Chinese Firm Huawei Takes US Government To Court Over Blacklisted Products

Chinese Firm Huawei Takes US Government To Court Over Blacklisted Products

A foreign telecom giant is at the center of
the US trade war with China and they’re challenging the American government in federal court. The Chinese firm Huawei accuses the US of
illegally blacklisting its products, but the Trump administration, well they’re pushing
back. RTs Brigida Santos joins me now with more
on this story. Brigida, you’ve been looking at this. Why, why does, Huawei believe that US is acting
illegally in banning the firm’s products? We have the right to do that in any kind of
tariff, any type of tariff war that we seem to be squarely involved with. And what’s going on here? Yeah. Well, Huawei officials claim the US unconstitutionally
banned the company as a security threat by unfairly singling it out without trial. And this of course stems from the 2019 National
Defense Authorization Act, which bans federal agencies from working with Huawei and companies
that use Huawei equipment. In regards to the lawsuit, the firm’s rotating
chairman says, “Congress has repeatedly failed to produce any evidence to support it’s restrictions
on Huawei products. We are compelled to take this legal action
as a proper and last resort.” Now the US has long claimed that Huawei equipment,
deliberately contained security holes that the Chinese government could exploit to spy
on American communications and disruption networks. Huawei, however says that it’s the US that’s
doing the spying and National Security Agency documents that were leaked by Edward Snowden
previously revealed that the NSA had in fact hacked into Huawei systems and stole it’s
source code and emails. Now this is something that governments do
to each other. Huawei says the US ban is politically motivated,
anti-competitive, and unsubstantiated. Well, you know, Brigida the NSA has almost
zero credibility right now. I mean, go take it all the way back to the
Iraq war. They lied about weapons of mass destruction. They’ve lied at the conflict in Syria. The question was, was that, was that all,
you know, a put up. They’ve got credibility problems that they
have a hard time overcoming. And so the question under, the question is
going to be asked, what real evidence is there to prove that Huawei is spying on American,
on American companies or in America in any kind of way? I mean, look at what they did with Russia. I mean, you know, NSA comes out and says that
Russia, you know, blew the election. You know, and we then we find out that that
was nonsense. So where does the NSA really prove that anything’s
going on here? What’s your take? Well, it looked into the allegations and found
a mixed results as far as the credibility. Now even the foreign intelligence agencies
that belong to the world’s most comprehensive spying agreement, known as Five Eyes, can’t
seem to agree about Huawei. Now they do share concerns that the company’s
products may contain back door security flaws that could make espionage possible. But Britain has inspected Huawei code and
hardware for years at a lab run by it’s electronic spying agency GCHQ. And so far it’s found no evidence of back
doors. However, it has found holes in the code and
weak security. In 2011 and 2012 a back door was found by
the Italian firm Vodafone in it’s Huawei products. But the issue was fixed right away. No one has yet proven that Huawei maliciously
or deliberately makes products that are not secure and the firm says it would be commercial
suicide to knowingly do so. And it’s also important to note that weak
security and imperfect code is not something that’s specific to Huawei. Companies that are in the news all over the
world every single day for getting hacked to due to their security flaws. Well, I mean you’re seeing the same thing
with Facebook over in Europe. You’re seeing it with Google. I mean, basically they’re always, they’re
saying Amazon has a back door to your house. To where you’re in your house talking about
x, y or z and Amazon knows what you’re talking about. Look, Chinese laws require local companies
to hand over network data to the Chinese government if asked. Has, has, Huawei done that, has that already
taken place? Huawei claims that it has not and that it
would never turn over its data to the Chinese government. While laws requiring it to do so are troubling,
they’re not unusual. I mean, you know, here in the US American
telecom companies, including AT&T and Verizon have been asked to hand over consumers private
data to the National Security Agency, and of course they’ve complied with the US government’s
mass surveillance program. Huawei CEO, however, claims that Apple will
be it’s role model in protecting consumers privacy and it vows to follow Apple’s lead
and apple famously refused FBI orders to build a back door into its iPhones. Brigida, thank you for joining me. This is a smart move by China because I think
when NSA is pushed, they’re not going to be able to deliver. Thanks for joining me.


  1. Is it fair how Canada is paying an awful price for holding a high ranking Huawei person on request of the US government?

  2. It's about time.

    I honestly thought he would have another country suing us within the first three months! Not saying that I'm glad over it, I'm just saying.

