Dave Zirin on the Bad Sports book tour: Meeting George Steinbrenner

hand has host inside this one at truly positively give
another round of applause and thank you to busboys and poets alligator absolutely indispensable i want to give a big big thank you to
teaching for change big thanks to the sports fan coalition
which is sponsoring this event everybody should sign up with s_s_c_ tonight big thank you to haymarket books as well
there’s someone at that over their name amanda we do book events throughout the
city of people want information stack that house and i want to thank them cider up but it’s really with his work column dance nighter is of course the owner of you are assessing his washington
redskins and over the land you really did inspire
this book because over the time of live in washington d_c_ i’ve watched him take one of the most tight relationships
between of fan base and eighteen in the united
states and basically treated the way ababy
treats and diaper and that made me once and i’ve allot of
experience it bahar what that looks like an is what really inspired me to write this
book also thank you i guess it also go to james dolan that he is the owner of
the new york and it see made his money the old-fashioned way he inherited it his father is charles dole in the founder of
cablevision james dillon was a new year do well who had a as he puts it kinds of youthful
indiscretions of course they lasted two he was forty
eight which is actually that’s true it sound like a former president lee we just that very similar and uh… james dolan i mean my got
stupendous line from the same sense of what was once said the homer that in any
other country you would starve to death here’s a guy that’s james going in in any other family he
would’ve abit absolutely starve to death or at least be serving out a mandatory
minimum somewhere instead his version of parental boot camp is
running his daddy’s team the new york mix running into the ground
the team i grew up loving so i really want to bank to installing for inspiring me to write bad sports how
owners are ruining the games we love now i don’t want to seem like i’m just
here to demon eyes all right a little bit there’s little
demon is a shame but that’s because they have so much power and so little accountability means they have para lover our culture and how it’s shaping it’s
not just about sports if power over our organist gauge they
have power over what doesn’t doesn’t get funded through a
particular city counselor municipality they have so much power and yet as they could largely from sports fans to citizens we
are still oblivious they aren’t in that way it’s really starts with a guy who just dot actually just in time for the
book released a detail about the name of george
steinbrenner steinbrenner he once said idon’t have
heart attacks i give them he died of a heart attack panoramic creek last evening making fun at the
album but but let’s talk about his
steinbrenner was for a second because steinbrenner was coming and we should
talk about it because i don’t think read some of the obituaries about george
steinbrenner but they make them sound like the love child of dorothy day in yellow
dot it’s in that’s not who he wants at all and he was somebody who was like a
bridge between old style of ownership like this kind of very sort of
patriarchal and the big man in charge where’s my
cigar i looked out for the little guy a bridge from that too the new owner that we see today the
people who holed up our cities for funds into and all the rest of it azerbaidzhan inside and that all george
steinbrenner was his title story about it in people hear it historic picture it mid nineteen eighties new york city paris terrible the food this terrific that music is awesome man i was twelve years old i would wear
one of those run d_m_c_ bowlers just hats to school it made me look like
ah… pierce brosnan the thomas pan affair
though i didn’t look very cool and um… ac that that was the mid nineteen
eighties and in the eighties this is before the internet of course uh… hard to imagine and now of course we have one million
columnist sports columnist you find sports column all over the interwebs you
have all this access to every type of commentary could
possibly want back then really to newspapers that people read in
new york ano was in the new york times at the new york posted the daily news each paper had four columnist the
changed about as often as polls and these guys had tons of power and whether you love them or whether you
hated them you read them and the new york post at a columnist
named dick young and i needed that young dick young was
was a big eighty uh… i was a total races user
reactionary but you read that young because well you like sports and that’s one of the
only people talking about sports woman a days that young guys and that the new york post announces
that there’s going to be in open funeral for him on the swank upper east side of
manhattan and so it’s a saturday in the city i’m
living on the west side with my mom and you know she was wherever so i’ve gotten my bar mitzvah soon that’s true actually was a size too big
was bought for me for when i’d be thirteen uh… and therefore her man and i got on the cross-town bus and went to the funeral and i figured i’d be going there there’d
be tons of fans there would be a whole scene i just thought i’d be cool to
check out and so i show up to date young’s funeral
in twelve years old and i realized that i wasn’t the only
person who didn’t like that young like there were no fans there there was none of the general public
their i walked in and who’s there instead but it’s no
who’s who of the new york sports scene all the famous t_v_ commentators warner wolfe people
might know that name the c_b_s_ sports guy was there let’s go to the videotape aloo
karna sector the coach of saint john’s was their walking around shaking hands
and it was a who’s who think i walked in there and yuck i fit in like like
grandpa lenin double a_c_p_ meeting i was like what am i doing here and everybody’s staring at me and my truth is this for in a little after all
what some might knows i like sell-off corrigan twelve and i’m just about this link away when i feel this huge media palm on the back of my neck seeking the right this an idea here’s the gap and here’s the guy and now we can get
this party started party was a funeral i looked up and it’s george steinbrenner and the first thing i think is holy crap it’s george steinbrenner and the second thing i think is what the
hell’s wrong with his head the had this huge today like ted kennedy had nothing on this guy but that’s terrible i don’t know what he
was taking a look like a charm slide boxes that was so big and others like wow you’ve got a big
ahead and he’s initiating my neck event name pushes me inside the funeral home and then just turns around and laughs
and walks away and you know this is park avenue so at
that point people start coming up to me and they like and who are you and i’m like well i’m the guy who just got harassed by
george steinbrenner and they got sat down was part of the
service in and left in it it was this experience where if you just
kind of x special oversee the need to be awkward
kid who was there at the funeral in that is part of who he was i only tell that
story because it’s a bucket of other stories that people tell about him but there was another george
steinbrenner as well of course the bridge to owners of the future

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