Democrats Have To Start Jailing Trump Officials Who Won’t Comply

Democrats Have To Start Jailing Trump Officials Who Won’t Comply

This morning we got word that the DOJ is not
going to allow John Gore from their department to comply with a subpoena to go and testify
before the House of Representatives about the census citizenship question that the Trump
administration wants to put it in the next census. The DOJ, William Barr attorney general was
actively telling this man, you are not going to comply with a subpoena. So this is just the latest person or thing
that Democrats in Congress have subpoenaed only to later find out that this White House
is going to say, nope. Not going to happen. We’re still waiting on all the documents related
to a security clearances that still haven’t been turned over. That’s John Klein there who is not complying,
still waiting on Don McGahn to come and testify. He’s been subpoenaed, but the White House
is trying to fight that as well to prevent this. So what we’re seeing right now is a White
House that is consistently disobeying the law. If you get subpoenaed as an average person
walking around the street going about your daily life. If you are subpoenaed and you do not comply,
uh, you’re going to be arrested, you’re going to be held in contempt and then you’re going
to be compelled to come testify anyway, even after you get thrown in handcuffs, hauled
off to county, brought before the judge and all of that. And Congress actually has the same power to
do that with these Trump administration officials. So I guess the big question is why in the
hell are they not doing it? As was recently pointed out in an article
in Washington monthly, the House of Representatives actually has several different mechanisms
they can use to not just force these people to comply with these subpoenas and these document
requests, but to also quite literally lock them up. She, the House of Representatives has a sergeant
at arms and when somebody refuses to comply with the document request or comply with the
subpoena, they can actually send the sergeant at arms to go and arrest them and take them
into a holding cell. And then they can be brought before Congress. And stand trial in front of Congress for contempt. Congress can do that. They could do that today. They could send out that sergeant at arms
put car, uh, Carl Kline in handcuffs, put Don McGahn and handcuffs. Even though McGahn’s not the one who’s refusing
the White House is trying to get him to refuse or prevent him from going. They could put John Gore in handcuffs, they
could put so many people in this White House in handcuffs right this second because they
have that authority and these people are not following the rule of law. Unfortunately they’re not doing that. They could also refer these four, you know,
criminal prosecution or you know, criminal sanctions, whatever it would be to the court
district. Uh, Yo district court up in DC. Unfortunately one of the other avenues is
that they submit a request to the DOJ to hold these people in contempt. And since the DOJ is the one directing them
not to go and testify, that’s probably not going to work. But I think the best idea is the first idea. Send out the sergeant at arms, go buy some
extra handcuffs because you probably don’t have enough on hand for all of the people
that aren’t following the rules and start arresting them and then hold trials in the
House of Representatives. You have the numbers. I mean, come on. We see every day that this administration
is breaking the law and now they’re refusing to comply with the investigations to find
out if they were breaking the law, which just means now they’re breaking even more laws
and Congress 100% has a remedy for it. They just have to be tough enough to use it. Now as the Washington monthly points out,
one of the reasons they’re a little reluctant to do this and because it’s time consuming. Aw, that’s too bad, right? Ah, all your law breaking is going to make
for a lot of paperwork and we just don’t feel like doing that. I don’t give a damn. I don’t give a damn if it means you people
have to work around the clock for the next several weeks. Accountability has to be restored to our government. That’s what this is about. That’s what you were elected to do. If you don’t have the fortitude to do it,
step down and let’s elect someone who will. That’s the bottom line. Right now, I am getting angry with these Democrats
who continue to do nothing. They have the power, they have the resources,
they have the knowledge of how to use it, but they are actively making the conscious
choice right now to not do it. And that is not acceptable. They have to send a message, they have to
send the message to this administration that you were going to obey the law or we are going
to lock you up. Because if they don’t send that message now
they are setting the most dangerous precedent this country has ever seen. And that is that everyone in the west wing
on that executive branch of government is 100% above the law. And that’s not a message that we as a country
can afford to send.


  1. It really needs to be done no one is above the law. This administration has become a criminal enterprise. Democrats need to step it up.

  2. The Democrat politicians are punks! If I or anyone else were to refuse to turn over my taxes we would be in jail! The president and all his Godless minions can now break the law intentionally wit impunity?! Wtf is this!!!

  3. the democrats have no guts. hell they can't even band together to go up
    against trump/republicans. they are too busy fighting among themselves.

  4. Heres the funny thing. Alot of Leader Dems are not doing anything because they dont wanna do the work to do it. Or they dont care. There are alot of Dems who want to make things hard for Trump officals but they are low rank in the Dems for right now but the word is growing they will activitly starting using thier powers soon.

  5. Chelsea Manning is again imprisoned for the exact same offense as Trump and his henchmen. Why are Trump and his criminal appointees not getting the same treatment?

