DOJ Pushes Back On Reports Of Rosenstein Talks Of Wearing A Wire In Trump | MTP Daily | MSNBC

DOJ Pushes Back On Reports Of Rosenstein Talks Of Wearing A Wire In Trump | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. NY Times who is your source. who picked up the phone and told you about this? encapsulates chaos? you just multiplied it and made rosenstein and mueller will go away. trump has won, just like he said he would.

    NYTimes: you sound like a gossip rag on D.C. so disappointed.

  2. "There is a DoJ succession list".
    Why does anybody think that would make any difference to Trump. If Rosenstein is gone then Trump will appoint whomever he wants. Look how deeply he dug to get Brian Benczkowski to head the criminal investigation division.

  3. Isn't this a clear demonstration how the press is non-biased and reporting ALL News? This news sets the end for Rosenstein, giving Trump justification for his firing, then stopping the Muller investigation. So the "Failing New York Times" as Trump always calls them, is getting their help to do his dirty work. Do you think he'll give them credit for helping him?

    Rosenstein was one of our last protectors for finding out the truth and stopping Trump's chaos. Let's hope he's able to stay.

  4. New York Times they hate Trump they finally have news and libitards won't listen like they wouldn't listen to Donna Brazil why would you trust the DNC and liberal media

  5. Getting ready to fire Rosenstein hence the special councellor , Robert Muller. Wow. History in the making, with the decline of democracy progressing.

  6. The nyt is also participating in creating history. How much do you report and how much do you progress the idiocy of history. I feel that nyt has mad an error, but then again is this false news!

  7. How much time did the media spent covering trump's comments about taping conversations in the oval office?

    If it's any less than this, the media is delinquent in their duty to the American people – this has very clear political ramifications, and you are constantly soft-balling the terrible crap being done, but super critical of minor issues, in the way you should be about everything.

  8. IT is time to stake to the streets and riot if necessary if Trump fires Rosenstein. He and the Republicans are corrupt and setting up Mueller for failure. They are dropping bombs all of the country to distract we citizens from their real objective – ending our democracy. Trump and the GOP are using these vile tactics and Russia to win the Nov.election. They are using Dr. Ford for the same purpose and all of them should face criminal charges of defamation of character. The US is on its last leg if Trump and the corrupt GOP are not stopped. Our entire of way of life is in grave danger

  9. Trump will know things are dire,
    and he really is stuck in a fire,
    when in the White House,
    it's just him and a mouse,
    are the only ones, not wearing a wire.

  10. no one needs to wear a wire …we all know trump is unfit for office by hes actions everyday…just more deflection from buffoon in chief..

  11. Frankly I don't care if he meant it or not. Someone should wear a wire and they should go for the 25th amendment. If he said it seriously, more power to him. He has every reason in the world to be suspicious of this dishonest manchild. He is trying to save America and Democracy itself, not baby a spoiled brat president.

  12. If trump is a patriot and he doesn't getting orders from Kremlin then he shouldn't care about such conversations or wires but he always reacts so u should ask yourself why

  13. Another angle of Trump goons and hacks in the media at full pelt to distract and detract from the other pressing matters surrounding this under-pressure administration. Some focus could be placed on why he is now working somewhere else? Was this a promise kept? Timing is very important here. We need more focused people in the media who do not rush to eat up the crumbs fed to them by a known CORRUPTED administration and leader.

  14. RIFLOL ! Oop's , Rosenstein called L. Lynch 4 times in the last 11 days … any question why? Wow.. what if L. Lynch recorded Rosenstein? L. Lynch singing to save her own hide? TRUTH reveal BRENNAN and McCAIN Coordinated TO FRAME POTUS? TRUTH reveal TARMAC [BC]? TRUTH reveal HUSSEIN instructions re: HRC EMAIL CASE? Comey & McCabe talking? Next comes NYT article against [RR]?
    PANIC. ALLIANCES FORMING? [McCabe] leak memos to NYT re: [RR]? Sound familiar?
    Think [Comey] memos.These people are stupid.

  15. First little rosy said it was just a joke, now he's trying to deny he ever said it.

    I've met drug dealers that could come with a better cover story than you stinking demtards.

  16. The press has been manipulated throughout history to serve certain self serving purpose. This seemingly gift to Trump for what he was trying to do early on is clearly suspect. I will believe it when there is a fair investigation and proven, otherwise this is just blabber…

  17. Its funny how one minute they cry lie at nyt then this no source story hits and they cry fire Rob. This story came out of nowhere and makes me think someone inside supports trump and wants to further hurt the Russia probe.

  18. Man, they sure 'fell for that one'. Even if you don't discount due-diligence, this one had 'sucker' written all over it. Hint for the NYT… if it looks to good to be true, then it probably is… talk about falling for a setup! Face it… you guys got played, big-time!!!!!

  19. I believe it's someone within the White House who is sending these leaks to the New York Times. This is too Coincidental, Between the Op-Ed and now this supposedly story about Rod Rosenstein secret recording… Come on! Who is this person in the White House trying to fool… This newest development is an attempt to undermine the Mueller Russia Probe, so they can find an excuse to fire Rod Rosenstein… The Trump White House can't outsmart us…


  21. A tad late today as my Internets been down for most of the day but Mr. What About Trumps been busy again deflecting again.
    It's about Rod Rosenstein you moron and the 25th amendment, not ancient tax returns.
    Your ADD disorder really needs to be fixed!

