Conway: Americans aren’t buying impeachment this holiday season

Conway: Americans aren’t buying impeachment this holiday season


  1. But, but, but the President is guilty of destroying our country. Isn’t he mainstream media and Dems? Forget evidence and facts; just have raging emotions against him and that is all we need to impeach.

  2. kelly looks like she's losing her hair. Wonder if she has the same disease as trump? Also looks like she hasn't slept in a very long time. Poor kid.

  3. If you ever want to see the true face of liberals, see their true disposition and treatment of women and minorities, pay attention to the vile, repugnant, grotesque things they have said about KellyAnne Conway and conservative minorities. Their racism and hatred toward them is clear for all to see.

  4. Took a look at comments on CNN. Hated to do it. There are still so many brain dead people in the world. Sad they still believe what the msm is shoveling as "truth or news." The other funny thing is their Barbie doll reporter.

  5. after three years of this democrat-led impeachment thing that each Democrat if you total up all the Democrats involved at about $500,000 a piece and wages boy we could have done a lot with that money for building a wall and a whole bunch of other things what a shame we really do need leadership in the Congress we really need a Congress that works for the people

  6. how the hell does George stand her. My god her voice is enough to drive you nuts. She is every bit as big a liar as Trump. They must have a contest everyday to see who can tell the most lies

  7. The Dems keep repeating Noone is above the law so i cant wait to see what happens when they are busted for Treason….

  8. I am set to vote President Trump again in 2020. He has done more than these democrats whose main focus is to impeach him and not to serve the county. Trump 2020!

  9. You don’t need to buy it Conway. The facts are there but not so much on Fox News. We will continue to remove Trump out of office. You are following a corrupt individual.

  10. I was going to vote democratic. But there is zero factual evidence against Trump. I'm voting Trump in 2020. The democrats changed me into a republican.

  11. " The National Lawyers Guild was formally organized at a convention held in the Washington Hotel in Washington, D. C, on February19-22, 1937. National headquarters were established in the Nation's
    Capital, where they remain today. The National Lawyers Guild is the foremost legal bulwark of the
    Communist Party, its front organizations, and controlled unions.
    Since its inception it has never failed to rally to the legal defense of the
    Communist Party and individual members thereof, including known
    espionage agents."
    Mr. Wood, from the Committee on Un-American Activities, Sept 21, 1950, 81st Congress 2nd session
    you dont have to BUY this Report, its free.

  12. mmmkay, Crypt Keeper….keep the lies going. She is heinous, on every single level. As a taxpayer, I'd much rather my dime go to investigating crimes committed by the "president" than over 115 million on that obese disgrace of a human cheating on golf.

  13. Bright woman, but I am so tired of Kellyanne taking a question and going on and on for two minutes or more in something that feels like a free-association rant……constantly turning back to pre-rehearsed talking points. It would be so refreshing to hear Kellyanne put her brainpower into answering the question and then let the interviewer move on to the next question. I'm tuning her interviews out, even though I agree with many of the things she says, it's just so much propaganda mixed in with the legitimate answers… much deflection away from the original question and then ….OH, SHE JUST SAID IT….."I would like to talk about"…. and then off she goes into another topic…..

  14. Oh, but we are. We tax payers are paying the salaries of those low-life Dems that should be working for us. Instead they are trying to save their party from getting destroyed in the next election.

  15. I’m watching Mell Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ “ and noticed Nancy Pelosi walking through the crowd at a distance… Hmmm

  16. Why do republicans do this to themselves it is emmberrassing, just Kick trump out and you still have a republican president and you’re dignity !i hope Rudy fucks m all.

  17. Has anyone realize that we are woken up to what’s going on? The Democrats has not done no work in 3 years, the only thing that they have been doing is trying to get Trump out of office. Now that’s what I saw for these last 3 years?

  18. When Lev Parnas rats Giuliani and trump, odds are trump and family will flee prosecution and end up in some third world non extradition treaty country. Don't worry. Secret Service will stay in Air Force One and we'll have it back in hours. But trumps have no choice if those tax returns get handed over, or Parnas rats, or a lot of other people, including those who see he'll never get elected, since he wasn't in the first place . And those guys are in prison, or heading there and since he has zero chance of winning anything, including cases of hiding the public's records, it ain't looking good in old trump train wreck land.

  19. this is the communists vs. the capitalists,, that is all this is,, and we better win this one or good by america as we know it,,,,,,,,china will take over this land.

  20. The better sell this Holiday Season would be for these idiots get off their asses and spend our tax dollars on fixing real issues in this country. It's a travesty what's going on with the democrats. Wasting our tax dollars while all of them are filth rich.

