1. O leary is going to be an extremely weak leader. Therev needs to be strong opposition to the liberals, not a trump of Canada that is going to get bogged down with all the horrible things he has said over the years and the inevitable comparisons to president Chump.


  3. Bernier got a vote from me for his last statement. As a social conservative it is important to have open debate on tough views and not be shut out of a political party and forced to vote against conscience as Trudeau has mandated. Bernier has the intelligence, Conservative policies, and libertarian views on social issues and charisma to take on Trudeau.

  4. O'Leary seems to misunderstand what revenue neutral means and unfortunately his fabrication hits the audience. Revenue neutral, in B.C.'s case, doesn't only impact businesses (as O'Leary states) but all B. Columbians. The way it works is simple: with the money generated from the carbon tax, taxes for ALL B. Columbians are lower in certain marks because the C. tax guarantees a "tax surplus", respectively. If you adopt a form of green energy, you wind up paying less C. Tax while still reaping the benefits of the revenue neutral accumulation. The point of a C. tax is that people eventually go green, it isn't meant to be a constant strain on people, or businesses.

    *Edited "green energy" for "Green" considering the obvious confusion re: political party.

  5. Want to join Kevin to fight back against Trudeau in 2019? Want to have somebody who will actually follow through with their promises? Then join us and sign up here to become a conservative party member so you can vote for O'Leary to be the next conservative leader! https://olearyforcanada.secure.force.com/donate?lang=en&campid=FB0191

  6. I swear to god these politicians are such liars making false promises just to get elected, and we all know what happens after that. Canadians need to ask for more than this nonsense and b.s ! and why doesn't this panel represent the diverse population of Canada????

  7. Just some of my thoughts from the 1st 3/4 of watching…

    Those of us in our 30's, 40's, 50's + need good paying Jobs too, We have been educated, We have been paying Taxes (for many years), We are the Voters and as it is Right know many of us will NOT be able to afford to Retire!!! Stop giving breaks to company's that mostly hire part time employee's and pay poverty line wages ( this is mostly a provincial problem that needs to be fixed ). We need to control Government Waste & Spending! Right – Provinces need accountability before they are given any more money towards health care – Ontario Liberal government is a great reason why this needs to happen!

    Andrew Scheer – made a good point regarding us getting oil from foreign sources.
    I didn't know that the Aboriginals were trying to put in a pipeline.
    I like Deepak, he makes a few good points. Used substanable development 🙂

    Chong – We produce a minuscule of emissions – and you think we can cut further? I disagree with him!

    Yes, Revenue neutral carbon tax is BS!!
    Good one Kevin O'Leary

    Anyway, still not sure who will get my Vote…

  8. I certainly look forward to mature professional behaviour in this debate. There is no room for candidates to "bully". For example at the Atlantic conferance candidates were very condansending and rude to Mr. O Leary

  9. Ahhhh finally CBC, the government ran television and radio station, allows free speech. thank god we can now comment on conservative leadership debate

  10. Let's just get O'leary vs Bernier in there already head to head, sure throw in lefty Chong in there for the establishment candidate in there to get demolished but let's kick out these overwhelmingly useless candidates.

  11. QUESTION 1. What measures, specifically, would you suggest to define the conservative position on social issues and provision of social services?

    Let's see if that's even a coherent question. So, "What precise course of action would you take to describe the traditional political arrangement with regards to socially important debate topics and the distribution of government supplied public benefits?"

    I guess this is coherent enough – in a nutshell, "What is the conservative stance on social issues and societal welfare?"

    Let's see what the answers are:

    Chris Alexander – "First of all I think it's a myth. I think it's false to say that conservatives have not been strong in supporting our social safety net; in helping all Canadians move forward with opportunities. We have to be able to afford these things. And when we go into deficit, or debt, over a long period of time, we immediately see the quality of services decline. My platform includes strong measures to end and eliminate homelessness and poverty in Canada. But it also would put us back in the drivers' seat as a leading G7 economy, creating jobs, becoming a center for youthful entrepreneurship, becoming a truly innovative economy that is affording a higher quality of social service for everyone. We also need to hold the provinces and territories to account. They deliver the health care system. They deliver many of the most important services on which Canadians depend; we need to see results, results at the front line for Canadians."

    Absolute word salad. The guy shut his brain off and turned his mouth on. Carefully read through that response. Is there a cogent response there? Just plain no, in my opinion.

    Kellie Leitch – "Well, on the economy I think we know what plan doesn't work. Justin Trudeau's. And we know that as conservatives, if we put forward a plan that's common sense, we have an opportunity to then take care of others. I put forward a 6 point plan to make sure that we can balance the budget, make sure that we get the waste out of government, capping government spending, making sure that the public sector salaries and benefits are actually in line with the private sector's as opposed to being inflated, and making sure that we're taking and removing taxes on taxes. If we get government spending under control, if we cap government spending, we have an opportunity for the private sector to flourish. And the best social policy is making sure every Canadian has a great job. I want every young Canadian to have a great job so they can take care of their families. We know when families in this country take care of themselves, they're exceptionally generous, they give back. And that's what my plan is. Thank you very much."

