December 15 tariff deadline on China still moving forward: Sources

December 15 tariff deadline on China still moving forward: Sources


  1. Tariff every Chinese good that enters the US. The quality of their goods are poor anyways. US Companies can leave China and move back into the US. TRUMP 2020 !!!!

  2. Continue to decouple with China, forget the trade deal completely. It will hurt our GDP and economy no doubt, but it is worth it in the long run

  3. Our past presidents has been helping China to rebuild their country. China made a lot of money from the U.S. China us vicious and taking advantage of the U.S. Now we have a Smart President TRUMP. that China can't manipulate. China and the rest of the countries in the world are now paying back the U.S. U.S. should not do business with Communist China. We should not buy anything made and produced by China.

  4. Buffoon Macaroon during WW1 Armistice day ann'y speech: Mon cher Trump, patriotism NOT = nationalism
    Smart Frenchman : Patrie (Fr) = Nation (English) so ….

  5. Trump is the right guy for the job……he will not back down.If he doesnt get the deal he wants there will be no deal.

  6. Tariff deadline. It's USA makes China pay heavily for it's stealing USA taxpayer's money and building it's Shanghai trade center tower. Thieves.

  7. If Democrats could have their way they would do all they could to have China replace the US as a world power as soon as possible.

  8. Very clever… china is losing billions already and cannot afford to lose more, the US on the other hand can afford a trade war with only marginal impacts being felt by consumers. These carefully calculated statements by President Trump my drop the numbers a few points on the stock market but they are causing a panic in China lol such negative rhetoric from the President will drive China to the table faster than capitulating to them will.

  9. Place big tariff on any and all nations which take advantage of the USA. We don't need them. That cheaply made and lead filled junk they can keep.

  10. Well hope you all bought Christmas presents before hand because now there won't be a Christmas without Chinese good how sad punish the poor because they can't afford to buy expensive American union garbage and can only afford Christmas gifts that are mass produced and cheaper from China shame on you president trump shame on you

  11. I think the President should wait until this coming November. Let China stew in their own juices for another year. America is doing just fine. The stock markets go up and down all the time, it will be fine as well.

  12. No way is this govt. going forward with these tariffs ! They don't have the cajones for it !
    Expect that they'll quietly backtrack on the 14th ! Yellow-Bellies !
    The dragon has the eagle by the balls ! smh !

  13. Increase the tariffs! The USA does NOT need trade with Communist China, Communist China will be overthrown without trade with USA.

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