Brutal dæmon battle between Lyra’s Pan and Mrs Coulter’s dæmon | His Dark Materials – BBC

Brutal dæmon battle between Lyra’s Pan and Mrs Coulter’s dæmon | His Dark Materials – BBC

Part of your outfit for tonight? What? The shoulder bag. Well it’s perhaps a little old for you. I’m sorry if I was short with you in front of them, I- You lost control. No, I wouldn’t say I lost control. You were angry, I could see it. I wasn’t angry. And you still are. It looks absurd to be carrying a shoulder bag in your own home. It’s the only thing I really like wearing. Stop! Stop that, you’re hurting us! If you behave in this vulgar and coarse way, then we will have a confrontation. Which I will win. This isn’t who you are. Those men just upset you. Whenever any guests arrive in the future, they are going to find you perfectly sweet, charming, innocent, delightful. Just as children should be.


  1. I’m new to the Dark Materials series but why didn’t Pan turn into something bigger like a fox or dog? I’m aware they can’t turn into really large animal like bears and elephants but its just something I’m wondering

  2. This always breaks my heart but this time their acting was top quality, especially for the revelation that comes next

  3. This was a very intriguing scene. I was very curious how they woudl depict it in the series. It looked very, very well done! 😀 Kinda painful to watch but NOT due to quality or somehting, I just felt bad for Poor Lyra and Pan 🙁 The only thing I disliked a bit was the 'Groan' Mrs. Coulter made as a clue for her dae to atack Pan. I liked that specific moment more in the movie, where it was truely out of no where. Furthermore, I liked this adaptation more :3

  4. Мама -обезьяна прижала к полу дочку хорька, кто же у них папа..? Кто у них нулевой?

  5. Ok, in northern lights, it doesnt hurt Lyra when pantaliamon gets attacked, but i like the new idea that humans and their dæmons feel the same pain

  6. Absolutely riveting scene. Both at the top of their game. Stressed me out…and I've read the books multiple times.

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