Donald Trump Makes Political Ploy Of Cruelty To Separated Immigrant Kids | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Donald Trump Makes Political Ploy Of Cruelty To Separated Immigrant Kids | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Why is this criminal our president? Do we have no brains! No real humanity? Why are the Americans acting like they have no choices? Get up and get moving in a different direction and lock up first the president and then all the liners that have helped this administration corrupt our thinking!,,,

  2. You know what… if you are a Trump supporter and support this disgusting behavior, please leave the country and let someone in who really appreciates what this country is all about. If I had the power I would send every last one of you to Guatemala and put a deserving human being in your place in the USA. Morgan would go first. You disgust me.

  3. One lawyer who toured one of Trump's camps reportedly caught the flu. When the children get lice the guards take away their mattresses and make them sleep on the concrete floor. People are taking up collections of supplies for these children and the Trumpcamps are refusing them. Trump WANTS these children to suffer so that he can hold them for ransom to force Democrats to legalize Trump's illegal policies!

  4. If you watch Donald Trump rallies and look at the idiots that's it behind him and cheer him on for locking up kids it's a disgrace to this country. I don't wish no Badness on no one but the people who think this is okay for Donald Trump treat and tortured kids need to get the same treatment with their kids.

  5. The only power we have it's the vote! If you are a real American and person who believe in God you need to do something now and stop all this madness one crazy dictator wannabe are installing in our beautiful country.
    We Americans, we have values and moral!
    Kick out the crazy orange orangutan out of the White House!
    Vote! Vote! Vote!

  6. You actually let clowns like this on television? See how that works for you when the right truly rises. You think trump is bad? You know nothing.

  7. that guy made no scence people are renting their kids to make money ? so who is paying the "rent" and how do they get into the metal shed jail? i still say trump and his child rapest friends have something up their sleeve to sell them to the pediphile rings

  8. Malignant Narcissist Personality Disorder. Narcissists love to demean, torture, devalue and steal the dignity of those they wish to punish when they don't get their way. He did this when he withheld government paychecks for over a month. He should be impeached for his mental illness alone.

  9. "Trump Facts Leave Millennials Speechless

    Trump may not be your favorite, but he is the most pro-LGBTQ president in history. While I'm not personally in agreement with this movement, it cracks me up that our president gets labeled as some sort of villain against this group when in fact he's the most liberal president we've had in history. "

  10. These ILLEGAL ALIEN kids never had it so good, it is like summer camp, 3 hot meals unlimited snacks supervision and many other amenities AMERICAN CHILDREN DONT HAVE IT THIS GOOD STOP WHINING ABOUT THESE KIDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. WOW this station attracts the weak minded uneducated inexperienced irresponsible immature unsophisticated morons, just WOW!!!

  12. Child Advocate Attorneys tell even more gruesome stories about the cruelties inflicted upon migrant children.
    Did you know, that the twump administration has said that Border Security stopped taking children from their parents over a yr ago? Criminal lies. Visiting attorneys have spoken to a young teen who said that there 'were' over 100 more children there, but they were suddenly taken somewhere else. The team of attorneys scoured the base until they found a metal, windowless building on the outskirts, and found the children there.
    Babies without diapers for months, left in the care of very young children. Can you as a mother, or father or any other family member that knows the amount of diapers needed for a baby, imagine the absolute filth of the place. All of this, inside a windowless metal building.
    Attorneys who saw the condition of that place, called it one thing: "A CONCENTRATION CAMP FOR CHILDREN WHO HAD COMMITTED NO CRIME."
    The White House under the leadership of Donald Trump, is being ruled by a Beast with no heart, no soul and no means of understanding any one person, other than himself.
    Question: Why haven't a storm of soldiers entered the White House, ordered this beast to the floor with his hands in back of his head, handcuffed and dragged off to face Criminal War Crimes Humanitarian Commission? This potus has declared a war on entering the US illegally. Why hasn't he been arrested yet for Abuse of these Children. In any conflict situation, leadership is always responsible for the behavior of its troops. This is an act of terrorism against those too young to understand the word.
    This is another crime to add to your refrigerator or bulletin board list to remind you when you vote, why Djt should never see power again for the rest of his life. Also accountable, are those heads of these detention centers that followed the commands of an insane dictator who will not stop short of 'ruling' America. America has no sovereignty. The potus is meant to actually be a figurehead. Most work is done in the 'Bi- Partisan' Senate and Congressional Houses. A potus is only one third of America's Balance of Power System.
    This post I am sharing is actually an excerpt from Rachel Maddow speaking 24 hours before the first round of Democrat Debates to be held in Florida. The incidents above are said to be spoken of as a main topic by those contenders. We now know that this first round was a political comedy of speakers talking over each other, microphone problems, chest puffing by those showing their knowledge of the Spanish language, and bitter in fighting, and sheep in the headlights syndrome filled by awkward silence as some took far too long to contemplate the question. We need maturity of thought in our future leadership. I personally would give all of this first round, a bad failing grade. And with the issues at hand, We need Experience of the Political Arena, and we got 8 stooges falling over each other.
    May God Bless all those innocent children. Victims of our potus' secret war. Please keep them continually in your family prayers and thoughts. TO GOD BE THE GLORY, OF RIGHT OVER WRONG AT THE ARM OF THOSE FIGHTING FOR GOOD OVER EVIL🙏😢😠✊❤!

