1. You guys never finish the whole quote that Trump said that day. He said “there was probably some good people on both sides but I’m not talking about the white supremecists.” The truth of the matter was that the WS had a permit to march that day. Antifa showed up but they did not have a permit. The black mayor of Charlottesville told his police force to stand down and let Antifa go down where the WS were marching. He knew exactly what would happen when the 2 groups clashed. They had the right to march according to the permit and our Constitution. We may not agree with them but it was their right. Antifa are mask wearing fascists who call themselves anti fascists. They are one of the most violent groups around.Robert E Lee’s wife inherited a slave and it was the only one they had. General Lee was a fine military leader who did not believe in slavery. There was a war. They had to have leaders on both sides. The people chose war. The war was fought because the south did not want the north telling them how to live. Slavery was legal. The fact was that most southerners didn’t own slaves. It’s just like it has been since the beginning of time. The top 1% were the largest slave owners because they had the money. The whole thing could have been avoided if the Mayor had not allowed those ( Antifa) who had no permit to march, away from the ones who did have a permit to march. Had it been my relative that was killed that day, it would have been the mayor I would have sued for wrongful death.

  2. Don lemonturd is fake news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t listen to don lemonturd he is fake news fake news fake news Cnn is fake news

  3. Don lemonturd is sooooooooooooooooooooooo thick he has no brain at all. Don lemonturd is fake news don lemonturd is fake news

  4. 1.) Robert E. Lee was NEVER a slave owner. He was, however, the trust administrator of an estate that had slaves, and Lee freed those slaves in 1862 when they fulfilled the terms of the trust. Also, I'm not really sure we can actually legally define those "slaves" as slaves in the ordinary terms. Slavery implies that someone owns another person for life. When a person will work for a fixed tine period of time for another person and then be freed, I think it's called bondage not slavery.
    2.) Don, Trump said, "HAD ANDREW JACKSON BEEN A LITTLE BIT LATER". Trump would not have said that if he thought Jackson was alive during the Civil War.
    3.) The Civil War was brewing for conflict since the 1820s (in Jackson's lifetime) most politicians. including Jackson were pushing for a legislative resolve to to avoid war.
    4.) General Robert E Lee is considered one of the greatest battlefield commanders in US history by all accounts. The Union Army would change command several times before finding Lee's equal within their own ranks.

  5. Give it up Lemon – no one believes a thing you say any more. You have lost all credibility – your past audience chuckles out loud every time they see your face.

  6. Don is such a sensitive crybaby trump hater ! Trump is in his head big league i think it's starting to effect his mental health.

  7. Joe…. Stop the lies? I am a democrat and ashamed of you and your omissions, lies and not getting my vote. Socialism… Never

  8. Don Lemon you faggot fucking monkey moron! You are not .oooo1 as Great as the honorable DONALD J TRUMP! You couldn't wear his week old shitty underwear you fuck! You think you're lord and savior the Muslim monkey fraud Omuslim was so fucking great! The one who committed more treasonous acts than any other so called president in history. You like the economy? Best ever! Unemployment? Lowest ever, unlike your Muslim fag president, 16, 18% Fuck you Don fucking Lemon you faggot fuck!

  9. Said the guy who could have supported desegregation efforts, but instead uses his political station to undermine attempts to integrate public schools. Yeah, Trump is worse. But only by degrees.

  10. Sarah Palin's dumber than AOC. AOC has never said she could see Puerto Rico from her home in New York….LOL!!!

  11. Donald Trump said,"There were fine people on both sides and I not talking about white Nationals or neo Nazis.They should be condemned always.


  13. Biden the pedo … is grouping kids and no running for President ? Lmfao are you fucking kidding us all ? And of course CNN will back up pedos

  14. It would be just horrible to have to work with "Worst Journalist of the Year", Don Lemon, "Worst Journalist of the Year", and have to put up with the stench of butt sex, and the stink of penis on his breath all the time.

  15. Don Lemon is nothing but a lying sack of garbage you continually lie to the American people.
    you have not once reported on anything positive of the president has done for this country and he's done so much so muchmore than that piece of garbage Obama throughout his presidency he was the one bringing in all of the q Muslims Sharia law to take over our country we all know what he did and we all know that he wasn't born in the United States They now have all legal documents to proof it. Not to mention there's pictures of Obama with his brother Muslim brotherhood holding assault rifles.
    see the thing is that we all know you don't do any research you're given a script every day and you are stay on script no matter. When need to do interviews those In cahoots with the Deep State you're all on script but when there's someone that might be a little controversial 1 you don't have a script for that so you bumble around like a flipping idiot until somebody write something on a q card for you to read because you are not a reporter you are a bought and paid for puppet strings on your arm strings on your legs somebody with the hand up your ass moving your lips. Too bad you probably are a nice guy but you sold your soul so now you're nothing but a shell.

  16. Yea F*ck You and your fake stories along with your fake glasses…. .This guy is one tush push away from being retarded

  17. Where he hit him at lemon ?pushing him out.the way to get to the kissing booth, who you going to hit? Man you got to much damn.hate in you, you may not agree with someone but you don't HATE GUY, is the president on your mind while you sleeping?

  18. Everything in the piece above is absolute Bullsht.
    Don Lemon is a castrated muppet.
    I’m a real history buff and CNN has no ability to convey what, Who and Why things happened in our history.
    Even if they spout untrue recollections of such.
    Maybe physically remove the true history archives and rewrite then replace might be the motives of the near future.