  6. The FBI comes to our communities and take us by the hundreds and then show us Trump and his people is above the law

  7. They cant lock them up and they cant arrest them or force to testify because they are not people of color and they are above the law because this is the white house not the colored house ? This is the definition of white supremacist house privilege. Its part of the scripted play of drama? good cop bad cop, laws dont apply? no accountability? Just pure lies?

  8. It seems the democrats keep expecting the republicans to be reasonable but they won't. Some time during the Obama years the republicans lost their respect for the ideas that our democracy is based on. Every element of our government is merely an obstacle or a tool to use in pursuit of their agenda. The Democrat solution was, and apparently still is, stick your head in the sand and wait for the other party shape up. The republicans have relied on this to subvert our government repeatedly. The Democrats fear escalating the situation, and obviously arresting white house officials is escalation. Unfortunately it is clear the republicans are NOT going to suddenly return to democracy any time soon.

  9. Wwf political theater,you're wasting your time Trump can take a shit on the white house lawn with cameras present and guess what?it's business as usual.

  10. Congress has oversight over the executive branch, DEMS will not do anything to rock the boat that funds their elections. My money is on nothing happening, again.

  11. Start with Barr for and keep going. As the orange goop said and I am misquoting a bit"lock them up…lock them all up"

  12. If Nancy Pelosi does not want to do her job, step down and let somebody that will. It's time for the DNC to act like they're not afraid of communists. Is Putin communist in charge of the United States? It's nice to get the money do the job.

  13. Now do we all understand why Trump was so in luv with Pelosi becoming the speaker of the house so it's time for her to go

  14. Wait a minute, the American people voted these Dems into Congress so that they would do something about Trump and all of his illegal actions. So if Congress isn’t going to do what the majority of Americans want then to do THEN WHO IS? NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

  15. Congress is an equal branch of government but because trumpy dumpty doesn't read or no the constitution he has to have his aides explain it to him. What a fricken idiot
    2020 Democrats and independents

  16. Boom ! Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again . Two and a half years after he thrashed the dreadful Clinton woman and these idiots are still weepin´ ´n´ wailin´ ! Very funny to see. What will they do when he wins the second term ? !

  17. OMG!! I'm tired 2.
    We just voted these people in 2HOLD this,President & his Family and cronnies accountable!
    We will Vote the WHOLE CONGRESS back Out as easy as WE PUT EM IN .
    NO MORE PELOSI!!!!!!

  18. Because if they do that trumpet is going to lie to the American people , and with the election coming up Democrats want to win the Election

  19. ?Peter like a rock….I will say what I wish to say about anyone…that includes anyone by the name of Jesus!!! Do you know the Spanish pronunciation of Jesus…it's not an uncommon name! If you are such a zealot, stay off of sites that may hurt your sensibilities.

  20. Let it be one of us little people without big time lawyers and powerful organizations to back us. I don't care at all for Democrats but they have never shown any courage and back down when confronting Republicans.

  21. I am absolutely surprised that Lindsey Graham have not figured out yet that he is supporting a dictator. Lindsey used to be smart so I have to wonder how much money is Trump giving him to lick his asshole because that is what Lindsey is doing. Lindsey says he was John McCain's friend. Lindsey is not even a tenth the man that Mr. McCain was. Trump will probably used violent white groups to stay in the White house even if he loses. That is when America has to take it's country back by any means necessary. It is starting to look like Trump and his supporters might have to be taken by force to get our country back.

  22. I agree with you ? present. Why the Dem. Dragging their feet on this matter. The people of America vote for you to carry out the check and balance of the government. Come on Lock up those who think they are above the law.

  23. Gore might just be the 'Merrick Garland' litmus of Obstruction of Justice that broke Trump's weak Nazi fat back.

  24. We are pretty pissed off as well Farron. Ghadaffi march of Trump's lifeless carcass down K Street behind Lincoln's Horses is still a possibility if Mitch continues to obstruct. Jury still out on Pelosi, but she probably understands she's sitting on the powder keg that Progressives have lit the long fuse to. No more than a 30 day fuse now Pelosi.

  25. and what if they are in the white house?? can congress send an officer of the law into the white house to arrest these guys?? what arm of the law exactly goes out to arrest people who do not appear?? a sherriff? the fbi? the sargeant at arms?? what if trump instructs the secret service to NOT allow anyone to arrest any member of his staff?? i think he is that far gone that he thinks he can do that.. like his buddy putin would do.. congress better get a spine pretty soon or else idiot in the WH might start some very weird shit trying to interfere with congress.

  26. Trump Cartel is making a joke of the law and of the office of the president! USA is a banana republic! In your face stupid, we are above the law!

  27. pelosi's turning congress into a toothless paper tiger unless and until she starts jailing people for contempt of congress. BIG SWEEPING DRAGNET, throw them all in jail in a series of arrests… fucking cowards… and yeah, congress is proving themselves to be just as cowardly about doing their job as drumpfscum are of that orange piece of shit.

