Corruption, Cocaine and Murder in Trinidad

Corruption, Cocaine and Murder in Trinidad


  1. VICE News visited the slums of Port of Spain and spoke with police, activists, community leaders, and gangsters to understand the country's decade-plus spike in killings.
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  2. Yeah that black police dude Robert Alexander which sounds like a fake ass name is definitely a free Masonic luciferian Worship in piece of s***

  3. While drinking a beer the presenter ask ..
    What do u guys say when u do this ?
    One of the guys ask another gang member to open his beer ..
    Presenter says to open?
    Gang members say Nah we say cheers …
    Presenter says Lakahiam to met with silence .. epic ..

  4. They're saying that they should keep a bunch of C.I. and informants, and arrest them all. So they a can back on the street in 6, months. We've done that, it doesn't work, shooting them seems to be more effective.

  5. Is there any Country or Island on this planet that is run by Blacks that has a low crime rate and is prosperous? This is a sincere question on my part. Please educate me!

  6. As a trini, watching csi operate on that scene just saddening. We need proper training. The detective just there, she looks unbothered.

  7. People wake up, this isn't funny, its happening all over the world now. Simply time to legalize n decriminalize drugs, this is what the cartels fear the most, though if drugs are made dirt cheap again the cartels turn to stealing oil, monopolies on agricultural products like avocados in Mexico.The oil n gas won't last forever, when the wells run dry in 100yrs—>TOTAL GLOBAL CHAOS.

  8. its all linked to pedo child sex trafficking then they filter into the internet porn. roman caliphate corruption in everyones towns who have oil and drugs

  9. LOL, Trinidad is just like the United States. Corruption is everywhere and the top drug dealers are making millions of dollars tax free every day 24/7/365

  10. Its amazing that one action of takinng a bribe has a chain reaction of other events that will transpire, such as murder

  11. Not all but most problems in the world are due to Islamic Radicals.

    In India too,It all started with 1947 partition. We reconstructed the country. But then 1986 came & now we are one of the most Communal countries in the world.

    Thanx to Islamists.

  12. The cops are cowards the big people after the little hard working man making a couple dollars on the weed or the Nicollet legal on the side they going out to those people because it's easy to lock them up for the big man with the money the cowards they can't touch them…

  13. She makes me cry that criminals are killed and not prosecuted (released back onto the streets) to clean out your family only to be persecuted.. that b!tch is delusional!

  14. forst thing comes to mind when someone says trinadad is murder and drugs. wtf dude talking about metal drums for ? no one thinks that

  15. Spanish, the community gang leader, won me over when he got out of his BMW wearing no shoes. My kinda guy 👍🏼

  16. The criminologist has not a clue about what being a police officer in a highly dangerous area is like. Talking out of her ass acting like she knows the problem. No one fully can understand and know the problem and if anyone does understand the problem and can come up with a solution, it is not her. She’s acting like she’s seen the other side but nothing with a criminal is simple. Being an officer in a violent place is difficult and complicated and when you live in ever evolving criminal world, sometimes fire must be fought with fire and these police have to make a literal split second decision. So don’t act like you are better or smarter or not as dirty as police when they have to make split decisions to save their lives and others. Don’t pass judgment until you’ve lived that or you’ve came up in the dangerous situations.

  17. been to kingston town jamaica that was real bad,i was even stupid enough to go to a shanty town and spent all night escaping to my gated community,it was like living in a 1980s dystopia movie on the run,if your a naive kiwi and white dont go to kingston town it will kill you if you make a mistake,you are never far from danger even on the other side of the island,finding a word for jamaica is hard but it is full of really good ppl and really bad and no inbetween ,it did prepare me for my 5 month stint in port moresby last year,png is a place you can get mobbed and stabbed pretty easily but atleast there wasnt alot of guns around unlike jamaica

  18. STOP talking shit! Dole Chaney's Organization was the baddest..Beharry was set up by TT govt. and kidnapped and brought to U.S.Federal court in West Palm Beach FL. Wade La La, Peter and others testify, TT realest was put out of action for these same weak political pussies's SAD the prevy counsel in the UK allowed or sold out Dole organization and hang all but Beharry "Shortman" the true boss!

  19. I am a Trinidadian, born and well i'm still being raised😅. My country is not as dangerous as this video makes it out to be and i personally find it distasteful that Vice has made it out as such. As the journalist witnessed, we are very community/family oriented. Not only do we watch after our own, but we are willing to let strangers in, that we would also look after them aswell. Just as any other nation or society, we have crime. Wow, big deal😒, i'm not excusing it but you act as though we are so tainted with crime. Gang warfare is prevalent in certain areas, usually the more impoverished communities, but action is being taken to reduce it. The murder rate will always be awful, 1 person dead a year, is 1 too many, but it is being reduced. More action needs to ve taken by the govt and defense force, but thats a song, every nation is singing. My sister island home is beautiful, we have such diverse culture, our food is amazing and the people are extraordinary. They also are quick with their tongues but that's cuz as a people, we don't accept any type of nonsense. If you plan on visiting, exercise the same amt of caution you'd use in your homeland. Ask the important questions, but don't let your fear keep you away from truly enjoying the islands. Yuh bound tuh fall in love, doh fight it🤷‍♀️

  20. You hear that? "First attempted Muslim overthrow of a western Nation"
    Every Muslim country on Earth this has happened. Remember that. UK and Sweden soon

  21. This is the solution for every country (get to the root)
    Jesus is the solution. He changes hearts. That is the issue of man. The heart/mind. Wickedness begins there. Lord, help Trinidadian people to open their hearts to Jesus so He can change them and I bind up these ruler spirits over the country – Spirits of violence, addiction, greed, poverty, covetousness and all connected. I cancel every plan of destruction for Trinidad and its people. May each one come to know you as Lord and Savior so they can be a positive force to uplift the country in Jesus name, Amen. *Pray and pray more specifically. Visit , it will change your life. Blessings 🙏🏾

  22. 3:30 into the video he mentions that they are "the baddest cops out" and the uniformed officers just laught in the background

  23. Why you think they killing all the comuty leaders. And calling them gang leaders. Cause of all the good they do. The government and Alexander do want that

  24. How the devil going and take down the devil. How you want Alexander to eat or live if he go after the big fish

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