  19. Don "Fake News" Lemon is a Black Gaylord & by that I mean he literally fucks other men as his main hobby in life just like his White Counterpart Anderson "Gay" Cooper….Don "Fake News" Lemon is a Black Gaylord & by that I mean he literally fucks other men as his main hobby in life just like his White Counterpart Anderson "Gay" Cooper….Don "Fake News" Lemon is a Black Gaylord & by that I mean he literally fucks other men as his main hobby in life just like his White Counterpart Anderson "Gay" Cooper….Don "Fake News" Lemon is a Black Gaylord & by that I mean he literally fucks other men as his main hobby in life just like his White Counterpart Anderson "Gay" Cooper….Don "Fake News" Lemon is a Black Gaylord & by that I mean he literally fucks other men as his main hobby in life just like his White Counterpart Anderson "Gay" Cooper….Don "Fake News" Lemon is a Black Gaylord & by that I mean he literally fucks other men as his main hobby in life just like his White Counterpart Anderson "Gay" Cooper….

  20. This shriveled up old orange is a complete nut. Sorry Joe, but Bernie 2020 maybe with AOC or Elizabeth Warren on the same ticket. That would be a ticket for the people. Anyone else is corporate America. Corporate America is killing America. We can’t keep putting rich people in office. These people are so rich they have no idea what the rest of us go thru. NO MORE RICH PEOPLE!!!

  21. Don Lemmon your an idiot! With no respect for yourself or even the country you say you represent. You advocate the very racism you claim every white man or anyone that does not agree with you is a Racist. Your a punk, bully, and cry baby. So get over yourself. Laughing at you ??? you didn’t know your history until you went and looked it up.

  22. Don the racist piece of shit traitor Lemon . Not everyone on the right at Charlottesville was white supremest . That’s all he was saying .
    Blow it out your ass CNN

  23. Where the old goat hit him at lemon?where he hit him at? Biden needs to take a chill pill and kick up his heels,he have had his TIME, u s needs security not open door, strangers all over the world COME ON IN,COME ALL,THATS, BIDEN

  24. Don, the way you and your colleagues deliver the news and the extreme political agenda that y'all uphold is terrorist-like manipulation of the white race to eliminate an enemy in their eyes by having them bend over from grievance implemented on mental rape of women! It's a catch 22 they're enforcing against a race that's been nothing but good and more than fair! I despise a traitor and my kindness taken for granted.

  25. Sorry Dems, You need to go suck a lemon. Biden has been implicated in a real conspiracy by his own words and is a washout.

  26. White national ists? You bunch of mud stirring racist bastards…lest we forget, it is the Democratic party that created the KKK as their Gestapo to keep the Black Community under the control of an iron fist. Lemon➡YOU are a TRAITOR to your forefathers! ?

  27. He did condemn them right after he said good people on both sides. Y'all are brainwashing people and splittimg our country apart

  28. He said he was a great general not a great guy lol y'all chill y'all always take shit he says and twist it y'all are so desperate and dumb lol makes me laugh every time

  29. The funniest part is both sides dislike jews, but let’s just put that on the back burner for another time. ?

  30. Ooh my god it’s Don the Dick lemon ? trying so hard to empower a weak little Beta man vice loser Biden
    This is America the land of the free and home of the brave. Not girlie men like lemon. Finally a real leader Trump ! Trump 2020!

  31. This is don stupid face n he does shame the America history ,his news is so bad n show that American has gone down to 3rd world if his audience still listen to his news !
    What is happening to DON ???
    Is he sick?

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  33. So, this was uploaded in April 2019, and most of us were fully aware that Trump is a racist. But, just last week Trump sent out a tweet that removed any doubt one might have had about Trump's racism. The tweet targeted 4, non-white congresswomen, 3 of whom were born in America and 1 who moved to America as a young woman and became a us citizen and who happens to be a Muslim. In the tweet Trump told the women to go back to the countries from which they came. So, yeah, he's a fucking racist.

  34. President Trump is right about Don Lemon, he truly is the dumbest "man" on television.  Lemonhead, like most Democrats are OBSESSED with race, but are actual racists themselves and race hustlers like Al Sharpton, etc.

  35. Biden hit Trump where it hurts. Biden used his face to hit Trump's fists really hard, right where it hurts.

  36. Don Lemon should check with his CNN colleague Steve Cortes who says much of media misreported Trump’s Charlottesville quotes as it is done again here. Scott Adams has coined this the #FinePeopleHoax to describe how maliciously wrong the press reported this tragedy and omitted the fact that he condemned the [email protected];s. I don’t know why CNN and Don Lemon have not pinned a retraction notice on this video and issued a correction with an apology, noting that Steve Cortez of CNN has issued analysis debunking this. I also thought YouTube said it was reranking hoax and conspiracy videos. This must be that legacy news privilege. To clarify I don’t think YouTube should make them take this down- just that they clip a retraction/ correction notice to video as long as it is posted in the “news” category on YouTube.

  37. Hey Don, meet any good looking bartenders lately. You know, to rub thy self and then smear your fingers over said bartender’s face. Go fishing with FREDO and see who gets ‘blown ‘ away.

  38. No American is a student of history. They barely know their own history, and they know absolutely NOTHING about world history!

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