  22. Rosenstein is not a stupid man at all…   But if he did…   He is the right man to start the snow ball rolling…   Donald Trump have to go…   We all know what he wants…

  23. Mike Schmidt should be fired! This is irresponsible reporting with no thought to consequence. "A totally remarkable and historic thing?" You've got to be kidding that this should be the only consideration to publishing such a story. Also, where did the usual vigilance of the NYTimes editors go to allow such second hand irresponsible writing, so ill-timed considering the longstanding stance of the paper regarding the current administration, to get into the paper! How much did the Trump camp have to pay or promise to pay Mike to write this deep-state schlock! These claims are wholly ill-conceived and the potential ramifications make it seem like the Times has allowed it's honorable standing to be used to support conspiracy theorists! What a tragic and ironic twist.

  24. He's a liar and a Disgusting person ,He should step doen and leave Washington.Go hind your dirty head in the sand…disgraceful pig

  25. On the real news, Rosenstein says “I did not wear a wire and this story is absolutely false” I’m confused again. Do we believe the person who says they didn’t do what he’s being accused of or the FAKE NEWS?

  26. this happens right after it is found out that Cohen has also flipped and has given hours of interviews about what trumps actions and knowledge was in regards to russia's efforts to paces him in the white house . this is trumps team of "brown shirts" working to make sure that nothing in the investigation sees the light of day. they are desperate.

  27. Time to dismantle the FBI , DOJ , and CIA and put all power in the military and President Trump . Best economy ever ! USA USA USA

  28. Whether he said it or not, is not material to the fact that we have a dysfunctional and disruptive POTUS. A disruptive and dysfunctional POTUS is an obtaining and greater problem. And the concerns of what The Deputy Attorney General said or did not say are a disruptive bait which the media is thoughtlessly latching unto.

  29. Liars lie, thieves steal, P__sy Gr__bers grab P__sy, no news here. All criminals deny their crimes, no news there. World Ending. President for Life. Getting fired soon: Jeff, Rod, Bob, and any one else who dares to speak to the truth. And nothing will happen but words.

  30. Remember that time Trump said that his wires were tapped? We all got a good laugh and talked about how absurd.. to only find out he was right and then nobody cared.

  31. wait, so McCabe, who was part of the "deep state" made a memo about Rosenstein, who is also part of the "deep state" and that was published in the "failing" New York Times, which is "fake news". I am sure there is a conspiracy theory in here somewhere, I just can't see it yet

  32. Can't we just lock up Trump niw and get on with repairing this country .
    And btw the chaos and confusion is accelerating, snd the the 25th has a hashtag among Whitehouse staff, all of whom are taping Donald.

  33. I am very disappointed that the NYT considered this "news." It looks like one of trump's people called this in. The NYT needs to take responsibility for putting this out there. Everyone knows trump wants to fire Rosenstein on ANY pretext he can find.

  34. What is it called when One person isn't held accountable for breaking the Law but,But everyone else is criticised for Silly Irrelevant Issues

  35. This is all true Charles, we knew about this stuff 6 months ago, 6 months behind , your getting a little better. This is just the beginning lots more to come, your liberal tears will fall like rain. WAY BEHIND THE TIMES!😁

  36. Noel Francisco is a Republican – what a surprise!! Rosenstein said sarcastically, "Well, what do you want me to do, where a wire?" NON-Issue folks. How come 45 is not bringing Omarosa up on charges?? She taped him in the White House, possibly the Oval Office.

  37. Trump wants Rosentein and Sessions gone. Simple as that. And this in a way gives them a reason to get rid of both but yet these people need to go on their own cause if trump fired them then that will look bad cause Mueller is going strong. And a story I seen maybe on another network was that Mueller hasn't kept the secrets to himself. He has sent all of these secrets out to different districts.. Mueller isn't stupid. He will cover all of his tracks to make sure his investigation should he be let go isn't still going on… And that is what you call a bright and brilliant man… All we talk about is the Russia investigation but honestly Mueller knows where all the money in Trump minus being President went and how he got it… Russia investigation isn't Trumps only problem honestly…. Downfall/faceplant hopefully asap.. tired of this orange night mare……

  38. Rosenstein seems an honest man and wiser than I thought. The orange down syndrome should have been eliminated before taking office and destroying the US

  39. Everybody should tape their conversations with Trump . Omarosa figured that out , Cohn figured that out . Jesus, people the man is insane and working for our arch-nemisis , Putin . That being said, Rosenstein was being sarcastic because all the FBI guys ARE wearing wires , of course . What kind of agents would they be if they weren`t ?

  40. Its distrubling. Very disturbing that people don't respect our form of Government and free elections. If these people aren't investigated and held accountable what does the future of election winners in America look like.

  41. Trump picks and chooses what he wants to believe in the press. Funny he said that it was the failing new york time. ha… I think this is a set up. I hope trump gets what he deserves…. JAIL TIME. HE CAN BRING HIS WIFE PUTIN

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