  13. if you keep moving them around it make it harder to track them, and it wouldn't surprise me if trump is having them dropped off in the desert .

  14. the biggest problem is that republicans will never see these stories about what trump is doing, not as long as the Fox network keeps acting like a propaganda machine and keeps filtering all of their news!.

  15. Yeah,….’good thing no one on your side of the spectrum is “making a political ploy” of the tragedy — that would never happen.

  16. This is called  " Hostile Immigration Policy"  where, children and adults are been tortured to act example to other NOT  to try to enter the USA legally.

  17. Are you kidding me!!!!?????!!!!!! Why in God's name doesn't one of those Boarder Control Agents talk to a lawyer or press or someone? But no—-they see these atrocities and they do nothing? Each and everyone of those people should be fired—no questions asked.

  18. For all those people who defend their MAGA neighbours; who say they are "confused" or "misled".
    They're not.
    They're sick.
    This is a death cult, plain and simple, no different from the National Socialist death cult that gripped Germany in the 30's and 40's.

  19. And the biggest elephant in the room as far as these children are concerned, that on one is specking about is how many Paedophile rings are now trafficking in those children that are “undocumented” facilitated by the US government. How many of them that has just disappeared.

  20. No child should ever be required to care for another child on their own. All of these pro-lifers make me sick. You want to take away the rights of the mother, but once the children are here they are kept in cages with NOTHING. This is appalling and I will fight for these children and other immigrants. My God, we are a country of immigrants. Please stand for these people.
    Martin Neimoller can never be forgotten. "Then they came for me"… should be read and recited the world over. Please don't close your eyes to this horrible suffering caused by the current Whitehouse resident.

  21. This administration's policies are criminal and even inhumane as they relate to immigration at the southern border specifically family separations. Aren't these tactics similar to those used by Nazi Germany as well as the United States during WW2. Apparently we don't always learn in a positive way from the mistakes of the past but are condemned to watch as they're used playbook style by our very own American Hitler. The longer this Administration and its supporting congressional members remain in power the more difficult this country's struggle will be to regain its hard won posture in the world as we know it

  22. I wish someone would shoot Trump. Send Melania with her parents back to Slovenia, and put Barron Trump in a cage.

  23. Is this for real. There have been children taken away from parents under ever president. You commit a crime you go to prison. Illegally entering this country is illegal. Blame the parents. There are rules and laws the parents are knowingly putting there children in this situation.!!! It amazes me we have an amazing president can't complain about anything else so hey this been going on but let's put it on trump. Trump is for Americans. Trump 2020.

  24. Where are the children that's the important thing we the people need to go find them we were not founded on this kind of treatment children

  25. Why do I say We can Skip the Senate and go Straight to The Criminal Courts. McConmel gifted us. He just recently said anything the House Sends me I wont put up for A vote. A liitle while ago He grabbed the Mueller Report and said I am done with this case is closed then He proved by Blocking the Democrats bill to have Mueller testify

  26. We Do the Impeachment now, like Rachel said or asked. What if we impeached to get everything. Yes, We do that with Force, no SC stopping, nothing. We now Have to! Trump murdered those two kids 6 months ago, He is a traitor with a glove that doesnt fit and he Woulf throw us into War over his Winning. He will Do everything. But We can plot his strategies out

  27. Why do the USA Americans citizens not go out to the streets in Millions and protest??? not matter if white, brown, yellow or black!!! to end this horrible conditions of the children. ?????????

