Boris Johnson’s hilarious election advert | 12 Questions to Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s hilarious election advert | 12 Questions to Boris Johnson

Q: Hi Boris, you alright? PM: I’m good, how are you? Q: What’s been on your mind today? PM: Well, I can’t hide it from you, I’ve been thinking a bit about this general election campaign. Q: How do you typically start your day? PM: I tend to get up pretty early and then I go down and take the dog for a walk, and dog does his business and so on and so forth,
that’s my start to the day. Q: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve found about being PM? PM: I was pretty incredulous the other day when I found out I couldn’t actually get a Thai curry to deliver to Number 10 because of the security problems, the security is too tight. Q: And on that subject, fish and chips or a Sunday roast? PM: I think fish and chips on a cold night on a beach, you can’t beat it. Q: Why are we having this election? PM: We’re having this election because basically the whole political system is paralysed, and we have a fantastic Brexit deal that we did, nobody said we could do it, but we did, and then parliament refused to knock it through. So we’re stuck in the EU when the people voted to leave, so we need to have an election. Q: This one divides opinion, but Marmite, yes or no? PM: Marmite? Yes. Q:: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing our country? PM: Look, this is an amazing country. It’s going gangbusters in so many ways. We lead the world in so many technologies, but our political system is blocked at the moment. And that’s the thing that we need to address, we need to get a new government, a new majority government, and I hope a Conservative government, and move this thing on. Q:Now, I know you’re a very busy man, but when did when was the last time you cooked and what did you make? PM: The last time I cooked was last night and I made steak and oven chips, which were very good. Q: What’s your favourite band? PM: Look, this is either The Clash or it’s the Rolling Stones. and mainly I listen to the Rolling Stones nowadays, so you can make of that what you will. Q: What would you say to someone who’s wondering who to vote for at this election? PM: I would say it is a very, very simple choice. You can either go with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party and be in no doubt that if you vote for any other of the minor parties, you will end up with a coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corbyn at the lead, at the head. And that will not only be an economic catastrophe for this country, it will also be a political disaster because their program, would you believe it, is for another Brexit referendum, another referendum next year, spend the whole of the next year in a referendum on Brexit, a referendum on Scotland, to say nothing of the economic catastrophe involved in a Corbyn-led, socialist, semi-Marxist Labour government? Or you can go with us, get Brexit done with our deal, which is ready to go, oven-ready, slam it in the microwave, it’s there. Get it done in days and take the country forward. We’re investing massively in the NHS, the biggest investment for a generation, massively in schools, in policing, 20,000 police we’re putting out on the streets of this country. We’re going to be doing a huge infrastructure revolution for the whole of the UK, gigabit broadband across the whole of the UK, and we can pay for all that because we’re the party that understands the importance of a dynamic market economy. So that’s my message, vote for us, vote for a compassionate, One Nation Conservative government that understands the symmetry between a free market economy and great, great public services. Let’s get Brexit done and unleash the potential of this whole country. See you later.


  1. This is painfully bad. He doesn’t believe a word he’s saying. He’s making it up on the hoof. it’s like a shit pantomime.

  2. Cringeworthy advert. He should of just shown us his model buses he makes in his spare time. More he trys to be one of the people. More he looks like total buffoon We are generation that crying out for real leader. Between Boris and Jeremy Corbyn. Really is like south park. Vote between fat douche and old turd sandwich

  3. Fascinating Office-style broadcast by Boris. I was most impressed by how he knew where the milk was for his Tea but not by his lack of cooking knowledge that an ‘oven-ready Brexit’ can be slammed in the Microwave!

  4. What a lying joke, be careful with this guy, he’s “crazy like a fox” The people in flooded Yorkshire saw right through him, I hope everyone else does as well, or it’s Farewell Brittania.

  5. Would you not put an oven ready meal in the oven? He has said this about five different times you think he will realise by now.

  6. Embarrassing. The claim about putting more money into schools has been described by the Institute for Fiscal Studies as “somewhere between meaningless and misleading”. That his dog has a shit in the morning is probably the only truth in there.

  7. So your choice of government is one that does some referendums so we have a chance to decide what happens for once or a Tory government that will force a horrible deal down out throats, I think I'll know who I want

  8. Ah Boris, I know how he feels. It's better to lurch from crisis to crisis to disruption to disaster than to sit down and actually do any hard work. I'm just off now to shag some filly and avoid all the other fillies I've shagged. See you later.