  3. Trump is fucking the whole world up, I live in the UK and I got a Huawei a couple of months ago and I love it. I hope this legal action against trump and his admin works. #fuckyoutrump

  4. Oh it's simple, Hauwei doesn't spy, they just leave the shit ty programming in so others can back door your info and they wash thier hands of the evidence. I mean it's a simple one step plan.

  5. Huawei is "CORRECT" Trump claims they intentionally left back doors…that China "might" use to spy on US companies…"Okay" prove it in Court…its the American way…isn't it?

  6. I'm not saying that Huwawei are a saintly bunch. But Trump and his entire administration, legally speaking, are drooling babies. They keep tripping over their own feet.

  7. Meanwhile, two thirds of countries are happy to let Huwei set up their 5G networks, what could go wrong? /s

  8. Why do you think I like the Huawei courage,and bullshit folk's,l've been hit with stingray surveillance system and tidalwave data wipe….spooked my brother.

  9. Russia did hack counting machines in the elections. NSA is not always lying. Thing is that this ban had to he done with proof or at least not making unfounded claims beforehand.

  10. You guys are ass clowns! Do some damn research before sympathizing with the enemey state company, Huawei, and you will sing a different tune. Huawei had tens of billions of dollars pumped into it over the past decade by the CCP for a very good reason. To position this firm to be strategically positioned to have spyware down to the hardware level on their servers and cellular devices.

  11. Was this the company that the CEO or whoever's daughter was illegally arrested by the U.S. for trying to do business in Iran, you know, illegal because at the time the only country who backed out of the deal was dumbass Trump.

  12. Huawei is being accused of trade stealing during CEX….the DOJ is investigating them….and the company in question that Huawei is in trouble for is a smart glass made from artificial diamond, Huawei returned it months after they borrowed it and it was broken. so yes the U.S government has a reason to ban them

  13. Microsoft should be banned then, having the worst code related security holes track record in their Windows releases ???

  14. It's a matter of national security, they can try to take the government to court but I doubt that will mean anything.

  15. Mexico loves huawei cell phones the best in the whole wide world. long live China.

  16. Wasn't there a case a while ago where a American was murdered in his hotel room found hanging from his door. The Chinese police ruled it as a suicide but his family said he was in danger from Chinese officials who wanted him to spy for them. When he kept refusing they killed him & made it look like a suicide. Now the American government wants to band some of their products but has nothing to do with the murdering of a American citizen. Blah!

  17. The problem is, that Huawei is by (Chinese) law required to work for Chinese intelligence if requested. It's not just about handing over data, but also being actively involved, meaning using their infrastructure as commanded by the government. The evidence is the Chinese Law.
    The company can sign any "no-spy" agreement that it wants. They're not worth anything when the Chinese government calls on them. If the leadership refuses, they end up in prison or dead (treason).
    So, while there hasn't anything been done, yet… well actually the Chinese already are known for cyber attacks and stealing secrets. Giving an adversary (yes, China is an adversary) control over such fundamental infrastructure is dangerous and stupid. And blacklisting is a logical consequence.

    Not blacklisting Huawei would be like letting a known active child molester take care of children.

  18. As much as I can't stand Trump and his administration, Huawei and China are just taking advantage of United State's fair trial which is something that doesn't exist at all in China. So in this case, as evil as I may sound, I can honestly care less how they are treated.

  19. Surely "National Security" means that any reasons for the ban can NOT be released????

    Would you really want a Chinese company involved in your 5G telecomms systems?

  20. Right, it's the United States spying on other countries! They did it in Europe (Germany) and they do it in other countries. No one can really trust the USA!

  21. As far as I'm concerned it comes down to this. Would you rather have the intelligence agencies of your democratically elected government spying on you and collecting your personal information….or would you rather have one of your nations strategic adversaries doing it?

    Now you can start asserting Fifty Cent army racist talking points. That we don't live in a "real" democracy. And that the Chinese communist party is doing the Tibetans and Uighurs a favour by putting them in re-education camps. And the Chinese are loved by their neighbours for building artificial islands in the Spratley Atoll.

    Try running your mouth about Huawei in China. See where that gets you.

  22. There has never been any actual evidence produced to support these knowingly false allegations.

    This is because it is a Chinese company and Trump is taking this action to force it out of selling it's products in the US.

    Google announcing that they would not support the company with Android updates literally killed their smartphone sales worldwide!

    If GCHQ can't find anything it's because there's nothing there!

  23. We all know America lost the 5g battle with Chinas Huwie so they're resorting to crappy tactics to hinder as much as possible!????

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