  28. So congress doesn’t order arrest them then we all can break laws and get away with it. First, I stop paying taxes.

  29. Let's put things in a simple perspective…let's assume POTUS was Obama and the resistance was coming from the Black caucus, not all but enough to send the obvious message, especially in light of the recent hate crimes. What message are the media sending and just how long would Rep. Sit around sitting on their fingers?.. Just curious …..

  30. In GBUK If I received a court order to appear before a magistrate and I failed to attend I would be contempt of court and the police would come and arrest me.

  31. lol this is funny…We watched Democrats refuse to do anything the Congress subpoena them to do and suddenly they want people to obey Congress ?? hahahahahahahaha Hey stupid..Trump has special Privilege ..he can tell them to stand down and Congress has to take it to Clearly do not know the're an idioit..No Congress cannot order arrest..they can only ask questions..

  32. you clearly did not pay attention to why Gowdy and Chavez resigned…it was Cause they could not do anything..Congress has no power to do anything other than ask questions..we learned that during the Clinton Investigations..people did not show up for Subpoenas and they could do nothing..Learn what you're talking about idiot..

  33. By the way…I told you Democrats you're party would not call for Impeachment nor Investigation ..Reason they will only try to Harrass with Questioning people Other than The one they should call which is Mueller..Is because Impeachment and or Investigation would mean Real Court Room with real Judges and That would open the door to bringing in everyone involved in the Fake Dossier and Democrats cannot afford that..Anymore than they can William Barr Opening up Investigation "Spygate" which will bring you're part people truly need to do some home're just truly ignorant about facts.

  34. I have a major Theory that I don't think anybody has came up with yet and why the House of Representatives are acting like their hands are tied instead of using the arm of the law 2 make sure that Justice is kept. I believe that the majority of the Democrats in the house are simply talk in a big talk just to stay face with the public. The reason why is simple. They may believe that if they pulled together all the resources at their disposal 2 legally take down this president that statement will send shock waves through the political world and will really Force change to actually happen and the Democratic Party. Because once they went through every possible Channel of locking people up for not giving evidence to the House of Representatives and finally getting rid of trump everybody knows that the stage will be set for Real Change. And that real change will be that the Democratic Progressive party will have enough Steam to literally take over and take down the Democrats that are all about filling their pockets up instead of giving what the people who elected them to do the job what they want. And that scares the hell out of the establishment. That's why I think they will do everything they can the help the Republicans stall in attempting to impeach Donald Trump until the elections are over with.

  35. The DemoRats gave Meuller 2 yrs of investigations and 19 Democrat lawyers and nothing showed on Trump. Enough is enough. We the people had enough of these DemoRat investigations. It# over now,,,

    they lost again. Now DemoRats go BACK TO WORK AS YOU DID NOTHING FOR 2 yrs.

  36. Thank you Faron. You just spoke my mind. We elected these useless Democratic reps to be a check on this White House and they are not using their power. As an independent voter, they have lost my vote for the next upcoming election. When Darrel Isa, Trey Gowdy and Devin Nunez was in charge of all these committees, nobody dear refuse to comply with their subpoenas. I hated them back then, but they were tough compared to these useless bunch of Democrats leaders that keep begging Trump cabinet staffs to come and testify.

  37. Demonrat mother fuckers should go fuck them selves. A bunch of Satanist Zionist criminal scum. They all need to be killed or hung. This fake Zionist Satanist government needs to be destroyed its pure evil. Traitor Trump the Fucking scum Zionist traitor Fuck

  38. You really should stop promoting the violation of natural human rights against people. People are not puppets who are made to be ruled by man's law for the benefit of the so-called Elite.

  39. What you mean is forcing the Justice Department to openly refuse to jail Trump administration officials.

  40. THe system allows wealthy white males to get away with: Rape – Murder – Stealing Billions. donnie is part of that group.

  41. I agree with you. #DerangeTrump and his WH chickens are defying the law. Democrats have better grow some COJONES and punch back tough because trump and his parasites are doing this??? to them.

  42. The first one to be locked up is putin's bitch, #trump. The second to be locked up is flintstone barr. They are not above the law.

  43. You keep talking like republicans and democrats are opposing forces. Why would they arrest someone on their own side?


  45. Had Hillary not shown up for her Benghazi hearing, the right would be demanding she face a firing squad. Lol.

  46. No I meant what I said I am a progressive democrat, and we keep losing battles we should win.because we are timid, and refuse to pick up the mantle of battle with the completely corrupt

  47. And shameless Republican Party!
    The next election is ours to lose. Fight the corporatization, and corruption of the government of the United Stars.

  48. Just like Republicans ,the
    Democrats are useful
    Idiots ,both parties protect
    The President, afraid to be branded as anti American.

  49. The Democratic party : They needs to get all those crooks which is Trump's Cesspool members in jail/prison for not answering their subpoena, Nancy Pelosa wake up!!!! And agree with the other Democrats…..?

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