Donald Trump Battles Self-Made Crises As Markets Tumble | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Donald Trump Battles Self-Made Crises As Markets Tumble | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. I hope this is one of Trump's calculated risks because if it is not, he should be working on a damage control plan. He is just so much into his brutal ignorance on macro economy.

  2. I love Ari Melber's delivery of comedy. He does it with such a serious expression that sometimes they don't catch it or don't realize it's a joke.

  3. He goosed the market, like he said he goosed the girls who were in the beauty pageant.(so recorded while he was on the bus…though it was the "gussy" he was grabbing with his tiny hands.) Short term thrill for investors.
    . He has no foresight, no policy. He was going to bully his way through."NOT GONNA HAPPEN"
    He claims he had $3 to 5 Billion. Really? Deutchebank assessed his net worth with all the properties he owns and pegged him at $500Million so DENIED him a loan for $2 Bil. he wanted to build a Hotel in Russia.
    . So Trump has no idea of how much money immigrants put INTO the economy. 328 Billion is not small change. The people on welfare are the white Americans. Trump has only created more people on Welfare.

  4. I thought he was meant to be worth $5 billion? Surely that 3 to 5 would make him bankrupt.
    Shouldn't he have just put all his assets in blind trusts and saved himself billions of losses

  5. Well we deserve it farmers and all who voted for him cause I tell you the poor never had nothing so we will still persevere

  6. If we pay all schizos 100$/day for a year each it will cost the world 3 trillion dollars a year for the number

  7. How come Trump is getting credit for Obama's growth? All he did was give the rich tax breaks and eliminate a bunch of write offs for the average American. Then Trump throws in a trade war and pats himself on the back.

  8. Let's not forget that Obama doubled our national debt during his time in office. His ACA is still costing taxpayers a lot of money. The Democrats are promising all kinds of free stuff, but yet they don't tell us how they will do it. If a millionaire is stranded in the desert with a pocket full of money, and he is dying of thirst, will his money save him? Money, in and of itself, is worthless. Money represents the production of goods and services. These things are created by workers. Workers create food, housing, computers, etc. The government can send every adult a check for $1000 each month, but it will be worthless because there will be no produce to back it up. We will see people starving in the streets. Our government needs to support the working man. The Democrats do not do that. In this video, Socialism is mentioned. Notice what is said about it.

  9. Are we saying here, that if the economy goes back to normal, then we should vote for Trump? … I do not care a thing about what he does or not to fix the trade policy, but what he has done until now, he is a racist, a con man, a criminal … He should be in prison already!!!

  10. Fake News? I'd LOL, but it's not funny…don't know one for Stupid and Idiotic and Clueless Traitor. Taking ideas.

  11. Trump's casino wasn't a failure. Apparently he took out several hundred million for himself before it went bankrupt. Such is his way. If he gets rich while the business fails, his plan worked, without having to fake empathy. He's doing the same in politics.

  12. You know Trumps lies whenever his lips moved…Trumps disgraced nightmares for the Country..Trumps a bad human parasite Monster all of his life …nithung good about him…the republican party no longer have any values and morality … All for themselves powers and greed…local international…..Trumps will bankruptcy damages and dangerous harmful the Country..over two-years nightmares disgraced. shameful . .enough about him …the world laughs at America Putin's Russia clapping hands laughed drinking vodkas pulling Trumps puppet running USA and count victory for them…Trumps traitors collusion corruption obstructions organized crimes gang's mafia crooks con Artist puffom importers Water Mitty delusional bad behavior mean spirit hateful….lies bullying immoral nothing goodness about Trumps puppet…Trumps Anti Christ Kushner the Mark of the beasts plain sight…indictment Trumps puppet makes Americans peace ful healthy again.

  13. Ari, tells a funny joke and it is lost on him. The "Slip and Slide" comment was actually really funny, but everybody so friggin serious! I advise MSNBC to hire some political comedians and do five for five thing like FOX. Use entertainment to bolster your case?!

  14. Why does she keep pointing at him and nodding every time he says something,…like he’s a little schoolboy who just learned his abc’s? That’s a little condescending.

  15. ha ha, that is so funny @2:10…Just to catch everybody up, Trump was made President because he owed Russia so much money; he became Putin (and the Mob's) puppet).He's not rich. Never has been.

  16. ''PEOPLE NEVER CHANGE only die'' .in L.A there are only 2 gangs the lapd & the ones we make 2 keep us alive
    a black man might take a dollar or stab a man 4 protection?a brown man might rob a store or shoot a man 2 feed his FAMILY – BUT WHO WANT's & HAS TRYDE 2 BLOW THE WORLD – UP & is always trying to TAKE IT ALL because "their dog told them" I wonder why white people cant have babies with each other ? PEOPLE can be reborn !!!

