Cuccinelli on London Bridge attack, confrontation with former Maryland Gov.

Cuccinelli on London Bridge attack, confrontation with former Maryland Gov.


  1. This is what happens when the EU flushes their toilet on another country and to think they wanted to do it to America, good thing Trump told them no, Obama told them they could.


  3. They should have jails like Turkey.. Your room is so small you can't lie down to sleep, and you are standing in a few inches of water. After a few years of that nobody would want to return…

  4. Imagine a crazed screaming lunatic coming at you with hate in their eyes, and to think they were once a governor, inconceivable! The knife loon was also bad.

  5. Obama let 6 of these types back into the free world for one traitor, Obama invited these types in from all over the world and placed them all over America.

  6. O'Malley is an anatomical Miracle. He is actually the Southern Half of a Northerly-trending Horse. Actually, a real horse has a lot of data processing capacity in the rear spinal ganglia. Poor guy seems to have been short-changed in this regard.

  7. Didn't realize showing someone being shot at close range ( 1:00 ), on National TV was acceptable or legal! Definitely UNPROFESSIONAL, seeing as though you're the only station showing it. 😔🙄

  8. We Stand With President Trump Cause He Stands With We the People Always Much love Patriots WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  9. What about the released prisoners and chef, that attacked this guy, and took his weapons away?!?! With fire extinguishers and a f*cking NARWHAL TUSK!!

  10. This fox news host is projecting the typical timidity and fear of conservatives when confronted by crusading lefties /liberals

  11. O'Malley's a childish immature clown people still voting for these types of individuals need to re-evaluate their voting strategy

  12. I hope they offer you an afternoon regular show like replaceing Smith's hour or Cavuto. They are very poor news people and very one sided. You are so easy to understand and have good advice for us little people who are just trying to make ends me. Thanks for your service to us the public.

  13. Imagine that, just in time for elections. Just like the maga bomber right before our elections. Notice he was using a knife because nobody over there has guns anymore. Look at everybody running hysterically over a knife.

  14. Typical of the UK justice system. A shame western countries haven't learned their lesson yet.

    O'Malley was a pathetic excuse for a governor. The liberal people of Maryland are too stupid to see him for what he is/was. Which is nothing but another tax and spend, America hating democrat…

  15. Spineless,gutless,pandering Leftist Libertarians are the only ones who refuse to believe some people are just born bad and are beyond redemption….
    Add in insane levels of single focus immigration and it becomes a powderkeg.

  16. Martin O'Malley is a criminal and treasonous traitors like him and his leftard Demonicrats are all deserving of trials by fire. I will never forget his disastrous career in my state and all his under the table crimes he got away with. His wife is a treasonous dog as well and has no place in public work.

  17. I think it stands to say that the firearm that stopped the threat needs to be put back in the hands of the people of the United kingdom! Give the people the freedom to defend themselves!

  18. USA & UK: please stop interfering in middle-east countries, get out of there. There won't be so much upheavals once you stop stirring chaos in those countries. If they're left to their own devices, those countries will get their act together eventually.

  19. We in the Western Worlds have become so civilised that our governements wont protect thier citizens by executing these terrorists, they cannot be deradicalised, it is as simple as that

  20. The citizens in London were brave enough to help bring down this guy, since it's sad that the police didn't take immediate action. Meanwhile, here in LA the LAPD shot killed a man in the middle of the street with a knife before he got to hurt anybody, but the freaken left liberal people are protesting and vandalizing the local police station for doing their job.

  21. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE always getting a FREE get out of jail PAST IN sanctuary cities, THEY break law's AND liberal JUDGE's GIVE them a get out of jail pass, THESE LIBERAL judges need to be removed FROM Court AND stripped OF their authority NOW.

  22. England doesn't allow you to own hand guns. So you see other methods used and pray someone being attacked knows MMA.

  23. NOT impressed with the interviewer, either a real loser or his first day… He just has to keep asking about leaving the bar after receiving insulting comments… He already answered, quit asking!

  24. MILLIONS of economic immigrants have less than 100 IQ's.
    Meaning they can never be employed without direct supervision.
    And, they come from cultures that hate the Christian West.
    so vetting them and controlling them isn't an option.
    Its necessary to survive. The NWO and PC crowd are the
    epitome of the "Culture of Narcissism," C. Lasch, 1979.
    Incredibly self destructive, delusional and childish behaviors
    and thinking processes. All predicted by Sigmund Freud !
    Post WW2.

  25. England has taken all the guns away from the good people. Now people are just victims. Let the British own and use guns for self defense.

  26. Have said it before, but again, England need their own rendition of the 2nd Amendment. An armed population will stop that kind of terrorism and many more. An armed population is the best defense, not bigger/better or more "sophisticated" government police.

  27. then the winged hussars arrived… with a narwhal tusk and extinguisher… 3 cheers for Lukasz the Narwharrior and D.W.A.F.E. (dude with a fire extinguisher) Hip, Hip…

  28. What do you say about home grown terrorism. God protect us not your utterances. Ken Cuccinelli and your enabler, you can do better than that. Two pots calling kettles black? Gotta be joking you two clowns. What are Red Indians supposed to say about immigrants, if you remnants of immigrants have the audacity to criticize them.

  29. Get the facts straight, he was Born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1991 to Pakistani parents, therefore a British citizen, Khan was arrested aged 19 years in a major counterterrorism operation, along with eight others who formed an al-Qaida-INSPIRED terror cell. Charged with plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange, Khan spent eight years in prison before being released in December 2018 – fitted with an electronic tag to track his movements. IN RETROSPECT only was HIS RELEASE A MISTAKE!!!. He had written letters and spoken at length about his remorse, and to all intents and purposes was rehabilitated. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men. That men lie is also a fact. That people try to gain political advantage from this however is also callous and evil, one of the victims fathers asked specifically that politicians not do this as it was not what his son would want. What we do going forward should be the result of measured debate not as a result of the rantings of a baying mob led by Boris Johnson and his league of disinformation. Will trump and Boris make political capital out of this? Of course they will. Is that how our society wants to be categorised? A mindless mob led by shouting ranting manipulators? The attack was one committed by a single man misled himself by other ranting fools as a boy and not his entire community. Be careful that this expertly crafted message by the media is not the only narrative you digest today.

  30. More support that migration needs to be heavily controlled. If you get this, throw the direct family out of the country, if it carrys on then extended family see how many do it then.

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