Chris Philp – BBC Politics Live – Increasing Funding for Policing

Let’s take London as an example. Sadiq Khan
as Mayor has increased his budget on PR and bureaucrats by £25million a year over Boris.
That could fund 500 front line police officers. It’s also about people like Sadiq Khan spending
the money they have more sensibly. But, you cannot maintain that an extra billion
in this coming financial year, anything like compensates for a 20 percent cut in real terms
over the previous 7-8 years. Well if you study that 5 or 6 year period
in London for example, which is the city I represent, during that period the Metropolitan
Police did things like merge back office functions, they disposed of assets that weren’t needed,
and over that 6 year period Boris was Mayor for most of that, they managed to make those
savings, significant savings, as you say, without crime going up – in fact crime went
down during that period, so you can do it, obviously, we did do it, over a 6 year period.
Now, as you say, crime is now – knife crime in particular Knife crime, murder, it’s all rising. You’re right and that is why, in just a few
weeks from now, three weeks time, there is that billion pound increase, going straight
into police budgets. Just in three weeks time – but police commissioners like Sadiq Khan
also need to spend that money properly.

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