  28. You aught to be jumping for the privilege to help any migrant desperately right now.. The statue of liberty is about to set itself on fire..

  29. Even when Donald Trump is no longer President he should be investigated and criminally charged accordingly for his manipulation of the Law and abuse of power.

  30. I blame All white American White People. If those where undocumented Irish immigrants like the ones we have here in Chicago, white people would lose there minds!!! There is not enough good white people to change this. I’m thankful to see this country’s true colors yellow (not red/blue)!

  31. Please start charging these officials with child abuse and kidnapping. Fill the prisons with these ruthless adults.

  32. Why is anyone surprised on anything done under #45? Furthermore, as long as the ELECTORAL COLLEGE exists the next election will be won by #45. The first time around showed the true face of the country. What's changed? Just the cover has been pulled off of a lot of mess yet it's ignored by those who worship #45.

  33. You would think Melania, Ivanka, would have something to say about the treatment of people much less children at the border. But no, lets go get some more cosmetic surgeries, and don't we look beautiful. What nobody seems to be saying is America was built by immigrants, it is or was supposed to be the shinning light on the hill, a guiding light in the dark, showing to those still out there, here we are, come on home. It really hurts me that what I have always believed America really stands for,does not seem to be true anymore, if it ever was.


  35. The Quisling Coward Trump again proves himself to have no Class, no Morals, no Compassion, no Common Decency, no Recognition of US Values.

  36. People on TV get Paid the big bucks to Cover this up ; #2818: SERCO’S ZULU BRIDGE TO MUMBAI PIG FARM – CLINTON 8(A) PATENT – OBAMA VISA 9/11 SNUFF

  37. It's International kidnapping and the UN will have to step in to stop the US from humanitarian crimes. So shameful.

  38. How we treat children – any child – reveals the moral conscience of our culture. When children are separated from their parents, placed in confined spaces, detained and denied basic services as a national policy of deterrence. Then that nation has lost its sense of humanity.

  39. At one time in America the government took the children of Native American tribes and put them into schools to "civilize" them. Some of them became leaders that fought war against the government.

  40. 2020 Americans, go vote!!!
    You have become embarrassing nation by having lower percentages voters in 2016 than Indonesian election in 2019, a country with 17k islands and rain forests and only scores CPI by 38%.
    Last January 2019, US Corruption Perceptions Index was at 71% and our dear neighbor, Canada scored 81%.

    US government system has more corruptions than the Canadians but has less people who understand about their power in election than Indonesian.

  41. This is an international crime against humanity and those responsible MUST be held accountable and locked up in similar conditions … but you're not allowed to do that, a convicted criminal has rites.

  42. I double dog dare all of you in "Red" States to entrust the custody of your children and grandchildren to the sole custody of Donald J. Trump. You won't do it will you? In fact, you've seen that his wife doesn't even trust him with their son. His son, Barron, lived on a separate floor of Trump Tower before the inauguration. You've seen that the first family has no pets. Whatever made you think that a man, who will cheat a small businessman out of a contract after goods and services have already been delivered, will suddenly become a responsibile caregiver for our country. No, he and McConnell have been stuffing their pockets with your money, and expecting you to believe the next fairytale they come up with. There are many seniors in this country that don't get $750/month to live on. You know that $750/day for those children is going somewhere, right? Open your eyes. I finally had to face the fact that Nixon was a crook 45 years ago. Now, it's your turn to face the fact Trump and McConnell are crooks. It's past time to say goodbye to old rubbish.


  44. Trump lives to abuse people not fortunate enough to be born to a millionaire daddy like he was. He's a hollow, deeply sick man.

  45. This is like news about some tyrant in a failed state somewhere, that is being critized, and "what can we do to stop this horrible dictator?". It's like Americans don't get it, that this is what they voted for. I have to say that those that supported this man, that fascism is what the USA is turning into, where Trump is using the Goebbles propaganda trick about if you tell a lie often enough eventually people start believe in it.

