins? Get a life in reality. You are just a super-duper boot-licker.

  26. He is such of an idiot because Chris Wallace lost his journalist card years ago. This is Fox downfall with Paula Ryan running the show!!

  27. Schiff is the the first person who should be put in handcuffs and the fraud charges read to him – Pelosi should be the second….
    FFS, it should have happened by now.

  28. This guy Mr Chris Wallace gives an air of balance but he is really anti Trump. He is generally seeing anything about President Trump through the lens of the Democrats. Let someone prove me wrong, otherwisevwhy are listening to his tirade.


  30. Actually I think idiot manchild trump himself should be the first on the stand. Then he can comment purgatory and go off to jail and save us all a lot of time.

  31. Great job wallace you showed one side for the dumbocrates but didn't show the republicans crushing their testimony and showing them to be political hacks. your not much of a man go to the alphabet news where you belong

  32. Fox News sleeper agents, Chris Wallace and Ed Henry, do not deserve to receive valuable information from any Patriot because their agenda is ONLY about bending Truth and Facts as material for their assigned narratives. They are talking puppets of The Enemy Within. Don't trust 'em.

  33. Hey little Dougie, why shouldn't Trump be the first one, or Mulvaney, or Giuliani, or Pompeo? You're a water-carrying coward and traitor to America. Btw what is Schiff accused of that warrants questions? Specifically.

  34. I wonder how many times the The Fox News Murdoch boys visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile island .Little Saint James without the wives knowing .

  35. If the American President was talking to the President of another country on corruption issues and where a prominent American openly engaged in corrupt practices in that country, wouldn't he naturally mention the name?

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