  9. Great to know that all we have to do with Johnson's "oven ready" Brexit deal is "slam it in the microwave". What a blathering moron this man is. In better times for the Conservative Party he would have been packed off to a distant colony to slowly die of alcoholism and syphilis before he could embarrass his class with he frequent outbursts of bellend-itude.

  10. I love boris and this video…….. but I'm not having how he made that cup of tea……… so many issues I dont know where to start!!!!!

  11. amazing-i couldnt have ever imagined that the conservatives would ever be so accurately able to make themselves even more appealing to each and everyone of the most dull witted imbeciles in the country. well done, stupid people will be flocking to you in their droves once they know that you too have a dog, that has a bum hole, that does a poop on the wet lawn-just like them!!!! wow! amazing!!

  12. Its amazing how this feels so staged and under rehearsed at the same time. This is a fucking embarrassment…which is quite fitting giving the party and PM

  13. Love the two singular party policies strategically placed. Surprised there wasn't a Brexit poster. So 20000 police officers, but what about the 21000 that were axed when Condem nation took over?

  14. Boris HELLO Nigel and the BREXIT Party offered you the winning platform, so throw your Ego out the window, get smart (for once) and except it !

  15. 'The absence of intelligence' suits Mr. Johnson and his Conservative Party perfectly ~ how will they ever cope with the 'well educated' future Generation ;-)…?!

  16. How come Brexit hasn't happend yet? I couldn't vote at the time and I voted stay I was just a few months too young to vote, but how come I can't vote on something that effects my future? Silly Bojo

  17. "Died on his arse" doesn't cover this…He looks clueless even when he know what the questions even are. A last resort of a failed regime that have caused Britain through Austerity and Brexit nothing but pain and embarrament on the world stage…A toff loser that somehow thinks he's better than me, I don't think so…

  18. Good God! That was quite literally the most car crash political adverts I've ever seen. The sad thing is that there are some hugely naive people who will believe that that was genuine and not obviously staged. As if BoJo makes his own tea ?. Anyone who is considering voting for this guy and his chums has a very low IQ.

  19. Tory voters destroy Corbyn's naive socialism on someone else's money. Labour voters resort to coming here to spout hate.

  20. He makes tea with water from a tap, immediately adds milk. If an English man can't make a cuppa, what other talents is he lacking.

  21. What are you doing about all your remainer MPs Boris? Stand them down please, they will betray you and all the 17.4 who voted to leave. Need a Brexit Party candidate in those seats, not your own party who will stab you in the back at the first opportunity. Country before party Boris

  22. I love Boris! This was comical and was meant to be. The comments below reflect a lack of understanding of British humor. So sad.

  23. BJ's in an abusive relationship with the UK. He just about behaves himself in public but God help us when he comes home drunk from a night out with the lads.

  24. He's just made a string of false election claims in a bbc interview & shut down questions about children, How can people trust a compulsive liar like boris johnson, He'll screw us all & probably have a good laugh about it.

  25. spent the last half watching his cup of tea ! any deal the EU wants i don't ! voted out now i have to vote lib dem till someone can take us out properly .

  26. Nogel Frage just got four Million from the public's moneys and a promise of a seat in this government if Boris Jonson wins this election

  27. i was just watching the tea cup to see if he'd spill it, it was teetering on the edge. Came so close to burning his hands. Close, but no cigar. What a strange man.

  28. You forgot to mention which football team your PR team says you support.
    Mockney interviewer, tick
    Take away curry, tick
    Cup of tea, tick
    Steak and chips, tick
    Touching and muttering terms with BAME man, tick
    I think that covers "man of the people" ?

  29. Say what you like about his integrity/policies, but he does seem to like that Asian man and make his own tea…

  30. Soooo…. The Labour party are raving libtards loons, and offer free broadband, and 10% at Argos, and the conservatives underestimate the intelligence of the electorate. What real choice do we have ? Slow boiled or quick fried your goose is cooked if you are White and love your country. Even many ASIANS want a halt to immigration, yet under Thatcher's conservatives there was a sharp increase in immigration. I disliked Thatcher immensely, but apparently she used to say " nature itself is conservative" ……and it is !. What we have here are milk toast conservatives, globalists, who will still Increase immigration further, just as Trump has !!! So Joe public as usual is given the ' choice ' of choosing the lesser of two evils.

  31. What is wrong with people – whatever Boris had said some of you would sneer but this is an interview about Boris, the person, something on a personal level we know little about. Ok, he can bumble sometimes but give the guy a break.

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