  17. on our watch look all that's happening .. at the hands of a crook.
    quit sending billions abroad to Israel.
    America 1st.

  18. Oh he’s a money guy alrighty. “All my life I’ve been greedy,greedy for money…now I want to be greedy for America.” Lol yeah right. (That was never going to happen)

  19. Always known …Mexicans will work from daylight to dark to help the family and pay taxes…and don't have401ks…no retirement…

  20. If Trump would shut his mouth and do ABSOLUTELY nothing from day one of his presidency, America will be great on it own! LOL 😂

  21. It matters the most to the wealthy. They will destroy the people and planet to keep making money. Regular white-collar and blue-collar people value family and health over money.

  22. Bless you for pointing the welfare lie. I have hired Mexican/Latino people to do odd jobs around my house and they are very hard workers and never say I can't do it. Both the men and the women. They are perceived to a threat to white America because they believe in education, they are sending their children to school to get a higher education and some of them are white. That is their biggest fear . . . that they can be replaced, which is an absurd concept. No person or people can be replaced.

  23. God Almighty put that woman on some Ritalin. Please and Jesus could CNN newscasters love themselves any more than they do God they just think they are just the cat's meow and really all they are is a joke

  24. "If you're wealthy it doesn't matter"…really…? Trump said that to workers? He doesn't care…he just wants to preserve or increase his wealth. He knows good and well his family, sons, are making more money in his companies.

  25. The Trump supporters I know , know he's lying, "puffing", but are just tired of working hard and not seemingly getting as much for it. The wealth is growing in concentration in a smaller and smaller, less than 2% , of the people. America is becoming an Oligarch.

  26. Presidents have a very limited capacity to lift the economy. The last president that arguably took actions to lift the economy was FDR, but that was basically contributing to the destruction of the industrial base of other countries.

    However, the President can easily sink an economy… not hard do. Military and law enforcement can easily level the economy when directed to do so. The federal port authorities can’t encourage the flow of goods… but they sure can stop them. The federal financial authorities can’t force someone to take a loan, but they sure can prevent loans from being issued. This tariff will not help the economy. It hasn’t helped before World War I… it hasn’t helped during the Great Depression… it’s not going to magically help now.

  27. We all should know by now why the economics are always bad under republicans!

    They wreck the economy by intent and design so there is a large pool of people out of work so they know people will accept lower wage jobs and increase profits for businesses!

    They have been pulling this stunt for years!

    And your ignorant uneducated voters keep falling for their BS each time just because the economy seems robust!

    Its always robust before it goes bust!

    How many times will these ignorant uneducated voters keep falling for this BS?

    Apparently every time!
    And then they find themselves into lower wage jobs sooner or later, or unemployed, losing their homes, 401K's, investments, going homeless, etc!

    And apparently they haven't learned anything, even as recently as the George Bush #43 economy, whereas the Democrats have to clean up their messes going all the way back to Herbert Hoover, who under him was the great depression, and many people then found themselves out of work!

    Now, I can understand that republican voters are easily "Suckered" every time, because they are accustomed to being "Suckered" because they are "Suckers"!

    And many of us have heard, there is a sucker born every minute, And the Republican party is just "full" of them!

  28. How ignorant for the host to interrupt the guests while they are making a point, with his own little side jokes.

  29. We have to be aware the is always the presence of the lord which allows us to have the ability have things on this life

  30. Hitler blamed the Jews,Trump blames immigrants…playing the racecard…Putins agenda…maximise division,undermine democracy,create chaos

  31. Obame saved economy,Trump destroys..bankrupcy nr 8 and national debt increase by playing tradewars,taxcuts for compagnies/multi nationals and the rich&wealthy.In the meanwhile playing golf funneling government money into his own businesses and his co conspiritors GOP cashing in Russian mob money,SaudiArabia Oilmoney and selling out environment &nuclear technology

  32. Ridiculous argument from Velshe. If only governments would stop talking about taxes and regulation, corporations would love to invest all their profits in job creation. Utterly idiotic. She is literally just parroting what her self-serving 1% friends are telling her.

  33. The first Republican to tout "trickle down" tax cuts was Ronald Reagan. Every Repub. administration since has made the exact same claim. How can people in the media be so foolish as to repeat this lie, just like the racist lies about "welfare" which hasn't even existed since the Clinton administration? It amazes me that there are so many stupid people willing to believe these lies. Meanwhile, Repubs. repeat the same lies again and again and again, knowing that the base will believe anything they're told, being just as gullible and stupid as they've been for the last 40 years.

