Dear young people, “Don’t Vote”

Dear young people, “Don’t Vote”

– Dear young people. – Don’t vote. – Don’t vote. – Everything’s fine the way it is. – Trump, that was us. – He’s our guy. – Tax cuts for the rich, hell yeah, I’m rich as fuck. – Climate change? That’s a you problem, I’ll be dead soon. – Sure, school shootings are sad. – But I haven’t been in
a school for 50 years. – I can’t keep track
of which lives matter. – Sure you don’t like it. – So, you’ll like some meme on Instagram. – If the weather is
nice, maybe you could go to one of those little marches. – You might even share
this video on Facebook. – But you won’t vote. – You young people never do. – But I do. – I do. – I do. – Midterms, primaries. – Every single election. – We’ll be there, but you won’t. – Because we’re a generation of doers. – Not whiners. – We’re doing great. (drum beats)


  1. Holy shit, it took me minute to realize the purpose of the video, whoever’s idea it was for the video is a goddamn genius!!🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏😂😂😂

  2. The message in this video to 'the young' is obviously in shaming and frightening them into voting (indeed, twisted psychology, idiots!), because already now votes from a huge portion of my generation (age 52) are generally missed; old punks and rockers lol, hardly bothered voting because we can't believe even half of what so called leaders tell us and now the younger generations can't believe a single word they say!!! We are sick and tired of bullshit, 'power games', miss directed prejudice and everything including life being made disposable! We want problem solvers and common-unities, you suckers! Each person in this film look devoid of soul, demonically possessed, manipulative, warlike and with ulterior motives; that is not the way to work with anything or anybody, never mind naturally intelligent human beings!

  3. Me: votes for someone besides trump
    The people running this ad: well boys,we did it. All the worlds problems are no more

  4. Way to try to Target the young people the most impressionable. Shame on you and your propaganda these old people aren't rich or they wouldn't be on this commercial

  5. "because we're a generation of doers not whiners" that's funny last time I checked people who do vote whine a whole lot

  6. Do you understand that there are people called UNDER 18 YEARS OLD who can’t vote? The whole point of this video is extremely stupid because you just shame young ones for disliking the aftermaths of things. Sure they can host a march or make a rally, but just to shame them for not being able to vote makes this video incredibly conservative. It’s channels or headlines or videos like these that nobody can trust these days because everyone just twists things around for attention. So the next time you wonder why people didn’t vote, remind yourself that they COULDN’T vote. Thank you and have a nice day.

  7. Funny thing is, upper bracket tax cuts generally mean little to rich retirees, unlike how this video depicts. Not partisan but I can't help but feel running this campaign was a mistake by the democrats. Especially, when Joe Biden is how old? If you make this election about old vs young it is not hard to see young losing as the baby boomer generation is still the largest living generation. Those who benefit most from tax cuts are individuals who are in the middle and at the prime of their careers whom are unlikely to be moved on this video. Large amounts of youth already support the democrats so this is more like a rallying cry than any sensible attempt to woo voters. While I guess their is some value in rallying the troops it should not be at the cost of voters. Democrats should have played the classic rich vs poor angle more but not narrowed it down to age. Seniors also hate rich spoiled kids whom treat their parents legacy as if they made those billions. This would have been far more effective.

  8. Homelessness is an acceptable lifestyle. You too, can choose this lifestyle. Vote Democrat, vote often. Occupy America/Black Lives Matter assure your future as a SJW. The Democrats want you, illegals are being deported, the LGBTQRSTXYZ movement is only 3% of the population, the Dems need your vote. Step up, get out of your parents basement and go vote, if you are not to lazy to do so. Have a nice day.

  9. Young people generation Z are so stupid and lazy I’m sure they still won’t vote! I’m 37 I go vote a lot! I’m always the youngest person there! If you don’t vote you can’t complain! Periodttttt!

  10. Dear young people: keep believing that voting actually changes things. We love your false sense of security and your gullible view that everything is fair and nothing could ever be privately controlled in our perfect utopia of fairness. We also admire your trusting faith that the sole person at the top office and on the tv screen is like a king in complete control. The fate of the entire planet hinges on the person in this role and it’s up to each one of you … those of you in wal mart at 2 am, those of you at the strip club, those of you who are simply 18 and can barely read, those of you can’t even pump gas or get off your phone at a red light … it’s up to you America! Get out and vote because there is zero possibility that there is a behind the scenes group of elites who actually control the outcomes. When you gaze upon the evening sky and see all those long straight clouds just breathe deeply and know that your vote really does count!

  11. Legitimize your Oligarchy, do your part to prop up our fake democracy and pretend to vote.

    Don't mind that guy wired to the voting machine, or non establishments unconstitutionally getting a police escort when they attempt to register to represent us.

  12. it matters whether the problem you're complaining about exists or not, and you can't excuse political corruption by blaming anyone but the politicians.

  13. what a fuckup… GO VOTE, HATE ORANGE GUY… obviously… fck NAIL communications…. what a fckin idiots to push fckin indoctrination along with fckin VOTING popularisation….


    If u re in USA, go VOTE AND VOTE DONALD TRUMP 2020 !!!

    if u re in UK, dont go VOTE, THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY INSIDE UK !

