Chelsea Handler Nixes Two-Party Politics: ‘I’m Not a Democrat Anymore’

– Thank you so much for
chatting with us, of course. – Quiet guys! You stupids, I mean, what do
you think is going on here? (beep) – Hi guys, I’m here with Chelsea Handler. She led the Women’s March
at Sundance this morning. Thank you so much for chatting with me. – Oh thank you, I’m so
sorry about my friends. – Oh that’s okay. But to make this more fun, we’re going to play a
little drinking game, while talking about the Women’s March, so anytime that I or– – I’m just gonna drink throughout so it doesn’t really matter
if, you know, a game. – No rules, okay. – You can do it for yourself, ’cause I just take sips
when I feel like it. – Okay good, well I’ll
set rules for myself so I’m not too drunk to interview you, and also for our viewers. So anytime that I or
you say the word women, ladies, anything to do with
women, we’ll take a sip, so we’ll take one now. – This morning, you led the Women’s March. – This is gonna be a very,
I’m going to be drunk. – I did, I led the Women’s
March on Main, and we had… You know, it was beautiful. It was a really moving moment, time. I mean, it’s something I’ll
never forget, I don’t think. – What is the next step after this? What should people do to
keep the movement going? – We have to galvanize young people to get involved in politics. There’s a huge part of the population that didn’t participate this time, and, that’s not acceptable really. Politics is cool. And it seems like a big
thing to get involved with but it’s so easy. Everyone’s voice matters. You can call your Congressperson and tell them what you want. They want to be re-elected. Divisiveness is not the answer, and I think to get that message, we have to reach across party
lines, forget your party. I’m registering as an independent, I’m not gonna be a
Democrat anymore, because, it’s too divisive. This isn’t working, this two-party system. And for us to come to this, if we get this response that has come
out of him being in office is the right one. And that’s what, I’m
gonna hang my hat on that. And that’s what’s gonna
help me move forward… And make my agenda about
educating anybody I can while I’m also getting educated. – Would you ever have
Donald Trump on your show? – No. – What if he asked you? – No. – What about Melania, would
you have her on your show? – Melania, to talk about what? She can barely speak English. – What do you think about
her as the First Lady? – Exactly what I think
about him as the First Man. Nothing, I don’t respect
either one of those people. – If he were here right now,
what would you say to him? – Fuck off. Fuck off. I mean, ugh, gross. He is the grossest. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Those statues they made
of him were accurate. I bet you that is what
he looks like naked, with a little grape in between his legs. – Now what is the one issue
that most concerns you under a Trump administration? – Racism. – As a woman, what issues concern you? – Planned Parenthood. No one has any right to tell us what to do with our bodies. That is not okay. You get off of your religious bullshit… Soapbox. I am my own person. No man gets to tell me
what to do with my body. No one, not your husband,
not your politician. Why would somebody I don’t know tell me what I can do? This is America. So that is a real issue. People who have nowhere to
go, go to Planned Parenthood. I went there through my teenage years. It’s not just about abortions. It’s about birth control. You don’t want us to have abortions, and you don’t want us
to have birth control? What do you think’s gonna happen there? – By the way, you said woman a few times so I think we’re due for a sip. – I’m sorry. – The important thing. – I’m not good at games, by the way. – What do you think that
Hillary Clinton should do next? – I would never give
advice to Hillary Clinton, nor would she take it. I wouldn’t respect her if
she did take my advice. I don’t know what Hillary
Clinton is going to do. I respect her so much. It’s so shameful, what’s transpired, because we had the most
qualified candidate in history against the least qualified
candidate in history. And then we had Russia
interfering with our election, so we’re really, there’s like a war. This is kinda war. You can’t do that. – Now, just to sum up for those viewers who are not at Sundance,
can you explain to everybody just what the sentiment was like there this morning at the march? – It was inspiring, I was inspired. I’m going to love on the
people that I don’t even like. That’s how inspired I am. I’m gonna be nice and reach out and be good to the people that
I don’t have interests in. I wanna be uncomfortable, put myself in uncomfortable situations, to try and figure out how we repair. – Great, well thank you so much, Chelsea. – Thank you. – This was so nice talking to you, and thank you for leading
the march this morning. – Okay, thank you. Cheers!

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