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China’s Secretive Spy Agency | CCP Politics | China Uncensored

We all know America has the CIA. Britain has MI6. And Russia has the FSB. But few people know about China’s three-letter
spy agency. Hi, welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m your host, Chris Chappell. Spy agencies. A cloak and dagger world of mystique and mystery. And with a little help from Hollywood, plenty
of glamor. “It doesn’t bother you to kill all those
people? “Well I wouldn’t be very good at my job
if it did.” We all know about the spy agencies from Great
Britain… and from the US —or at least we think we do, based on totally accurate Hollywood movies. But China’s three-letter spy agency may be the espionage world’s best kept secret. It’s called the MSS— the Ministry of State Security. But whereas the is CIA is restricted to spying outside the US— which it…always sticks to— the MSS doesn’t have that restriction. It can spy anywhere! Total freedom. For the spies, not for anyone else in China. The MSS made headlines last December after it detained two Canadians in China on suspicion of “endangering national security.” It was a move widely seen as retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Huawei’s finance
chief Meng Wanzhou. Now for all the secret cloak and dagger stuff that three-letter spy agencies get up to, some, like the CIA, can be surprisingly transparent. Look, they have a website! With career opportunities And a library And a Kids’ Zone And an advice column?! Anyway, you’re probably thinking, Chris, having a website with job postings seems like a low bar for transparency. And that’s true. Which makes it even more incredible that China’s MSS doesn’t have a website
at all. And it doesn’t have any publicly listed
contacts or spokespeople either. But at least it has a logo we can look to
for insight. Let’s see: Hammer and sickle. So the Communist Party is obviously the top
priority. Below that, the Forbidden City, which means the government. And at the bottom the Great Wall of China. Which means… repelling Mongolians? Ok, I’m still working on it. But the fact that the MSS puts the Chinese Communist Party first, that’s been established. According to this report by China expert Peter
Mattis, “China’s civilian intelligence and security
agencies are… an integral tool for the preservation of the power of the Chinese Communist Party.” And since the MSS is “empowered to arrest and to operate inside and outside China”, it can used to help crush dangerous subversive elements inside the country. Like people who wear robes. Or people who wear skull caps. Or people who meditate. But we still don’t know that much about
the MSS. The only ad ever made public for a job at
the MSS got posted on the career website of a Chinese
university. But apparently that was a mistake, because it was taken down immediately. If you have good vision, a “well-proportioned physique” and are tall enough, the MSS wants you! The post was for looking for grad students with foreign language skills. All sorts of foreign language skills. Including Uighur, which is spoken by the Muslim people of China’s Xinjiang region. Which, by the way, is, um, absolutely not a *foreign* language, it’s um, part of Chinese language since
ancient times. Anyway, the MSS wants people who can speak
Uighur, ok? Maybe they’ll help with the detention camps
in Xinjiang. As one million Uighurs have been locked up
there in re-education centers. “They grabbed me and led me to another room where they put me into a metal (chair-like)
device. In this metal device you stand still and cannot
move. Your arms are secured by the metal parts and your chest is exposed. After six hours in this device my whole body
ached. Standing becomes uncomfortable after 10 minutes, the iron rubs against your skin, and after six hours the pain becomes very
strong.” Wow, that really makes you think: Why would you need Uighur language skills
to torture people? By the way, the MSS is also looking for people who speak Tibetan, Mongolian, and Kazakh languages. Anyway, another must-have skill in the accidentally-posted job ad was specialized knowledge in “information
security.” You know, something that could be put to good
use in missions of stealing other country’s
state secrets. And commercial secrets. Like in the case of two alleged MSS spies Zhu Hua and Zhang Jianguo— who were indicted in December for cybercrimes in the United States. The two alleged spies are accused of computer
hacking of a wide range of American government agencies
and corporations, including the Navy and NASA. “The extent and types of data stolen by the
defendants is shocking and outrageous. As the deputy attorney general and the director noted the defendants are alleged to have been
members of a hacking group operating in China called
APT 10. As alleged, these defendants engaged in their
hacking campaign in association with the Chinese Ministry of
State Security.” At a 2007 MSS recruiting event at a Chinese
university, recruiters said they wanted applicants for
jobs that promised “lots of travel”, “tiring” work that was “mostly not dangerous” and female students were basically not wanted. Another closely guarded MSS secret revealed: they’re not an equal opportunity employer. Also, with a monthly salary of $600 and having to sign a fair chunk of your life
away with a minimum 10-year contract, the pay kinda sucks. But the MSS spying efforts against the US got an even more embarrassing outing when the deputy director of the agency, Yanjun
Xu, was arrested in Belgium and extradited to
the US. He now faces charges of stealing trade secrets from American aerospace companies. It was a big deal also because it’s the
first time ever that a Chinese official was hauled to the
US on corporate espionage allegations. According to this article, the MSS deputy director allegedly lured scientists from three American aerospace companies to
China by inviting them to give talks at a conference. He then allegedly offered them cash for blueprints. But honestly, I’m just distracted by that amazing headline, “Oh no Xi didn’t!” Definitely my pick for best news headline of the year. Anyway, former CIA head Michael Hayden describes how this kind of MSS spying works. “No one comes out and says: ‘Hey, here’s 50 million dollars, you wanna spy for the Chinese?’ You begin a relationship and then you begin to develop that relationship. From that ‘I love your work, can I read the paper?’ And then six months later. I’m really feeling bad, this has been so wonderful for me. Tell you what, let’s establish a consultancy relationship. Let me begin to pay you. You see where this is going, right?” And speaking of relationships, the MSS is no stranger to that staple of spycraft— the honey trap. They may not have many female agents, but when they do… For example, accused MSS agent Katrina Leung. The FBI code named her “Parlor Maid.” Parlor Maid was initially a high value FBI
informant before they realized that she had provided
her FBI handler “with misinformation for more than a decade.” In 2003, she was indicted— but defended herself. “America is my home and I cherish it. I know we will answer the charges and that my name will be cleared.” Katrina Leung was half right. Her case was initially dismissed on a technicality, but she later pleaded guilty to lesser charges. And the honey trap part? She “was a double agent who was sleeping
with not one, but two, of the [FBI’s] top China agents.” This is former FBI agent James Smith, one
of those, um, “top China agents” she successfully honey
trapped. He was charged with gross negligence for giving her access to classified FBI documents. According to the book “Tiger trap: America’s secret spy war with China,” Smith allegedly had a 20-year-long romantic affair with Parlor Maid, and apparently brought sensitive documents to their…um…meetings. But just how serious is the secret spy war between America’s spy agencies and China’s
MSS? “The threats we face have never been more
severe or more pervasive or more potentially damaging to our national
security. And no country poses a broader more severe long term threat to our nation’s economy and cyber infrastructure than China. China’s goal simply put is to replace the
U.S. as the world’s leading superpower and they’re using illegal methods to get there.” So, yeah, you should maybe think twice when a guy from China tells you he really enjoyed your research paper about supersonic engine design, and would love for you to speak at his conference. Or that pretty Chinese woman who says she’d would love to show you her… top secret intelligence documents. So what do you think about China’s secretive
spy agency, the MSS? Leave your comments below. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time. See you next time.