    Mussolini explained what fascism was, and said: “The definition of fascism is the marriage of corporation and state ”, and this is more and more what the US have become, since a collection of business leaders, in an attempt to overtrow the Roosevelt and Wallace government and set up a fascist nation before the nation entered WW2, and they were close to making it, only their choice of Major General Smedley Darlington Butler to head the coup, and his revelation of this – that was investigated and proved to be true. Still nothing was done against the 1% business aristocracy. So they have torn away bit by bit of the New Deal, so that today Wall Street is the de facto "shadow government", or the puppet master that pulls the strings, no matter what president that happen to get elected, it's not like John or Jane Doe can say "I want to be the president". Instead it's these people that are officially being bribed to continue a social system that favor the rich, and where the constitution – that people thought protected them – is being torn to shreds bit by bit, and the population loose all hope for change, after seeing what "hope" and "change" really meant with the last president. It meant business like usual.

    How anyone can be so stupid as to think that electing someone that comes straight from Wall Street, as a kind of incorruptible person, is really beyond me.

    The only thing I have to say is #Resist!

  46. We have a hideous President of the United states who shows no feelings for his actions. We must take him down.

  47. Another important this is that of an unearthed story killed by Newsweek revealed that Trump's medical records indicate Trump is addicted to drugs. Trump is addicted to Amphetamines.
    He crushes and snorts adderall.
    No wonder he's obsessed with Twitter at all hours of the night.
    DC Tribune
    His mind is racing all the time and it's no wonder people can't get through to him. By now he's probably paranoid hallucinating. This could also be the reason he doesn't read; his vision has been affected (cloudy) by the stimulants. Congress must order an examination for both mental and physical stability asap as a condition for his continuing on to 2020. A psychiatrist warns that Trump's mental health is now a public safety issue.
    We must ensure that Trump is drug free when he's speaks with foreign leaders, campaigning, and interacting with democrats. We must ensure that he is always drug free for our nation's security. We need a sober president.

  48. Trump has no strategy. It’s just fly by the pants foreign policy. The Foreign leaders know that Trump is an empty vessel …

  49. The US provides money to these corrupt Central American countries. Why isn’t Trump going to these countries trying to find out why these people are risking their lives to come here? Stop funding these corrupt countries. Oh I forgot ! Trump is corrupt too..

  50. No one told the Europeans to come here during mass migration from the 1850’s to the 1930’s. They were unskilled didn’t know the language and were poor ….

  51. Children are taken from adult family members and detained? Why don't we just start charging Border Patrol agents with kidnapping? That is what this policy appears to be. If it can be linked to Trump then I believe it is time to bring the hammer down. How can we demand human rights in other countries when we are committing the worst atrocities ourselves? This is not the America I served.

  52. Oh my have we ever been conned! We thought this had been resolved, but not so. This administration doesn't care about the wellbeing of children, so this is absolutely the testament of how the GOP cares about the American people. It's greed pure and simple and the treasury is being robbed blind as way too many bury their own heads in the sand. The flimflam man is in the house so it's time for people of conscience to wakeup and demand that these children be reunited with their families. Otherwise you are just aiding and abetting this atrocity!

  53. The Trump voter is BOMBING America.
    Vote for JOBS, not BOMBS.
    Vote for WAGES, not CAGES.
    Vote Blue Wave 2018!!!

  54. A lot of those kids will probably never be found because this whole situation is a paedophile’s wet-dream!! I sincerely hope I'm wrong about this!!

  55. This reminds
    me of when the Nazis stole the children of the Jews in occupied France and stuffed
    them in rale carts to get them to the makeshift gas chambers in Germany there
    were toddlers and infants then too!! what is wrong with you America!?!?

  56. I dislike the video because it is an atrocity what is happening but I am glad we are hearing about all this .

  57. That this happens anywhere in the world is an absolute disgrace and a humanitarian crisis. That it happens in the world’s biggest economy because of the racist, bigoted leader of that economy is frankly a situation where words would fail anyone. Shameful, disgraceful, these words are powerless.

  58. OMG! A president is playing golf!!!!!!! With our tax money???? How is that when the man is donating his presidential salary to the va and the small business association. You should do a little research and use common sense before making yourselves look stupid. Just be real and admit your all sheep and don't like him because your being told not to like him. SHEEP…

  59. Same thing that they did with African slaves. They separated families from one another. It was a huge form of cruelty some hundreds of years later have never recovered.

  60. The people of the great country like the USA are not upset to have a cruel psychopath to lead the game.

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