Charlotte From Harrow Mencap – Polling Station

My name is Charlotte. I am 25 and live in
Harrow. I have a learning disability and
Williams Syndrome. I am a cheerful person but can be anxious sometimes. I believe
that people with a learning disability have the same right to be heard and vote like anyone else. I said to the lady at the polling
station this was my first time and if she could help me. She asked me what
support I needed and offered to give me a tour. She showed me where to go and how to make my mark. She showed me what to do with my ballot paper afterwards. She was very friendly.
In the May local elections I didn’t need any support and knew exactly how to vote. I did however need to practice before because the local elections are a
bit more complicated. When I voted I felt happy and proud because I did it in
confidence. I think it is important that people in
the polling station offer support. I’m quite confident but others might need
help. I also think that a poster with pictures of how to vote could help
people with a learning disability on the day. I had a really good experience at
my local polling station because people asked me if I needed any support and
gave me a tour. It would be great if it was the same for
everyone else with a learning disability across the country.

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