1. imagine how great america would have been had all black and minority peoples were given a decent education and not thrown into prisons for minor offences or subjugated as they are now! im so glad this man is alive during these dark times. i hope more people are given opportunities to rise like him then our world would be a much more decent place than it is now.

  2. 14:00
    Cornel says "Love is a beautiful thing…I've had many divorces so I speak from profound wisdom!!!"


  3. Dr West, I could listen to you speak for hours.
    Thank you for spreading nuance, and love through your word and action, God bless you.
    P.S. please come to Seattle 🙂

  4. Thank you Dr. Cornel West! The clarity of your voice is soul-piercing and as has been stated, soul stirring. Thank you!

  5. Truly outstanding lecture. Worthy of sharing with wider audiences outside of the US, such is the power (on intellectual/moral/emotional/spiritual levels) and delivery of Dr Cornel's message; an exhortation to strive to be aware of our moral agency in this world and to act so that we might realize the nature of our higher-selves as individuals and as a community.

  6. He reminds me of the skit on In Living Color where the two guys in prison talking to each other, trying to use big words. Righteous brother, righteous.

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