  34. Has YOUR economy improved in the last 9 years? Never mind what the DOW is doing. Unless that's where your money is coming from. If the people who have benefited over that time vote for Trump and everyone who hasn't votes for Bernie, then Bernie will win Every state by a Landslide! Call Bernie a socialist if you want to. But his policies line up with the policies we enjoyed under FDR (4 terms as President!), Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, and even Nixon. Even under Carter our economy grew at Twice the pace it has since Reagan sold America this "trickle down" crap! They don't even call it that anymore since the lower 99% got nothing but Ripped Off despite the skyrocketing productivity over the last 40 years. And, yes, you can blame Clinton and Obama, too, for their fiscal conservatism. Let's get back to what worked for everyone: Keynesian economics. Reaganomics has been a miserable failure for the 99%!

  35. I don't know about anybody else but I've been getting trickle-down on since Reagan. I'm tired of being trickled on. I don't understand how people can keep voting to be trickled on.

  36. Trickle down never works lol. Just sit outside a rich persons house with your hand out. They wouldn’t even give you pocket dust.

  37. We as a country is in for the biggest economic downfall ever bc of this president's decisions and the next president is going to suffer and get blamed for! Its a toxic political recurring cycle!

  38. if trump really cared about america and americans then he would step aside and let somebody save this thing before a full recession takes place……….but trump cares more about his ego and himself!…….thats why he never served in vietnam!

  39. Trump threatens this company worker to stand behind him at this ralleys.the peoples in the background looking very sad.they did not want to be there.Their Boss threaten them to lose pay if they didnt do this photo shot.To the peoples in the background VOTE BLUE.IT WILL SAVE U AND YOUR JOB.Yall job Company gat a big tax cut,how much money did yall recieve from this cut,did yall get a raise. WAKE UP PEOPLE'S U LUCKY TO HAVE A JOB LOOK AT GENERAL MOTORS AND OTHER COMPANIES THAT CLOSED DOWN.VOTE BLUE.

  40. We all will be in the soup line soon, no immigrants to do the farm work, thanks to dumb nearsighted trump. Prices of food will go up drastically. Chinas use of tariffs in retaliation of trump tariffs. I never knew there were so many ignorant people in the US until they put trump in the White House.

  41. How can being president cost Trump 3 to 5 billion!?! He's run up the deficit higher than it's ever been. Trump is a lying sack of sh**!! Vote Him Out 2020

  42. Looky, looky, looky ~ people are profit taking. My view…the 5G roll out is taking shape. 5G is the next generation communication infrastructure. Reported by American engineering trade journals as a huge major change in the Internet. The down side of 5G; 4G is not compatible, new equipment will be needed to move to 5G. That means manufacturing, training, and buying all new electronic components and systems world wide. A new wave of smart devices are predicted that change the way we will live, an incredible leap into a new society.

  43. Social programs help the economy they don't wreck the economy for Christ's sake spreading money out at the feet of the Working Poor is like injecting small business with super steroids every penny of it goes to local businesses every penny every motherfuking penny of it and I'm sick of them lying about it. Every penny spent in a social program comes back almost threefold

  44. Since being President is costing him money, and his being Presidenr is costing us billions… let's remove him from office.

  45. Come 2020, I don't care how well the economy is doing, I'm voting to get him out of office, as the President of the United States. THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS, SERVING AS THE LEADER OF U S A !!!

  46. Corporations are sitting on cash because tax cuts do not create jobs. Many venture capitalists explain that consumer spending is what creates jobs rather than tax cuts. The patriotic millionaires explain that "a wealth tax would actually increase investment, boost productivity, grow the economy, and create more and better jobs."

  47. trump supporters fall time and time again for trickle down economics. trump is going to crash the economy, and I can hear the repubs right now blaming it on Obama.

  48. He says it's costing him money being the president and all he wants is to do a great job, we'll do us a favor go hang yourself with epstein, that a great job right there.

  49. Does it sound like trump is setting the stage for an out by resignation, because being president is costing him so much money. Wouldn't that be a dream come true. I doubt it though. He knows he's going to jail.

  50. Where does MSNBC invest their billions? Subsidizing Dumpsternomics . And receiving massive tax breaks initiated by Madman. Hypocrites all.

  51. Trump has no idea what to do to fix the problems that are showing as a result of Pres. Obama's policies and procedures expiring or coming to an end. He is using immigration as a scapegoat for our financial problems–ILLEGAL ALIENS CANNOT GET WELFARE OR ANY ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS! TARIFFS ARE NOT PAID BY THE FOREIGN COUNTRY WITH WHOM WE ARE DOING BUSINESS–THEY ARE PAID FOR BY THE COMPANIES DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM IN THIS COUNTRY!!! And it is only going to get WORSE. So thank ex-President Obama for the economy we enjoyed until now and blame the proper person for what is about to happen–donald trump!

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