Chinese FM says President Xi Jinping’s Seoul visit will be “discussed through channels”

Chinese FM says President Xi Jinping’s Seoul visit will be “discussed through channels”

we began with Chinese Foreign Minister
Wang Yi’s visit to South Korea his first official trip in five years today he
held talks with his South Korean counterpart
Kang Yong Hwa where they touched upon various issues from boosting high-level
exchanges to cooperating on North Korea issues Kim Minji reports amid mounting
anticipation over a possible visit to South Korea by Chinese President Xi
Jinping Beijing’s top diplomat says the matter will continue to be discussed
through relevant channels China’s foreign minister Wang Yi made the
remarks when asked about the potential trip following talks with his south
korean counterpart Kang jung-ho in Seoul on Wednesday the Chinese leader hasn’t
been to South Korea since 2014 so his visit if it happens would reciprocate
president moon geun’s trip to Beijing in 2017 we’re neighbors and we will boost
high-level exchanges we’ll continue to negotiate the matter through channels
Wang is on a two-day visit to South Korea his trip has drawn particular
significance as it marks his first time in Seoul since bilateral ties soured
over South Korea’s decision to deploy the US missile defense system THAAD in
2016 according to Seoul’s foreign ministry the two sides shared the view
that their ties must be restored fully and that they have a common
understanding to hold a joint vice-ministerial panel on
people-to-people exchanges in the near future given that economic ties were
hurt over the THAAD issue South Korea’s foreign minister Kang jung-ho
also expressed optimism in getting bilateral relations back on track I’m
glad to be able to discuss in depth the achievements we made in our bilateral
relations and to work on areas that haven’t bared as well there are talks I
hope to exchange views on how we can revitalize high-level exchanges as well
as boost cooperation in the areas of economy environment culture and personal
exchanges on North Korea the two sides fought close cooperation to make
progress towards denuclearization noting that the situation was fluid given that
Pyongyang continues to stress its year-end deadline they agree that peace
must be maintained on the peninsula and war must not break out emphasizing the
importance of continued dialogue between North Korea and the US and to keep the
pledges made during their Singapore summit
on Thursday one will make a courtesy call to president moon jaein as well as
meet with South Korean political and business figures Kim Minji Arirang news


  1. Why do S Korea keeps believing china is its friend. The chinese is the reason why NK and SK are still divided. The chinese needs NK as a buffer zone. They don’t care about Korea or a Koreans. Look at the way they destroyed SK companies and tourism when the Thadd missiles were installed in SK. SK needs to stop relying on trade with china and focus on reuniting with NK. A united Korea’s economy would be 10 times larger if this were to happen. Dump the chinese, focus on your relations up north.

  2. China is neither our friend nor our enemy. However, I admit that China one of my neighbouring countries. Of course, I don't fully trust China with obvious reasons including Thaad retaliation and so on. However again, it should not prevent us from trading with China but then again, China is not that trustful in doing a business…So, we always need to be careful in dealing with China. I personally foresee that China will be trapped in the state of "middle-income country" if they continue acting arrogant and ignorant toward intellectual property rights and the rule of the laws.

  3. I think that many South Korean people are good at using English. They are better at using foreign languages than most of Japanese people are. Why? Because most of South Korean people never love their own home-country South Korea. From the bottoms of their hearts, South Korean people really want to escape from South Korea.

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