    Not bad! Pretty coherent answer that mostly stayed on topic and relativity answered the question. Some of it is a bit "pie in the sky", in my opinion.

    Andrew Saxton – "Thank you Tom. The best social program is a strong economy and jobs, especially for young Canadians. The unemployment rate amoungst young Canadians is double the national average. At the same time we're bringing in temperary foreign workers to fill jobs in Canada and thousands of jobs are going unfilled every year. We need to break down that historic barrier between the marketplace and the educators so that young Canadians are getting the skills necessary to get the jobs that are available in the marketplace. I lived in Switzerland. Switzerland has an apprenticeship program where the majority of young people, they don't go into university, they go straight into apprenticeship programs after high school. And I'm not just talking about trades, these are professions like banking, insurance and pharmaceuticals. As Prime Minister of Canada I will implement an apprenticeship program here in Canada so that young people will get the jobs that they want."

    Okay. I guess. But it doesn't really answer the question of what the "conservative stance on societal welfare" is, does it? Another word salad that doesn't stick to the point, with a specific detail thrown in to cover the fact he doesn't have a clue what he's saying. Pretty poorly put, in my opinion.

    Aaron O'Toole – "Thank you Tom and thank you press tonight. I think in the last election, friends, a lot of Canadians liked Justin Trudeau, but already they don't like what Justin Trudeau is doing to Canada and our economy. $100 billion in new debt. $30 billion deficits. More taxes on Canadians, on small business. A nationalized carbon tax and payroll taxes. That's leading to the Liberals' job crisis. Since we're here at the Manning Conference, a room full of conservatives that want ideas, go to my website. I've got a plan. First step, Generation Kickstart, allowing our young people out of college and university to have a 3 to 5 year tax exemption space of $100,000 to $200,000; particularly those that will go to the U.S. in high demand professions and skilled trades. The second plan, we're going to return to the Universal Child Care Benefit. The Liberal aproach is not universal and this approach will save money and let us help the most vulnerable with an update to that plan. And the end of the day, a job for mom and dad is what is needed. And that's what I'll bring."

    Well, he eventually got to some very specific ideas that he personally has. Do they answer the question? No, not really, in my opinion.

    Round 1 goes to Kellie Leitch!

  12. They don't get it. We know that Conservatives tell you what you want to hear and do what is good for the rich. The people were attracted to the Progressive part which the Progressive Conservatives are not. There aren't enough Canadian millionaires to vote them in.

  13. They are all scared of the name recognition of O'Leary. We are Canadians not Americans. We wouldn't have elected a Trump.

  14. God, please choose anybody but Kelly Leech. That voice makes me want to shoot myself.

    I'd be lying if I said she wouldn't make a good smug pepe though.

  15. So far Chong is sounding A+, but Obhrai and some others have also peaked my interest. Looking forward to the next debate and learning more!

  16. There's no need to build up the army… well… unless Trump says to pay. Though some don't agree with our Armed Forces going into Afghanistan and the middle east for their conflicts, it is clear that our Armed Forces is sufficient enough from those wars. (Please reply your thoughts).

  17. I've watched all the English debates ( I'm not that fluent with French… same with some canidate I know)…
    After all of those, these are my top 5 canidates.
    1. Deepak Obhrai
    2. Andrew Scheer
    3. Rick Peterson
    4. Kevin O' Leary
    5. Rona Ambrose

  18. Errors can only be corrected if & when they are recognized (admitted). let's be mature and recognize that we have wrongly chosen to let Mr. Harper go. How quickly can we get him back and swiftly get Canada back on track ! Kevin O'Leary is another option but let's admit that we have mixed feelings about his views on many aspects of the Canadian Way of Life
    Both Harper and O'Leary share Mr. Trump's views on many aspects but Mr. Harper does not have personal business interests that might conflict with clear interest of Canadians.
    NOTE: Mr. Harper was immensely more careful & wise about Open Door Immigration !!!

  19. I was open to Conservative politics…until it got hijacked by illiterates, Islamapobes, Christofascists, Zionists, white identity Neo-Nazis and other nutters. Now it's the part of identity politics that relies on fear and bigotry.
    Don't worry JT you got noting to be fearful of from these rubes!!!

  20. Any one of them is just a puppet for the EU and the UN. Both run by Natzis. Google it.
    also Nigel Farage Brexit. There is the truth if you can handle it.

  21. Fastfood chains are getting more and more dangerous to eat at. Could some chains like McDonald be making more and more mistakes in their hirings of people who may be trying to make their consumers sick?

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