  14. When people tell you all those bullshit excuses as to why you should vote, just remember this: They're not telling you to vote for who YOU want. They're telling you, "You had BETTER vote for OUR PARTY!!" Don't swallow the hype.

  15. Welp I’m young, I’ll vote for trump, less taxes, no gun control, and more freedom just like the old people. Sorry libtards

  16. The problem is that MSM covers election night. They literally control who is going to win. Remember when they were getting sloppy with the numbers in 2016, because it didn’t matter to them! We have a very real fascist problem and corporate media is its mouthpiece.

    “Nazi forces are not seeking mere modifications in colonial maps or in minor European boundaries. THEY OPENLY SEEK THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL ELECTIVE SYSTEMS OF GOVERNMENT ON EVERY CONTINENT-INCLUDING OUR OWN; they seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers who have seized power by force. These men and their hypnotized followers call this a new order. It is not new. It is not order.”
    ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

  17. you wont be alive the next election ! So Fuck YOU! and no, i wont vote , because I hate all of the candidates. they are all liars , and none of them keep their promises. Until a reliable candidate comes along, try not to fall you old fuckers. you're all in heaven's waiting room. you wont be around much longer lol

  18. Blime, the US seems just as divided as the UK is right now.. So it's not a split in politics, it's a split of generations, seems to be a global thing. I used to respect my elders, most youngsters seem to hate older people so I guess we'll need to find out why. Maybe it's because youngsters are petulant and always think their opinions are right.

  19. Yes, guilt and reverse psychology are the way to teach a lesson. Dear "young people", fuck these old people, don't buy into the system, start building something new, opt out of the systems of old that no longer serve us. Research agorism, counter-economics, and decentralized solutions.

  20. your vote means something

    Means everything by your viewpoint actually.

    There are 7 ml people where I live, about 4 ml allowed to vote.

    If a (part of) single small town decides to not vote at all this brings votes upside down as it had happened. You are just delusional. You just keep believing everything is "rigged". Well it's not. It's actually way more difficult and complex to rig elections than to influence people to vote/not vote one way or the other. Everything counts. And conspiracies are far less than it seems when you're younger. You need to live through all the elections/conspiracies et all to actually realize that though. Good luck.

  21. I already know that this ad is satire but still…

    Dear pro voters, if you want to suck young people like me into your little voting scam, you 1st need to prove to us that Votes in general have power. You cannot call an entire generation of people lazy seeing how your generation had everything handed to them alongside bad economic polices.
    People have stood by and watched people vote aimlessly in a system that seems to be set in its ways and refuses to change. If you also wish to tell people to leave the system, that would be fine and dandy if you didn't need permission from the government to do pretty much anything.
    As stated before if you wish to suck people into your little voting scheme you 1st need to prove that votes in general have powef. Until then, kindly piss off with this piss poor long, debunked rhetoric for voting.

  22. When ppl look at these ppl, they think boomers. But in truth, it’s the silent generation that’s responsible for destroying unions that the boomers lived through. The boomers could never have destroyed unions, they were too young. Ironically these are the “mad men” of our world.

  23. Never vote don't go against God's word don't live for the world and world leaders live for God only and 10 commandments If we don't vote politicians Lose weight over the world

  24. Every American when voting time comes I will be putting my vote for God in Heaven not Earth leaders and dropping that off on election day then we find Antifia group will vote and Antifia will get caught the only way to Beat politics is stand up and say no more Antifia on our ballet's as American people

  25. This is not politically correct

  26. Beat the clock demand voting online they only want gov workers in the polls to completely take evil control the rest are not considered there are many interested " poor " who work that are excluded namely family guy with kids who need to fulfil a civil duty

  27. they're trying to monopolize on young, nonconservative peoples hatred towards the old, hateful, conservative people just hilarious – because you know what happens if people resist this bait, if none of young people vote?! – eventually all of the old people who vote die at some point and politicians won't have flock to reign over anymore. there will be new generation of free minded people who doesn't need dirty politicians and corrupt system to make decisions for them anymore. i see the desperation that was experienced by the makers of this bait video. new order of things that was predicted by sci-fi novels and alternate future movies is inevitable either way so desperation kicks in for those who's afraid of changes and progress.changes are inevitable no matter how hard some group of people try to delay it, sooner or later they will come. future is coming where gamer celebrities are more important than politicians, where living in alternate realities becomes possible, where bionic people won't be just a product of fiction, you can't stop the evolution, you can't keep well educated people under the fear of invisible man in the sky or another boogeyman, you can't keep them satiated by empty promises of bigger wages and heaven, it worked long enough already, for those who profitted off it, nothing is eternal. if you're apolitical, areligious and just living your life, having your life, not bothering to meddle into politics and religion, anyone who tells you to go and vote or become politcal in any aspect for any reason, pushes down their fear of boogeymans if you don't vote, if you don't believe in god – is not your friend, they're enemy. this is all you need to know.

  28. Me: I’m not voting this election.
    You: You don’t have a right to complain if you don’t vote.
    Me: Fine, I’ll vote for Trump, then.

  29. You hammerhead shark looking bitch never tell me what to do I will spin kick your eyes out of your old ass head so fast they will time travel back to your Ice Age youth

  30. half of the actors in this video are now in retirement homes being tortured by the african nurses they advocated for the importation of. lmao

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