  1. Whilst there's absolutely no doubt that the US has also lost its moral compass, I'm still thinking having the US as the No. 1 world super power is the better of 2 evils. Mind you if China could go some ways towards improving its criminal human rights position, chossing a preferred super power would be tight.

  2. Uigurs speak Karluk which is mutually intelligible with Uzbek, and well understrood by all turkic language speakers.

  3. Chris be Careful. China is just waiting to Spring. Thank you for such outstanding, informative Work. Be wary my friend.

  4. The US is still the world leader in hacking utilities! Venezuela (power grid) , Serbia (power), Iran (nuclear facilities) ….

  5. Watch with huawei y9.they said huawei is safe because not have back door link with cia and mosad.i dont care about mss or msg ajinomoto.because i not usa part.

  6. Hey wait. The MSS? Isn't that a branch of M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e? Oh waiter! There's a spy in my soup. BTW, does China Uncensored have any MSS spies working for it?

  7. i've already watched 4 huawei ads on your videos, including when you say that nobody should use huawei 5g.

  8. In Australia we recently introduced ‘My Health Record’ which allows Hospitals to obtain private medical records share across different departments (previously a person would have to have signed many forms allowing authorization to be given to share medical documents). Since the introduction of the system China has already began cyberattacks on public hospitals in order to steal this information. Some hospitals were shut down in these incidents as a consequence to these attacks many Australians may have died.

  9. Lmao, America security forces on spies is a joke. There's thousands of Chinese government spies here in America and they blend in with society. It's easy to track them . they have good careers and make frequent phone calls and text messages to friends of their country . you'll never see homeless Chinese nationalist here in America.

  10. Well I have my balls always spying on me between my legs I wonder who actually they are working for willy-nilly willingly for a goddess

  11. I'd be careful what you blast china on. Communism doesnt take too kindly to that kind of stuff… I mean.. If you live in China.