  21. I have a feeling that I'll be singing "My Boyfriens's Back" but substituting boyfriend with Rudy. Giuliani is busy as a beaver collecting evidence that will result in charging Democrats with high crimes including treason. I'll be like… hayla hayla Rudy's back,

  22. But you Fox viewers dont actually have the skills to determine what is right or wrong , self interest is not morality. I pray you all find a way to square your ignorance with decency. The badge of deplorable should not be worn with pride but with shame.

  23. We don't need no Democrazy party and Kelly Anne doesn't need a crazy slob for a husband. Get rid of them both. We are filing a new party called Trumplican Party. All aboard. Or get run over.

  24. President Trump says "I don't care for Taco's much anymore and Democrazies claim that he said I don't care about Mexicans. And there you have it from the sick and twisted who run the New Communist Democrat Party. Oh but Orange man is bad. Orange man is very bad. Orange man is terribly bad. Bad Orange man. The only non lawyer who is in Government and collects zero pay for it. Pass the Cheetos.

  25. Kellyanne flogway, lies as much as trump, you will be looking for a job soon, your boss is on his way out the door, that will be so funny when Trump dump is out.

  26. There is not a single statement here that is true. Just the usual Conway barrage until your head spins in order to convince the slowly thinkers of the Orange cult. ROFL

  27. Please don't impeach Trump. Trump removal by the will of the people is the only way. It's the only way to make sure we rid ourselves of Mrs alternative facts. Poor George Conway. She's like a screeching cat in a tin can!

  28. Ms Conway, to me, everything about you ,exude, timeless class, and priceless mind and wisdom borrowed from God. A more complete woman other than the one who entered our world through Adam, I know not, and would bet everything I own that another one out there is even 10%of you.

    In my dreams, are you,


  29. The democrats impeachment clown show reminds me of the three stooges episode of disorder in the court for real. I don’t care about impeachment, democrats are accusing President Trump of the criminal activity democrats are engaged in.

  30. Somebody please explain how the judges that signed and aproved fisa aren't stepping up denouncing the fact that it was all a lie.

  31. i LOVE kELLEYANN *But times I wonder how she keeps her brain in sync with her mouth***. slow down girl **LET US DIGEST WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT** DR KEL


  33. After all the impeachment talk, the only ones I see potential charges against are Joe Biden and his son, but not charges against Trump. By the way, I did not vote for Trump in 2016, I voted for an independent. In November of 2020 I will be voting for Trump. I grew up in a deeply Democratic family, but after this, I will never vote Democratic again.

  34. There is a fraction inthis country that is in the majority, collectively, that is thoroughly anti-american/pro-swamp. Mobilization is eminent…

  35. Worry about immigration The Drug War is evil and unwinnable, it has been a war against folks with addictions and some disabled folks looking for relief. Disgusting! drugs are a medical issue.

  36. If anyone is reading this. There R other alternatives 2 Facebook and
    YouTube & possibly even Twitter. We can let them abuse our rights
    & silence Conservative content, or we can start a movement & a
    date that everyone transitions over to the new mediums. Someone with
    Stature, make this happen. Needs to be coordinated, or no one will move.

  37. There few Americans, some never Trumpers and Hillary I can't believe we didn't win even after we cheated and had illegal foreigners vote ! We called him a racist and Woman hater and made up lies and that still doesn't work! ????? Maybe it's because more and more Americans are realizing the truth and very fake News reports the opposite of the truth just like the Democrats, they are hypocrites and all the things they accuse others of being or doing they are in reality!!! Believe your lies once shame on you, believe your lies over and over… SHAME ON AMERICA! Pelosi and Schiff and Obama all keep telling lies as long as the fake news keeps reporting it and as Trump is this terrible person and and we should listen to them because they promise lies,lies and more lies!!! In some countries if you got caught purposely fabricating lies they'd cut your tongue out… here in America you should be held liable in a court of law and justice would be done if you were given the penalty for the crimes also! Most Americans know… the corrupt are being seen for who they are!

  38. I had my high-schooler and middle -schooler listen to Schiff's allegations against The President and then let them read the entire transcript of the call with Ukraine. Both my kids concluded that Schiff was a liar and were shocked. LOL. Who does Schiff think he's fooling?

  39. The Horowitz IG Report contains a fraud. Why was Comey so certain the the IG Report would exonerate him? Because the name "Comey" does NOT appear in the report. The name "Corney" appears 162 times. You cannot see the difference with your eyes. The Deep State used nine point Ariel font. Why? That makes Corney LOOK like Comey. LEGALLY, Comey is not in the report. This fraud must be exposed!

  40. As We drain the swamp, seems there's a clog in the pipe folks,,, oh! Look, its nadler and shiff clogging the drain pipe , figures !!! ???? Love Our Patriot KellyAnne !!! T.Y. !!!

  41. They started Russia collusion and then tried to frame trump supporters cater page is a spy and flynn and roger stone on fake charges think trump should pardon asap

  42. Democrats are worse than Communists. They consistently what to impeach Republicans or whoever does not agree with their agenda.

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