  12. I thought that the MSS had a list of stuff they want to steal patents, blueprints, or even military equipment
    I thought they even used Taiwan and the arms deals we made with them then the MSS would take it disassemble it and steal our designs messed up really messed up

  13. this might just be the favorite episode I already knew about this stuff for 14 years no one listened to me and there is the submarine blueprints the CCP wants desperately the plan was to catch up with the US as quickly as possible they want "assasins mace" so they could have a Trump card to use on us LoL I just said trump… the hypersonic engine design is something they want to have to threaten us with not to mention they are going for the ultimate high ground SPACE satelite killers the stolen space shuttle design they are just copying everything we do

  14. oh Chris I don't think you should worry too much about it though we invented this s*** that they're they're just copiers all they all the Chinese know how to do is copy so yeah I would imagine especially with wackadoodle in the White House that they're probably trying to destroy the MSS every witch way they can and try and wants to get out of line I think we can help him out with that a little discipline.

  15. I don't know, if the cia was truly transparent, their website would look more like one of those pages with pictures of dead people, specifically pictures with hundreds of dead persons, that or the silk road, for all the illegal things that they have their tentacles on.

  16. I knew it was called MSS from reading Tom Clancy’s books. I think it’s not popular as CIA or KGB (yes, I know it’s not the KGB anymore) is because it’s rarely portrayed in media, especially in movies.

    Quick note, isn’t FSB the domestic intelligence arm of Russia? I’m pretty sure it’s the SVR that is the equivalent of CIA.

  17. China is obviously buying American satellites to spy on America and other Countries and America needs to keep a very close eye on China.

  18. God, this guy knows every secret thing about China. He's good. But better than this is people believing in everything. =D

  19. Google, "Tanya Holzmayer, Matthew Guang, PPD, Mountain View." Matthew (CHINESE) stole 100% of the corporate documents from PPD, and I caught him. He then went to Tanya's home and shot her dead.

  20. Chris, why not perform a deep dive on China's cyberwarfare scene and produce an exposé on two of their biggst cyber gangs? The PLA's Unit 61398, has an entire nondescript 12-story building on Datong Street in Shanghai's Pudong District, specifically at 31°20′57.43″N 121°34′24.74″E. Renowned for military officers being indicted on charges of theft of confidential business information and intellectual property from U.S. commercial firms and of planting malware on their computers. Then there's Deep Panda, aka, Shell Crew, WebMasters, KungFu Kittens, and PinkPanther. Best known for the Anthem and OPM breaches. The extent of the damage these two gangs have caused must be in the billion$ by now.

  21. Everybody needs to boycott all Chinese made products. It’s time they stop getting rich from the hard work of everybody else in the world. They need to start doing it themselves.

  22. After knowing all this,about the scum theives that is known as communist pig party of China! why would anyone associate, do anything, and any business,with these Communists period! is way! Way beyond anyone! Go and figure!

  23. While living in and working in China I discovered that two agents of Chinese Intelligence were assigned to pretend to be my friends and tail me everywhere.

  24. 6:36 "Xu can play at this espionage game, Feds allege." Hahaha!

    With so much drama from the CCP, it's kinda hard being snooped on by Xi…

  25. Ha ha CIA doesn't spy inside America. Like if Edward Snowden revelation of NSA spying on every single American never happened. Denial is a very strong psychological force.

  26. 2:20
    I'll explain this one.
    Back in the days of Genghis Khan, China sent agents over to Mongolia to disrupt the tribes and prevent them from uniting.
    Obviously they failed with Genghis, but for hundreds of years prior, they succeeded.

    This is a reference to those agents of old.

  27. FBI agent James Smith betrayed the USA’s trust in him. And he did it for that old hag?! Dude! Apparently FBI guys got no game with the ladies. Just like FBI agent, philandering Peter “Strokes It” Strzok.

  28. Or case solve krny ki bajaye case ko barhaye ja ry hain asy hy jesy uzair baloch ko aps sanha ko bhol kr zardari k bary Sirf krashn fake bank accounts pr bat ho ri amrica Miltry Trump ki baro mai a o gy ru Bari Jang chir jaye gi

  29. Hi there, well let me add something about communist state security:

    There is a great and unprecidented case, when a really successful communist security agency was bust: the east German "Ministerium für Staatssicherheit or MfS (Ministry for State Security) or the STASI…
    The MfS tried to destroy many of the files, especially those regarding foreign endeveavours, spying on western companies etc.
    But most files could be recovered. Read Kristie Macrakis' and it seems the Chinese State Security is a copy of the MfS on steroids – with 21st century technology.
    Well, the Stasi had about 3% of GDP at its desposal and about 2% of the entire east German population was working for the agency. I guess the Stasi remains unchallenged by those numbers, just think of 28 million MSS agents and a budget to buy out anything..really scary!

  30. china has been spying on the US and stealing our trade secrets for decades,,, they stole over 300 BILLION in trade secrets LAST YEAR,, it appears that they are the imitators not the innovators they are very good at making cheap undetectable knock offs and passing them off as real, ,( 20% to 50% of the quality of real products ),,, there again they are using the reputation of others to sell their krap copies,, because no one would buy them by their chinese brand name except at junk prices

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